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Faded Memories

Chapter 1 Hard Luck Women Meet Again


It has been 5 years since where the series left off. Ed is 18 and perfected her hacking on earth, Ein is dead but his daughter Elle is carrying on the tradition with Ed, Jet is a cook on Ganymede, Faye is a bartendress on Callisto, and Spike is still in the hospital after his encounter with Vicious on Mars.

End Prologue.

"Elle have I ever told you about the time I gave the Bebop bad mushrooms." Ed smiled as she looked at the dog. "Ed misses them very much. I mean I miss them very much. It is really hard to break that habit of talking in third person. Why is it I have been thinking about them so much?"

"Francas." her dad walked out of their house.

"Yes dad." Ed rolled her eyes. (I wish he would stop calling me that.)

"What are you doing out here? It's really late." her dad layed a blanket over her shoulders.

"Just thinking." Ed looked up at the stars.

"About Bebop again." her dad frowned and sat down next to her.

"Yeah," Ed sighed.

"You know you could go find them." he smiled.

"You mean it." Ed looked shocked.

"Yeah, I mean your 18 now and you have a ship." he looked at her.

"Thank you dad, thank you so much." Ed jumped up.

"Woe hold it there cowgirl." he laughed. "Why don't you wait till' morning so you are rested up."

"Ok," Ed pouted.

"Common only children pout." he hugged her. "I am sorry I wasn't the ideal father."

"Don't worry, you were the perfect father for me." Ed smiled.

"Thanks, Ed." he smiled knowing that no matter what he said she would still leave tonight with or without his consent or knowing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Later that Night...

"I need to find information on the Bebop crew now." Ed started typing at her computer. "Look for Faye-Faye first." she smiled. "Faye-Faye found. Let's see she's on Callisto at the Mishap Bar. What is she up to? Well I will head there first." she jumped up. "Common Elle, goodbye dad." she jumped in her ship Hack. "On to Callisto." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Meanwhile on Callisto....

"Woohoo, so Faye are you sure you don't want to come home with me tonight." an old man shouted.

"Just shutup Larry." Faye pushed him out the door. "See you tomorrow." she sighed. "Why did I get into this business?" she put on her jacket and walked out of the bar.

"Hey, you looking for some quick cash." a man whistled.

"Beat it, I'm not like that." Faye shook her head.

"Are you sure?" he put his hand on her butt.

"I said I am not like that." she punched him. "Sheesh. Men in this area."

"Hey Faye." another man waved.

"Hi Shane," Faye waved back.

"You look down tonight what's wrong?" he looked at her.

"Oh, nothing." Faye smiled. "I'm fine."

"Ok," Shane walked away.

"Home sweet home." Faye walked into a old beaten up apartment. "Well let's see if there are any new bounties." she turned on her computer. "Let's see, Tony Matiko. Wanted for robbery, only 1,600 woolongs. To cheap and to easy." she sighed and layed down on her bed not knowing the next day would change her life forever. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- In the Morning....

"Welcome back Larry." Faye smiled and poured out a bloody mary. "Usual."

"Yep." Larry nodded.

"Right away." Faye started pouring the drink until she heard the door open revealing a beautiful young woman. "Can I help you?"

"I am looking for Faye Valentine." the young woman smiled.

"May I ask why?" Faye looked worried. (Please no more people asking for payments on debts.)

"She is an old friend of mine." the young woman looked around.

(Who is this?) Faye looked her up and down. (There is something familiar about her.) "I am Faye Valentine."

"Faye-Faye." the woman completely changed from sophisticated to childish.

"Do I know you?" Faye seemed confused.

"Faye, don't you recognize me." the young woman walked up to the barstool.

"No," Faye shook her head.

"Think back five years ago, an old friend." the young woman laughed.

"Five years ago, I would have been on the Bebop." Faye seemed even more confused.

"Yeah, and..." the young woman urged her to continue.

"ED! Ed is that really you?" Faye shouted.

"Good job." Ed smiled.

"Wow, hold on." Faye pushed Larry out the door.

"Hey," Larry moaned.

"Not now, we're closed." Faye shut the door and flipped the sign. "So Ed what are you up to?"

"Ed has... I mean I have been looking for you." Ed laughed.

"You've grown up, your what 18 now." Faye sat down.

"Yeah, your 28 right, well your actually much older but still." Ed sat down on a barstool.

"So what are you doing on Callisto?" Faye smiled.

"Faye I already told you, I was looking for you. I am looking for all of Bebop." Ed smiled.

"You mean Spike and Jet too." Faye threw Ed a coke. "Here since your still to young to drink."

"Thanks, but yeah, do you know where they are?" Ed looked up.

"Ed didn't you hear what happened to Spike?" Faye pulled out a cigarette.

"No." Ed shook her head.

"He has been in the hospital for 5 years in acoma." Faye frowned.

"Really but why and how?" Ed shouted.

"Calm down, Spike got in another fight with Vicious and although Vicious died, Spike was badly injured." Faye sighed.

"Really, wow, poor Spike, you probably never knew this but I looked up to you like a sister, Jet like a father, and Spike like a really troubled older brother." Ed looked sad.

"Don't worry, we'll find them, I've been looking for some adventure." Faye smiled.

"Really, you mean it." Ed perked up.

"Yeah, let's look for Jet first." Faye stood up.

"Ok." Ed jumped up.

"Oh yeah, Ed where's Ein?" Faye looked at her old friend.

"Ein died last year." Ed looked away.

"He did." Faye looked disappointed. "I was kinda looking forward to seeing the mutt."

"Well there is Elle." Ed smiled.

"Who's Elle?" Faye seemed confused yet again.

"Elle is Ein's daughter." Ed laughed.

"You mean our mutt had puppies and I never knew." Faye laughed. "Is she anything like her father?"

"Exactly." Ed walked out of the bar. "Shall we be off."

"Yep." Faye looked up at the stars. (Spike Spiegal I hope your still out there somewhere.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Meanwhile on Mars....

"Beep, Beep, Beep," the machine next to the still body showed that there was still life.

(Am I alive.) the man opened his eyes.

"He's awake." one of the nurses shouted.

"He is." another came running.

"Where am I?" he looked around. "And who am I?"

"You mean you don't know." one of the nurses looked at him.

"No." he blinked.

"Doctor I think he has amnesia." the nurse looked concerned.

"Yes, Mr. Spike Spiegal." the doctor looked at him. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I know cliffy. But that is all I am leaving you with. Next chapter we meet our own Black Dog, Jet Black. I know Ed seemed a little O/C but you have to remember she is 18 and somewhat grown up. Well I hope you liked it. See ya.

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