Chapter Twenty Two

Ginny smiled into the full length mirror in her bed room, which was praising her endlessly. It had been a quick month of planning for the wedding, so that Ginny could fit into a dress without showing too much of her pregnancy. She smiled and twirled.

"Hello, its nice to meet you, my name is Mrs. Draco Malfoy." Ginny said laughing and twirling.

"Are you ready dear?" Arthur said, popping his head into the room. Ginny grinned and looked at him.

"One second Daddy." Ginny said. She turned to her newest friend and gave her an encouraging smile.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"I am."

Ginny couldn't help grinning like a fool as she straightened her tradition white dress and the black over robe. She walked out of her old bed room at the burrow and carefully held up the dress so it wouldn't snag on the wood floors. Once they made it to the door, Arthur paused and took her hands.

"Tell me he will do right by you. Please, I need to hear it once again." He said. Ginny gave him a warm look and hugged him.

"I love him so much Daddy. He will do right by me, he already has." She pulled back and wiped a tear from his eye, "Now what's this? There will be no crying on my wedding day! A girl only gets married...every so often!"

Arthur blanched again and looked worried at Ginny's joke. She sobered up and took his hands in her own. With a squeeze she opened the door and looked into his pale face.

"I love him, and he loves me. He's a good man. Now, take me to him." Ginny whispered. Her father nodded solemnly.

"I...I just don't want to lose you again." He told her.

"He is not my past, he is my future." Ginny said, pulling her Dads arm as she exited the door.

Arthur nodded, blushing as he apologized to Ginny. She hooked her arm in the crook of his own, and started the walk, slow and patient. They turned the corner of the house and Ginny looked back at her dear friend that was stumbling on nervously behind them.

"Its time, go on ahead." Ginny said over her shoulder, grabbing the bouquet of flowers that was handed to her.

"Hannah does it." Hannah the house elf said. She was wearing a silk tea towel, walking down the white silk carpet ahead of Ginny.

Once Ginny's foot touched the silk, the disallusion charm dropped and she could been seen. Hannah held her arms up in the air, magical flowers and sparks of wonder floating around and down onto the walkway. Ginny's breath caught as she looked at Draco's handsome form in his black dress robe standing at the end of the silk.

Her eyes couldn't focus on the people sitting in chairs around them, or the Daily Prophet taking pictures, as Draco Malfoy the love of her life was staring back at her with an appraising sexy smirk. Ginny let out a tiny giggle and pulled her father to walk a little faster.

Once they reached the front, she kissed her father's cheek as he kissed hers, and Draco shook his hand.

"I will be responsible for your daughter and will look after her for the rest of my life." Draco told him before kissing his hand. Author nodded and took his seat next to a weeping Molly.

"We are gathered here today..." Albus Dumbledore started.

Ginny couldn't breathe, couldn't stop smiling, and staring at Draco's handsome face during the entire ceremony. Only half aware of what Albus was saying, she managed to get married.

"Ginevra Weasley, do you take this man to be your husband for all eternity?" Albus asked Ginny.

She grinned and smiled happily as she answered.

"Of course I do!" She said, bowing to Draco. Draco in turn, unhooked her cloak, letting her white gown be seen.

"Do you Draco Malfoy take this woman to be your wife for all eternity?"

"For all eternity and back again, I do." Draco told him seriously, bending down on his knees to Ginny, who unhooked his cloak. He was left in a white chemise, and white dress pants, bare footed.

When he stood, Ginny had pulled out her wand and held it to his heart. Draco did the same and grinned broadly at her.

"Please repeat the incantation." Albus said happily.

"Ceneri alle ceneri, Alito ad alito, fino alla morte dovuta noi parte, siamo limitato per eternity di amore." They repeated at the same time.

Ginny smiled and felt her body glow a bright white, as Draco's did the same. They floated into the air and were wrapped together in a white silk cloth as if in a cocoon, until a large spark gave off and they were gently lowered to the ground. Ginny beamed as the cloth fell from them and looked at Draco's hair in astonishment. He was grinning at her also in a way that made her thing that she had the same problem.

Draco's hair had been turned a very odd color indeed, Weasley red. And she could only guess that her own had taken his Malfoy blonde. They smiled at each other and took hands.

"You may now-" Albus started but, stopped when he noticed they were already kissing. "Well then, I guess you don't need me any more."

The guests laughed at Draco and Ginny's hair and actions. Draco pulled back, breathless and looked at his lovely bride.

"I'll never leave you." He told her. Ginny smiled and breathed heavily.

"I'll never stop loving you." She whispered back. Draco kissed her again, before whisking her up in his arms and running down the isle with her.

Ginny laughed the entire way, as the crowd laughed harder. Draco hummed the James Bond song as he went, recently being acquainted to muggle movies.

The wedding diner at Draco's house went well, her brothers all behaving except for a very sulky Ron, two pranks pulled on guests, Albus getting sloshed by accident, Severus' kids beating up on Harry and the other Weasley members, and one uninvited guest showing up.

Ginny smiled and laughed the whole night, never leaving Draco's side except for the father daughter dance. He happily stayed by her side as well, never even glancing at the sultry Slytherin girl that was desperately trying to regain his attention. She claimed to have been one of his admirers in school. After five minutes of letting her grovel, Ginny decided it was her wedding and this girl was out of line.

"Excuse me, but this is my husband and your idiotic attempts to seduce him only a few hours after our marriage is starting to really annoy me. This is my wedding day, and my husband. So if you could get the bloody hell out of here before I have to beat you to a pulp in my pretty white fluffy dress, it would really make me feel a whole lot better about the entire situation." Ginny said calmly to the twit. Draco snorted and turned his head laughing, along with the other party members that had overheard.

"I think we should leave that to Draco to decide." The twit said loudly.

"Well, if you feel so inclined to leave it to Draco, let me inform you that I am Mrs. Draco. Therefore I feel you should get your scrawny butt out of here." Ginny whispered quietly. She smiled at the rest of the guests and leaned on Draco to avoid their questioning glances.

"That is not what I meant you little" She started. Draco whipped out his wand and pointed it at the girl.

"I do not think it wise to finish that sentence. I believe my wife said to get your scrawny butt out of here, and I more than happily agree with her. How dare you ever think to insult a Malfoy! My wife the more. Get the hell out before I-" Draco ranted. Ginny put a hand on his wand arm and gave him a look.

"Draco." Ginny told him.

"I'll take care of it," said a sharp female voice. A woman, which looked to be in her early thirties with black hair, stepped out and pulled the girl out of the room by the ear, her cloak billowing behind her.

"Mrs. Snape I presume?" Ginny said in a soft whisper to Draco, who nodded to her.

"Yeah, looks like him, acts like him, and her cloak billows just like him. The only thing different is she's a muggle born." Draco whispered back. Ginny grinned and pulled Draco's arm to get him on the dance floor.

After a long night of dancing and entertainment, the two went back to Draco's room to get some rest to enjoy the rest of their lives together.


"Push love, just a bit more." Draco coaxed Ginny. Ginny grabbed him roughly by his shirt and tugged him down to her face.

"I HATE YOU!" Ginny yelled loudly.

Draco grinned at her and nodded. She pushed her muscles again with all her might and the medi-wizard smiled.

"The head is out, just a bit more Mrs. Malfoy. You're doing great!" He said.

"I'm sorry Draco, I love you. I really do." Ginny said, taking his hand and squeezing it hardly as she pushed. Draco grimaced and rubbed her head.

"Push love." Draco moaned out, his voice distorted with pain.

"I AM PUSHING YOU BLOODY GIT!" Ginny yelled through clenched teeth. Her face was red and her brow sweaty.

A few seconds latter, a baby's crying rung out though the air. Ginny sighed in relief and lay back in the bed. Draco leaned over and kissed her lips running a hand over her sweaty forehead.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, it's a boy." The medi-wizard told them. Ginny smiled and reached out for her child.

"Oh Draco, look at his hair!!" Ginny said happily, over the baby's crying. Draco glanced at the baby and laughed at his strawberry hair.

"Yeah, strawberry blonde." He said. Ginny nodded and passed the baby over to him.

Draco grinned and softly sang to the baby, rocking it back and forth. Soon the baby's cries clamed to a gentle sucking sound, as it sucked on its hand. Draco looked over to the tired looking Ginny, who was already halfway asleep.

"What's his name Ginny?" Draco asked.

"Sirius Malfoy." Ginny said. Draco frowned and shook his head.

"No, how about-"

"Draco, something isn't right." Ginny said, frowning in pain. Draco rushed to her side and sat down.

The medi-wizard came over to her and grinned, after having a look.

"There is another on the way." He said.

"Another?" Ginny grounded out as she began to push.

After a few minutes she heard the screaming of another baby that after being cleaned was placed promptly in her arms, another boy. She laughed and looked at Draco.

"This, is Sirius, and that baby in your arms is..." Ginny looked at Draco who smiled.

"Albus?" He suggested.

"Yes, baby Albus." Ginny said smiling. Draco switched babies with Ginny, and grinned at his black haired baby.

"Black hair, were you with Potter?" He asked jokingly.

"Always." She said laughing.

"Knock knock, can we come in?" Molly asked from the doorway.

"Come on in guys." Ginny said.

"Hey mum." Draco greeted, standing up and walking over to Molly, kissing her on the cheek.

"Hello Draco dear. Oh my, what a beautiful baby. What did you both name her?" Molly asked, already reaching for the baby.

"That, is Sirius, and this, is Albus." Ginny said. Molly's eyes grew wider as she looked at the second baby, the first already in her arms.

"Well then. Twins." Molly said. "I feel sorry for you both. You have my condolences."

"Ha ha. Funny Mum. Would you mind to terribly getting the rest of the family?" Ginny asked.

A few minutes later, the entire family was in the room. Ginny smiled and sat up in bed as Riley came and sat next to her on the bed. Riley had long blonde hair and silver eyes like her father, only inheriting Ginny's freckles.

"Goodness Mum. Could you have anymore kids?" Riley said jokingly.

"I don't know, what do you think Draco darling?" Ginny said, kissing her husband's lips.

"Well, I believe if you wanted them, it could happen." Draco said, pulling back from Ginny and looking into their horrified seventeen year old daughter's eyes.

"Ew da!" Draco Jr. called out, shielding his eyes. "That's sick."

"Watch your manners son." Draco said smirking as Ginny glared at him.

Draco Jr. the second born was also the replica of his father with blonde hair, pale skin and silver eyes. At fifteen the only thing he took from Ginny was her out going attitude.

Fred and George walked over to Ginny, each picking up a twin from her arms.

"Good job Ginny. This world needs more twins." George said. He already had twins himself with his wife, and two other children.

"I love twins." Fred commented looking at them. Fred's wife had passed on after bearing him a little girl.

"Yeah, well, I think one set of twins in a family is great, two is one too many." Little Fred who was only ten said. Little Fred had bright Weasley red curly hair, silver eyes, and freckles all over his body. Ginny had wiped his tooshie enough to know that. His twin little Georgiana agreed.

"Yes, one set per family. None of this two sets. Before you know it we will have three sets." Georgiana said. She was also ten, with orange curly hair and brown eyes. Ginny frowned as Georgiana smirked at her brother Harry.

"Before you know it Harry," Little Fred said.

"Mom and Dad will have to get rid of you." Georgiana said smirking. Draco frowned and picked up six year old Harry.

"Leave your brother alone." Draco said. Harry was a shy little boy with silver eyes and Brownish red hair. Little Harry was small for his age and often picked on because of it. He was constantly pampered for being the name sake of Harry Potter, by none other than the boy of wonder himself.

"I'll take him." Harry Potter said, taking little Harry in his arms.

"Thanks Uncle Harry." Little Harry said.

"Baby." Five year old Hannah said. She had black hair and silver eyes, and the attitude of her father's younger self. She constantly beat up on Harry, and picked on him for being such a 'baby'.

"What are we going to do with ourselves?" Ginny asked, sighing in frustration.

"Buy a boat and sail off to America." Severus Malfoy said, sulking in a chair by the door.

"Severus," Draco said in a warning voice.

The teen sighed and leaned back into the chair. He was fourteen and already a pain in the ass, living up to his name. Black hair tied back into a pony tail and all black clothing everywhere. His eyes were a grey color, and he had his father's good looks. Severus seemed to have nothing in common with Ginny, although from time to time he did do a random act of kindness.

"Mummy! Mummy!" Three year old Tonks called. Ginny smiled brightly and picked up Tonks.

"Hey baby girl!" Ginny said, quietly talking to her daughter.

"Severus Malfoy, you get off your hind quarters and go kiss your mother's cheek." Severus Snape whispered. He used his teaching glare to get the boy quickly to his feet. "Slytherin or no that is your family."

"But do they have to keep having kids? Its honestly embarrassing Uncle Severus." Severus whispered.

"You should be blessed to have such a large family. Your father was not as fortunate and only had your mother when they were your age." Severus said.

"You should hear what the kids at school say." Severus whispered again.

"Give me their names and their lives will be a living hell." The strict teacher said.

"Deal." Severus walked over to his mother and kissed her brow. "Congratulations mother."

"Thank you honey." Ginny said happily.

"What did you name the babies?" Author asked.

"Yeah, I haven't heard one baby being named Charlie, but the twins get the twins!" Charlie said. Ginny grinned.

"Come on, the twins got the twins because well, come on they were twins!" Ginny laughed.

"What's these babies names?" Charlie kept on.

"Sirius is the black haired one, and Albus is the strawberry blonde." Draco answered. Harry smiled broadly and Albus Dumbledore stepped forward and held the baby.

"Thank you." Albus said. "It's an honor."

"Sirius would be proud." Harry said.

Draco smiled and nodded; taking his baby from the arms of Molly, and putting Sirius into the arms of Ron Weasley.

"If we ever have another with red hair, you're next in line of names if I am correct." Draco said with a wink. Ron glared at Draco, his dislike still intact over the years.

Ron's face softened as he looked at baby Sirius. He smiled and began to softly coo to the baby. Hermione leaned over and looked at Sirius and began to baby talk to him. Recently Hermione found out that she wouldn't be able to have children due to a hex that had hit her in battle.

"Give me the baby Ron, and stop hogging him." She said, gently pulling him from Ron's arms.

"What a beautiful baby Ginny." Hermione said, rocking him back and forth.

"Thanks. Don't think my having two babies will get you out of baby sitting Tonks and Harry Friday night. You'll simply have to watch the babies as well." Ginny told her.

Hermione beamed as she looked at the babies lovingly. Having already bought tons of clothes for the kids already, she was more than happy to be the first to babysit.

"Anytime Ginny." She said.

"Hermione, you will be the Godmother right?" Ginny asked.

"Of course." She answered. Hermione was already the Godmother of the other children, and the Godfather being Severus.

"Well, if you all wouldn't mind, I think my wife and I could use a little time alone." Draco hinted.

The family quickly muttered together in a loud jumble, Albus handing the baby to Ginny, and Hermione to Draco, before leaving. Each of the children gave Ginny and Draco a kiss before leaving, and in Severus Malfoy's case, a firm handshake. When they were alone Draco kissed Ginny's cheek, placing the baby in a cradle. Ginny smiled tiredly as she carefully passed Albus to Draco to place in the cradle as well.

"What is it Draco?" She asked.

"I have a gift for you." He told her, pulling out a wrapped box from his overnight bag.

Ginny squealed in happiness as she grabbed for the present. Draco laughed and handed it to her, as patience was not something his wife developed over time. She ripped the paper off and opened the box to find a black book.

"The Life of the Malfoy." Ginny read aloud. She glanced up at his face, then back down at the book. "I thought you had lost it?"

"No, I hid it after Riley turned two. Once we had Draco Jr. I made sure it was out of place, then when we had, well. I just said it was out of place." Draco told her. "Open it up."

Ginny did as she was told, flipping until she reached the last entry.

'Somehow, when one comes to terms with ones self, many great things can be accomplished. I have lived many days beyond my death and have seen things too terrible to describe. I wish that some days had never been, but then today might not be as it is.

My life, the life of a Malfoy, is the most glorious one could ever imagine. I think about my last entry and now I laugh at it. Seventeen plus years down the road, and I can honestly say I regret nothing but having not married my beautiful wife sooner.

Ginevra Weasley, or should I say Ginny Malfoy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. From the days that followed meeting her in the entrance to Diagon Alley, my life has never been more hectic and annoying yet so satisfying. I have never forgotten the way she showed me to love, for that love is deeply embedded into my soul now. It is the very air I breathe.

From going back to Azkaban, to coming back from the dead, Ginny has showed me how to live life and forgive. It is only now after all this that I finally will write these words to end this story.

Albus Dumbledore. I forgive you. I forgave you the day that Ginny made me realize my errors. I should have asked for your help, not blamed you when I didn't. I'm sorry for having hated you, and for not forgiving you sooner. You are truly the greatest wizard that lived...beside myself that is. (Just kidding.)

To my mother, the same remains. I forgive you, leave me be...although I had not thought of you since I last read, it remains the same as I have said.

To Harry Potter. You are still a dick, but I love you now, as one of my children is named after you. No matter how angry you make me with your idiotic heroic ways and stupid Gryffindor pride...I'll always see my son in you.

Weasley clan, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful witch that you have allowed gracing my life. She is a blessing to all of us, and I am not sure what I would be without her. Thank you my family. As you are, my only family, even with my children.

Every other wizard, go screw yourself.

Just kidding. I thought it might be funny to bring back old sayings, but having read it, it isn't as great as I thought. So, to the bystander who unknowingly is just reading my journal and has no idea what led me to this change of heart, I fell in love. I completed my mission and married Ginny. If it wasn't obvious from the beginning you must be very dumb. I now have a clan of children, a wonderful wife, many new and old friends, and a great life.

I guess I should start and tell you what happened, so that when I die, my sacrifice will have been know. No, sacrifice doesn't sound quite right, but my mission for capturing her love and keeping it.

I found her at the entrance to Diagon Alley, beaten by a past husband and in taking pity on her, secretly hopeful, I took her to my home. She was kidnapped, rescued, proclaimed dead and brought back again. I was shoved back into Azkaban, broke out of Azkaban with her, and brought home again in time to miss the Dementor's kiss. I was in love, I had a child, and then another. I was married.

I have lived a full life with unexpected twists and turns. But yet I am drawn back to this diary. For some reason I feel I must finish it. So I will try my best to make you understand.

My past that fill the book, even the darkest ones, are just that, my past. They do not take hold over me or control me today; they do not haunt me or even bother me in the slightest. They are memories and nothing more. They are my past.

I have many lovely children now, and I have no need for this book other than for toilet paper to supply for them for shitty asses. But for educational purposes I suppose I can just use my vast amounts of money to buy toilet paper. Although it won't be the same.

My bad name was cleared up by the ministry, I have beautiful children, a best friend that is my wife, and a future of love ahead of me. I no longer need to hold on to this book.

I tire of this book again, so I shall leave it, this time for good. I love you Ginevra Malfoy, as no other man could possibly understand. You are my only passion in this world, and you will be until the day that we both die. A Malfoy can love. I love my wife and children every day. A Malfoy can forgive, as now it is in our nature. And a Malfoy can certainly have everything that Malfoy wishes. I mean, I got Ginny didn't I?

Oh, and they lived Happily ever after.'



Draco and Ginny lived to be very old, bearing four more children before even reaching mid-age for wizards. Having more than enough money, the Malfoy children were always well cared for.

Riley Malfoy became a medi-witch and opened her own hospital, St. Riley's. At age thirty she married Robert Longbottom, a blonde hair beauty. She beared two children, and even her mother's nagging couldn't convince her to have any more. She still sports her Ravenclaw colors to this day. Draco Jr. married straight out of school to his childhood sweet heart, Elizabeth Potter. Harry Potter's daughter was as heroic as him, claiming Draco Junior's Slytherin heart. Draco opened a traveling business that rapidly declined in business until it closed down. After his bad luck with that, he invested money in the Wheezing Weasley Joke shop, hiring Fred and Georgiana as his officiates. He had five children.

Severus was top of his class and graduated with honors. Severus Snape took him on as an apprentice and soon after let Severus take over potions. Severus met a young woman two years younger than him, and married her when she graduated. They both live at Hogwarts dungeon and visit Ginny and Draco on weekends. They have one child.

Fred and Georgiana grew apart in their teen years, even though they were both Gryffindor. At the end of their fifth year, they came back together when they discovered a love for pranks, induced by their clever uncles. They both invent products for Wheezing Weasley Joke Shop, and own a percent of the company. Fred didn't marry until his late forties, but Georgiana married at twenty one with six children.

Harry, like his namesake, was a great quiditch player and was signed with the leading team of the time. After a tragic accident, he was left unable to fly at age forty seven. Although his career was over with by that age anyway, he still morns the loss of his childhood activity. He was married at seventeen to Abigale Hodges, and together they had three kids.

Hannah never lived past six years old, having passed away with an incurable illness.

Tonks grew up to become a medi-witch like her sister, leading up as head nurse at her sisters hospital. She married and had two children.

Albus and Sirius created quite a stir at Hogwarts, practically taking over the joint. After many years of pranks created by their brother and sister, the two twins joined up with their older set of twins, creating pranks. But their passion laid elsewhere, in the field of food. Although they loved potions, they enjoyed cooking more. Having all the makings of pranksters, they continued their word as chiefs. They own a chain of muggle restaurants. Both are married to a set of twin girls from Germany. Many sets of twin children ensured.

Arthur and Molly were the next set of twins to grace the Malfoy line, and both created quite a stir with their Weasley traits. Both took completely after Ginny, and none after Draco. They moved off to the America's together to create a name for themselves. Currently they are a more popular band than the Weird Sisters ever hoped to be. Arthur married muggle style once, and after she divorced him, he married again, wizard style. He has three children. Molly never married, as her childhood love married another while she was away in the Americas.

Ginevra, born after the twins, grew up to be a stay at home mom, with six children of her own. Like her mother she married a blonde, Fin Delacour, who swept her off of her feet. She never wanted for anything, as his charming ways never left her wanting more than him.

Hermione, the last child grew up shy and quiet. She, unlike the other children, had blue eyes and blonde hair. And although that should have helped her in school, it did not. She was the but of all jokes, as her family had so many children. She took it in stride as any Gryffindor would, and quietly broke out of her shell. With the help of John Lovegood, she not only broke out of her shell, but married as well. Her children would grow up to defeat the next Dark Lord.

I now have filled in all the blanks, dotted all the I's, and crossed all of the t's. The only thing left, is death. I have told you of how Draco and Ginny lived, but now, as all good things, it must end.

Ginny passed away first, leaving Draco behind. Draco died the next day, of what some call a broken heart. We all know it was a broken heart, as he was never truly complete without her. She was buried in a wild meadow, her husband beside her. Draco's diary was found and published for the world to see. True love does exist, it happens everyday.

The rest, I leave to you...

Forever and Always,

Melissa Adams