"Power is all I need. I don't care what I have to do to get it, but it will be mine. I will surpass my father and defeat Dante then... then... then..."

Devil May Cry: Freezing Edition - Chapter 1





[Devil Arm]

["Mundus' Speaking."]

Falling. That is what the Son of Sparda is doing, falling from the sky towards the ground. He looks young about 18-19, with fair but pale skin, white hair thays currently partially covering his eyes, his blue eyes seemingly always slightly squinting to make him look serious. This was Vergil, Eldest son of the Dark Knight Sparda and older twin brother of Dante, And right now is in quite the predicament.

He barely remembers what happened to get him into this position, falling from the sky, the last thing he remembers was running away from something after he and his brother cut down the Qlipoth in the underworld. So, then why was he falling from the sky? With how close he's getting to the ground he can see the buildings and people. 'So I'm back in the human world' he thinks to himself seeing that the building looks normal enough and that the people look and feel normal though there sixthat feel different than the others and one of them that feels familiar, but he'll check that out later. If he continues his current descent path he should land on the top of the building.

"AGHHH!" he screams, almost losing consciousness. That's when he see's it. Those 3 red orbs, {"So, you've finally arrived little Half-breed. I've been waiting for you, you vile half-breed!"} That heavily distorted, Condacending vioce, he knows it all too well. "MUNDUS!" He screams at the 3 Red Orbs in the sky, but the response he got was, {"HMPH!"}, and the red orbs dissapearing.


As the two "sister's" fight concluded with the death of a bystander, something fell from the sky and crashed into one of the building going straight through the building as if it was nothing. As the special Ops team moves in to see what fell they are met with a young man standing there with a katana in his hand. His eyes shadowed by his white hair leaving the agents unable to see them. he's wearing Silver buttoned blue coat with three seperated coat tales, that had a white pattern that ran around the collar and to the other side, underneat is a vest with waht looks like an ascot hanging slightly over the top of it, Dark green panted that had a pattern but it was to dark to see what kind, tan fingerless gloves, tall, brown boots with two golden buckled straps at the top, and that's all they can tell from where they were.

So they went to get a better look so they could report this to their surperiors. As they got closer to the boy, the closest person drops dead. The agents'' head dropped to floor his body still standing with his gun trained on the figure in the crater, it falls 5 seconds later. When body hit the floor they immediatly openned fire only noticing that the person wasn't there anymore once three more agents dropped to floor dead. They cease fire to look for the guy. The boy's standing in the same position except he's in a different spot now. His eyes are still shadowed.

The agents knew that talking to him or whatever it was would prove ineffective at stopping it. They now feel it, the dark energy flowing off of that thing and even more coming of it's weapon. It moved slightly only slightly looking up, but that was enought to see it's eyes. those blue-colored eyes that are looking at them with such hate as if they were the filth, no below that, as if they were the worst people to ever live, no that doesn't even compare to the level of hate hes showing when looking at them.

The agents went to make tatical retreat but before any of them could move, beforeeven the two "sisters" just a few yards away could move, all most all of the agents were dead, some where lucky enough to be left in 2 pieces the rest were not as luck, being cut into a bunch of pieces. with the only survivors being killed by a blond haired girl. That was also looking very pissed off but the difference was that she had a reason to be pissed off.

Even after killing those survivors she still looked mad and turned towards the unknown individual about to take her agression out on it but stopped when she saw him shake violently then just walk away. At first she thought how odd it was and then she realized where he was headed, and went to stop him. But, was stopped when a heavily distorted voice started speaking and 3 red orbs appeared from sky, ["You've figured out what I did, haven't you?! But, All is not as it seems Half-Breed, especially with what I've Done to your mother. HAHAHAHA!"] It was at that moment that moment that the person started sprinting towards Lab 13. her sister that was there with her didn't even act during that whole engagement why? No, matter she has to go back to the Lab so that she can get answers as to why they killed her friend.

Lab 13 was a heavily gaurded research facility dedicated to the research of being know as NOVA and developing ways to stop them from destroying humanity. which made it easy to say that nobody got in unless they were allowed in. So when Gengo Aoi saw a white haired boy running towards it with a katana he pitied the boy because he knew that the gaurds would shoot the kid dead on sight because he had a weapon on him, he turned away from the monitor to look over some documents on recent expirements only to be startled when a giant shockwave was felt across the whole facility then was followed up by his metal door being kicked down by the white haired kid.

"Hello there kid. What can I get you?" he attempts to do his usual misleading shtick but was shot down immediatly.

"You know where she is." The kid asks stoicly, katana at his side.

"Where who is? Sorry but I don't know what your talking about." he responded trying not to show that he indeed does know what and who he's talking about.

But, decided to play dumb as to try and gian more information on the person.

"Where is my mother?" The kid said slowly starting to draw his katana, seemingly losing his patience.

"What?" he sounded sincere, while Gengo thought he meant Maria at first, but once the kid meant his mother he was left clueless because he and Maria only had 6 kids. So, why would the kid think she's here.

But that seemed to be the wrong response as the kid was in front of him with his sword lined up against his neck, before he could even blink. He gulped at this, the existance of humanity was betting on him living to complete his project so he couldn't die here when he has so much more work to do.

"Come on kid, I'm a Scientist, why would I know where one woman is? Just put the sword down and we can figure out this miss understanding together." The kid seemed to think for a second before responding.

"Don't play dumb. Her aura is all over this place, if I lose her aga-" the kid couldn't continue his sentence as a hand was shoved through his chest. his grip of his sword loosening.

As the hand is pulled out from the kids chest he watches as they fall over "dead". He looks back up to see his second youngest daughter Lucy standing above him with her hand covered in blood. She had a blank expression not even feeling bad for the boy she just "killed", 'Gotta work on that' Gengo thought as he got up from his chair to leave the room. still wondering about who this boy's mother could be that he would think she was here.


The ground started shaking violently. the stuff on the shelves falling off. Lucy grabbed her father and procceded to take him to safety but they had to secure her other siblings before they could go. So they headed to the room where they are stored in their stasis pods. all of her siblings are in their in their stasis pods except for one. "Where's Chiffon?" Gengo asks or more like demands "I'm here." said girl walks around the corner. she's a blonde with hair going down her back she had one normal eye and the other had line going through it. she walked over to her father and wanted to ask something but was interupted by her father talling her, "I know you have questions but now isn't the time. We have to get your sibling and get out of here." that was true, if they stayed here they would risk their father dying from having a mortal body and is unable to sustain the same amount damage as them, so it makes more sense to ask later and follow directions now.

First was Windy May, a pink haired girl, and the middle sister, next was the second oldest, Teslad, a purple haired girl that's taller than Windy May.,the second youngest was Lucy she has long Silver hair, finally the oldest sister, A tall blonde buxom women, named Cassandra.

As Gengo was about to go into the secret room behind one of the walls in that room which housed Maria, the tremors stopped. and in the door way of the room was him. the guy that Lucy had impaled with her hand.

He was unharmed except for his top being ruined from having a hand rammed through his body, Him being alive right now should be impossible no human can regenerate... yet, and the only ones that can are standing infront of him. so how is this guy standing.

'Wait, what if that's a new type of NOVA. If so then this would be a perfect oppurtunity to collect data on the sisters, but if they fail and are killed I don't know if I'll be able to start over.' Gengo thinks staring at the white haired kid and his daughters who are lined up in between him and the boy.

'I realize why they called me 'kid' now. My body has been brought back to a point in the past. but I still have all the power I've accumelated over the years. With this I should be able to beat Mundus and save mother.' Vergil thinks to himself

"I should kill you now for what you did to me, but I feel you still have use." he said towards the one that impalled him, as he went to take a step forward he dissapeared only to reappear behind the girls and infront of Gengo.

"You better pray that behind this wall isn't who I think it is." he said as he pushed Gengo at of the way. he dissapeared again but this time didn't appear in the same room as them. Gengo realized where he was and rushed to open the secret door.


'She's here I can feel it.' Vergil thought as he teleported inside the room only to see something he didn't want to see. His mother in such a pitiful state.




Look I know this took a long time but most of it was just thinking about the time period and researching the characters so I could make a fanfic that has actual characters with actual feelings. So I'm just going to leave it here and continue with the next chapter.