Three Years Later.

Years gone by, and the couple couldn't have been happier. The children were outside playing with their party guests and having an all round good time at their third birthdays. It was a small sort of party. Daniel, Teal'c, Janet, Cassy and General Hammond were of course the invites. They were outside in the backyard playing with the kids and laughing. Playing games and eating cake were two of the main attractions. Sam was inside fetching the actual birthday cakes (there were many outside beforehand that were just primers) and Jack was looking for the camera.

"The kids are having a good time huh?"

"Oh yeah! Did you see Jake before? He slipped and you shoulda seen the look on his face! It was so cute!"

Sam smiled as she watched Jack leave with a big grin after he'd told her about Jake's slip. She stayed inside and watched as he went out and played with their children. He smiled and laughed with them, and they smiled and laughed with him.

"Sam, what you doing in here?"

"Janet, hi. I'm just watching Jack playing with the kids. He's so good with them. He loves them so much. And they love him so much. They have so much fun. Look at them laughing with him. He's such a big kid. I love him so much. And to think.well, I just can't imagine all this without him. I can't live without him Janet."

"Well that's ok then, 'cause you don't have to do anything without him. Now come on, let's get these cakes out to those hungry party guests out there,"

Janet smiled and they took the two cakes outside and lit the three candles on top of each. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and the kids tried to blow out the candles unsuccessfully, but with some very discrete help from Jack and Daniel or either side of them, the candles were out. Everyone clapped and then the cake was passed around to each of them on a plate and they devoured them.

Sam went inside with the dirty plates and other utensils to wash them.

"You forgot this Sam, Jack asked if I wouldn't mind bringing it in for him,"

Janet said as she brought in the knife Sam cut the cakes with.

"Oh thanks Janet, just throw it in here,"

Sam said pointing to the sink full of soapy water. Janet slipped it in and looked at Sam while she watched her husband playing with their children again.

"You're obsessed aren't you?"

"No.well, maybe.yeah, ok. We just both love kids so much. We want to have more. Only nine months wait huh?"

"Are you going to tell everyone?"

"Yeah, out to now, Jack doesn't know yet."

"Well come on then!"

"Everyone, I have a quick announcement,"

Sam said loudly so everyone heard.

"What's up Sam?" Jack asked softly.

"I have something to tell you all. *We* are going to have another baby."

"We are?!"

Jack queried in surprise. Sam turned to him and smiled.

"Yeah, we are,"

she said - putting her arms around him. He smiled and laughed with her while lifting her and spinning around. She laughed hysterically and when they stopped she kissed him.

"I love you so much."

"Me too."

"What are going to call this one? Surely you've run out of names!"

Daniel quipped. They all laughed and continued to party on into the night with more games, smiles and laughs.

The End

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