Chapter 2: The Insanity!

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Domon and Schwartz are sitting on a bench trying to ignore eachother for the time they'll be spending in jail.

Schwartz: I hate you.

Domon: I hate you more.

Schwartz: Well, you stink.

Domon: At least I put deodorant on.

Schwartz: What are you talking about?

Domon: Rain.

Schwartz: Why?

Domon: Just incase I have to murder someone when I get out.

Schwartz moves away from Domon.

Schwartz: I'm going to sleep.

Domon: I don't care, smelly.

Schwartz: Shut up bum rush!

Domon: What's that?

Schwartz: It's what you are.

Domon: Just go to bed!

Time passes by while Schwartz is sleeping, he wakes up.

Schwartz: Who ! What!

Domon: What?

Schwartz: Domon! Am I growing grey hair yet?

Domon: No, why?

Schwartz: We've been here for 10 years!

Domon: Schwartz, it's only been 7 seconds.

Schwartz: What you talkin' bout Domon?

Domon: Look at my watch 7 seconds!

Schwartz: How does it know that?

Domon: I was bored so I was check to see how much time you have.

Schwartz: (trembling voice) To live?

Domon: Of course not!

Schwartz: Whew!

Domon: To die! Of course you'd stay dead forever. Unless someone as stupid as me would wish you back with the dragon balls.

Schwartz: Whatever.

Prisoner: Hi!

Domon: Aaahhhhh!!!!

Scwartz: It's Ugly! I new this day would come.(takes out pepper spray and sprays it in his eyes) Someone help!

Prisoner: Give me your lunch money!

Domon and Schwartz: Oh. (Hand over 5 bucks)

Schwartz: Thank you for your patronage.

Prisoner: Hey, no sweat!

Domon: Sweat? (smells himself) Whew! I'm kickin'.

Schwartz: I know!

Domon: You have some horse radish I can borrow?

Schwartz: No.

Domon: But I smell!

Schwartz: Horse radish smells too.

Domon: Oh, so that's why I've been smelling. No more horse radish soap for me.

Schwartz: (hurls)

Domon: What's the matter with him?

Domon stares outside, he sees Major Urube and Allenby walking through.

Domon: Good Lord!

Schwartz: What? Hahaha! It's Major Urube and Allenby! Domon why don't you call them over.

Domon: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Schwartz: Oh, phooey! I'll do it myself! Hey Urube come here! Allenby come and look at your boy friend! He's in jail!

Allenby: *sniff, sniff* I smell Domon!

Urube: *sniff, sniff* I smell torcher! Excellent!

Allenby and Urube walk over to Domon and Schwartz.

Allenby: Domon? What are you doing here?

Domon: I don't know who your talking to. My name is Bob.

Allenby: Oh, please I know that stank smell from anywhere!

Domon: Damn, horse radish!

Urube: Domon?

Domon: (in a squeaky voice) What.

Urube: Boo!

Domon: (screams like a six year old) Ahhh!

Urube: Mwahahaha!

Schwartz: Allenby? Aren't you goink to say hello to your boyfriend?

Allenby: You mean..

Schwartz: Yes, Do...

Allenby: Oh Schwartz, I love you to!

Schwartz: (screams like a 3 year old girl) Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Urube: This calls for a celebration!

Schwartz: No, it doesn't!

Allenby: Schwartz doesn't like me! Wahahahahaha!!

Schwartz: Your darn right!

Urube: What!?

Schwartz: Nothing.

Domon: You heard him he said he doesn't like her!

Urube: Is that right son!

Schwartz faints and falls on the ground.

Allenby: Oo! Schwartz is playing dead!

Domon: Schwartz you can get up now. (kicks him) Schwartz!

Schwartz: (Gets up) Uhh! Oh Domon, I had a nightmare! I dreamt that, that ugly girl Allenby

Allenby: Hi Schwartz!

Schwartz: (screams like a 1 year old) Waaahhhh!!!

Schwartz faints again.

Domon: Why!

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