Revise Notes:
Yes, I've finally revised this. More or less. Not very much improvements actually. Okay, I've just ran a spellchecker over it and only edited a few things here and there. Hey, I'm always telling you that I'm lazy.

In other words: There is still no real plot; the second half still sucks; further descriptions and other extensions are still almost non-existent; the conclusion with the younger Shinji is still in a total contrast to the series (where he wanted Shinji to accept reality and not to run away); and, since it was not (p)re-read, there are most likely still various grammar mistakes. So what? It was my first fic and I'm not ashamed to show it.

But at least, I should have got rid of the spelling mistakes ("An Happier World" Oh boy! Even with only 3 years of French-lessons compared to 8 years English, I pull off something like this. And it took a few weeks before someone actually told me). The greatest Bonus, you'll get here, would be the small "the-way-to-school"-scene, I came up with, a couple of days after I released the original version.

P.S.: Okay, okay; there are still various grammar and sadly even spelling mistakes (the "none - no one"-mistake, that's mentioned in the reviews was actually correct in the previous version. Stupid me! Of course I've corrected these now).
As I've said, I didn't take much time for the revise, since I wanted this "finished" as soon as possible, so I can move on with "The 2nd try" and "The Ikaris". Maybe I'll make a proper rewrite once I'll have more time.
For now, let me tell you: It was much worse before! If you don't believe me; check "The Realm of the Unwanted" at the Eva-fic section of my site for the old versions.