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Well anyway, after reading the 5th book, I got this great idea....Knowing this information wont absolutly ruin the book for you, I mean its only the plot of the whole book! - Nah, Im kidding. Its stems from teh memory Harry sees in -someones- pensieve.


Harry couldn't sleep that night. All he could do was lay on his bed and stare at the ceiling. Was his father always that arrogant and mean? And Sirius? He was always so sure that his parents were nice. He knew they weren't perfect angels, but this was bad. He, with all his hatred for Serverus Snape, felt sorry for him. He felt sorry for him because he, Harry Potter, also knows what its like to be ridiculed. He could still remember Snape memory.

He ocould remember how James - his father - picked a fight with Snape simply because Sirius said he was bored. Jinxing and Hexing him in front of a large group of students....Hanging him upsidedown revealing scrawny legs and gray underwear. The only reason his father stopped is because, Lily Evans, Harry's mother, scolded him. Snape made the mistake of insulting her, causeing her to change her mind about torturing the poor guy. So as Lily walked off, saying how James made her sick, James hung Snape back upside-down again. "Who wants to me to take off Snivelly's underpants?"

Whether or not it actually happened, he didn't know, because that would be when Snape tore him from the pensieve. Snape then proceeded to throw harry against a wall, forbidding him to come into his office again...and to mention any of what he saw to anyone. Harry left the office as quick as he could, but he couldnt help but feel bad for Snape. He also couldnt help but think, with a knot in his stomache, how badly his parents treated Snape. How could he feel proud of his father, knowing he did things like that? And why would he mention it to anyone? He could just imagine telling Ron and Hermione, Ron laughing, saying how much Snape deserved it, and how great it must have been to see it.

Thats why he had to go speak with Sirius, and with the twins help, he managed to use the floo powder network, without getting caught, to stick his head into 12 Grimmauld Place and speak with Sirius. Lupin, who was there, told Harry not to judge his father on what he did there, and Sirius told him that they were young, arrogant, idiots. Both Sirius and Lupin told him that he must tell Snape to continue his Occlumency lessons. Hermione, whom he told Snape said he didn't need his lessons anymore, told Harry that he should still continue them.

So Harry dreaded the next potions class. He dreaded having to speak to Snape. So, Harry, struggling to clear his mind, fell asleep.

The next day during potions Snape completely ignored him. Harry had to admit, without Snape annoying him, his potion turned out really well. But as the end of the class drew near, Harry decided to put off speaking with Snape, I mean, isn't it obvious Snape doesn't wish to speak to him? Hermione and Ron were quite curious as to why Snape left him alone, but Harry simply shrugged it off. Hermione pressured him, telling him he'll have to speak with Snape next time they meet. Harry thought, great...I dont have to worry about it until next potions class.

Unfortunatly, Harry was wrong. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were walking along an almost empty corridor when they saw Snape. Hermione figured this was the perfect chance for Harry to speak to him, so she and Ron excorted Harry over to Snape.

"Professor Snape, Harry needs to speak to you about-" Hermione got cut off, Snape turning around, his lip curling, and his eyes glowing with hatred at Harry.

"About what, Potter?"

"About my..uh...Remedial Potions...Moony, Padfoot, and Hermione seem to think its really important that I get on with them." Snape continued to glare at Harry, who glared back...then Snape spoke.

"Miss Granger, Weasley, you're dismissed. I need to speak with Potter...alone. Potter, come with me." As Snape turned and Harry followed, Hermione called after him.

"We'll Be in the common Room!"

Snape led Harry into a rarely used corridor, then turned to look at him, his eyes still burning with loathing. "Tell your little friends about how proud you are of your father, Potter? I forbade-"

"Im not-"

"Don't cut me off! I forbade you to speak of what you saw! How do your friends know your lessons have been discontinued?"

"I told them you felt I was good enough to stop, Sir."

Snapes lip curled. "Good enough to stop, Potter? Then why does Miss Granger think you need to continue them?"

"I don't know, she says its important. So didn't Lupin and Padfoot. Snape, I need to continue the lessons. Im not going to and I haven't told anyone about what I saw."

"I don't believe you, Potter." Snape turned and Started to walk away.

Harry followed him. "Wait, Professor Snape, please, I need my lessons..I swear I didn't tell anyone, you can cheak if you want...with that spell.."

"Alright, Potter. Come with me." Snape led him to his office, and locked the door once they were both inside. "You are by no means to fight back, do you understand? Good. LEGILIMES!"

Harrys head suddenly began teaming with memories. The first was the worst, Voldemort laughing, his mother screaming, his father tellign her to get away. The follow were ones like Dudley humilating him in front of his peers...Dudley and his gang beating on him....Dudley and his gang humiliating him (again)...Vernon makign to strangle him....Harry finding himself on the roof of the school after trying to get away from Dudley...Vernon locking him in the broomcloset...Petunia telling him he doesn't get new school uniforms, thenswirling around Dudley's old cloths in some gray dye...Vernon yelling at him....Dudley threatening him...Aunt Marge giving him dog biscuits for christmas...Vernon giving him old, dirty socks for christmas...Dudley jumping on the stairs, knocking tiny bits of plaster(?) on Harry...Harry wishing himself a Happy birthday, alone in his room...Vernon telling him to pretend he doesn't exist...a swarm of letters coming through the fireplace...Voldemort detaching himself from Quirrel's head....

Harry came back, his scar burning him. Snape was looking at himwith an expression Harry never saw him have before. Once Harry recomposed himself, Snape tried again. "LEGILIMES!".....Vernon asking him why its an important day, Harry feeling happy because he thinks he talking about his birthday, then Vernon telling him its his business meeting... Vernon putting bars on Harry's windows...Petunia sliding him small bits of food under his door...Weasleys pulling the bars off his window....Wandering down Knocturn Alley....The kids whispering about him in the halls..Aragog, the giant spider...Fighting the Basilisk...packing his bags, running away...A big, black dog stareing at him from the street.

Harry found himself on his knees. He pushed himself up to his feet, and once again,with Snape looking at him with that same expresson. Once Harry got his composure back, Snape cast the spell again. "Legilimes!" ......His patronus saving Dudley from the demontors...Writing lines for Umbridge, the line "I will not tell lies" carving itself into his hand, blood trickling down onto the paper. Harrys memories starting getting more detailed. Harry, telling Ron and Hermione that Snape told him he didn't need his lessons anymore...Umbridge telling him he'd never be an Auror, Mcgoncal telling Umbridge she'd help Harry be an Auror if its the last thing she does...Laying on his bed, stareing at the ceiling (Harry pushed to get him out of his mind - Okay, you've seen enough..) feeling sick about his parent's behavior...Harry speaking to Sirius using the floo network, telling him about the pensieve, Lupin telling him not to judge his father useing that, Sirius saying they were just arrogant 15 year olds...(Harry tried to push him from his mind again. I dont want him seeing this memory!) Harry saying he did it because Sirius said he was bored, Sirius said he sint proud, (Harry pushed more) Harry saying "I just thought i'd never feel-" The memories ended, Harry was on his knees, and Snape didn't say anything. Harry thought he'd be angry for forcing him out...

"Why'd you save you're your cousin?" Snape ask, looking at Harry with the continueing expresson.

"Huh? Oh...uh...I'd get blamed for hexing him...they thought I did it anyway..."

"Did they always treat you like that?" Snape asked, softly.

"Yeah.." Harry looked at Snape curiously. Then he recognized the expression. Did Snape feel sorry for him? Harry felt himsefl getting a little angry. "Look, I dont want your sympathy...so if you're done watching all my memories, I'd like to know if we are going to continue my Occlumency lessons?"

"Continueing your lessons will consist of seeing more of your memories, Potter. Unless you fight it. Yes, they'll continue. Listen Potter...you're still forbidden to tell anyone what you saw in my pensieve, understand?"

"I don't want to tell anyone." Harry said, walking out of Snape's office. Then he stopped, turned back, and look in at a rather shocked looking Snape. Before Harry could ask him when his next lesson would be, Snape spoke.

"Finally relize what a Jerk your father was, Harry?"

Harry frowned, feeling a little angry. "I'm not proud of him. Look, I just wanted to know when the next lesson would be?"

"Tomorrow, 6 O'clock." Snape answered. Harry Left.

Harry had potions class the next day. Snape wasn't ignoreing him or torturing him. Ron and Hermione, and Harry, found this a little odd. Actually, Snape was being a little nice. He even told Harry he needed to add a little wolfbane to his potion.

When he went to Snape's Occlumency lesson the next day, He stepped into Snape's office, and took a seat. Snape looked at him curiously.

"Before we start the lesson, Professor Snape, I wanted to ask you something"

"Yes, Potter?"

"Well...Sir..I was...uh..wondering...My dad...was he always like that?"

"You mean an arrogant, show-offy, Jerk...expecially when Lily was around? Of course."

"I'm not like him, Sir. I'd never do that...to anyone."

"Yes. I'm afraid I did misjudge you. You seem to have some Character, Potter. Now...on with the lesson.."

Harry stood up, and readied his wand. Snape pointed his wand at Harry "Clear your mind, Harry. Ready? One... Two... Legilimes!"


Right, Well. This was just a one shot. Near the end of the book I was hoping Snape would be nice to Harry, but of course the chance never occurred. So I MADE the chance, all right? Well, there is probably a lot of types but I don't feel liek fixing any so too bad..