Chapter 6: The Gang Reunites and Trouble Arises

Taichi gave the ball he had been fooling around with a rest as he quickly let it drop to the floor. Then, bringing one of his feet to lie on top of the spherical object, he made sure its stay there was secured. Scratching the back of his head, he brought a sheepish grin to his lips and shrugged apologetically. As the sombre looks he had been receiving from his friends seemed to cease with this gesture, Taichi let out a sigh of relief.

Leaving the ball where it was, the boy started making his way across the white garden to where the others sat comfortably, and perfectly warm, on an outstretched blanket. As he went, Taichi felt strangely compelled to decrease the pace in his steps. Feeling his feet crunch through the freshly fallen snow had always been a source of enjoyment for the boy, and by slowing down he would only be savouring the sensation for a little longer.

After a couple of minutes had been spent by aimlessly wandering around, the brown haired boy let himself flop onto the woollen material, well aware that it was now 10:30 on a clear Sunday morning, and he still had a whole hour and a half ahead of him. Stealing a sideways glance to where Kido Jou and Izumi Koushiro sat fumbling over their latest invention, Taichi's dark brown eyes took in the miniscule laptop that had been resting safely in the red head's lap.

"Will that thing work?" Tai asked intrigued.

"I've worked on this thing for a week now, so it should do…" Koushiro, dubbed Izzy by his friends, replied.

"It has to work," Taichi stated flatly, "I don't want to miss this for the world…"

"I'm curious though," Izzy muttered, while trying to plug a cable in the right socket, "Exactly how did you come to the conclusion that Yamato likes this girl?"

Taichi let his shoulders move up to form a careless shrug, "When I hung out with him Saturday afternoon he was vacuum-cleaning the floor non-stop," He paused to frown slightly, "Quite annoying really. This American movie was on with lots of blood and good-looking chicks, but I couldn't hear anything with Yamato constantly cleaning everything that was within sight. I ended up falling asleep on his couch."

"What?" Jyou exclaimed disbelievingly, failing to adjust the volume on the laptop correctly, and sending Izzy into a fit as a high-pitched sound blasted out of his headphones.

Taichi stifled a yawn while stretching his legs out, "I know. I was shocked too. He actually woke me up and said if I wasn't going to help, I should get lost. Ishida has absolutely no consideration towards others let me tell you." Cupping his hands in front of his mouth, Taichi blew some warm air into his gloved hands.

"No Tai. No, no, no," Jou shook his head violently from side to side, "How can you even think of claiming that Yamato is interested in someone and use your witness in seeing him perform a regular chore as proof?"

"I think we better go," Izzy mumbled nervously, "If Yamato so much as hears that we intended to spy on him for no good reason, he'll kill us. And since my life is dear to me, regardless of how many times I've been depressed, I don't want to be taking any chances…"

Rolling his eyes, Taichi seriously started to doubt their intelligence, "Guys, we all know that Yamato never cleans anything if it means getting up and physically performing a task- not even when TK and his mother come to visit does he bust his butt. So I think I'm right here when I say that in order for him to do such a thing, he must be out to impress." Shifting his position on the floor, the athlete continued to clarify the obvious, well aware that the two other boys were still digesting what he had just said. A smirk overcame his features as he realized that he had won the floor with a simple, yet rational argument that they themselves had not seen before, "And it's also common knowledge that Yamato hardly finds it necessary to impress anyone." Silence hung in the air as Taichi finished his discourse with a dramatic emphasis on the last word.

Izzy remained thoughtful before speaking up again, "He'd still kill us even if he liked her."


"But don't you guys see?" Taichi protested, the sight of the two boys starting to gather their things alarming him, "He's never felt the need to impress anyone before poor bastard. That's why he never gave any of the girls he's ever been with more credit than just a good, solid shag…"

This last statement had Juo snort out a chuckle.

"Which is exactly why I'm here." A feminine voice called out, silencing the three boys.

Tachikawa Mimi entered the back garden and sat herself down between Jou and Izzy, causing both boys to turn into a deep shade of red. Leaning over towards Jou, she pecked a light kiss on her boyfriend's lips. Taichi, however, had leapt up from his seat, hand brought down to point accusingly at the newcomer.

"What the hell are you doing here Mimi? It's only meant to be the three of us here!" He spat viciously.

The pretty girl merely glanced up at him, throwing her glossy sheet of honey coloured hair over one shoulder, "As you said so yourself Taichi, Yamato may think he's interested in Sora, but by judging his past relationships, it'll probably all end up with a heart-broken girl." She fell silent for a while before twitching her mouth at the sight of Tai's finger still pointing firmly in her direction, "And I would appreciate it if you gave that index of yours a rest. Honestly, it's so rude."

Taichi let out an irritated growl, but turned to point at Jou instead, "You told her? Can't you do anything without this mad woman tagging along?"

Jou sighed before trying to reason with his disturbed friend, "Tai, Mimi is my girlfriend. I like her company. Besides, you so bored sitting here anyways that you started playing football and let the ball hit our face more than once." The last words were said through clenched teeth.

Taichi held up his hands, "I never tried those manoeuvres outside of football practice before…it was totally out of my control." Turning to Mimi again, Tai allowed a devilish smile creep up his features, "Maybe Jou didn't tell you Mimi? We are trying to be discreet and not give in the whole thing, you know, blend in with our surroundings. You could at least have opted for less show-offy clothes." The mocking tones to his voice had caused the desired effect on his peer, who hated to have anyone criticise her sense of fashion. It was only a matter of seconds before Mimi had flung herself on Taichi, nails outstretched and ready to harm as much of him as possible, in a record-breaking time.

Jou had also leaped from where he had been sitting, and as he tried desperately to separate the two, he found his task near to impossible. It was only when a throat had been cleared that he managed to remove Mimi away from Tai, on the sole reason that she had been caught off-guard.

"Miyako?" Taichi shrieked, when Mimi was no longer in his face. The young girl with waist-length lavender hair smiled affectionately at the older boy in return, and waved a greeting to everyone else. Taichi's chocolate brown orbs landed on the petite girl standing next to the new arrival, and he was shocked to find himself staring into the exact shame shade of brown that his own eyes possessed, "Hikari!" He shrieked again, bordering on hysteria, "You brought my sister here too? Brilliant Mimi! Why didn't you ask Igarashi Asusa to come eh? I was wanting to ask her out on a date." Mimi felt her body stiffen, "Actually, while you were at it, why not just invite the whole friggin-"

But the rest of his sentence was lost as a new voice brought everyone to look towards the entrance of the back garden once more.

Motomiya Daisuke held up a small portable radio, slightly taken aback at all the faces staring back at him, but grinning triumphantly nonetheless, "Hey Tai! I brought what you asked for yesterday on the phone!"

This sudden appearance was really the last thing Taichi expected. He had actually forgotten about him...

Sending the most menacing stares he could conjure up at the time, the aim in shutting the young and perfectly tanned boy up failed miserably. The boy was so dense that within 30 seconds, Taichi had completely given up.

Mimi, on the other hand, seemed to be completely delighted with the entrance of the boy. In a sickening sweet voice, she sung out, "Hi Davis!" Turning to face Taichi, it was her turn to add a bit of mockery in her voice, "Well Mr. Kamiya, seems to me that you did a little inviting of your own huh? Didn't you just say something about it only being the three of you boys?"

Jou tightened his grip on his girlfriend's thin waist; fearing that if he let her go now, Taichi would not hesitate to kill.

He, however, simply crossed his arms across his chest and said, on a defensive note, "The game is on tonight," Then, whilst uncrossing his arms, he added in a defiant voice, "And it doesn't really matter does it? I mean, he's a guy, and this was meant to be an all-male day out."

Mimi rolled her eyes and was about to say something when Jou stopped her by quickly placing his hand above her mouth.

"TK is here too!" Hikari exclaimed.

Takaishi Takeru, a blond boy with clear blue eyes, stepped from behind Daisuke and smirked, "There's no way I'm missing out on getting to see my brother's first potential girlfriend. Tai said he actually cleaned the whole house."

"And so we've heard the theory behind that," Izzy mumbled. He returned quietly to the piece of equipment he had hastily abandoned when sensing Mimi was in danger. Jou, however, had got to her first, painfully reminding the red-head of just what they were now.

Miyako, who had been looking around their surroundings, spoke up curiously, "How did you manage to get into the Matsuo's place anyway?"

"It's so close to Matt and Dad's place too." Takeru observed, peering through the hedges that separated the current backyard they were in from that belonging to the a familiar two-story house.

"That, everyone, is thanks to Mimi," Hikari answered with a light smile on her lips. She knew her brother would beinterested in what she was about to say, "She baby-sits one of their girls and had been told a couple of weeks ago that they would be out of town for a while. She called me up and I passed the news on to Izzy, who told me before that in order for us to hear what goes on, we had to stay relatively close to the target. Plus Mimi has an extra pair of keys to the place in case of emergencies when she's baby-sitting, and she passed them on to Jou."

Mimi nodded her head and moved to stand directly in front of Taichi, having been let go by her boyfriend, hands on hips, "So you see, Mr.Yagami, you wouldn't even have gotten in had it not been for me." The smug look in her face, however, was quickly replaced with a light blush, as she soon came to realize how close they actually were to each other. Their noses were almost touching, and Taichi kept giving her the butterflies when he just stood there and looked at her like that…

Jou took instinctively took Mimi's hand in his, and silently led her to the blanket, face set grim. They sat themselves down, back turned towards everyone else.

"She's here!" Davis suddenly announced, voice filled with excitement.

As everyone strained to listen, some light footsteps could indeed be heard from the garden next-door, crunching on top of the snow.

"And what a babe," he added to the blond boy standing next to him, both peering desperately through the twigs and yellow leaves, "Your brother does have taste."

Takeru grinned in return, punching his mousy haired friend lightly on the arm.

"Of course she's pretty," Mimi stated when they all gathered close to the three headphones, "She is my best friend."

"And I pity her for it," Taichi muttered under his breath, "She just came a few weeks ago too, she couldn't possibly have known any better."

Takenouchi Toshiko stepped back from the living room wall to assess the positioning of the painting she had hung up a mere hour ago.

Still no good. She thought to herself, and was just about to reach out for it and budge it more to the left when the telephone from the hallway started to ring. Carefully climbing down the staircase, she started walking towards the phone, humming happily to herself.

Nothing could spoil her good mood today. She just had the delight of finding out that her daughter had a date with a boy this morning. The girl gave the lame excuse of needing tutoring sessions, but Toshiko knew perfectly well that she had almost immaculate grades. Still, she got the hint that Sora did not want to talk about it and she would obviously respect that…for the time being.

As she answered the phone, Toshiko was surprised to be greeted with silence. Frowning silently she repeated herself.

"Mrs. Takenouchi, I need to speak to your daughter." The voice was deep, and a certain twinge of nervousness could be made evident in the words spoken.

Toshiko felt the pit of her stomach hit something ice cold as she recognized to whom that voice belonged to, and for a second she thought she would be sick. Grabbing a nearby table for support, she tried to recompose herself.

I will not allow him to disturb our peace once more. We moved homes because of him for God's sake.

"You need no such thing." She answered back, her voice as calm and collected as she could muster.

"Ma'am, I have to speak to her…" The voice was pleading with her now.

"No Hitonari. And call upon this household again and I shall call the police." As the stranger on the other line of the phone started to protest, she quickly answered, "Have a good day young man," and switched the phone off.

Walking back into the living room, Toshiko felt a familiar anger brewing up inside of her very soul. How dare the girl give out the number of the house when it was because of him that she had been forced to make the decision of moving out? After all the suffering she had witnessed her daughter go through, she would at least have expected her to have better sense than this…

Breathing heavily, Toshiko grabbed her coat off the sofa and exited through the front door. She needed to be in the proper frame of mind before confronting her daughter, and in order to do so she needed to calm herself down.


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