A/N: Ahh… So it begins… Prologue

I never thought I could love him.  He could be so cruel with his snide remarks and cold smirks.  He insulted my two best friends.  He constantly called Hermione a mudblood.  And he never stopped on Ron.  I actually thought he jumped at every chance for an insult.

Besides the fact of my best friends he was constantly ragging on me.  It got annoying after a while.  I do not remember what kept me from beating the snot out of him.  But, I am glad whatever it was stopped me. 

I told him he should write what's happened to us out on paper, and I am watching him, pen in hand, as he frantically scribbles.

It is quite amazing if you think about it.  How we came to be.  What happened to us.  The many things we went through.  And we are still together, because of our love. 

Actually, if some of you think about it, you may think I am insane for even suggesting that these things happened.  But, they are all true.  I would never lie in my writing, like a certain narcissistic ex-professor of mine.  So, as you continue to read about my life from fifth year till graduation, you will shake your head and say it is nonsense, but believe me, it is all true…   

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