Dreaming of You

Chapter 1

By:: Kitten Kisses, aka Okashira Misao


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Hello everyone. This is Kitten Kisses, back with another story!! Heehee, I've always got the most far-fetched ideas, and this one is it! It's hard to explain in the short amount of space that us author's are getting for a summary, but here's what this ficcy will be about! ^.~

Okay, this is MEIJI Japan-set. ^.^ Back when Kenshin was living at the dojo, Misao was moping about Aoshi, and Yahiko was daydreaming about Tsubame, have you ever wondered what everyone dreamt about? No, not just Kenshin about Kaoru, or Misao about Aoshi. For real, what does everyone dream about? This fic will have EVERYONE in it. Every single person that I can remember. And that includes Shishio, Yumi, Soujirou, and Gohei. ^_^ And Misao won't always dream romantic dreams about Aoshi, Kenshin won't dream every dream about his Miss Kaoru, and Sanosuke won't always dream about the fox-doctor at the clinic.

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Dreaming of You

Chapter One- That's Enough For Me

Paring- Aoshi and Misao :::: From Misao's POV (point of view)

Genre- Romance/Humor/slight angst


I am walking. I know not where, but somewhere in this strange place, my feet are moving, and a smile tugs at my face. For a moment, I wonder why my arms are not swinging with the slight motion of my movement, but then my smile widens.

I'm going to the temple to serve tea to my Aoshi-sama.

I know I love him. No matter what everyone says, or what everyone believes....... I've always loved my Aoshi-sama. It's not a silly childhood crush as others would say, or just an infatuation. Sure, I know he is good-looking. He always has been.

My Aoshi-sama.

Only in my dreams is he mine. But still, I consider him mine in everyday life. For no one else has attempted to lay claim on him except for me. And that's most definitely a good thing.

I open the door with my elbow, so as to not disrupt the tea sitting on the tray I am carrying. The water is hot- scalding- and if it happened to fall from the tray onto me....... I shudder to think of what might happen.

I close the shoji shut with my foot, almost loosing my balance once or twice. But I smile my usual genki smile nonetheless and walk carefully on to where I know Aoshi-sama is.

He seems to always be sitting in the same place every day. I wonder if he gets tired of meditating day in and day out. But it really is none of my business- and even though I want to know desperately, I don't ask.

I've always had the fantasies as a child. You probably know what I mean. Being swept off my feet by the man I loved so desperately. But it hadn't happened- yet. And I used to love to daydream about somehow getting into serious trouble- being kidnapped or beaten near-to-death- and of course, in my daydream....... My dear Aoshi-sama always came to save me from the evil villains and he'd always, always kissed me.

To many people it might sound silly for a 17 year old girl to dream about immature things like that.......but.......I'd been waiting for so long. I'd even decided that I didn't need for my Aoshi-sama to declare his everlasting love to me- so long as I received one small kiss.

It had always been my dream.

For him to kiss me once, at least. You see, to me, a kiss will be the best I will probably ever get from Aoshi-sama......if that. And sometimes, behind my genki smile....... I hide a frown. Or a strangled sob that will escape later. Because I'd been disappointed far too many times.

But now I wasn't afraid. As long as I was able to see my Aoshi-sama at least several times a week, I don't care. I mean, I don't care if he kisses me, or if he ever proclaims his undying love to me. Because seeing him and loving him one-sided- me to him- will be enough.

I stand outside the door to where I know Aoshi-sama is, and my foot automatically opens the shoji with my foot. It's harder to close than to open, and I can feel my face flush with embarrassment as I try to close it with only one foot.

Of course, my Aoshi-sama doesn't say anything. Perhaps it is because he doesn't wish to embarrass me. But one part of my mind- my intelligent part- tells me that it's because he never says anything. And that.......he doesn't care.

Doesn't care.......

It's like a stinging blow to my self-esteem and pride. What would make him care? Would he care if I left? What about if I died? I swallowed sharply, and closed my eyes. He had to care if I died. He just had to.

And even though I take a few minutes to gather my bearings.......Aoshi-sama waits patiently for his tea. I had always thought that Aoshi-sama was a patient man, and I think he still is today. He had never once reprimanded me because I waited a few minutes after I stepped into his domain.

And it always takes me a few minuets to gather my bearings before I can make up my Aoshi-sama's tea. It really pains me to see him sit there, every day, day after day, and do nothing but stare. What good is staring? What will it gain him?

Peace of mind perhaps?

I doubt it. My Aoshi-sama isn't wearing a mask as everyone thinks. Oh yes, he has a wall built around himself, but I understand it now. The wall is there to protect what little soul he has left. What little heart, what little soul, and what little sanity.

Because if he protects it, it can grow and blossom again.

And I can wait till then. Even if it takes an eternity or longer.

I kneel near Aoshi-sama and start to prepare his tea. I'm not sure why he loves tea the way he does, but.......I think it helps.

Me and him.

The both of us.

I get to see him every day, and he gets to drink hot tea whenever he wishes it. All he has to do is call- he knows that. But I think that he is afraid to ask for too much, as if....... as if we will loathe him suddenly for being a burden.

I'll never loathe my Aoshi-sama.

Not in forever.

I try to look at his face, to see what he is thinking, but his eyes are closed. They are usually closed, but I don't mind.

He looks cute like that.

I can feel my face heat up with the thought, but I push it down into my soul to save for later. Later, I'll relive now and picture his face in my mind. I don't want to drool in his tea, after all.

Everyone knows that my Aoshi-sama is a handsome man. You would have to be beyond blind not to see that. He is very handsome indeed. And I like everything about the way he looks. I wonder sometimes if he knows how cute- no gorgeous- he really is.

But that is not why I love him, though him being attractive has a hand in the matter.

I love him because of who he is inside. He's more than just a man. He's hardened and seemingly stuffy at times, but it wasn't entirely his fault.

And I don't blame him for shutting himself up.

Inside, I still believe that my Aoshi-sama has a smile. Though it won't burst forth by impatient coaxing. I won't rest until my Aoshi-sama smiles a true smile. Not from the mouth, but a smile that reaches from the heart into his eyes.

If life was a road, I'd probably be off in the forest- searching for Aoshi- sama's smile.

I pour the tea steadily and hand it to him. There really is no need to be nervous around my Aoshi-sama. He wouldn't hurt me- I know. At least.......not physically.

Though emotionally.......he's done more than hurt me. I'd been scarred.

But he's been forgiven every time, and immediately afterward. Because I love him.

He accepts the tea, and I smile a huge Aoshi-sama genki smile.......just for him. It's the smile I've reserved for him, and I think he knows it. Because his eyes always change, just for an instant. I don't know what happens exactly to them, but I think they look bigger, and more friendly than usual. Maybe it's just me.

But then again, I hope it isn't just my imagination.

I chatter away about everything there is to talk about. I'd long run out of things to say to Aoshi-sama, because....... I never know what he wants to talk about. Not that he ever contributes to the conversation. Well, except for the occasional "Aa" or "Iie". But even they were far in coming.

I talk about the Aoiya, and what Jiya had been up to this morning. I laugh at stupid things, and I can feel my eyes mist up when I tell him that a couple down the street had lost their baby this morning to a serious flu.

And even though I know he doesn't say anything- he is listening. He can feel emotions too, you know. Just like I can be genki. But he tends to cover them up so nobody can tell. Even if you made his favorite food.......you would never know that he enjoyed it more than his least favorite food.

But sometimes.......sometimes I can tell.

And I know he felt a little grief for the mother and father who had lost their baby. The child was only born a few days previously. Children are a special thing. And even if I don't have any in my lifetime I'll still love them.

And I wonder.......does Aoshi-sama like children?

But I don't ask. I'm too afraid. Nervous, if you want to put it that way. It is not as easy to ask Aoshi-sama a question as it seems.

Sometimes he doesn't answer. He'll just sit there in his brownish-colored yukata and meditate some more. Or he'll sip his tea and close his eyes. But then again, maybe he doesn't know the answer to everything.

Of course he doesn't.

So maybe he's thinking about his answers. Maybe he searches inside his soul for the answer to some of my strange and silly questions. But.......then again.......maybe not.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be beautiful. I wanted to be able to defend myself, but also, I wanted to be beautiful for my Aoshi-sama. So that he would not be ashamed of me. Aoshi and I usually didn't go places together.

And I looked down.

Down to my embarrassingly emaciated body. It was most upsetting to look at. I was a woman, but I looked like a little girl. I felt my face flush slightly with the thought. I sure wasn't beautiful.......and it was a disheartening thought.

Because my Aoshi-sama deserves nothing less than beautiful.

My clothes are embarrassing as well, I think. But I can't stand to wear a kimono. What if I was attacked somewhere and had to defend myself? I know I could not do that in a restrictive kimono. And Aoshi-sama won't be there to save me every time I get myself into some stupid jam. And besides, Aoshi-sama hasn't said anything about it to me yet. But I think that if he ever asks me to change out of my improper shorts, I will in a heartbeat- if it pleases him, because he deserves to be happy.

I sigh and my eyes get unfocused as my thoughts get depressing again. I know I should not have been thinking anything depressing around my Aoshi- sama, because.......he'll know.

And he will think it is his fault- like always.

But some depressing things cannot be helped. My face was still slightly rounded- like a child's- and my body still looks slightly underdeveloped. My face flames with shame when I look at the near non-existent curves.

I will never be beautiful enough for my Aoshi-sama.

My flaming face stays red while my thoughts drift on. I'm short. That is another embarrassing thing about my body. Even Yahiko-chan is taller than me, and he's only 11 years old. The last time I'd measured myself, I was still only 4'9''....... and even that was embarrassing.

My Aoshi-sama needs a tall beautiful woman who will look nice with him. He doesn't want a short tomboyish little girl.......with no figure except a bean pole.

I can feel my too-genki grin fading, and it is slowly being replaced with a look of regret. If I had only obeyed Omasu and Okon when I was younger. They had tried to stuff me in a kimono when I was only eight years old. But I had refused saying that 'My Aoshi-sama didn't tell me to, so I'm not going to!'. I think that was a mistake, because surely, he wanted a woman who is beautiful and wears traditional clothes.

Aoshi-sama's teacup being set on the tray shook me out of my angsty thoughts. I believe he set it down a little more noisily than was needed. But.......I am thankful for the distraction. Now that he is done, I can go back to the Aoiya an either clean, train, or take a bath. I think I'll train, because one day, I want to train with my Aoshi-sama.

So I have to become stronger. Right now, he would refuse, saying that I'm not strong enough, and that he'll hurt me. I know he wouldn't hurt me on purpose.......but I want him to believe in me. At least a little bit. Besides, my Aoshi-sama didn't hit women if he could help it.

And I wanted to go all-out against him. But he would go soft on me.

I blink once, twice, and look up at my Aoshi-sama. For once, his eyes are open, and he's watching me with a guarded gaze. I smile reassuringly at him, but I think he knows it's fake.

"You should go home Misao," he says slowly, guardedly.

My smile falters, but I nod anyway. Inside, I am rejoicing. I love the way he says my name. It sounds.......pretty when he says it. But just barely. And he was right. It was getting late.......almost evening now, and Kyoto isn't exactly the safest place to be in the middle of the night.

So he did care, at least.......a little bit.

I smile my special Aoshi-sama-smile, and I can see that look in his eyes for only a brief second.

"Do you know when you will return Aoshi-sama?" I ask, picking up the tray.

"Late," he answers.

"All right," I smile, stepping towards the door. "I will tell the others."

"Don't wait up for me tonight Misao," he tells me.

He can probably feel my shock. He knows?! Usually, I stay up at night, waiting for him to come back from his meditation. I love to hear his step on the ground outside my door. And sometimes- once in a while- he stops outside of my door for a few seconds.

He always moves on, of course. But for the time he is there, I am happy. My eyes widen. He is planning on coming back to the Aoiya, ne?! I turn around sharply, my breath catching in my throat.

"A-Aoshi-sama," I stutter. "You are coming back, aren't you?" I wait for his answer, gripping the tray tightly.

"Aa," he answers in the affirmative.

I sigh with relief, letting out a breath of air I didn't know I'd been holding. I'd always been afraid he would leave me again. My eyes cloud over as I remember when I had awakened one morning to find him gone.

And he hadn't come back for eight years.

That is my biggest phobia. When he first returned to the Aoiya after the fight with Shishio, I used to literally cry and shake every night with the fear that if I fell asleep.......he would leave. Again.

And sometimes, I still shake and cry at night with the same trepidation that when I awake, he'll be gone.

That is why I wait up for him most nights.

I nod again, my genki Aoshi-sama-grin back firmly back in place and take my leave. But before I shut the shoji, I can hear him whisper.

I have sharp hearing, and I suppose that it was because of my training as a ninja that I could catch his words. And I'm not sorry I heard them.

"Misao, if I was to leave, you would be the first one to know......."

And I slide the door shut and leave the building, my ki simply radiating happiness. I hope my Aoshi-sama knows how happy he has made me with that statement. I'll still fret and worry about him leaving, but for now.......that was enough.


I open my eyes slowly, and immediately feel something wet on my face. I'm not crying, am I? I feel my face and sit up. My futon has a big wet stain near my head. I feel the corners of my mouth and frown.

Not again.......

Every time I dream about Aoshi-sama mediating with his eyes closed, this happens. I suppose it's because he looks so cute like that. I really wish I could make it stop. What if Aoshi-sama comes in to wake me one day and sees me.......

Drooling.......in my sleep.


And I feel my face heat up with embarrassment. Just then, the shoji to my room slides open to reveal Aoshi-sama.

"It's time for breakfast Misao," he tells me softly, and then he's gone, shutting the thin door behind him.

I immediately slap on my genki Aoshi-sama-grin and get dressed. I love the way he says my name.

For now it's enough.

But I still want that kiss.......


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I once dreamed that I was leaving home with a SHOPPING cart. With my whole family, we followed the roads with all of our possessions in a shopping cart. Even my computer. We brought my father's tiller (I dunno why) and a lawnmower. Not to mention that bag of Doritos........ I remember being really upset because we didn't bring the Nintendo Gamecube. I have no idea why, because I never play it anymore.......

Then I had another dream, about leaving my father behind. All of us kids, and my mom, piled into our van and drove away leaving my dad waving by the door....... I don't remember the rest, except waking up crying.......but I still- to this day- don't know why I dreamt something so strange. ^.^

And my brother once dreamt about a pair of shoes all night. They didn't do anything, that's what he said.......

I know this A/N is long, but I want to make as many things clear as I can right now. ^_^ Be prepared for the unexpected, twists and turns, kissing, love, loss and tragedy, wind through the trees.......just be prepared for it. Dreams have strange things happening to them. Have you dreamt about the PAST? What about the FUTURE? Maybe the PRESENT? Maybe Kaoru will dream that she's an executive for a big company. I know- they weren't around back then- but.......right now we dream about the future, correct?

Dreams have always intrigued me. In part, because they can make many different emotions flick through your mind in a single instant. You can dream about the past, present, or future. Or maybe all three in a single night. What music you listen to, what you eat- everything- can influence what you dream about.

I even had a dream about a week ago when Aoshi stuck his tongue out a Misao for some silly gag he'd pulled.

*shrugs* I know I have too many stories, and YES, this story will make it hard for me to continue the rest of my stuff, but nevertheless.......I want to write this. Constructive criticism is more than appreciated, and flames are too, to a certain degree (not too hot!)

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No, I'm not a dream analyst....... *scoffs* But I do love to think about dreams. I've dreamt hundreds of dreams in my 16- almost 17- years. Yeah, I'm young....... but who hasn't dreamt that they were Kaoru, Kenshin, Misao or another member of the Kenshin-gumi? I've even dreamt that I was Kagome.

[Yeah, I've got a fascination with anime guys.......so what?]

If you have any neat dreams you'd love to share, do so! I'd love to hear them! Now, all the pairings are going to be traditional. Where there are pairings of course! Mostly in romance/angst/action kind of stuff. There's (obviously) Kenshin/Kaoru, Sano/Megumi, Aoshi/Misao, Saitou/Tokio, Soujirou/his smile (^.~), and a few other thrown-in miscellaneous pairs/couples/people, like Shura or Kenji! ^.^

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