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Chapter 10: Rest and Smexy Times!

Finally after another week in Eterna Forest we made it into civilization. Eterna City was technically part of the bc forest and right on the edge but that doesn't matter. It felt good as we walked into town mid day to stop at a cafe and we all got a nice lunch and some caffeine.

Next stop was the PokeCenter so we could get our pokemon checked up and the egg looked at as well. Zoe said she would get everything setup while we went to the video phones to talk to Professor Oak. She is such a good friend. I discussed it with Ashley and we are going to invite her to travel with us later today after the call.

It only took a couple minutes for the call to go through and we were greeted to the back of a male head. I heard Ashley sigh next to me "Other camera Professor." I giggled a bit as Professor Oak came into view and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Thank you Ashley I always forget which one it is." He chuckled and made Ashley deadpan at the reaction. "Anyways it's good to see you Ashley and to meet you Dawn I just wish it was under better circumstances."

"It's nice to meet you, Professor. And it can't be helped that I decided to stick with a trouble magnet." I sighed as I rested into Ashley. Who stuck her tongue at me afterwards.

"Ashley is known to get into rather troublesome issues. To get us started let's start with the bad news. I want to let you know the Windworks Team Galactic issue was all low level thugs and we didn't get much information. The leader Dawn fought was the only one that knew anything sadly.

You should have received your payment for that job already and see it in your accounts. Now onto the better news. The lab you found in Eterna Forest was just a leftover facility from the Orre region Team Cipher. It must have escaped the radar after everyone was taken in over a month ago.

It's a good thing that Ursaring escaped and you were able to find all the pokemon before they were lost. Now the slightly sad news was the bag of pokemon Ashley had were all shadow pokemon. Luckily they have a lab in the Orre region to cure them so they should be right as rain soon.

The bag of pokemon that Dawn had were all normal pokemon. They are a bit traumatized but nothing some peace and relaxing areas won't fix."

I felt myself relax knowing the whole Orre region debacle is over. And if the lab he is talking about is the one from Gale of Darkness XD we don't have to worry about it one bit. It also sucks that there were some shadow pokemon but if they can be cured it shouldn't be a problem at all. There's just one question I had though.

"What about the pokemon egg Professor? We just had it dropped off with Nurse Joy to get checked out." I asked. Hopefully the pokemon inside was fine and they were waiting for it to hatch before anything else.

"There were files stating it was from a fire type pokemon but they were waiting to experiment on it till after it hatched so it should be totally fine. Now the issue we have is what to do with the egg." Professor Oak gave me a weird look and I didnt know how to feel about it.

He then looked over to Ashley. "Do you think Dawn is ready to take care of the egg? I have no problems letting one of you raise it and it would be a good experience for her early on." I felt some hope blossom in my chest. Fire type pokemon are one of my favorites and I would love to get one on my team early. I also might be slightly attached to the egg.

"I think we will have no problems. Honestly I think it would be harder to get the egg away from her. She watches it like a Pidgeot." Ashley chuckled. Sadly it was true I felt some instinct to watch the egg the best I could. The closest thing I could think of to call it is maternal instincts.

"Alright then Dawn congratulations on the pokemon egg. I will register it to you and leave a note if there are any complications. It might be from the lab." I blushed a bit and had a big smile as I thanked him.

He told us our pay for that job might take a bit due to them having to go through everything before they can make a decision how much to pay us. Not like me and Ashley are hurting for money at all but it doesn't hurt to have some reserves in place.

After that we went to meet Zoe in the waiting room where she handed us our room keys and mentioned it might be a few hours before we get our pokemon back. We all decided on a shower and to relax until then. Me and Ashley are sharing a room. Thankfully it will be nice to have some alone time. I love Zoe. She is sweet and fun to be around but I want some time with my girl.

Ashley went in and claimed the shower first. I would have joined her but to make up for the bigger rooms the bathrooms are fairly small. After Ashley came out with a towel I whistled appreciatively as I walked by her to get my own shower and she slapped my ass again.

God that sting felt nice as I entered the bathroom. I took off all my clothes and started the shower and checked myself out in the mirror for the first time in a while. Compared to the beginning of the journey I'm noticing some more definition in my legs from all the walking and running we do.

I also think my ass has gotten bigger compared to when we started. I gave it a good wiggle and sway and it seemed bigger than last time I looked. Going further north my stomach is getting slightly more toned but not even close to Ashleys level yet. My boobs looked perky as ever with my pink nipples topping them off.

All in all I still bite my lip in attraction looking at myself. I do feel a little wet to the thought of my own body. I have some form of narcissistic attraction to myself or does that not count since I'm in Dawn's body? Either way I'm about it.

Getting into the hot shower felt like heaven. All the soreness and stress from travelling just rolled off my body with the water. I let out a nice sigh as I rested against the wall and just let the water cascade down me.

I slid a hand down my body and hit the nub that gave me shocks of pleasure up my spine. I continued to rub it in slow sensual circles with one hand and groping my breast with another. The feeling of playing with my wet slippery self after so long of nothing felt so good.

I looked over to the partially fogged mirror and saw my reflection as I groped and rubbed at my body. I started to pant as my body heated up from the water and played with myself. I slid my fingers into my pussy as I continued to watch myself in the mirror.

Turning towards the mirror so I could see my fingers thrusting into my pussy at a fast pace. I panted harder and started thrusting my hips to match my fingers. Curling my fingers in to a hit just the spot as I continued to fuck myself on my finger.

I couldn't help but moan as I watched myself and saw my face in pure ecstasy. I felt my orgasm coming as I bit my lip and twisted my nipple in my hand making my body explode in pleasure shaking uncontrollably. I slowly slid to the ground losing the strength in my legs as my ass hit the shower floor.

Panting as I sat there, finally feeling the pleasure I have missed for the past week. Removing my fingers I quickly moved them out of the showers path so I could lick them clean personally. I moaned at the salty taste that hit my tongue and sucked my fingers clean of my release. I sat there for a few minutes catching my breath before my legs felt normal enough to stand up again.

My pussy throbbed in need as I finished cleaning up. Knowing the one thing it truly wanted was in the room connected to the bathroom. Once I was done I quickly dried myself off and brushed my hair while drying it with a hair dryer. I debated putting clothes on but thought against it thinking they weren't gonna stay on long anyways.

I took off the towel and opened the door to our shared room finding Ashley sitting against the headrest reading her pokedex while still in a towel. While she is distracted I slowly walk over and start to crawl over to her once I hit the bed. "Shower felt great after so long with-" She was saying till she looked up to see me straddle her in my birthday suit.

"The shower felt great but I know what will feel better." I said as I started to grind on her lap. The feeling of her quickly hardening dick rubbing against me making me moan out. I slowly started to unravel her towel, opening up what I really wanted.

Ashley tossed her pokedex to the side and I felt her hand land on my ass appreciatively as she watched me disrobe her towel. Once the towel was gone her dick sprung up and slapped my pussy making me moan out more. Sadly that wasn't the prize I really wanted yet.

Ever since our first sexual encounter I haven't had the chance to play with one of Ashleys best features. Her nice big and round perky tits. Before she could even say anything I leaned down and started sucking on one of her nipples. I heard her groan as she thrusted into me, making me moan as I licked around her nipple.

We continued to grind into each other as I played with her glorious breasts. I sucked and bit at her nipple as I held her huge mounds in my hands. I couldn't help but moan as I played with them. Ashley was writhing underneath me as she tried her best to thrust into me.

"That's it baby girl, suck on mommy's tits." She gasped into my ear. I moaned at the dirty talk as I swapped nipples and continued to try and milk them for all they were worth. I was so into it I didn't realize Ashley got enough control of herself to pick my ass up and slam me all the way down on her cock.

I released her nipple at the feeling of bottoming out and moaned loudly as she hit my g spot. She slapped my ass before continuing to be a power bottom and lifting me up before dropping me again. "Who said you could stop sucking my tits?"

"I'm sorry Mommy." I whined before going back to work on her tits. They were so round and full as I groped them but it was getting harder to focus as I felt her thrusting so deep inside me. This is what I have been needing for weeks.

She held me down as she thrusted harder into me. I could hear and feel my ass clap on her lap from the speed she was thrusting. "God your ass is perfect baby girl, you like it when everyone checks it out dont you?" She slapped my ass again making me moan out in pain.

"Yes I do , Mommy." I whined as she slapped me again. I felt her fully grab my ass and spread my cheeks apart before I felt an intrusion on my ass hole. I moaned even harder as I felt a finger go inside making my asshole stretch to conform to it.

"But you know who this ass belongs to." She asked, knowing the answer already.

"It belongs to you Mommy. My ass is for you to do as you please." I whined as she started to thrust her finger to match the rhythm of her hips. The feeling of being double penetrated was starting to be too much for me to handle.

"I bet you want Zoe in this asshole don't you. Fucking you into me as I fuck your tight pussy. You want her to ruin your asshole as you ride Mommy." Fuck the thought of double penetration with Zoe and Ashley almost made me orgasm.

"Yes Mommy, I want to play with you and Zoe." I moan and thrust as hard as I can into her. I'm feeling a big orgasm coming and I needed it so badly.

"Then if you're a good girl and cum for me. I'll see about Zoe coming over to play with your tight pussy." I couldn't help but cum hard as Ashley thrusted into me one last time. I felt my pussy wrap around her cock as she exploded into me filling me with her cum.

I moaned even more at the feeling as I felt myself cum again to the feeling of being filled. I fell over to the side of Ashley breathing hard from the back to back orgasms. After catching my breath I saw Ashley's cock was still hard and I licked my lips seeing it bob in the air covered in my juices and her cum.

Ashley was still breathing hard as I slowly crawled over and turned around facing my ass towards Ashley and took her cock into my mouth. Fuck my eyes rolled tasting the pungent tastes of our cum mixed together on her cock. I quickly bobbed my head and licked her cock clean, getting everything off.

I took her deep down, thanking Arceus that I have no gag reflex as I took her cock inch by inch in my throat. I heard her moan behind me as she played with my ass more. She slapped and groped my ass as I continued to fuck my face on her cock. I sped up so fast you could hear the noise of me sucking her cock around the whole room.

I took a hand and started playing with her big balls and moved them to the side and used my other hand to play with her pussy. I haven't had the chance to much but I slowly fondled her balls and rubbed her vulva listening to her desperate moans.

I felt her pick my back half up and I glanced back to see I was straddling her face. I expected her to eat my pussy but apparently she had a different idea as I felt her tongue invade my asshole. I moaned into the blowjob loving the writhing feeling of her tongue fucking my ass.

The vibrations of her moans on her tongue felt so good as I basically sat on her face. Her hands continued to grope and pull me down harder as she went to town. Not to be outdone I started sucking her harder wanting another load of her cum in my mouth.

I started to feel her dick and pussy twitch as I sucked as hard as I could and felt her seed explode into my mouth. The act of gulping down her seed with her tongue in my ass made me orgasm again, shaking my ass uncontrollably all over Ashleys face. She gripped me even harder and I didnt even notice as I gulped down all her cum.

I felt Ashley quickly tap my ass and I moved off her quickly hearing her gasp for breath. "Fuck that was hot and would have been a way to go." She said out loud. I couldn't help but burst out into laughter and she joined me quickly as well.

"And you call me a dork." I said while still giggling as I turned around to crawl up to snuggle up to her in both our now sweaty glories and rested my head on her chest. She instantly wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me in. "Yes but we are dorks for each other." I snort at the corny comment.

"Sooooo romantic." I yawn out. The four orgasms felt great but they always make me feel so tired.

"Coming from the person who almost suffocated me with their fat ass." Ashley exclaimed loudly.

"Coming from the feeling of my ass right now you shouldn't be complaining. If anything you should be thankful." I said snobbishly in a joking manner.

"Oh great Dawn thank you for almost suffocating me with your ass it would've been the greatest honor." Ashley said in a fake regal tone that almost made me break character.

"Your welcome peasant." I say as I fan at myself with my free hand. We both burst out laughing before going back to cuddling. After high of all the orgasms and being cuddled up with our soft bodies was amazing. I could feel any stress or worry just wash away as I basked in the feeling of it all.

"So that thing with Zoe you said. I'm okay with it but I think we should wait a bit more still. Probably not till after our second gym badge." I mentioned as I took a finger and drew circles on her stomach.

Ashley sighed but I could see her cock twitch on her leg at the idea of it again. "It was a heat of a moment thing but I agree. Although I want to watch your first times together before we do anything all together. That's if she is even down to do it."

I nodded into her thinking that was a good idea. "If I wasn't so tired right now." I sighed as I tucked my face into her neck and through a leg over her waist.

Ashley moaned at the feeling of our bodies being more entwined. "Don't worry, I'm tired too. We have time till our pokemon are ready. So get some rest baby girl." She cooed the last part in my ear as she held me tightly before throwing a blanket over us. All I could do was whine in agreement before falling asleep in Ashleys arms.