~*~*~*~ This is one way I think CastAway should have ended. The best thing is Wilson didn't die! LOL! At first it will probably sound A LOT like the movie, but it will change TRUST ME! I never really liked the ending of CastAway anyway well.it was OK. But does he go back to Kelly? What was in that stupid box? What road does he take at the end? ALL these questions will be answered! We start out where he gets rescued! Enjoy & Please Please Please Read n' Rate!~*~*~*~

Chapter 1 Chuck Returns

Chuck Noland was lying on the raft and he looked all most dead, clutching Wilson. A horn blew in the distance and Chuck didn't seem to notice, but a whale that was swimming past seemed to notice and thrashed water on him. Chuck just rolled over, but continuously the whale blew water and finally rolled over and saw the ship. He was saved! A couple hours later his thought-to-be-girlfriend, Kelly Freers, was called and notified that Chuck was found alive. "Oh my gosh!" She said and looked over at her husband and child and fainted.

Chuck was hospitalized for a couple weeks and then immediately flown back to Tennessee where there was a huge celebration for him, but all he could think about was Kelly. After all the excitement died down he went into the building to finally, after 4 ½ years, to talk to Kelly and the promise he made to himself on the island to tell Kelly how much he loved her, was throbbing at the back of his mind. When he was in the building he stood there walking and looking around when a man came in.
"Oh, sorry I must be at the wrong place," Chuck said.
"No, your at the right place, you probably don't remember me I did root canal on you about 5 years ago." The man replied.
"Oh," Chuck mumbled under his breath.
"I'm Jim Lovett, Kelly's husband," Jim said quickly.
Chuck stomach sank and he didn't say anything.
"I know how hard this must be on you, and Kelly, she's had it rough. Well.sorry." And Jim left.

~*~*~*~ Aww...isn't that sad! I know we have all heard this before from the movie but the by next chapter things begin to change.Read on and PLEASE RATE!~*~*~*~