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The plot takes place six months before Aya turns 16 so she doesn't know she has Ceres blood.


Ayashi No Ceres Entering the World of Angels and Hell- Meeting Fushigi Yuugi

1. It's Just a Dream


Aya is sitting under a willow tree in the city's park. She watches her twin brother, Aki, and her friends fish in the lake in front of her.

"Aki baka." she sighed to herself grabbing a small pebble near her legs and thrusting it into the shallow part of the lake. The small pebble slowly sinks to the bottom and remains there silently. Ripples appeared steadily at the process. Aya hugged her legs and watched the others laugh and splash each other on the wooden boat they were in.

"He knew I had bad experiences in the water."


Six-year-old Aya is in a life jacket holding her father's hand as she skips toward a fishing boat her father had rented. She gets into the boat with Aki and her father following behind her. The boat rocks uneasily as she gets in.

As her father paddles the boat toward the middle of the lake Aya is dipping her hands in the cool glistening water smiling gaily at her brother.

This is her first time fishing, her first time ever on water, her first time on a boat, and she doesn't know how to swim. In other words she's your first time amateur on water safety.

Now at this point, silly little Aya sees a huge whopper of a trout jump out of the water and does belly flops. Aya cries in delight and jumps to her feet. She starts yelling and pointing at the trout doing belly flops.

As you know the number one rule while being on an old rickety fishing boat is to NEVER stand up. And as I said before foolish Aya was an amateur at water safety and stood up.

Guess what happened.

Aki and Aya's father scream in horror as poor dear Aya splashes and kicks for survival. Unfortunately I must say, Aya was in the deepest part of the lake and was sinking fast from her heavy, but light weight.

Aya couldn't remember what happened after because she blanked out, but Aki told her he saw a dim light shimmered around her in the water and she floated up like an empty pop bottle.

After that experience, Aya never really liked fishing or lakes.

-Back to the Park-

Aya finally uncurls herself and lies on the silky grass, humming to herself as she cut off a blade of grass and fiddled with it. Cheers could be heard by her triumphing brother as a tenderizing Rainbow Trout got hooked onto his rod.

Aya groaned. "There's going to be fish for dinner tonight," she said to herself distastefully. Aya didn't mind fish, but it has been a week since she has tried anything other than fish.

A gentle breeze swept her body. Aya closes her eyes and yawns. She felt lazy lying on the soft patch of grass while being shaded by the drooping branches of the willow tree. The situation felt like a perfect time to take a sort nap.

As Aya drifted off to sleep, she felt warmth fill her body in comfort. She sighed a relief as her body lifted and felt as light as a feather.


Aya suddenly felt wide-awake. She felt lighter than usual. The atmosphere around her felt different than before and the air seemed fresher.

She opened her eyes slowly.

Shock crippled her body as she found herself floating in a pitch-black room. Aya quickly looked at her hands to see if the darkness had engulfed it as well, but her hands were not harmed. They were shimmering with light as if it was glowing brilliantly. Her whole body was glowing.

"Where am I???" She screamed looking around as if she would see someone pop out.

Someone did.

Aya stood in shock as a person came into vision. This person was also glowing magnificently.

Aya soon distinguished this person as a female around the same age as her. She had purple hair that shone with beauty; her amber eyes glistened radiantly, releasing the true beauty of her face. But somehow deep in her eyes Aya could see loneliness lying deep beneath the girl. Aya knew they looked completely different from physical beauty to mental mind, but for some strange reason she knew she was, her.

They were both naked staring into the faces of each other.

"Who are you?" Aya asked breaking the uneasy silence.

The girl said nothing instead kept on staring at Aya with blankness in her eyes.

Aya grew uneasy, but kept her stare on the girl.

"Are you.. me?" Aya asked.

There still was no reply from the girl.

After a long pause Aya gathered up the courage and lifted her right hand towards the girls face and gently placed it on her left cheek. To her amazement the girl did the same thing.

The girl's hand was cold and thin. The only warmth that Aya could feel in her hand was the pulse of her blood. The girl was much more pale than Aya, but she knew it was from the glowing light.

The girl's eyes came to life and she finally spoke, which made Aya jump.

"You are not harnessing my powers properly Aya."

Aya blinked.

"Harnessing your powers?" She repeated.

The girl nodded.

Aya stared into her eyes and was half transfixed and half paralysed. Her grandfather's story rang inside her head.

'One day a young man was passing near the ocean when he saw a beautiful tennyo wading in the water. On the pine tree right beside, he saw a few robes hanging there more beautiful than anything he's seen before. The young man realized this belonged to the fairies, and he stole one of them hastily and ran away. The fairy that had her hagoromo stolen could not return to the heavens. The fairy saw the suspicious young man and asked,

"Have you seen my feathered robe? If you have it, would you please return it to me?"

But the young man pretended he didn't know and took the hand of the weeping fairy to be his wife.

They were together and finally, after a few years, they had children.

The fairy listened to the whistling songs of the children and found out about the young man hiding her feathered robe. Having found her feathered robe, she returned to the heavens she had longed for, leaving her husband, and children.'

Aya blinked again.

"Ceres," she said, barely knowing the words coming out of her mouth.

"Hai," Ceres replied giving her another nod.

Ceres placed both her hands on each of Aya's cheeks. They stared into each other's eyes for a while. Ceres finally inched closer to Aya and kissed her. Aya's eyes widened as she watched Ceres disappear slowly. She could feel her body pulsing with Ceres's blood.

Ceres was now inside of her.

Aya closed her eyes. She felt so heavy and weak. Before she knew it, she was falling.


Aya shot out the grass. Her heart was pounding madly. Sweat was dripping down her forehead. She felt dizzy at the moment.

"Just a dream." she reassured herself.

Aya got up slowly so she wouldn't lose her balance.

'But it seemed so real.'.

Aya's train of thought was soon interrupted by her brother's cries.


Aya turned around and found Aki and her friends heading towards her. She waved at them once she saw the huge trout dangling in the cooler.

"You got a big one," she said giving them a fake smile. She didn't want to worry the others with her ridiculous dream. But Aki knew Aya too well. He could see it in her eyes that something was troubling her.

"Yep," he replied smiling back at Aya. 'Maybe a bit of fishing will clear Aya from her troubles.'

"Aki, are you done fishing?" She asked.

The gang all stared at her as if she was a mad man.

"Are you kiddin'???" They shouted laughing as if Aya said the funniest thing.

"We only came back to dump this fish on you 'cause we have no more room in the cooler," explained Aki patting the cooler happily.

Aya slapped Aki hard on the head as she said, "Baka! I'm not going to carry some dumb fish for you Aki!"

Aki rubbed her head and said, "Then why don't you join us in fishing squirt? It's only 10:34." Aya looked horrified as her friends agreed with Aki and started to drag her towards the boat.

"NOOOoooooooooooooo! Help! Aki BAKA!!! I HATE FISHING!!!"

Aya squirmed and kicked as she was dragged into a life jacket and carried into the boat. Aya quickly acted fast. She hugged the dock's pole, as they were about to sail.

"Oh Aya, face your fears! Besides fishing's fun!" said one of her friends patting her back in comfort.

"And anyways, if you fall overboard your fat will float you to safety like last time," laughed Aki. Aya was furious.


The whole gang looked at each other evilly then looked at Aya.

"Secured you say?" asked Aki taking off his life jacket.

"Yes, SECURE!!!"


-5 Minutes Later- Aya is sitting on the boat with six life jackets on herself while the other life jacketless people row toward the centre of the lake.

"I hate you guys," Aya mumbled fiddling with the jacket buckle.

"I'm sorry, but that's as 'secure' as you can get Aya," grinned Aki dipping his oar into the water.

Aya finally unbuckled her first life jacket and started to take it off.

"Aya what are you doing???" Asked one of her friends looking worried.

"I can't stand it anymore! I'm burning from all the weight on me, and I look like a walrus."

Aki burst out laughing, which made him almost lose his oar.

"But you do look like a walrus Aya! You look like old Saint Nick in the winter!" remarked Aki. The others gave a low giggle at this remark. Aya began steaming up.

"Well sorry Mr. Barney Lover!"

"Wha-what did you say???" Shouted Aki.

Aki never got over barney until he was in junior high. That's when he realized the true meaning of the gay colour, purple.

"Oh Aki, you never got over barney until you were 11," smirked Aya. The others burst into thousands of hilarious hoots and laughter.

"Why you..you walrus!"







Aya stood up angrily.

"That's it! If I have to go fishing then I want to go without him!" cried Aya pointing at Aki as if he was a slug.

"Aya! Don't stand up!" screamed Aki trying to grab Aya. But it was too late.

Aya screamed as she plunged into the icy depths of the water. She kicked and splash until her body gave way and she started to sink. Aya could hear faint cries from up above and splashes of water.

'Help me Ceres...' Aya said to herself closing her eyes. 'Help me like you did before..' But Ceres did not help her. Aya wondered in agony as her lungs felt like they were going to burst. Her body felt heavy and weak.

She knew Aki or her friends could not help her now.


Aya's head began to spin. Her body now had a mind of it's own and was getting heavier by the second.


Lakes weren't deep, but somehow this one was lasting forever. Aya started to regret the day she refused to take swimming lessons at the beach. She regretted shouting at Aki. She regretted standing up. She regretted ever to go on the boat. But most of all she regretted herself for not listening to her dream.

'Harness my powers.'

Even though Aya was in water the strangest thing happened. A tear rolled down her cheek and sank down slowly. Aya turned to see what had happened.

Her tear was slowly dropping down, but it didn't hit the bottom of the lake. Somehow the tear splashed onto another force of water blocking the floor of the water. (I'm gonna make a diagram 'cause I suck at explaining things ^^;;;)


---------------------------------------------- -Invisible force of water

____________________________________________________________ -Lake Bottom

(Tear hits the invisible force and disappears. It's like a portal.)

Aya's eye's widened as she inched closer to the force of water.


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