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Life will find a way.

That is what Venat had always thought was possible. Given her time in Elpis, Venat had found that ideas were more than just mere concepts and that with enough love and compassion any idea could spring into a thriving miracle. The hopes and dreams of all her friends and colleagues she once had in Elpis will live on through her even if they have long since passed. She would not look down upon those who choose to believe in a higher power to reclaim their home. That power was Zodiark and his malevolence which seemed to postpone the final days.

She remembered the destruction and despair that covered Amaurot during the final days. Alas, she also recalled her travels with a certain hero. A hero who was able to travel back in time and interact with the world of the past. The hero told her that the future was full of life and growing to become something once thought of as impossible but was becoming a reality.

However, the future was also on the brink of destruction and had no way of averting the final days. With the help of Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus, the group of four began to research throughout Elpis only to be swept up in an adventure traveling around Elpis and learning teachings that seemed to vanish over time or were never transcribed for the people of the future to know. And then, the idea to confide in someone of immeasurable knowledge who might know of a way to avert the final days. Hermes seemed to be the man that knew a great deal and could know something about the final days.

Despairingly, Hermes knew nothing of the final days, and yet he was involved with the creation of the final days since it was his creation Meteion that brought about the end. Given that things turned from bad to worse with Meteion escaping and promising to bring an end to Etheirys, Venat watched as her colleagues Emet-Selch and Hythloadeus had forgotten their time together with the time-traveling hero and herself as well.

Seeing that preparations were needed to combat against the final days, Venat confided with the hero and began to realize that her life and dreams of compassion for the people of Etheirys were the only things keeping the darkness at bay. Wanting to reassure the hero that their time in Elpis would not be wasted, she asked the hero to keep on fighting and that the next time they were to meet the future of the star would be at stake.

Reminiscing about the good times, Venat remembered seeing the final days coming and began preparing for her destined fate to become the embodiment of light in the name of Hydaelyn. Becoming a beacon to so many on Etheirys and acting as the sword and shield to go against Zodiark. A choice she would never regret.

Many years had passed until she was to reunite with the hero, her warrior of light, and prepare for the coming disaster. Given that she had not made life for the people of Etheirys easy and brought a great amount of trouble with having man walk on their own to combat the darkness. Preparing them for when the people of Etheirys would need to come together to prove to Meteion that they had a right to live.

Having communicated with her chosen warriors of light, Venat helped push her warriors to become strong. So much stronger that they would be able to shoulder the world on their backs. And now after watching from afar the travesties and hardships as well as the happiness and accomplishments her warriors were able to accomplish. Hydaelyn was prepared to give her warriors the ultimate test to prove to her that they were ready to go beyond the stars and fight a fight that seemed all but possible.

However, she knew that miracles were an unexplainable thing. Even in her last moments after testing the Scions to their limits, Hydaelyn and Venat knew that the future of Etheirys and her people would succeed. She knew deep down that they would win and most of all they would live.

Therefore, Hydaelyn looked around at the Scions who were distraught and filled with emotion covering each of their faces. Sadness and distraught were all over which of course would be the reasonable reaction given that every one of these brave men and women gave their all to protect not only their home but the First as well which essentially became their second home. Moreover, she looked upon her champion who was the worse for wear appearing the most affected by her defeat given that they were the one to land the finishing blow.

Tears covered the warrior of light's pale face along with their wide-open blood-red eyes. Their hands shook at an impeccable speed along with their face contorting which led Hydaelyn to believe they were on the verge of throwing up. Their legs wobbled nonstop and came close to collapsing.

Smiling contently, Hydaelyn called out to her warrior by name and soothed his fears. Speaking up so that the rest of the Scions could hear that her intentions were met and that she knew the consequences of challenging them with everything she had. Hydaelyn confided in them that they were ready to fight Meteion. Now the rest would be left to them.

Feeling her time coming to an end, Venat called out to the warrior of light and asked them the question she brought up in her time back in Elpis.

Hearing the Warrior of Light's response, Venat was content and at peace once more. The feeling that she as Azem strived to find while in Elpis brought her back to the first time, she questioned the importance of life. And her reaction was of joy given that in all her life, the light she yearned for and planted as a seed only to grow into something beautiful led her to believe that life will always find a way.

Content with everything, Hydaelyn closed her eyes one last time and bid the Scions of the Seventh Dawn a final farewell. Knowing that light will prevail over darkness even when all seems lost.

A miracle will appear.


Cool comforting water covered the floor for as far as the eye could see. Venat opened her eyes feeling that she was not taking the form of Hydaelyn but the form of Venat. Beginning to move her body and see if everything was intact, Venat blinked several times until her blue eyes began to process where she was. What she found left her speechless.

All around her was water and reflected in the water was the night sky. To say it was beautiful would be an understatement of how amazing the water and night sky looked. Feeling a bit numb, Venat began to stand up and get a better view of the night sky.

She took in her surroundings and started to recollect her memory of the last thing that had happened. Recollecting her thoughts, she raised a hand to her chest and breathed deeply. Realizing that she had faded away after testing the Scions. Venat knew that she was not alive in the sense that she could come back but she was still alive in some manner.

Not knowing what to do next, she began to walk softly across the cool water. Wandering endlessly to who knows where.

After some time had passed Venat began to take note of how the stars formed constellations she had never known about or better yet seen in her days on Elpis or Etheirys. However, she began to hear something.

A faint sound that could be deafened by her breathing, but she did hear it. Knowing that she wasn't going crazy or at the very least not crazy yet, Venat put her hand up to her ear to try and hear if the sound would repeat.

Not a moment later she did hear something but this time it was a real sound. A sound of someone or something calling out. She began to become overjoyed and curious at the origin of the voice. Realizing that she should alert the origin of the sound that she heard the call. Venat raised her hands to funnel her voice and yelled out, "Hello! I hear you! Do you hear me? I said I heard your call!".

Within a moment's notice, Venat heard a response from what sounded like a boy who called out saying that he was coming.

Feeling nervous yet curious at what was going to happen next, Venat prepared herself for anything that could happen while in this vast mysterious place she found herself in. And yet she hoped that whatever did happen next would bring to light many of the questions she had.

Maybe even bring her a sense of relief.

How right she was...