Hello, here's me again starting another story! This time this will be more on the explicit side but pokemon battling and such will still appear. Here are some of the things that could pop up. Futa, Pokephilia and other stuff of that nature. This is cross posted on A03. Also for previous followers i did change my name from Jerrend.

Hopefully will make it through Gen 4-8 but who knows hope you enjoy!

"Dawn, wake up!"

Is all I Hear before falling out of the bed I was in. I groaned from the feeling of my face hitting the floor and noticed it seemed high pitched. Looking around the room I'm confused by the unfamiliar but slightly familiar room.

As I get my surroundings the door to my room opens and I'm met with a face that is familiar unlike the room. Dawn's mother Johanna is looking at me with a scowl on her face. In my shock I say nothing as she starts to scold me.

"I swear if it wasn't for me you would never wake up. You have to be at the professors in an hour and if you want to get your starter and start your journey on time. Now get up and get ready or you will be late." She slams the door on her exit taking me out of my stupor.

I rush towards the mirror on a vanity in my room and am shell shocked at the appearance looking back at me. There staring back at me was Dawn's face or my face? I slowly bring a hand to my face and feel my smooth skin and watch my reflection do the same. I then slowly bring some hair down and look at it in my vision in awe.

I sat on the stool in front of the vanity and freaked out in my inner turmoil. It's not the fact I was isekaid into Dawn from either the game or more likely the anime. It's not the fact that I'm in the pokemon world. It's the fact that I got turned into a girl!

Before this morning I was a 23 year old man living in a studio apartment in Seattle. And now going off the fact Dawn looks slightly older I'm a 16 year old girl! Like most guys I don't know much about the female body in terms of care.

Luckily as I thought about that, Dawn's memories kicked in slightly and I got flashes of her daily routine and knowledge. I slightly calmed down at the fact that at least I wouldn't stumble around too much.

Now the next thing is I'm a cute girl in pajamas. I look down and notice my budding breasts. Slightly curious like any male would be, I brought my hand up and grasped one of my boobs and I felt instant pleasure.

I slightly moan at the feeling before taking my hand away quickly. Okay it should not be that sensitive but it could be a mixture of pleasure from Dawn's body and my mind. I feel my face heat up as I bring my hand into her pajama shorts.

My body warmed up a little more when I felt no panties and Dawn was commando underneath. As I was about to touch my pussy I was scared away by Johanna's yell.

"Get your butt in that shower and get ready or so help me!" I quickly got up and grabbed a nearby hanging towel and moved to the bathroom to get ready. Male or Female, a mothers wrath is best avoided.

As I turned on the shower I quickly undressed without looking and was happy no bra was worn either while sleeping and looked away as I hopped into the shower. The warmth from the water helped my muscles relax from the tension of everything and think back to what Dawn's mom said.

My eyes opened in realization that today was the day I got my starter. Remembering I was getting it from Professor Rowan I quickly hurried to get ready and tried my best to ignore my now sexy body knowing the serious man would hate it if I'm late unlike Professor Oak with Ash.

After finishing the shower and wrapping my hair and body in a towel off of muscle memory I went into Dawn or I guess my bedroom to get dressed. I then ran into my next dilemma. Opening the top drawer to her dresser I blushed at what I was about to do.

Stupid Arceus or whoever put me into this body! Was all I could scream in my head as I looked at the drawer with panties and bras in it. Looking through them I could tell Dawn was an avid fan of the sexier kind of underwear.

Looking through them I found a simpler pair of blue laced panties and a bra that read 40B. I quickly slid the panties on and won't lie it was nice how snug they fit against my body and without a dick and balls it was much comfier too. I unraveled the towel and got my first look at my boobs and was slightly turned on that perky set I had. They were on the smaller size for anime but they were super perky.

Looking at the clock I quickly put on the bra and am now happy my ex in my last life had me help her once or twice. I then opened the other drawers and groaned once again.

There's not a single pair of pants in them. There are only the pink short skirts that Dawn wears. Sighing in defeat I brought the skirt up to my shapely hips and did the zipper. It felt weird and nice to be honest. I had a lot of room and I didn't feel constricted at all.

The next parts were easier when I put on the white undershirt and her black tank top looking thing. I might need to find new clothes at some point. Looking through her drawers she also only had thigh highs unlike the anime and game. At Least I know I'll look good? Was my only thought going through my head.

After I finished dressing I took my hair out of the towel and brushed it slowly to make sure I didn't lose any hair in the process. One thing I did omit from her normal look was her weird hair clips that didn't really do much. I did put on the beanie because it made me feel better for some reason.

A memory of my Mom getting me the beanie as one of the gifts for my journey gave me a smile. Looking around the room I found her ankle high pink boots that actually looked like hiking boots unlike her weird rubber boot looking shoes in the anime/games.

When I was all dressed and looked in the mirror I realized how good looking I was and the fact that Dawn is older also makes her body look more filled out. Sadly I'm still stuck at her 5'2 height compared to my 6'0 height before. That will be something to get used to.

Once I was done lacing up I grabbed my pre packed yellow backpack that my mom packed and ran down the stairs. Once I was downstairs I saw Johanna. Ok got to start calling her Mom in my head so I don't mess up when talking to her.

My Mom was downstairs by the door holding a sandwich and a ribbon. " I know you haven't decided on contests or battling," Thank god I don't have to do contests I wanna battle it up! "But I want you to take my first contest ribbon for good luck in whatever you pursue and know I will always support you."

I was struck with emotion and instead of being my awkward male self just ran up and hugged my now Mother as hard as I could. Feeling her arms wrap around me was the nicest feeling.

When we separated I tried to give my best face of determination. "I decided to be a drummer and I promise I will make it to the top 8 of my first league!" She gave me a warm smile and then a slightly awkward one after.

"Honey I'm glad you know what you want but there hasn't been a rookie trainer in the top 8 in 20 years since Lance did it in the silver conference. Even Cynthia only got top 32." Ok well that was kind of heart wrenching but also gave me a bar to go off of.

"Well I'll try my best anyways!" I did a fist pump. I don't know if I wanna be a pokemon master but I want to be a recognized trainer globally and my first step is to make it to the top 8.

"Ok well to do that you need to hurry over to Sandgem town so you can get your starter." As she hands me the sandwich and puts the ribbon in my backpack for me. I quickly give her one more long hug for her sake and slightly my own and rush out the door.

Going off Dawns memories I set a slightly quick pace to get to Sandgem a little early. Luckily it's only a ten minute walk away so I should get there in no time!

On my way to the Professors I was amazed by all the nature and pokemon flying around. It still looked like the anime but everything felt like it did in the real world.

I was so focused on everything I didn't even realize I made it to the town edge, but now that I'm so close to my starter I start to run to the Professor's lab.

I will say running as a girl feels weird. I can feel my chest jumping around and realizing a sports bra may need to be purchased if one wasn't packed. But on a positive side I don't have to deal with my dick or balls which was always a hassle while running as a dude. Positives and negatives to each side I guess.

Also I'm pretty fast in Dawn's body and make it to the lab in a couple minutes. Going through the door like Dawn normally would I see the Professor looking through a microscope on the far end of his lab.

"Hello, Professor Rowan, I'm here to get my starter!" I don't even have to hide my excitement because this is like a dream come true for me. The Sinnoh region is my all time favorite and has some of the best starters in my opinion. Torterra, Infernape and Empoleon are bad ass.

"Ah Dawn, showed up with 10 minutes to spare. I'm glad you are finally learning punctuality at your age finally." I give a slight sheepish gesture while looking away and rub one leg behind the other. Must be a muscle reflex for Dawn.

"Well either way I got your starter over here like you requested. Luckily you were my only sponsor this year so I only had to ask for the one you wanted." Professor Rowan states as he opens a locked safe and pulls out a pokeball and a tray with 5 empty pokeballs and a blue sinnoh pokedex.

I'm happy it's not pink since it's not my favorite color like it was for Dawn. Usually I like red but blue is definitely a close second.

"Now here is your starter as well as 5 pokeballs to start you off with. Here is also the pokedex made by Professor Oak, and as a favor to him you have to help a trainer he sponsors find her way around but in my opinion it's a small ask for such a helpful device." I nodded to what he said but was slightly confused as he handed me everything. I put the 5 empties in my side pocket of the bag and put my starter and pokedex in the pocket of my skirt.

I'm gonna need to figure out a better method for this pokeball carrying. I'm not gonna grab the wrong one by accident.

"Now before you meet your partner let me explain the pokedex for you. Not only can it scan and tell you about pokemon but Professor Oak installed a navigation tool and email usage as well. I loaded mine and the professors email onto the contact list so you can get a hold of us if anything is wrong.

You can also take pictures and videos with the device if ever needed. There is also a web browser so you can search the web for anything you need.

Also another thing to know is I don't have much space around my lab so Professor Oak offered his ranch for your pokemon to go to. He always wants more exotic pokemon from other regions so don't feel bad about it whatsoever."

I'm excited that my pokedex is pretty much just a pokemon smartphone. Professor Oak made some good upgrades, that's for sure. It will also be nice to know my pokemon when stuck at the lab can roam and do what they want at his ranch. Ash's pokemon kept in good shape that way and learned from his other pokemon as well.

"Alright that's all I had for you. I have a meeting with Professor Juniper soon. Professor Oak's trainer should be here soon so feel free to meet your starter and relax till they arrive. So I will say good luck on your endeavors and don't be afraid to contact me for pokemon questions." I shaked his hand and he went to one of the few rooms in the lab to presumably go to his meeting.

Taking the time to soak some things in real quick I put my pokedex in my off hand and released my starter from the ball.

What materialized in front of me wasn't a surprise but I was happy nonetheless. A small blue penguin of the species Piplup took up the space in front of me.

Once he was released he looked at me weird and decided I should introduce myself so I kneel down to their height.

"Hello Piplup, my name is Dawn and I will be your trainer! We're gonna have so much fun and battle pokemon everywhere to show everyone we're the strongest." I hold out my hand for a shake and he excitedly takes it with both fins.

"Awesome let me scan you real quick and then we can figure out a nickname."

Piplup, The Penguin Pokemon. Because it is very proud, it hates accepting food from people. Its thickness down guards it from cold.

Piplup is Male, and has the ability increases the power of Water-type moves when the ability-bearer's health falls to a low threshold.

Known Moves: Pound, Growl, Water Gun

Egg Moves Locked: Aqua Ring

"Wow Piplup looks like we're off to a great start! We will have to get your egg move down later so we're all set." I petted Piplup and noticed he puffed out his chest in pride. I'm gonna have to make sure he knows I'm in charge, especially with how prideful the Piplup line is.

"So for a nickname I was thinking Trident since when you become an Empoleon you will be Water/Steel type and a Trident fits well. What do you think?" Piplup made a happy noise and I picked him up and carried him to a nearby couch while we waited for the trainer.

Piplup just sits in my lap and watches mess with the pokedex in wonder. I start looking into the world to see if anything is different from the anime/games while I wait. Nothing seems too crazy and some of the movie events happened so I'm guessing they were more in the anime world.

Which is weird because I'm pretty sure the trainer for Oak would be Ash but it could be the random second or third trainer we never meet in the anime. Since Professor Rowan said it was a she.

Deciding not to think much about till I get there I started debating on being a specialist or not. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages but I could be a specialist and still catch all the other types to fit my team better I decided.

There are only three types I would want to specialize in but I decided Dragon would be too hard to do and are even more rare in the anime. I was stuck between Fire and Steel types.

I always loved fire type pokemon but they have a lot of weaknesses and their dual typing selection is not the best either compared to steel. I also like most of the steel types and there is only a select few I wouldn't catch personally.

After debating in my mind for 10 or so minutes I decided to specialize in steel typing. There are a lot more fire type specialists in the world as well so it will help me to be more unique in a sense.

Once my decision was made I heard someone open the door to the lab. Once they got in the building and I wasn't blinded by the outdoors I was a little shocked on who walked in.

A cute girl slightly taller than my 5'2 height I would guess around 5'6 stood in the doorway. She had on blue sneakers with knee high black socks. Dark blue shorts that barely went above mid thigh and a black tank top showing off some nice cleavage. She definitely had bigger tits than me.

She also had a high collar white jacket with red trim and blue details on the shoulders. It accentuates her body nicely. She also had a soft face with shoulder length black hair and bright red/amber eyes. But what I noticed most of all is a pikachu on her shoulder and a pokemon league hat.

The girl in front of me is Ash Ketchum.

"Hello, is this Professor Rowan's Lab? Professor Oak told me to come here." I finally snapped back into it once she asked her question.

"Hello, this is the lab. My name is Dawn Hikari and this is my partner Trident. Professor Oak gave me a pokedex to help you around." I said as I offered my hand to the taller girl.

She took it with a smile and shaked it. "Awesome. I always like traveling with friends. My name is Ashley Ketchum and this is my partner Pikachu. I also have a Starly but he's tired from trying to find the place so he's in his ball. Thanks for the help traveling. I'm mainly here because I wanted to do the gym circuit here in Sinnoh."

"Well it's nice meeting you Ashley and Pikachu. My partner Trident is my only pokemon so far. If you don't mind traveling with another gym challenger it looks like we will be going the same route." I said with a smile as I held Trident.

"I don't mind at all! It will be nice to have a sparring partner too while we travel. Before we go is Professor Rowan around. I wanted to say hi so he knew I made it here okay." Ashley said while looking around.

"Sadly he had to be in a meeting but we can send him an email real quick saying we met and that we were off." I said as I set Trident down and typed out the short message.

"Alright, we're ready to go." I said as I recalled Trident and we headed out the door.

"So where and what is the first Gym?" Ashely asked excitedly as she walked close next to me. She had a slight bounce in her step, probably excited for the new journey.

"Well the first gym is in Oreburgh City and the leader is Roark, a Rock Type specialist. We will have to get to Jubilife City first and probably stay the night there then take Route 203 and a small cave called Oreburgh gate. So it should only take us roughly two days to get there. Luckily, we are pretty close." I said as I showed her the path on my pokedex.

The feeling of her breath on my neck as she looked over my shoulder was starting to get slightly distracting and I could feel the goosebumps on my skin forming. Well at least I know that I'm still attracted to women even as a woman myself.

"Well that seems easy. Well, let's take that Route 202 to Jubilife and get started!" Ashley exclaimed and took my hand and started running which made me blush. Stupid teenager hormones!

Route 202 was pretty calm. We ran into a couple of bidoofs that gave me and Trident a good chance to practice with. Sadly they don't last long so only one or two moves took them down. Ashley gave me a few tips about letting the pokemon battle but being their eyes from the back when calling moves.

It was sound advice and she seemed more mature than Ash in the anime. She even suggested having a small team instead of a lot of pokemon so you could focus on them better. Which I totally agree with Quality over Quantity any day of the week.

So far it seemed me and Trident clicked pretty well and he did take all my orders during our Bidoof wars. So I'm hoping this gives us a good bit of trust for our first trainer battle.

Sadly it wasn't long till we made it to Jubilife in the late afternoon and my first day as a woman and trainer was completed. We made it to the nearest poke center and since it was still early in the year we were both able to get single rooms agreeing that we were not used to each other yet to share.

We got rooms for two nights since we both decided to explore the city tomorrow. I needed to do some shopping and Ashley just wanted to explore.

Once I got in my room I laid down on my bed and finally took the day in. Woke up as a girl. Got my first pokemon. Started on a pokemon journey. And made friends with a really cute female Ash Ketchum.

Deciding to get up and change, I put Trident's ball in a holder on the nightstand. He, unlike Pikachu, likes being in his ball for the most part while traveling or while sleeping as I discussed with him while waiting for Ashley.

Looking through my bag I found some pajama shorts and a tight t-shirt that had a pokeball on it. After stripping and checking myself out in the mirror again I changed into the comfy clothes and hopped into bed.

(Lime Scene)

Hopping into bed probably wasn't the best decision. I went braless due to the fact I know many girls complain about sleeping in them. What I did not account for was my nipples being hard from the cold and my shirt rubbing against them.

Just the slightest of friction felt tingles go down my body and towards my lips below. Deciding to test my new body I slowly took off my shirt and basked in my breasts and their erect soft nubs. I took one hand and started to grab and squeeze at my breast and I couldn't stop the small moan coming out of my mouth."Ohhhhh…"

It felt like pure pleasure shooting down my spine with every grip and small tug. Once I started playing with my nipple it felt even better and started to arch my back slightly to the pulses of pleasure. I moved my other hand down to my wetting honeypot and the slight touch was more than I could understand.

I felt the need for more and I took my index and middle finger and pushed them inside. I felt my thighs and legs quiver and the thrusting of my own hips to the rhythm of my fingers going in and out. With both hands working my body there was nothing stopping the sounds escaping my mouth. "Mm… Oh… Yes! Right there!"

I felt my insides quiver and soak my fingers as I plunged them deeper inside the sounds of my thrusting turning me on even more. "Ahhh.. Ahhh.. Ahh." I panted as I started to feel a climb from my self satisfaction.

The jolts of pleasure from groping my breasts to the feeling of my fingers hitting me deep inside started something that Ihave never felt before.

Through the pleasure of myself all I could think about was Ashely leaning over me holding both of my hands above my head while thrusting her fingers inside me. Kissing my neck as she whispered into my ear. "Such a good girl Dawn. Laying there and taking my fingers like the slut you are."

Looking over me and thrusting into me she kisses me on the lips and goes back to whispering in my ear. "Cum for me baby and let it all out."

I don't know what came over me but a flash of pleasure erupted around my body and I spasmed from the uncontrollable need to let it out. "Oh Fuuuuuuck" I moaned as I felt my pussy squirt all over my fingers and the sheets below me.

I felt my body spasming all over and then when I thought it was done I made myself come a second time just from the thought of it.

(End of Lime Scene)

I breathed heavily, surprised by the explosion of pleasure I just experienced from a short time of effort. I'm also surprised by how much energy it took as well. I slowly got my clothes back on and moaned at the sensitivity of my vagina as my shorts rubbed into it.

And yep I have a crush on Ashley but that's a future me problem.

In The Morning

Me and Ashley met up downstairs after we both got ready, and had breakfast together in the poke center's cafeteria while we talked about our plans for the day. Ashley decided to just do some general exploring while I wanted to get some gear to hold my pokeballs and maybe get some clothes.

As I went to the nearest clothes store that looked good for any gender. I first went straight for the jeans section excited to finally get out of these skirts. But as I was making the decision to buy jeans my hand had a shock sent up it.

Surprised, I hid my yelp the best I could as I went for another pair and the same thing happened! Curiously I reached for shorts and got the same thing unless it was nightwear for some reason. But when I reached for the skirts I had zero problems.

So Dawn is haunting me from the grave or whatever and I can't wear anything else besides skirts and dresses but I'm not ready for that kind of change. So I decided to skip cloth shopping and go to the pokemart for my pokeball holder dilemma.

I got to the poke mart that was across the town for some reason and got to the pokeball section. There were belts, necklaces and even earrings! I don't know if I would want to yank on my ear every time I call someone out. That sounds painful.

I found something I think would work with my outfit. I found a small fanny pack just big enough to put 8 pokeballs on the front with a small pouch for empty ones and it has a slot for me to put my pokedex in as well. I tried it on in store and it sits on my hip comfortably and doesn't look lame like fanny packs in my world. This should do till I can figure out my clothing dilemma.

Only other thing I bought while at the pokemart was some general pokemon food and I got a sticker book for my pokeballs. I currently only have Trident. The book also had a Trident sticker that I put on his ball.

Once I left the pokemart I took a more direct walk back to the pokemon center. About halfway back I hear slight crying coming from an alley nearby. It was very faint and sounded like it came from a pokemon so I decided to check it out to make sure nothing was wrong.

As I walked into the alley there was a dead end with a big dumpster in the back that was full of garbage and smelled like a garbodor. And it was where the sound was coming from.

As I got closer to the dumpster I could tell the sound was coming from inside so I slowly opened the lid to hopefully not scare the pokemon away. Once I got the heavy lid open the crying was much louder and I could see a really muddy and frail looking Buneary covered in the trash.

The Buneary jumped when they saw me and I felt so bad for the small thing who would dump a pokemon here. The garbage was mostly empty and I bet it couldn't get out with how frail it looked. The Buneary was so weak it passed out when I scared it.

Without thinking I hopped in the trash and picked up the buneary. In Dawn's knowledge the pokeball will keep it in stasis and safe till I get to the pokemon center. The Buneary didn't even struggle to be caught when I used the pokeball and was instantly captured. I hurriedly clipped her to my hip bag and climbed out of the trash and took off towards the poke center.

On my sprint there I accidentally bumped into multiple people on accident but didn't stop because I wanted to make sure Buneary gets aid asap.

When I finally made it to the center I ran up to the counter out of breath and startled Nurse Joy on dury.

"I found a Buneary in the trash and it looked abandoned and abused. I caught it so it wouldn't get worse. Please help." I said gasping for breath handing her the ball.

She instantly took the ball and ran into the back with Blissey at her side.

Once I caught my breath I sat at the nearest chair and released Trident and held him close to me. I don't know if it's the situation or the teenage hormones but I felt devastated and needed to know the Buneary would be okay.

I waited for a couple hours just playing with Trident's feathers as he looked at me worriedly after I explained the situation to him. Finally the light to the ER room went off and nurse joy came out and spotted me.

"First of all Buneary will make a full recovery. Secondly I checked the database and your catch was just 10 minutes before getting here and going by your expression I wanted to let you know no investigation will be needed.

Now if you want you can follow me and come meet Buneary. She is awake and wants to thank her savior."

I quickly stand up and follow Nurse Joy through the doors and we go down the hallway a bit before we walk through the door and I see Buneary sitting in a small bed for pokemon.

What surprised me though wasnt how much healthier she looked but the fact once she was clean.

She had Pink fur where there should be tan/white.

I just saved a shiny Buneary. She was so dirty I barely noticed the pink it all, it was just all mud brown.

"Buneary, I'm so happy you're okay!" I said excitedly but approached her slowly in case she was still jumpy. What surprised me more was the brown/pink bullet that slammed into my chest and clinged to my shirt.

"Buneary bun!" She yelled as she cried into my shirt. All I could do was wrap my arms around her and hold her close to my chest as she let out her emotions.

"Usually in cases like this we force you to let the pokemon go but Buneary insists on staying with you." Nurse Joy said as she watched from the side with a small smile.

"Is that true Buneary you want to stay with me?" I asked with a hopeful tone.

"Bun!" I'll take that as a yes!

End Chapter