Chapter one

She crouched down low in the closet scared to death of being found. He was angry again...but then again he was always angry... She had to get away, but it wasn't that easy. He would always find her, always be there.....waiting......

"GINEVRA! Where are you!? Don't hide from me you bitch!" an angry male voice screamed into the house. If only she hadn't made the tea that strong.....he wouldn't be angry......

Ginny held her breath as she heard him enter their bed room. She had fought back many times against him. After all she had 6 brothers and knew how to defend herself, but he was much too strong and over powered her every time, always punishing her worse when she fought.

"Princess where are YOU!? Come out Princess!" He yelled again, this time closer to the closet. She knew what would happen; he would find her again and she would pay for hiding, pay for his anger that she caused.

The door opened slowly, light creeping into the tiny closet. Ginny huddled into a tight ball in the corner hoping he wouldn't see her. She covered her eyes with her hands as the door was slammed into the wall with a crack.

"There you are!" His icy voice scratched venomously. She wished she had her wand. If only she did...but he took that from her...and broke it in two.

"No...Please! Don't!" Ginny cried as he snatched her from the ground harshly by her arm.

"It's for your own good Princess." He told her as he back handed her across her already bruised and swollen face. "You want to tell me what that man is owling you about?" He asked her suspiciously as he threw a letter in her face.

"He asks if you're ok....IF YOU ARE OK! DO YOU HEAR ME!? He says he is worried about you, DO YOU WANT TO TELL ME WHAT YOU TOLD HIM YOU BACK STABBING BITCH!?" He yelled as he threw her onto the bed. Ginny let out a whimper as he forced her legs apart with his own.

"ANSWER ME!" he commanded loudly into her ear.

"He's an old...acquaintance. I don't like him so I never reply to his mail. He's jealous of you, because he knows how much I love you." Ginny lied quickly. He calmed slightly.

"If you don't answer him then why does he write?" He asked with a very red face.

"Because baby, I used t-to know him, back at Hogwarts. He liked me but I told him t-to bugger off, that I loved you." Ginny said quietly.

"HE LIKED YOU!? No one likes you, NO ONE BUT ME!" He yelled, grabbing her arms and shaking her harshly. "IF YOU EVER LEAVE ME I SWEAR I'LL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU! Do you want that PRINCESS!? Do you want me to hurt you!?" He was pushing up her dress roughly and pinching her painfully with his fists all over her stomach as he yelled.

Ginny tried not to cry out. It only further angered him when she cried, she had to be strong.

"You aren't angry about what's-his-face's letter. No, that's not why you are angry-" Ginny started but abruptly stopped when he punched her in the stomach knocking the wind out of her.

"Oh you'll pay tonight....yes you will. Don't you worry Princess....I'll make you ALL better." He raked his hands down her venerable body, fiercely ripping off her underwear from her exposed flesh.

Ginny coughed and wheezed trying to gain her air supply back. He was going to claim her body again like the many times before he had and she couldn't stop him.

She closed her eyes and thought back on her days at Hogwarts....her good memories.

'OI! FRED! GEORGE! That wasn't funny,' her memory played like an old family video. Ron was yelling at Fred and George's pranks while she laughed, rolling on the ground watching the scene.

'Pst! Ginny! Over here...' Harry Potter's voice whispered like wind in her memory. She had looked over at him; he was waving her to come to him....

A painful thrashing jolted her back to her husband. He was punching her breast and pumping roughing in and out of her.

"You'll get pregnant.... and never be able to leave me for that Potter fellow...." He mumbled as he violently raped her.

A tear trickled down her cheek as she thought what would happen if she had a child. He would beat her child; maybe even rape her...or him for that matter. He was a sick man....

Ginny swallowed down her vomit quickly, not allowing it to surface. She had to get away; for her nonexistent child, hell, she had to get away from him.

She concentrated on her memory not wanting to be where her body was.

'What is it Harry?' She had asked. Harry laughed lightly from behind the cover of the sofa, pointing at Ron.

'Fred and George didn't do was me!' He had giggled out laughing and pulling her into a hug. Ginny had laughed at his cleverness of using the twin's merchandise. The perfect prank, someone was already framed. The twins later found Harry and Ginny and Ron found out....but it was still a great night. They all sat around the fire laughing at Ron...

Ginny pulled herself back to her body. He was breathing heavily and after an eternity it seemed, he pulled out of her bleeding wound, and collapsed on top of her. She stiffened as he slept so close to her. She would leave him. She had to.

After Ginny was sure he was asleep she moved silently out of the bed and towards the bathroom.

Ginny turned on the shower and slowly stepped into the tub, hurt from her soreness. Up and down her once drop-dead legs were bruises. Her arms, back and stomach were all the same. A few more days and she would be a walking welt.

She couldn't go to Harry that would be the first place he would look....if she went home he might try and kill her parents....or even her brothers. She had to go some place where no one knew her....some place far away, but first, she had to leave the house....soon....before he found out about her plans.

A/N- Wow....That was hard to write.....If you didn't catch on... 'he' is Ginny's husband....he's an abusive husband.