Note: Post Season 3

Foggy glanced over at Matt. He had been silent the entire cab ride, playing with the strap on his cane.

"We're almost there," Foggy said softy.

Matt tilted his head to acknowledge he'd heard Foggy but didn't say anything in return.

Five minutes later, the cab pulled up outside the cemetery gates.

Foggy handed the driver some bills, and the pair got out.

Matt reached his hand out and grabbed Foggy's arm. He'd been here many times on his own before and knew the path off by heart, but it made him feel better to have something, or someone, grounding him on these visits. Foggy knew it too, but never said anything. He was happy Matt trusted him to let him guide them where they were going. He was also happy Matt trusted him enough to let him come here with him.

Foggy weaved them in and out of stones before stopping a few feet back.

"He's here buddy," Foggy said softly, "About five feet in front of us."

Matt released Foggy's arm and stepped forward. He stretched his hand out and came into contact with the headstone.

"Hey dad," he said, kneeling down, "Happy birthday." He bowed his head and said a prayer, crossing himself when he was done.

He tipped his head up, the sun was warm overhead. The beauty of the day didn't match how Matt was feeling. No matter how long It had been, no matter how many years passed, it never got any easier.

Matt bowed his head again and removed his glasses, wiping away the tears gathering in his eyes.

He felt a hand squeeze his shoulder and reached up to grip Foggy's hand in return.

"I miss him," Matt said quietly.

"I know man," Foggy murmured. There was nothing more he could say, but he knelt and wrapped his arm around Matt's shoulders.

"I just… I always thought it would get easier as time went on," Matt said, "But it's like, I just realize all the stuff he's not here for. Birthdays, Christmas, graduation, having our own firm…"

Foggy was silent for a moment before he had an idea. Hopefully Matt would be okay with it.

"Hey Mr. Murdock," he started, noticing Matt tilting his head towards him. "I'm Foggy. Your son is my best friend and business partner. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you before, but I've visited you quite often with Matty. You'd be really damn proud of him Mr. Murdock. He's one of the best lawyers in Hell's Kitchen; he graduated summa cum laude; he's really smart; and he cares more about everyone around him more than anyone I know – though this can be a problem sometimes."

Matt chuckled weakly.

"Your kid is basically a superhero Mr. Murdock," Foggy went on, "In the courtroom and running around in armored PJs at night. Like I said, I'm sorry we never met, but I know you'd be proud of him, cause I know I am. And I'm sure he was just as stubborn and independent as a kid as he is now, but I want you to know he's got people looking out for him and people who really care about him. He's not alone and he's gonna be okay."

Foggy turned his head to look at Matt.

"Thanks Fog," Matt said softly, "I hear you."

"You are gonna be okay Matty," Foggy said again, "We're gonna get you through this."

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