Chapter 2: Nicknames

Blu and Jewel snuggled and cuddled together in the passenger seat the whole ride back to Tulio's conservation center. As Blu kept his wings around the bird he fell in love with, Jewel's heart was filled with warm emotions.

"He said we were chained-to-each-other-birds when he jumped after me," she thought to herself. "And he also said he wouldn't let me go and he said he'd stay by my side. Does he care for me? Does he LOVE me?" The young female Spix's Macaw didn't know what to think. She was touched by Blu's kindness and selflessness. She smiled to herself and rubbed her sky-blue head against Blu's chest affectionately.

Blu opened his eyes and gazed down at the now relaxed and peaceful sleeping Jewel. He smiled as she hugged him with her right wing. He leaned his head down to kiss her head when Tulio announced "We're here!"

Blu felt the vehicle stop. He nuzzled Jewel waking her up from her peaceful slumber.

"What is it, sweetie?" she said yawning.

Blu's heart started beating fast when he heard those words. Did Jewel, the only other blue Macaw on earth that hated him from the very start, just called him sweetie?! But another part of his heart felt warm inside. "Does she Love me? But why? Why would she like a bird like me?" So the male parrot answered, "Jewel, did you just call me, "sweetie"?"

Then Jewel fully awake realized that she said something unconsciously turned bright red in the face saying, "What? No! I, uh... was just, uh... talking to myself."

Blu could tell she wasn't being honest that very moment.

"Oh, you did call me that. I heard you when you woke up." he told her.

Jewel hung her head.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I... did call you 'sweetie'" she said in defeat.

Blu smiled. "You can call me whatever you want, Angel."

Jewel blushed but smiled softly. "I like that name, Blu-Berry."

Blu blushed brighter than her. But he grinned along with his lover.

"But I was also wanting to ask where we are."

Blu pointed his talon behind saying "Tulio just said we're back at the aviary. Now we can go in and see if we can fix your broken wing"