Chapter 1: Back To The Aviary

Note:(This takes place seconds after Tulio picked up Jewel)

Blu watched as Jewel was picked up by Tulio, the ornithologist that brought him here to Rio to meet the only other bird of his kind, and the male blue Spix's Macaw hoped that this bird scientist would take care of the female like he said he would. Blu saw Jewel shake in Tulio's arms. "She must still be scared of humans." He thought to himself. "And she's in great pain."

The blue macaw was right. Jewel was in great pain. Her eyes were filled with tears, her beak was quivering, and she flinched when she tried to move her broken wing.

"Ah, ah, ah, Jewel." said Tulio gently. "If you move that wing, it will only make the damage worse."

Jewel hung her head in defeat. Blu was about to go up to comfort her, when he was suddenly scooped up by the hands of owner, Linda. She hugged him close to her chest almost on the verge of crying.

"Oh, Blu! I thought I lost you!" she sobbed. "I'm so sorry we left home! I'm never letting you go ever again!

Blu rubbed his feathery head against his companion, overjoyed to see her again.

Then Linda loosened her embrace to look into Blu's eyes.

"I can't believe it, my big brave boy! You can fly now!" she replied smiling.

Blu smiled back. Linda hugged him again, tears leaking from her eyes. She held her companion close as they followed Tulio out of the airport. Then Blu saw a familiar face walking beside the two. It was boy who kidnapped him and Jewel from the aviary and sold them to the smugglers. Fernando looked at Blu with a guilty face.

"I'm sorry I took you from your owner, Blu. I knew that giving you and Jewel to those guys was the wrong thing to do. But I found Linda and the bird expert after I left you at the warehouse and we went back to rescue you ever since. Will you ever forgive me?" he said with a pleading pair of eyes.

Blu smiled at the boyand nodded. He knew that Fernando didn't mean to steal threatened animals. After all he was a kid!

Fernando smiled back at Blu, relieved and stroked his bright blue feathers. He went over to pet Jewel's sky blue feathers, but she cringed when he approached.

He smiled sadly saying, "Well, she's not ready to forgive me yet."

Tulio lead the others to the smugglers' abandoned truck, which was parked outside the airport gates, and got in placing poor Jewel gently in the passenger seat. Blu, Linda, and Fernando followed him inside at settled in their seats.

As Tulio started the engine, Blu saw that Jewel was still shaking in the passenger seat. The Spix's Macaw got off Linda's lap, which surprised her, and fluttered over to the female.

Jewel saw him approach and said, "Aren't you going to sit with Linda?"

Blu replied,"No. I want to sit with you."

Jewel made a confused expression.

"But thought you were going to stay with Linda once you found her."

"Well, yes, I was going to do that later. I, right now, just want to make sure you're okay." Blu replied back. "I'm not going anywhere while you're hurt."

Jewel's heart leapt as she heard his words. She smiled slightly as she thought, "He really does care about me." Then Jewel moved towards Blu and rested her soft head on his shoulder. Blu flinched at first for he remembered their first meeting each other. It was a disaster! But this strong, fierce, and beautiful angel was acting different this time around. She was not threatening to choke him to death or bite him, she was only wanting someone to snuggle with.

So Blu cautiously and slowly wrapped his wings around Jewel. She sighed softly as she snuggled her head on his chest. Blu smiled softly and pulled her close to him gently, feeling something he never had before in his life.