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Chapter 13

Truth be told, Ainz wasn't expecting to hear so much madness regarding Hogwarts' educative system. Or mostly, how adults reacted to such instances of conflict, destruction, and danger. How does anyone feel safe in this school? Ainz couldn't be sure. Yet, Ainz, of course, had listened to some bits before, on his time with the Potters, about their life during school. But now, it was truly the first time he heard more details of what those children have endured in the last three years at Hogwarts. Three years of just completely baffling ridiculousness, in Ainz's opinion.

A teacher carried Voldemort as a parasite while trying to steal a magical stone. A basilisk ran amok in the school, petrifying students left, right, and center. Only to be stopped by a couple of students by destroying a diary and fugitive scaring students in Hogwarts.

Those were quite the memories for some young kids. Ainz's life at school wasn't that good, but it didn't compare to the one these young children had. Still, what surprised him the most was the reaction of the adults. Most of them didn't truly, do much. Ainz expected more if he was honest. But then again, from what Rose tells him. It could be all pointed to Albus Dumbledore. The old wizards kept a firm grip on what took place at the school, ensuring things did not go out in public. It made Ainz wonder what else could be the old wizard had been hiding since the last time he met him. He was quite fascinated by him. Or, mostly, obsessed with him.

And Ainz wasn't one to be happy about having an old fart enthralled by him.

Also, about Voldemort's immortality, now that was something intriguing to hear. The way he escaped death. Ainz wanted to know how he did it. How was he able to put a bit of himself into a diary? How could he still be alive even after losing his body? And Ainz wasn't the only one searching how Voldemort achieved all that. The so-called Dark Lord's powers were truly something to gawk at, at least for the habitants of the Wizarding World. For Ainz, it was more of an entertaining side quest of sorts. He wanted to know everything he could about the Dark Magic and all of that. The books he bought needed to be more for him to understand them.

Yet, those were questions he wanted the answer to would come sooner or later. But he believed such an opportunity would arise momentarily.

There's so much I need to learn. These vacations are proving to be worthwhile.

Ainz hummed deeply, noticing the many students arriving at the classroom.

"We hope that, at the very least, this year is more peaceful," Rose muttered, and Hermione only sighed, hoping the same.

"You seemed to forget that there is a magical tournament. Who knows what could happen?" Hermione stated as Rose chuckled at her bushy friend.

"Quite the pessimist you are, Hermione," Rose replied, amused. "Since when?"

"By spending time with you."


Rose exclaimed, insulted, not believing what Hermione had just said. But the bushy girl smiled at her reaction. Ainz, who was sitting between both girls, smiled at them. He truly liked their friendship. It reminded him of what friends used to be. And it made him sad at the same time.

"Ainz?" Rose asked, noticing the sudden change in her brother's behavior. "Are you alright?"

"Mmh, sorry, I was just thinking," Ainz stated. "You two are good friends. It's good to see it."

Rose recalled that Ainz, besides his family, has never had the possibility of having friends. Never to be able to open up and see what else was in store for him in the world. That was what Rose believed in anycase. And it made her feel horrible.

Rose took his hand and shivered at the warmth sensation her body felt but tried to ignore it. "I... I don't know if you will find the friends you wish, or you're looking for... but I'll be here for you no matter what!"

Ainz frowned for a bit and was sure he would have snapped at her by daring to think anyone outside of Nazarick would even come close to his companions. Yet he was able to control his anger and replied with a sort of smirk.

"Thank you," Ainz only said.

Nothing of sorts will ever happen. Ainz thought grimly, not wanting to think about it further.

"In anycase," Ainz suddenly tried to change the topic, noticing how the class would soon start since he saw Shalltear sitting near the Slytherins. Lupusregina and Narberal, who looked older, were in a different years. Narberal was a year ahead, making her a fifth-year student, and Lupusregina was in her sixth year. All to cover more ground, so to speak. To seek in the latter years anyone worthy of Nazarick.

Thankfully, Shalltear moved quickly and looked smugly at the girls around her.

Great job, Shalltear. You have secured a group already. Ainz hummed happily. Mmhm, I wonder wish families they belong to?

Then, the teacher appeared out of nowhere, and something was off about him.

"Alastor Moody," he said while writing his name on the blackboard. "Ex-Auror... Ministry malcontent... and your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. I am here because Dumbledore asked me. End of story, goodbye, the end!"

Ainz raised an eyebrow, wondering where did they get people like that. And from what he could see on Hermione and Rose's faces, they seemed to think that yet another year of this class would be quite problematic. Ainz didn't care about the teacher as long he could teach him something new.

"Any questions?" He glared at the classroom, and that strange, crazy eye glanced at Ainz a few times. He felt it and wondered why it could be the reason for such an inquiry.

"When it comes to the Dark Arts... I believe in a practical approach," Moody smirked widely, intimidating a few students. "But first, which of you can tell me how many Unforgivable Curse there are?"

Ainz was now interested in that. He has read about them and seen a few of them in action. They were rather simplistic, if he was honest. And truly, from what he has read in some of the books he has bought. There were many nastier and crueler curses, far more powerful than those named before, which made Ainz wonder why those three curses were considered Unforgivable at all.

"Three, sir," Hermione answered in a very stoic manner.

"And they are so named?"

"Because they are unforgivable. The use of any one of them will-"

"Will earn you a one-way ticket to Azkaban, correct!"

Ainz tilted his head, now suspecting that there was a hidden reason for such a penalty. I must tell Demiurge about this. I would like to know why these three curses are so penalized.

"Now, the Ministry says you're too young to see what these curses do. I say different!" Moody exclaimed loudly. "You need to know what you're up against! You need to be prepared! You need to find another place to put your chewing gum beside the underside of your desk, Mr. Finnigan!"

Ainz was amused by how chalk flew across the room to hit the other student. But besides that, he couldn't see a fault in what the teacher told them. That was the point of the entire class, right? Defense Against the Dark Arts was about learning to defend yourself against such curses. Ainz's mind agreed with the crazy old teacher. Orthodox, maybe, but his words carried some truth in them.

"So, which curse shall we see first?" Moody smirked, glaring at a certain red-haired boy first.


"Yes?!" Ron flinched, as Charles wasn't truly envious of him being ignored first.

"Go ahead, tell us a curse."

"Well... my dad did tell me about one."


"The Imperious Curse...?"

"Oh, yeah, your father would know all about that. It gave the Ministry quite a bit of grief a few years ago. Maybe, this will show you why..."

Ainz then saw how the crazy teacher used the curse on a sort of spider, manipulating everything in the disgusting little bug. Ainz wondered what kind of limitations such a spell had. It seemed too easy to cast. That made Ainz frown deeply. So far, he has learned that one only needs words, hand-gesture, and intentions. But of course, if it were too easy, everyone would use it.

But then, why is no one using it? Morality? Or something else? Ainz wondered. Maybe, if the victim is magically powerful or strong-willed, it wouldn't be effective. Then, is it truly that powerful? Or maybe is something else?

Honestly, Ainz also saw that it was fairly easy to evade, like many spells, a shield, or if you were quick enough, avoided with swiftness. Still, the Magical World was strange not to create protective measures for an incredibly dangerous and problematic spell. Well, it didn't matter. The Imperious Curse seemed like a low-level spell that didn't work on him or anyone from Nazarick. He had tested with those wizards they captured a while ago. It was not a threat to them. Even the Homonculus maids could stop it if they had a defensive skill or special item.

"Scores of witches and wizards have claimed that they only did You-Know-who's bidding under the influence of the Imperious curse. But here's the rub: How do we sort out the liars?"

That was the point, Ainz thought before. There were surely few protections, if any, to such an intrusive and inconvenient curse. It's like these people don't think about it... like really? Has nobody thought about doing something about it? Like, create new protections? New spells to counter such a thing? I don't know, something?! Ainz scoffed internally. However, while he thought about it, something was missing.

Or maybe, there was such a thing but was lost... or perhaps... erased. Ainz recalled his conversation with that witch, Morgan Le Fay, not too long ago about Magic. She stated that the spells they used to cast before were more powerful than the ones they cast now. Morgan was appalled by it and confused too. She told him that the Imperious Curse was different before and was used mostly on cattle and farms to move cows and sheep from one place to another or to keep them inside the areas. Since specific counter-curses easily deflected it, and there were runes to use against it. The Imperious Curse was incredibly weak and easily blocked too. Morgan remembered how some castles had runes made out to stop the casting of such a spell inside. And powerful wizards and witches could even feel when someone used it on them. Using their Mind shield to throw it off.

Everyone was taught at an early age to fight against it! There were so many ways to defend yourself against it before! Even young children could block that curse with only Occlumency! Everyone was proficient at that! What happened?! Everyone is so disgustingly weak! Even their mind shields are a joke! Those were Morgan Le Fay's words.

And that, for some reason, the knowledge to make such runes, how one could use such spells, and how to build up defenses against it was lost. But Ainz didn't believe that. No, he smells something else. It didn't make sense.

If they wanted to make wizards and witches weaker... easier to control. They only need to make them dumb and ignorant. Ainz thought deeply.

Then, Moody cast the Cruciatus curse before a boy named Neville, who seemed rather traumatized by the whole thing. Until Hermione and Rose yelled at Moody to stop it.

"Would you like to tell us the last unforgivable curse, Miss Potter?" Moody asked as he put the spider before Rose, who refused to say a word.

"No...? Avada Kedavra!"

The green light hit the spider, killing it immediately.

"The killing curse... Only one person is known to have survived it... and it's sitting here right now," Moody declared, watching Ainz directly, as so everyone else.

I prefer [Grasp Heart] ten times better than this Abadacabra thing. Ainz thought with a huff. However, he noticed Moody's face contorted as if in pain before suddenly taking a sip of a strange liquid.

Very strange.

Ainz thought as the class went on.

"Brillant, isn't it?" Ron declared as the group started to walk down out of the tower. "Completely demented, he is! His eyes are pure evil!"

Rose and Hermione agreed with Ron's statement. A rather surprising thing, but it was the truth. "How could he...?! Use those spells like that in a classroom? It was barbaric!" Hermione declared loudly.

"He surely knows how to captivate an entire classroom," Charles added quietly.

"There's a reason those curses are unforgivable!" Rose stated angrily. "Didn't you see Neville's face?"

Ainz was just following them, his mind thinking about something else.

"Ainz...? Did... uh, enjoy the class?" Charles asked quietly.

"Uhm, enjoying is not a word I would use," Ainz replied honestly. "But it makes me wonder..."

"What?" They asked while Ainz hummed deeply.

"Ah... sorry, excuse me. I need to write a letter."

Ainz told the group as he quickly left to find a place where he could have a private conversation with Demiurge. Ainz, after a few minutes, located an empty room. He made sure to secure privacy with a few spells.

"{Demiurge, are you there?}"

"{Oh! Lord Ainz! What can I do for you?}" Demiurge asked excitedly.

"{I hope I am not interrupting something.}"

"{Not at all, my Lord! I am here to serve you!}"

"{Mmhm, thank you. Now, please listen. I had a few things that need answering.}"

Ainz then told Demiurge everything he strongly suspected about the Magic of the Wizarding World and how some things do not entirely make sense from what he has heard, read, and told by other people. If what Morgan Le Fay told him was true, he was inclined to believe it. The Magic of her time was unmeasurably more powerful and complex than the one today. Then, something happened during the last hundred years that weakened the magic power.

Maybe the knowledge of the old times was truly lost, or something, someone or a group of people decided to handicap the Wizarding World's power by making sure that ancient power was forsaken. If that was the case, he could find out why or where all that knowledge went. Then, he may truly find something worthwhile.

"{Mmhm, that's truly an interesting notion, my Lord.}" Demiurge replied.

"{It has been bothering me since I heard Morgan Le Fay's tales of the old times. So, I would like to find out more about this.}"

"{Understood, my Lord. I'll dig deeper into it.}"

"{Good, tell Albedo or Pandora's Actor to help you if you must.}"

"{Of course, my Lord.}"

Ainz ended his conversation with Demiurge wondering what else was being hidden from him. But at the same time, it surely brings a sort of intrigue to his life.

Ainz then left the empty room and was ready to go for the next class until he heard a voice from the hallway.

"Altesee Nazarick," Ainz glanced at where the thick French accent was coming from and noticed a very beautiful and exquisite young woman.

"Yes...?" Ainz's incubus nature couldn't hide excitement to see such delicious prey. Yet, there was a bit more than just lust coming from him. Ainz could feel it coming from her too, but that perplexed Ainz since he had never seen or met a human with such an allure. However, it wasn't as if he was attracted to her, and it was pulling him towards her. No, it was the other way around. Ainz could feel the young woman utterly lustful for him. But it was more on the instinct side, which was the weird part of the sudden attraction.

When he was with Albedo. It made sense that both feel like molding together when they spend time with each other. Since they were both high-level sex demons of the same race, their link and how deep their connection could be, made sense to Ainz to a degree. But he has no idea why he felt the same about that girl. Kind of the same.

What is this animalistic tension emanating from her? Could it be? That this girl is... a demon? Or not human at all? Ainz thought deeply as his paranoia sank into him. He was already thinking about how to deal with her if she was something more.

"What can I do for you?" Ainz asked carefully.

"I... Uh, sorry for interrupting you, my altesse," the girl replied. "My name is Fleur Delacour. My father is the French minister of Magic."

Ainz nodded slowly, relaxing a bit and making sure to notice anything wrong. Yet he was now glad to know that bit of news that the French minister's daughter was there. Now, Ainz wondered what he could do with that information.

"Pleasure to meet you, my lady," Ainz quickly said, using his allure to his advantage, and Fleur couldn't help but gasp quietly.

Fleur has no idea what she felt like, so nervous, weak, and flustered. It all started when she saw the prince of Britannia back in the dining hall. Fleur knew something was off. She could feel it in her body. The prince was not normal. In fact, she could feel something odd about the prince's siblings too. But couldn't truly figure out why. Yet those eyes, the moment she saw them, it was as if something burned inside her. Fleur just lost it. She fell into a deep hole of madness. Her inner Veela was in heat, mad in lust, all because of the prince. And it was awful. She was only a quarter Veela, but her mother and grandmother have always told her, even if it was just a small part of her. The Veela in her would always be loud.

Yet, this was not her getting horny because she found a handsome person. No, it was more of a feral sensation inside of her. Something she has never felt before.

And Fleur didn't know why. It was maddening. She prides herself on the control she has over others. That she could easily control her Veela allure like nothing. And charm anyone who she desires. But now, it seemed as if she was influenced by a powerful pull emanating from the prince, and there was nothing she could do about it. Yet, it was more than simple lustful desire. It was the power that her inner self could feel. So much energy that she could practically taste it.

The prince was anything but human. What was he? Fleur didn't know. But the power, those green eyes, the charming green eyes, was beating her to submission.

"M-my altesse, I... would like to ask something that may sound offensive, but let me be open first," Fleur whispered quietly. Her long luscious blond hair reached her hips, and deep hazel blue eyes with a small brown hint underneath. Lips filled with a desired and bright reddish tone. And what could one say about a French's woman body with Veela genes? Just that it was lecherous, with curves that should be forbidden. An hourglass figure with everything to offer.

Ainz was now paying attention. He was starting to feel quite horny, if he was honest. And strangely, he wondered why it could be. Fleur had something enticing, something that Ainz wanted to devour, to own. But he won't move until he learns more. He didn't trust the girl at all.

"I'm a quarter Veela," Fleur declared, and Ainz didn't truly know what to make of it. He still needed to learn about many of the magical creatures in the world. So, he has no idea of Veelas.

"We are magical beings known to be beautiful and capable of alluring anyone. If you noticed back during the dinner hall. Most males and some females would look at me mesmerized. Hypnotized even by me," Fleur said slowly, and Ainz noticed a bit of pride in her voice. Still, Ainz was taking notes of what she was saying.

"We have a natural allure, capable of charming individuals," Fleur then blushed as she licked her lips, watching him closely. "We are known for our sexual nature and lustful bodies. And because of our quite a high craving, we are looked after because of what we are. Everyone wants a Veela mistress, a whore... it's humiliating sometimes, not being able to live like a normal person."

Fleur's words seemed to drag a bit more on each sentence. She was sweating profusely and looked rather sick too.

"But we are also quite sensitive to outside magic, to other magical beings... aura, so to speak," Fleur looked at Ainz's beautiful green eyes and breathed shakily. "Normally, it won't be too much problem... as you can understand. It's not like... there are many powerful magical beings around. But we can sense them if they are nearby."

"Sense them...? What do you mean?" Ainz asked.

"Ah... experienced wizards and witches can, sometimes, feel Magic. But those who are considered... half-breed," Fleur said with disgust by the word, and Ainz noticed it immediately. "Like myself, I am more inclined to feel and sense those magical auras more easily."

Half-breed, eh? Some humans mated with magical beings in the past. Interesting. Ainz wondered if he could do the same. It could be something to talk about with Demiurge.

"So, you can feel... me?" Ainz asked, and Fleur nodded stiffly.

"It's... more like a sixth sense?" Fleur muttered, trying to explain the nature of it.

"Mmhm, I see," Ainz hummed, wondering if he would have been able to hide that aura thing with his spells. He thought his rings and some other bits would do the trick, but it seemed he needed more. But maybe it was just like the girl stated before. A sort of animal sense, whatever that means.

"And... I... I just... it's..." Fleur just felt like she was having a hard time breathing. "I just can't stop thinking about you!" Fleur declared as she was almost sobbing, her body was twitching, and she had a harder time controlling herself.

Now, that made Ainz understand a bit more about the reaction. So, since Fleur was practically a magical being with a quite sexual nature, that could be the reason for such a strong reaction from them. It was weird, truly. Back in Yggdrasil, there wasn't such a reaction or specie. But in this new world, it was different. Ainz wasn't even using a spell, nothing but his good looks and natural allure. Is there a reason for it? I am wearing my rings, so she can't feel my real power. So, who knows? Ainz wondered deeply. Maybe, because I am a high-level, Incubus her... so-called Veela sixth sense is simply being overwhelmed by my nature. And from what I can see, it bypasses my rings and skill and hurts her.

Ainz was still determining if that was the case. Nevertheless, he was interested in the whole Half-breed thing now. Perhaps, they have something that didn't exist in Yggdrasil.

"I see," Ainz only replied softly.

"And... I wonder if you're... a magical being as well?" Fleur requested gently.

Ainz frowned deeply. "What makes you believe that?" He asked, not admitting to anything.

"I can feel it," Fleur stated, with a higher pitch voice. She hugged her body, and her cheeks were red. Her breathing was faster, and her legs seemed desperate to move. "It... draws me, you... there's something that makes me go crazy... I don't know what it is! The power, I can almost taste it!"

Ainz tilted his head, wondering if other magical beings would react in such a manner too. Or it was just only because she was a Veela. It didn't matter, at least to Ainz. He would just take advantage of the situation at hand. She was, after all, the daughter of a respected head-state figure. She could prove useful.

Maybe. Or, Ainz was just horny. But he also felt bad for the girl. It seemed that living as a Veela was not an easy life at all.

"Can I help you?" Ainz asked softly, using his puppy eyes to completely ensnare Fleur. Whatever modicum of self-respect the girl had, was thrown out the window as she only felt electricity run across her body.

"Oui!" She only replied.

Ainz would miss the next class.

Rose looked at the goblet of fire with nothing much of disgust. She hated it for some reason, it could be that she had grown to expect the worst of things, but the entire tournament was bad news, in her humble opinion. She watched the older students put their names in the strange blue fire. And each of them smiled as the applause made them feel more of what they truly were.

"Idiots," Rose muttered. "Risking their life for eternal glory?" She scoffed, then looked at Cedric Diggory approaching the goblet and how all the Hufflepuff house erupted in cheers as the fire accepted his name. Cedric then glanced at her and smiled. Rose did her best to ignore it. But couldn't hide her blush.

"Even him, eh?" Rose whispered uncomfortably.

"Eternal Glory, be brilliant, wouldn't it?" Ron's voice only annoyed her more as she watched Charles look uncomfortable at the goblet of fire. It seems that her brother was smarter than Ron. There was no point in risking one's life for a trophy.

"Three years from now, when we're old enough to be chosen," Ron muttered.

"Yeah, rather you than me," Charles replied with a hint of annoyance. If anything, Charles was truly looking for a year where at least nothing would try to kill him. But Ron needed help understanding what the tournament asked of him.

"What, don't you want to prize?" Ron asked Charles, baffled.

"Eternal glory... no, I pass," Charles only said. "Besides, I am well-off, I don't need the galleons."

"Whatever," Ron muttered, not hiding his jealousy.

Soon, the great hall noticed the arrival of Viktor Krum, and all grew quiet. The Quidditch superstar didn't even bother to glance at the people around him and only put his name in the goblet of fire. However, Krum did glance at Hermione, who was deeply focused on the book in her hands, before leaving. Yet, Rose did notice it.

"Uh, who would have thought? He has a type," Rose whispered, amused.

"Did you say something?" Hermione asked.


Soon enough, another student arrived at the Great Hall, and it was no one else but Fleur Delacour. The most beautiful witch in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and, for the looks of it, a woman unashamed of her lustful nature and current attires. Everyone just stood there watching with their mouths open, like fools.

"Whoa," Ron, like some other, whispered, watching Fleur's ass and hips wiggling with every step she took.

The witches were scoffing and whispering insults at the girl, but Fleur wasn't bothered by them. No, Fleur looked like she was flying. However, Rose couldn't help but wonder why Fleur looked rather. Messy. Fleur looked like she had just woken up from the bed, which was strange, especially from a French woman.

This rebel style of hers may be new. Rose wondered. "Not like I care." She stated before returning to whatever she was doing.

Fleur put her name on the goblet of fire and giggled softly. Then, she looked at Rose and Charles and winked.

"Famille," Fleur told them in French, leaving both Potters quite confused.

"Did she say, family?" Charles asked Rose.

"Uh, I think she did...?"

"Ah, why?"

"No clue."

Now screaming like a bunch of idiots, Fred and George arrived with potions in their hands, and to the surprise of everyone. Lupusregina was also behind them, screaming like a maniac. She was truly enjoying her current job.

"Hello, both of you," Lupusregina said happily as she sat between Rose and Hermione. "How are you two doing?"

"Uh, we are... good, how are you? Are you liking Gryffindor?" Rose asked, trying not to shy away from the red-haired girl with quite the energy. If she was honest. Lupusregina was the most approachable of all Nazarick siblings. Shalltear was rather stoic and seemed to practically look down on them. But at the same time, Rose could feel as if Shalltear was undressing her in her mind. Then, there was Narberal, who was quiet and very serious. And hostile. Rose was truly afraid of her.

But Lupusregina was cheerful and easygoing. Rose wondered what type of relationship the siblings have back home.

"It's quite the fun house!" Lupusregina stated, chuckling loudly. "Those two are hilarious!" She said, pointing at both Weasley twins.

"They can be," Rose added. She liked the twins; they were fun to be around. At least, better than Percy and Ron. "Although, they do lose a lot of points."

"You wound us, Rose!" Fred exclaimed. "We are the soul and spirit of the Gryffindor house!"

"As well, the most handsome set of twins!" George added, winking. "Isn't that right, girls?!"

"You're the only set of twins in Gryffindor, idiots!" Angelina exclaimed.

"And you don't need more!" Both twins shouted.

"What are you both doing now?" Charles asked them, noticing their wide grin.

"We are making history, dear Charles," Fred said arrogantly.

"Oh, how so?"

"Here! Look at this!" George and Fred exposed their secret weapon, a potion allowing them to put their names in the goblet of fire. A truly wonderful plan they had.

"We just brew it," Fred said.

"Made by us!" George added.

Hermione sighed at them but couldn't hide her own smirk. "It's not going to work," she said with a singing voice.

"Oh, yeah?"

"And why is that, Granger?"

Hermione now scoffed at them, highly insulted by their questions. "You see this? This is an Age line made by professor Dumbledore."

"So?" Both asked, a bit confused.

"So...? A wizard-like Dumbledore couldn't possibly be fooled by a dodge as pathetically dimwitted as an Aging Potion."

"Ah, but that's why it is so brilliant."

"Cause it's so pathetically dimwitted!"

After drinking their masterpiece, both twins approached the lines and were surprised it didn't work. Both were thrown away by the goblet of fire, and a long white bear appeared in their faces. The entire hall erupted laughing.

Rose, however, was wondering something else.

"Uh, Lupusregina," Rose called, and the red-haired girl glanced at her.

"Call me Lupus," she smiled at her.

"Lupus... uh, where is Ainz?"

Lupusregina hummed deeply, and soon Rose noticed a smirk on her face. "He's currently busy with... well, family matters."


"Don't worry yourself about it," Lupusregina chuckled, putting her arm around Rose's neck, and pushing her closer to her. "You'll find out soon enough."

"I don't understand," Rose replied, confused.

"You will."

Narberal sat in the Hufflepuff living room, glaring at everyone. She has to move fast. Lupusregina and Shalltear have already started gathering information about who could be worthy of Nazarick's glory. Yet, she was the only one without a group she could shape to her Lord's liking. That wasn't a good thing at all. She needed to do something soon, or she would face shame for not completing her master's task. Narberal was a Pleiades after all. Failure was not an option.

But who was deserving? Narberal would find out.

Narberal then looked at a boy approaching her with quite a smirk.

"Hello, my beautiful madam," he stated with a proud smile.

Many were looking at him, some in awe by daring to speak to a princess in such a manner, and others were hoping he didn't die. Everyone has seen how Narberal was almost the most unapproachable of all Nazarick siblings. Cold and distant, yet beautiful like a doll.

But, many of the male students of Hufflepuff wanted nothing but to take their shots with her. Poor fools.

"Mm, and you are?" Narberal asked without truly bothering to look at him since she was looking around for anyone else.

"My name, Zacharias Smith," he said smugly, hoping his name alone would surprise Narberal, which it did not. "My family are descendants of no other than Helga Hufflepuff!"

Narberal now raised her eyebrow at him. "Truly?" She asked, showing a bit of interest. Not because of him but the name of the so-called family he was a descendant of.

"Of course!" He declared loudly. "My family has a high pedigree, like yourself, my dear princess. It's only natural that both of us, descendants of the founders, join together. Don't you think?" Smith spoke with arrogance and couldn't stop looking at Narberal's body. He, like many others in the house, lusted after her. But Smith would be more efficient than the rest. He would take time and be patient with his approach.

Narberal hummed deeply. "Mmhm, I guess that's true." Thinking about what her Lord told her about looking for ancient houses.

Smith could only rejoice, and he was sure that soon enough, he would be at the side of that beautiful girl. Then, he would use her to approach the rest of the girls of the Nazarick family. That was his goal. Zacharias wanted to bring the Smith family to where they deserved it. Not more, they would be the laughingstock of all Noble houses. No more; they would look down on them. Their family would be the next big noble house. And he, Zacharias Smith, would be the one responsible for it.

You all will see! He thought with glee. He has masturbated thinking of Narberal, Lupusregina, and Shalltear all nights since he saw them. Smith's mind was filled with many disgusting images of his twisted future.

Mm, I can't wait for it! Smith thought, licking his lips and watching Narberal's breasts. I even believe that crossdresser pillow bitter would feel fine. He surely has a big ass.

Smith then smiled at her. "If you wish, I can tell you more about it... if I can borrow a bit of your time."

Zacharias thought everything would go according to plan. He would find a quiet place and slowly convince her to join him. And if that didn't work, he had other ways to get what he wanted. Nothing would stop him. Although, some people didn't share the same opinion.

"Allegedly," one whispered. "If the Smith family can't claim the Hufflepuff seat, they aren't truly descendants."

"Yeah, weird how they claim to be Hufflepuff heirs but share nothing from them," another added.

"They have not even access to the ancestral Hufflepuff home. And he has no permission to enter Lady Helga Hufflepuff's private room."

"The Smith family is not truly worthy of the Hufflepuff name. What do you expect?"

"Like, really, the Smith family is not even rich!"

They snicked behind his back. Zacharias's face grew red each time they spoke about his family. Especially noticing how Narberal suddenly lost interest in him. Not that she had any, to begin with. She thought the human boy might have something worthwhile, but it seemed she was wrong.

"Shut up!" Zacharias yelled at them. "If I had the power, I'd have kicked you out of my house!"

"Your house?!" Then everyone erupted laughing.


Smith then began to fight in the most pathetic way possible. A truly pitiful sight for anyone. His insults fall on deaf ears as everyone only laughs harder at his failures.

Narberal scoffed at the pathetic little worm as her eyes suddenly noticed two girls she recognized. Then, leaving Smith to his tantrum, she approached the girls.

"You two," Narberal called. "Names, now."

Both girls froze, not knowing what to say. But nervously replied to her.

"Susan Bones."

"Hannah Abbott."

Narberal hummed deeply, remembering those names. "I see. Now I understand." She muttered. "You two are now under my command."

"Uh...?" Both girls stared, confused, at Narberal, but it didn't bother her. No, she had her master's quest in mind and would stop at nothing to complete it.

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Also, I want to answer some questions. I normally don't do this, but it has to be said.

[Dark Wisdom] It Doesn't work like that. It's stated that only work on Players after Pkinglling them. And it's one of the reasons why, Ainz, in canon, can't still perform Martial Arts. No one from Nazarick can't learn Martial Arts, no matter how much they try. It's one of the reasons why Ainz has a Death Knight training with the big hamster to see if it can learn Martial Arts or gain new levels. As well, he can't learn Wild Magic. The spell needs the body of a player to work.

Besides, Ainz hasn't used either [Wish upon a star] or other abilities to see if he could learn anything outside the Yggdrasil.

So, it remains to be seen if Ainz can learn anything new.