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"Kurt! Do you like, have to change the channel every 2 seconds!?" A blue fuzzy elf looked up at Kitty. He could tell that she was pissed off because her cheeks were turning red.

~Man, shes ugly when shes angry~ he thought. "Vell, Zheres nothin on!"

Rouge was laughing at them for arguing about something as stupid as this, but she decided to step in. "C'mon Kurt, theres 300 channels, pick one."

It was Tuesday of the last week of winter break, and its so boring! Extra training sessions where scheduled because there was no school. It was very snowy, so theres no use in going outside. And what makes it worse, there was absolutly nothing of TV! The Kids never thought that they would ever wanna go back to school so badly. Kurt, Evan, Kitty and Rouge were in the living room arguing about what to watch. There was nothing else to do!

A man in a wheel chair was just in the other room listening to the Kids watching TV. "I for one, can't wait for school the children to go back to school." he said sipping he's coffee cup.

"They driving you crazy too, Charles?" asked a big gorilla-like looking man covered in blue fur as he sipped on his coffee.

"Its not that, Hank" Xavier said. "It's...this," He pointed to the walls. They were holes and burn marks from Amara and Ray chasing Bobby around.

"Oh I see" said Beast with a smile.

Kurt finally stopped clicking on channel 38, which happened to be amatuer wrestiling. "Oh well, it's better than nothing" said Evan smiling. Kurt agreed. Kitty didn't agree. Rouge didn't care.

It was a cage match and there were two wrestlers in the ring. One was a buff guy wearing a speedo, the other was a scrawny looking covered head to toe in blue and red which made him look kind of weird.

"Look at zhis guy!" said kurt pointing to the wrestler in the blue and red. "Vhat vas he zinking vhen he got dressed zhis morning?" he commented.

"C'mon guys!" started Kitty. "Wrestling is stupid! change the damn channel right..." Kitty was intrupted but both Evan and Kurt saying "Whoa!" and and stared at the TV in amazment. The others, including Xavier did the same.

They were shocked to see that the weird looking blue and red dressed guy was climbing the cage very quickly with ease, and stayed there. The speedo guy was also slightly confused.

"Wow! Look at that guy! Very impressive, right Gene?" said one of the announcers.

"Thats right, Dave. That kid as skills!" said the other announcer.

"Ah must admit, that is pretty cool..." Rouge admitted.

"Oh wow," said Kitty sarcasticly. "He's on the wall! Kurt can do that with no problem!"

"Ja, but I'm a mutant, he's no..." Kurt stopped to think about the possibilities. So did the other kids

"Nah..." They all said....well...all except Xavier. He never overlooked any opertunity to bring another mutant to the institute, no matter what the situation.

"If you'll excuse me Hank," said the professor. "I need to use cerebro for a second, I'll be back soon..."


Vonce agian, zhe Professor uses his device cerebro to locate a new mutant. But could it be who he thought it vas? Could it be zhat vestler guy?

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