Note: Post Season 3

Matt startled awake as his alarm went off and immediately clapped his hands over his ears. Everything was so LOUD.

Ever since Midland Circle Matt had had more and more days like this. Days where his senses were completely uncontrollable.

For years he'd learned to tune out sensory input that he didn't need. He'd fine tuned his senses and learned to control them, put them to use. But apparently having a building dropped on his head had affected that level of control and some days there was no tuning anything out.

He could hear traffic for miles; people talking; the subway rushing below the streets… Thousands of smells assaulted his nose to the point he could taste every awful thing in the air. He shifted in his bed and his usually soft sheets scratched at his skin like sandpaper. The sound of rustling sheets made him groan.

In the past, Matt might have tried to deal with this on own, but now he was trying to be more open with his friends. With that in mind, Matt reached one hand out and grabbed his phone.

"Call Foggy," he gasped, waiting for the deafening ringing to stop.

"Hey buddy."

"Foggy," Matt groaned, "Help."

"Matty? What's going on? Are you hurt? Where are you?"

"Foggy," Matt could feel tears leaking from his eyes. "So loud… everything… so loud. Help."

"Tell me where you are Matty. Are you home?"

"Yes… Yes, home."

"Are you bleeding?"

Matt couple hear rustling and the sounds of Foggy rushing around his apartment.

"No, not bleeding," Matt said, crying openly now, "I hear everything… smell everything… it's sandpaper, I can't…"

Foggy breathed a small sigh of relief. As much as he hated Matt being in any kind of pain, a bad sensory day was easier to deal with than Matt bleeding out on the floor.

"Okay buddy, I gotcha," he said, "I'm on my way, okay? I'm getting a cab to your place, just hang on."

The cab took longer than he would have liked to get to Matt's apartment, and he threw some bills at the driver before dashing upstairs, the phone pressed to his ear the whole time.

"Okay buddy, I'm here, I'm gonna hang up."

He waited until Matt made an affirmative noise before hanging up the phone. He would text Karen once he was inside to let her know neither of them would be in today. He let himself into the apartment and crossed to the bedroom when he didn't see Matt.

"Aw buddy," he sighed upon seeing his best friend.

Matt was curled on his side, hands clamped over his ears and eyes squeezed shut against the onslaught of input he was getting.

Foggy crouched in front of the bed and rested his hand on Matt's arm. It was a testament to how awful his friend felt when he jumped back in fear. He hadn't been able to distinguish the sounds of Foggy entering his apartment.

"It's me Matt, it's just me," Foggy said gently, "Sorry pal, didn't mean to scare you."

"Foggy," Matt whimpered, his unseeing eyes welling with tears as he reached forward and gripped Foggy's shirt.

"I'm right here buddy," Foggy said gently, "Come on pal, let's get you up."

"No," Matt groaned.

"Come on bud, I know you'll feel better on the couch," Foggy said, "I brought something for you I know you're gonna like."

He reached into his bag and pulled out the sweats and Columbia hoodie he'd grabbed right before leaving his apartment. Matt had plenty of his own, but during their second year of school Foggy discovered that when Matt was sick or had a migraine, he liked to steal Foggy's sweaters. He still wasn't really sure why, but he didn't question it. If it made Matt feel better, Foggy would give him his whole wardrobe.

"Come on Matty," Foggy encouraged, "Let's get you up, you can change, and we can go sit on the couch."

Matt groaned again but 6allowed Foggy to pull him to his feet.

"Foggy," Matt cried, "It's so loud."

"I know pal," Foggy said softly, running his hand through Matt's hair. "It's gonna be okay, I promise. Get changed, come on."

Matt slowly changed into the sweats and hoodie Foggy had brought. Foggy smiled triumphantly as some of the tension visibly left Matt's body.

"Come on bud," Foggy took Matt's elbow and led him out of the bedroom and over to the couch. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Foggy gave Matt's shoulder a squeeze and then moved around the apartment as silently as he could, gathering any supplies he would need for them to be camped out on the couch for the next while.

Foggy returned with his materials and sat on the couch next to his friend. He was amused to see Matt had pulled the hoodie up over his nose, so it rested just below his eyes.

"Nose cold?" he asked in a soft but teasing voice.

Matt mumbled something intelligible.

"What was that Matty?"

Matt pulled the sweater down slightly, "It smells like you."

He pulled it back up over nose as Foggy sat there, absorbing what Matt had just said. He and Matt were family, and it wasn't a secret that Foggy got to see a side of his friend no one else did. He also knew if Matt weren't feeling so awful, he never would have admitted something so vulnerable, even to Foggy.

But it sort of made Foggy's heart swell to know that Matt was so comfortable with him. As strange as it was to hear Matt admitted he liked Foggy's clothes because… they smelled like Foggy? In a world where his best friend was overrun by sensory input, if he found comfort in a familiar scent, Foggy wouldn't say a word.

"Here buddy, put these on," Foggy held out Matt's noise cancelling headphones.

Matt felt them with shaky hands and allowed Foggy to help get them situated over his ears. He felt himself relax more once Foggy hit the switch to activate the white noise.

Foggy held a glass of water out and wrapped Matt's hand around. The other man took a few sips before he was pushing it away. He also pushed away the ibuprofen Foggy tried to give him.

"Won't help," he croaked sadly, "Just makes it worse."

"Alright, come on pal," Foggy said gently, gripping Matt's shoulder and guiding him down until Matt's head rested in Foggy's lap. Foggy grabbed the wet, cool cloth he'd dropped on the table and gently touched it to Matt's hand so he would know it was coming and then he laid it over Matt's eyes.

"Thanks Fog," Matt sighed, reaching his hand up.

"Anytime bud," Foggy said, meeting Matt halfway and giving his hand a squeeze. "Try to rest, you'll be better in no time."

He ran his through Matt's hair, feeling when his friend relaxed enough to drift off to sleep, and then he pulled some his case files out of his bag, and got to work.

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