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Chapter One

Gosalyn Mallard sat in the living room of her nice suburban home alongside her next door neighbor--and friend--Honker Muddlefoot, and her father's best friend and crime fighting sidekick, Launchpad McQuack.

They were all anxiously awaiting the homecoming of Gosalyn's father, Drake Mallard--a. k. a. Darkwing Duck, St. Canard's masked hero. He had left the night before, saying he had received an urgent message from the spy agency he sometimes worked for--S.H.U.S.H Central. He hadn't come home yet.

"Where is he?" Gosalyn said, getting up from the couch and walking to the window.

"I don't know, Gos. It's not like D.W. to stay gone this long without telling you," Launchpad said, picking up the remote and turning off the T.V. They had been watching the news for some sign of the Terror-That-Flaps but had so far received none.

"Perhaps he's run into a particularly bad guy and just hasn't had the time to check in with you yet," Honker offered, straightening his red-rimmed glasses.

"Let's go to Darkwing Tower," Gosalyn said, taking a seat in one of the two chairs that were secret ways to the tower. "Maybe he'll turn up there."

"Good idea, Gosalyn. Darkwing Tower also has much better news resources," Honker said, as he crawled into the chair beside her.

Launchpad sat in the adjacent chair and punched the statue that activated the secret way.


The sound of the First National Bank's alarm rang behind him as he sped away. A successful heist. He must've wiped out the entire vault. All in a days work for Negaduck.

This mallard--clad in yellow, red, and black--sped away from the bank, laughing evilly. Though, to be honest--which he rarely was--he was slightly surprised at something.

Why hadn't his nemesis, Dipwing Dork, shown up yet? He'd brought his favorite gun today. Negaduck was slightly disappointed. He shrugged it off; however, as he rounded a corner at break-neck speed.

All of a sudden, his motorcycle sputtered and stopped.

"What the--?" Negaduck began.

There was an abrupt pick-up of wind and a bright flash of light, and when it stopped, Negaduck turned around on his bike. The bulging bag of loot that he had placed behind him was gone! In its place was a note. It read:


Want your loot? You'll have to steal it back. If you can find me. Tell you what, if you seek out and find your purple-clad look alike, you'll find me. Good luck. You'll need it.

The note wasn't signed.

"Look alike, eh?" Negaduck said aloud. "This fool must mean Darkwing. Why would I have to find him?"

It was true that the two mallards looked exactly alike. That was a given if you knew that Negaduck had been created from Darkwing, but the two, in personality and morals, were completely different. Darkwing was a goody-two shoes, Must-Protect-The-Innocent type of duck and believed in doing the right thing. Negaduck hated all things good and pure and as for morals...well, he had none.

"No one steals from Negaduck! I'll show this chump!"

And with that, Negaduck's webbed foot slipped onto the gas peddle and he sped off…into a light pole.

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