2277- Albert Jefferson (The Lone Wanderer) emerged from Vault 101 in the Capital Wasteland to search for his father, James Jefferson. He found him and learned of his parents work in Project Purity, a device located in the Jefferson Memorial, built to purify the water in the Capital Wasteland and make it clean for wastelanders to drink. The Enclave (The remnants of the American government) then came and James sacrificed himself so they couldn't have the device. The Lone Wanderer then returned to Vault 101 and saved it's inhabitants from their dictatorial Overseer, only to be exiled by the woman he loved. While he was out in the Wasteland he was tasked by a man named Zimmer who was from a place called the Institute (A scientific organization located in a place called the Commonwealth. Dedicated to humanity's survival) with tracking down a rogue synth (A synthetic human being that's a type of robot) and bring it back to it's creators. But a woman named Victoria Watts persuaded him to keep the Synth safe, she explained that she was a part of a group called the Railroad. (An organization from the Commonwealth dedicated to freeing Synths from the Institute.) The Lone Wanderer agreed and saved the Synth from the Institute, he also learned the Synth's identity, he was a man named Harkness. The Lone Wanderer was offered a place in the Railroad but he said he'd think about it. He then joined a group called the Brotherhood of Steel and helped them take back Project Purity. The Brotherhood in the Capital Wasteland's goal at that time were good. It was to help the people there and protect them, since they were under the command of Elder Owyn Lyons. The Lone Wanderer, Elder Lyons's daughter Sentinel Sarah Lyons, and a few others, took back Project Purity and killed the tyrannical Colonel Autumn. The purifier was unstable and the Lone Wanderer volunteered to enter the irradiated chamber (the same one his father died in) and activate the purifier. He did this but doing so resulted in him and Sarah Lyons both ending up in comas. The Lone Wanderer had awoken from his coma two weeks later and he and his companions wiped out the Enclave at Adam's Air Force base, and Sarah then awoke from her coma and she came to rescue the Lone Wanderer and his friends. Not long after that that the two of them began to develop feelings for each other. Even though most of the Enclave was wiped out at Adam's Air Force base, there were still a few Enclave squadrons in the Capital Wasteland.

2280- The Lone Wanderer and Sarah Lyons got married and raised their adopted daughter, Marie Jefferson.

2281- The remaining remnants of the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland were wiped out. Around that same time on the other side of the country a Courier arose from the grave to track down the man who shot him in the head and help the NCR in the second battle of Hoover Dam, but that's a completely different story.

2282- Owyn Lyon's passed away of old age and Sarah took over as Elder. Not long after that Arthur Maxson (The last living descendant of Roger Maxson, the founder of the Brotherhood) betrayed the Lone Wanderer and Sarah Lyons with the help of the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts. Maxson then left and ordered the Outcasts to kill Sarah Lyons, since he believed she was a synth, as well as the Lone Wanderer, seeing as how he was a witness, and even if he wasn't he'd still try to keep the Lyon's tradition going. The Lone Wander survived the attack and managed to kill the Outcasts, but he wasn't able to save his wife. He then left the Capital Wasteland and told his companions to take care of his daughter for him. He then travelled to the Commonwealth and joined the Railroad in their fight against the Institute. He also got facial reconstruction to change his face, and he took on a new name... Deacon.

2283- Maxson became Elder at the age of 16. He brought back the Brotherhood's evil ways and the Outcasts rejoined the Brotherhood.

2287- Nate Howard (The Sole Survivor) was unfrozen from Vault 111 and left the Vault to go find his missing son, Shaun. The Lone Wanderer, now known as Deacon, watched the Sole Survivor leave Vault 111 and decided to follow him across the Commonwealth to see what he was doing. The Sole Survivor then became general of the Minutemen. The two then officially met at the Railroad HQ where the Sole Survivor joined them, and the two became close friends. During that time the Brotherhood and Maxson arrived in the Commonwealth in their airship, the Prydwen. They came to destroy the Institute, the Railroad, and all synths. Nate also joined the Brotherhood, not knowing how evil they were at the time. Eventually Nate was reunited with his son, only to learn that he was an old man and leader of the Institute, as well as the creator of the synths. The Sole Survivor, Deacon, and the Minutemen then destroyed the Institute. The Sole Survivor lost his son but he took in a child synth duplicate of him. Meanwhile the Brotherhood was jealous that the Minutemen were the ones who got to destroy the Institute and not them.

2289 (Present)- The Brotherhood has become more ruthless. They've started attacking and killing Minutemen patrols and looting their supplies. And they've started harassing and threatening settlements, saying that if they don't hand over their weapons, armor, and technology, there's "gonna be consequences." Meanwhile, Deacon realizes that it's only a matter of time before the Brotherhood tries to destroy the Minutemen and the Railroad. And he's worried they won't be strong enough to stop the Brotherhood. There's another war coming, and the Wasteland needs a certain hero again... they need the Lone Wanderer.

It's time for Deacon to change back into his old self. Because war... war never changes.