Saints and Sinners - By Darlin

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Summary – Ultimate Wolverine seems to be a little – well very dishonorable. He left Scott for dead so he could have Jean all to himself as if running around getting tofu for her would make her forget Scott's death – obviously not the Wolvie we all know and love. Well after everyone found out what he did it's not surprising that he's not exactly everyone's favorite prodigal son. Even more surprising, the one person who knew he was sizing them all up for coffins, i.e. Ororo, is the only one who seems to understand and the only one willing to give him a second chance. Brash, sassy, irrelevant, and just as beautiful as Jean the ex-thief shows Logan that lust can't possibly compare to love.

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Chapter One - The Prodigal Son

Logan was sulking around the mansion wondering how and why he could've been so stupid as to allow Scott to talk him into coming back to Xavier's. It was obvious that not one of the X-Men were happy with him being back. So far the only person that had attempted to hold a conversation with him was Scott – the last person he cared to talk to. He didn't quite understand what the problem was after all he hadn't actually killed the Boy Scout. He could've and it would've been fun true but he'd left Scott alive – gave him a fighting chance.

But it was definitely a surprise to Logan when he'd found out that Scott had survived after his fall.  It hadn't fazed him though. He could always kill Scott later if he wanted to. He had definitely considered killing him after Scott had tracked him down after Logan had left the X-Men.  But he had given some thought to what Scott had offered – helping him to find out his past and he'd decided to let him live for the moment.  Only when Logan had seen the way Jean looked at him, as if he was beneath her and he had seen the way she was hanging and clinging to Scott every chance she could get he'd decided to drop it altogether.

He'd looked at Jean more closely then and seen her for what she really was – just a kid, an inexperienced flirt who had felt no love for him during their time together. Hell, he hadn't loved her either although he had to admit it was fun having a virgin for a change. Okay, he had to admit he'd liked her maybe even liked her more than he would ever admit. But it hadn't been love. He'd been consumed with lust and not just lust – he'd been consumed with the immense power he'd wielded over her. She had learned fast and eagerly did anything he told her to. He'd enjoyed teaching her the art of love making – knew he was proficient at it and knew she was addicted to it as much as he was. The truth was that he liked having a woman do whatever he told her to do.

It was a pure ego trip being able to control someone who had enough power to be reckoned with. It had given him a rush, made him feel like a king actually. And it was nice having someone there for him 24-7. Being around her now he could admit that he missed the sex even though he could get that from any number of willing women anytime anywhere. He'd had better but she was good. What he really missed was the thrill he'd gotten from knowing this woman with her own amazing powers was completely at his command. He could also admit that he missed the semblance of a normal life – one he could share and enjoy with a woman.

He had to laugh at himself because when he saw Jean with clearer eyes she was just a skinny little girl with a bad haircut. True he was partial to redheads but he'd noticed that Storm, with her silvery white hair, was definitely the better looking of the two. That had made him laugh too because he felt Storm was more like him than anyone else there at Xavier's. But she wasn't talking to him now any more than she had when he'd shown up the first time at Xavier's. Back then he'd realized that she was the only one there that he'd been worried about. Not only because with his adamantium skeleton she could take him out with one strike of lightning but because she'd seemed more streetwise than the others. She'd always watched him as if she knew what he was really there for – to kill them.

When Logan stepped outside onto the terrace he was still thinking about Storm so he was surprised to see her lying on a chaise in a tiny bikini sipping what looked like a pina colada.

"Speaking of the devil," he muttered to himself, turning to go back in.

"Ha . . . ha . . . ha! You can't be referring to me mister!" Ororo pushed her sunglasses down with one finger looking at Logan's retreating back with cold blue eyes.

He turned; ready with a quick retort, but when he looked into her blue eyes and saw the anger there he just grinned and waved then started back in again.

"Excuse me, Wolverine but that's just plain rude."

"Huh?" He turned around to look at her.

"Did you actually have the audacity to call me the devil?"

"Just talking to myself."

"Very bad idea, Wolverine. People who talk to themselves are usually considered crazy. Best to say you're thinking out loud."

"Everyone here already thinks I'm crazy."

She ignored him, pushed her sunglasses back, and took a sip of her drink.

"Don't you ever talk to yourself, Storm?"

She pushed her shades down again frowning at him. "I only think out loud," she said after studying him for a few seconds.

He chuckled. They looked at each other for a moment then he pulled up a lounge chair and sat down.

"Your eyes look like blue ice," he commented.

"Only when I don't want to be disturbed," she said with a smiled and again pushed her sunglasses back into place.

"I guess I should take the hint and be glad you at least spoke to me."

When he made no move to leave Ororo sighed. He'd given her the creeps when he'd first shown up but now she just felt sorry for him. Even Colossus, who had idealized him, was finding it hard to relate to Logan now. She knew how it felt to be ostracized. She'd felt that way all her life and most recently when Hank had gotten it into his thick skull that Professor Xavier was using his mind controlling abilities to make her like him despite his blue fur and overly large appendages. He'd given her no credit for being strong enough or smart enough to fight any brainwashing attempts. That had hurt.

"They'll get over it, I mean we've all done stupid things – every one of us," she said after awhile.

"Don't think any of you have ever tried to kill each other."

"Please!  If you wanted to kill Scott he'd be dead already," she said shaking her head. "Whatever male rivalry you had at least you gave him a fighting chance."

"You think?"

"I really don't care any more, Wolverine. I mean look at me, I'm an ex-thief and I do say 'ex' in the loosest sense of the word," she laughed. "And Charlie, as you so fondly call him, completely wiped Magneto's brain for crying out loud. He forced him to live a life that was so surreal it would've made me barf. You almost couldn't blame Maggie for trying to kill someone after that experience."

Logan chuckled again.

"And let's not forget my dear blue furry boyfriend, Henry McCoy. If he hadn't been so dumb or lacking in common sense I guess I should say since he's really pretty brilliant – but if he hadn't been such a jackass we all would've been just fine but nooooo! He just had to try and find a woman on the Internet and get hooked up with the Blob of all people! I mean how ludicrous is that?"

Logan could swear he heard her growl.

"His stupid romance led us all right into the Brotherhood's hands. How asinine was that for such an intelligent man? And Bobby tried to sue the professor. That's pretty cold and let's face it Colossus was probably just as much a killer back in Russia as you were although he does have one hell of a delicious bod."

Logan laughed out right this time.

"Even Scott's no boy scout! We all know he went all crazy on us and went to the dark side just like he thought Maggie was his father. And Jean! Don't even get me started on Jean. She's not as innocent or as smart as everyone thinks. Sleeping around and playing with two guy's affections is totally childish. If it wasn't for her twitching her skinny little behind you wouldn't have done what you did. Didn't you see the Matrix Reloaded, huh? Everything you do has an affect or is that effect? I can never figure those two out?"

Logan laughed again.

"So I figure we have to stick together, all of us with all of our faults. You overcame the desire to kill us and you and Scott have worked out your stupid male ego problems so I say let by gone's be by gone's. The world hates us and if we don't stick together what do we have – you know?"

"Prison camps," Logan muttered.

She shrugged. "Maybe. Maybe not but if we don't have each other we have nothing."

"From what I hear you were all right by yourself."

"I can take care of myself pretty much but getting caught sucks and let's face it there aren't too many people who want to deal with a freak who can wield lightning."

"I wouldn't call you a freak, Storm."

"Well call me Ororo then."

He laughed then said, "If you call me Logan." He thrust his hand out.

She smiled, letting him take her hand in his. It was just at that moment that Hank came lumbering out onto the terrace.  At first glance he thought he was seeing things but a second look proved him wrong and he immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and leapt at Logan knocking him out of his chair.

"Get your hands off my girlfriend!" Hank roared showing fangs that would easily scare a normal man.

Logan stood up and dusted himself off while he tried to control his temper.

"Oh, Hank grow up!" Ororo stood up, wrenching her sunglasses off furiously but Hank ignored her.

"If you think you're going to repeat what you did to Jean and Scott think again! I will kill you if you ever touch her again!" Hank roared.

Logan laughed. "You and what army, bub?"

"Calm down, Hank. We were just shaking hands not screwing!" Ororo put her hand on Hank's arm and tried to turn him around to face her but Hank wasn't listening.  He pulled his arm away angrily.

"I better never catch you with her again!" Hank shouted.

"You don't really want to threaten me, Beast," Logan said quietly.

"You don't have any reason to be acting like this, Hank!" Ororo yelled.  "I can talk to who ever I want to!"

"Whom ever," Hank corrected her.

"Who ever, whom ever – who but you cares?"

"You're missing the whole point, Ororo! Wolverine's a man with no honor. He's a traitor! You can't trust him and you definitely shouldn't turn your back on him!"

"And what about you, Hank? What about you and your idiotic Internet romance that almost got every human on earth killed – not to mention us too!"

"That was a mistake . . ."

"And don't you think Logan could've made a mistake too?"

Logan was leaning against the side of the building watching the two lovers quarrel with an amused grin on his rugged face. He was surprised he hadn't ripped off the Beast's head and pretty pleased with himself for showing so much control. He couldn't deny that watching Ororo waving her arms around looking for all the world like a cheerleader in her teeny tiny bikini was quite pleasing too. Hank, he noted, didn't seem to notice the lovely vision in front of him nor did he seem to appreciate her.

"That killer left Scott for dead intentionally!" Hank was saying.

"And I stole things intentionally but I don't anymore. Am I still a criminal in your eyes?"

"In your misguided endeavors you hurt no one . . ."

"My misguided endeavors?"

"You know what I mean – you didn't hurt anyone."

"That's not exactly true. When you think about it prices go up when merchandise is stolen and in order to make up for the loss and keep their overhead low companies are forced to lay people off.  My stealing probably cost a lot of people to lose their jobs. Logan's admitted his mistakes and he wants to redeem himself as much as you or I do . . ."

"I'll believe it when I see it!"

Ororo turned her back to Hank, picked up a long towel, and wrapped it around herself. She picked up her sunglasses and her drink then started back inside without another word. Hank stood on the terrace watching her with a scowl on his face. He had no desire to follow her but Logan did.

Ororo turned when she realized she was being followed. When she saw it was Logan and not Hank she said, "Logan I'm sorry for . . ."

"Forget it. Everyone here, including Scott, feels the way he does and I don't blame 'em."

"You don't have to apologize for me," Hank shouted, his heavy hand clamping down on Logan's shoulder. "And didn't I tell you not to mess with my girlfriend?"

"Get you hand off me Beast if you want to keep it," Logan growled as his long sharp claws shot out ready for business.

"You're acting absolutely ridiculous, Hank! As of this minute I am no longer your girlfriend! We're finished!" Ororo yelled and shoved him as hard as she could, her drink and glasses falling to the floor in a loud crash.

Hank was barely affected by her shove. Desperately he caught her hands in his and looked at her with true remorse.

"Ororo . . ."

"It's over, Hank. There's nothing to discuss. You're just too overbearing and I'm never going to be good enough for you no matter what I do. But you know what? I don't care anymore." She yanked her hands away from him and walked away.

"That's not true, Ororo! Wait!"

As Ororo hurried inside she just missed running into Bobby who was coming out.

"Whoa! Watch it why don't you?" Bobby snapped at her. He looked at Ororo's retreating back then looked at the two angry men and finally he looked down at the mess on the brick floor. "What's going on?"

"Mind your own business, squirt," Logan warned as he shoved past him.

"Hank, what happened?"

Hank was beginning to regret his actions but amazingly he had no words that seemed appropriate just then and Bobby watched him walk away too.

"Geeze! Is everyone crazy around here? Now the Professor's gonna think I made this stupid mess!"

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A/N - I'm actually having fun depicting this Ultimate Ororo so there will definitely be more to come. Next chapter our Miss Ororo Munroe will continue to win friends with her charmingly brash personality – unfortunately Miss Jean Grey might not be one of them.