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Genre- Humor!

Characters- Yahiko, everyone else

Point of View- Yahiko's POV, of course.......

Pairing- Yahiko and Tsubame are already together(in the dream).......^^;;

Note: Try not to get creeped out by this fic, okay? Just.......try not to freak out and eat your computer. Uhm.......what else.......? Oh yes....... this isn't AU, but they talk about BINGO and stuff.......which I'm pretty sure they didn't play in Meiji Japan.......K?


I am sitting beside my lovely wife, who is.......wait just one darned minute.......I don't HAVE a I?

I look to my left and see Tsubame sitting beside me. Heyyyy who am I to complain?

I glance down at myself to see that I am not 10 any more. Gee, where does time fly? I even look to be 18 years of age or so....... How cool is that?

I'm all muscley and stuff.......Cool.......

"Darling?" Tsubame asks me. Wow, it's going to take me some getting used to....... But I guarantee I like the sound of it.


"Can we go to the Himura's?" she questions, turning the pages of the book she is reading.

"I suppose," I answer. "I mean, I don't see why not. I'm sure the b- er- Kaoru would love to have us over."

"I hope she's doing all her condition and all.......

"Condition?" I question. "What condition?"

"She's......." she whispers, and I catch it all, my face blanching white. (I won't say what she said)

"What?! I don't believe you......." I mumble, chewing on the first thing I find, which happens to be a sewing needle.

"Believe what you will Anata," she states, smiling confidently. "But please stop chewing on my needle......."

"Oh. Sorry. When did you want to go?"

"I was maybe," she blushes prettily and I feel my face stretch into a grin. She's so beautiful.......and only 17 years old too. I am one heckuva lucky man.

"Well, it's only 11:00, so I think we have plenty of time," I state, standing up. "I don't have any students today....... Shall we go?"

"Sure!" she smiles widely and grabs a bookmark to mark her spot.

She stands beside me and takes my hand, and we make our way down the streets of Tokyo.


I open the door of the very, very quiet dojo less than a half hour later. The dojo's never this quiet.......

"Hey BUSU!" I yell, running around in the halls, seemingly forgetting about Tsubame. I'm very curious to find out what's going on around here.

"In here Yahiko-CHAN!" a voice calls, and even though it sounds nothing like Kaoru's, I know it is hers.

It's coming from the kitchen. I yank open the door and gasp.

Tsubame was right! I gasp and pant loudly, and my mouth refuses to work.

She was right. Kaoru's......OLD.......

"Ahh.......good morning Yahiko," she rasps, turning around.

My jaw drops to the floor. She's so.......

"'ve grown up....... Pick your jaw up, I'm taken. Though I know I'm sexy......."

I nearly die at that statement.

Kaoru's hair is grey and in a bun on her head, and she is wearing her favorite kimono, the yellow one, and her eyes are still blue but shrunken in. She is old.......

Sexy? I think not.

"Yes Yahiko, Miss Kaoru is mine......." another raspy voice cackles.

I turn my head to stare at Kenshin, who doesn't look like Kenshin anymore. His eyes are beady and purple, and his hair is whacked off short, but it's still reddish.

"Uh.......yeah......." I sweatdrop.

"I hate to say it," Tsubame grins in my ear. "But I told you so."

"Who told who what?" another person cackles, obviously hard of hearing....... It's Sanosuke, I know it. His hair looks the same, only it's grey, and his red bandana is rather.......threadbare. His skin hangs off his frame, making him resemble a skeleton.

A woman clings to his arm, and she's old as hell too, I suppose she's Megumi.

"Hey fox! Roosterhead!"

"What?" Sano asks her.

"He called you a pig dear."

"Oh, okay." He scratches his chin. "Been a long time since I've seen ya last Yahiko," he grates, his mouth opening to reveal missing teeth. "Yer grown up."

I nod, barely thinking straight.

"Ahh," Megumi grins, little grey fox ears popping up in her grey hair. "Misao and Aoshi will be glad to see you Yahiko! Ohhohoho! They're in the other room!"

"Dinner's almost ready minna!" Kaoru choruses.

And I walk into the other room. My jaw drops to the floor again, and I take in the scene before me. An old woman with long, long grey hair (gee, guess who?) is making out with a tall, grey-haired guy.

Oh dear God. I think my life is over. That is.......gross.

Beyond gross even.

Misao and Aoshi.

The freaky thing about them, is that their eyes are still EXACTLY THE SAME. Isn't that strange? Over in the corner are people I recognize immediately from one characteristic or another. Enishi's white hair is.......still white, and Katsu still has on his green bandana, that's in basically the same condition as Sano's.

And Soujirou, well, he's still got those perfect teeth.

And he's smiling like an old fool.

Which he is.

But there is one person I don't quite recognize. He has large arms, but is very skinny, he's tall, and has deep dark piercing eyes.

And he's yelling.

"I'm old! I can't see! I can't hear! I can't breathe right!"

"Quiet Hiko," Katsu soothes, long grey hair bouncing energetically.

Hiko?! Oh dear.......I think I'm going to.......

"DINNNERRRRR!" Kaoru yells, and I dash into the kitchen with everyone else to claim my food.

"I can't walk either!" Hiko screams in an old man's voice. Well, he is an old man, now isn't he.

When we were all seated together, I spoke up.

"How old are all of you?" I wonder aloud, looking at each of them in turn.

"It's impolite to ask a lady her age!" Kaoru cackles, and Megumi croaks out an 'Ohhohoho' too.

"Actually, I'm 72," Misao croaks, her eyes on Aoshi the whole time.

"82......." Aoshi answers.

"74," Kaoru grudgingly admits.

"84," Kenshin answers.

"75," Sano chuckles. "I'm old."

"78," Megumi 'ohhoho's'.

"76," Katsu sighes.

"I'm 75 too," Soujirou smiles.

"I'm uh.......I forget......." Enishi thinks for awhile. "I think I'm 76.......but my memory's not what it used to be."

"What about you Hiko?" I ask, turning to look at guy.

"Ehh......" he cackles.

"Last time I checked, you were 43 and looking like a 25 year old. You have to be at least 500, because you sure look like you're about 250 years old."

"Ehhhhhh I'm 91," he finally answers. "My age caught up to me 10 fold."

"That's a scary thought."

"Wow Jou-chan, your cooking just as crappy as always!" Sano cackles, eating the food.

"Then why are you eating it?" Kaoru snaps.

"I don't have any taste buds anymore......they all died or somethin'......."

"My brain's malfunctioning!" Hiko cried, slamming his plate into his face.

"Oh, never mind him Yahiko!" Kenshin smiled, beady violet eyes narrowed. "He's just......OLD......."

"Nah shi-"

"No bad language around the old folks, Yahiko-chan," Kaoru reprimanded. "As an old lady, I don't like hearing such language from a young whippersnapper such as yourself."

Where did Tsubame go anyway? I can't believe she left me here all by myself with these old coots.

"What?" Enishi asks, cocking his head.

"Did you say something?" Katsu wonders.

"I forget," Enishi answers.

"Ohhohoho! This food sucks!"

"What?" Enishi asks.

".......More?" Aoshi requests.

"Anything for you Aoshi-sama!" Misao gushes sickeningly, and I decide that I don't want to be old.

Aoshi grinned, and I find out why he never ever smiled. His teeth are.......not there!

He has no teeth! But then again, neither does Misao or Hiko, so I suppose it's all right for him to smile now.

I wonder what Misao did when she found out?

I snicker and get back to eating.......whatever it is I'm eating.

"What is this, anyway?" I question her lightly.

"Ehh.......I'm pretty sure it's Suzume pot pie.......and we have Ayame a la mode for desert!"

Everyone cheers.

I spit out my food and try to run.

"HELLLPPPP!" I yell.

The old folks have cornered me.

"I'm going to make you old for calling me a 'busu' for so many years!" Kaoru snickers.

"Yeah Yahiko-CHAN!" Misao leers.

Soujirou just smiles.

"I forget what I was going to say," Enishi sighs. "Again."

And the old people pounce on me.

I cover my head and.......


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