Here we go, out of the prologue and into the first real chapter, I thought I'd put this one out pretty quickly to give you some idea of what you're in for but for the time being I'm planning to post chapters weekly.

I don't really expect anyone to ask... but yeah, the prologue is in third person but going forward it's all in first person. Why? I wrote the prologue first and originally I was going to have the narration always refer to characters by their real given name to avoid confusion that can come with body swap shenanigans, but ultimately after writing two or three chapters I decided first person was going to display individual differences in characterization better so l did minimal fixes to the prologue, but altered everything else I'd already pre-written to fit the change in direction.

Well, all that said, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Uncomfortable Awakenings


I woke up with a hangover. My head was throbbing, my joints ached, I could taste the faint remains of beer in my mouth, and the light streaming in from the window felt almost like a threat to my continued existence. All of this was particularly unusual because I hadn't had any alcohol last night, I'm underage after all, of course I wouldn't go around just casually drinking beer.

I rub my face as I sit up in bed, "Ugh…"

Wait… bed?

I do sleep in a bed normally, but last night I'd fallen asleep on the futon I always share with Kudo whenever I have to stay the night, so why was I waking up in a bed?

More questions piled up in my mind as I glanced around the room with squinted eyes and noticed that this was definitely the same room that I'd fallen asleep in, and that Kudo was on the futon… however so was I, or at least someone that looked like me.

Without thinking I let out a shout.

"It's Kaitou Kid! … ow…" My own shout made my head throb even more as the two on the futon both quickly bolted upright in response to the sudden noise.

"What? I'm not Kid, that's crazy," Kudo said almost reflexively within moments of waking up. Eyes visibly widening for a moment after he spoke before resetting to a default sleepy face.

That acting, did he have a dream about being in his teen body and forget that he was Conan for a moment?

Meanwhile the fake me seemed to be silently trying to assess the situation. A glance to the window, then at me and Kudo as if looking for openings. I don't know what he was hoping to achieve by disguising as me like this but there's no doubting that that's Kid disguised as me.

I guess it doesn't actually have to be Kid, it could also be that Vermouth chick with the black organization, but after the heist last night Kid is on the mind. It doesn't matter who the fake actually is, all that matters is there's two of me in the room, it's obvious one of them is a fake so Kudo should be making a move to determine which one's the real deal.

But Kudo doesn't seem to be making a move at all, he's cautiously observing the situation with a calculating gaze.

I point my finger at the fake, "Tha's kid he's disguised as me!"

"Eh… Calm down Uncle, are you still drunk?" Kudo asked a bit sheepishly, tacking on one of his forced childish laughs at the end.

Uncle? No matter how small Kudo is right now, calling a highschooler Uncle is downright rude.

"Listen here, Ku- Conan-kun tha's-"

Meanwhile the fake me had walked over to the desk in the room and found a small hand mirror, after looking at himself briefly he pointed the mirror in my direction, "I'm not Kaitou kid, but… I assume you're the owner of this body then? High school detective of the west, Hattori Heiji-san."

"Damn right I…" That's when I noticed that reflected in the mirror was not my face but that of Kogoro Mouri.

It certainly explained the hangover, but it brought up new questions that seemed like they were going to be a lot more difficult to answer, most prominently 'how?'.

Wait, it could still be the work of Kaitou Kid, maybe he put a mask on me.

A few hard pinches to my own face quickly prove that I haven't been forced into some kind of mask. And there's no signs of any makeup changing my skin tone. While I can't explain it, I also can't find any evidence to deny that I'm now in the body of the sleeping Kogoro.

That's why Kudo called me Uncle, he's staying in character until he's sure what's going on- no I actually can't be sure of that, if someone's in my body and I'm in Mouri's body then it's possible that's also someone else in Kudo's body. It's not much of a stretch at all to assume that it all has something to do with that strange light that was going around at the end of the heist.

"So none of us here are in our own bodies then…?" Kudo asked tentatively, confirming that he was in fact not Kudo.

Who is he then? Someone that can act for sure. He was quick to read that he was in the wrong body and started playing the part immediately. Someone with quick judgment and adaptive acting skill that was at the heist last night, plus the instant response when I woke him up by shouting about Kid… Kid's in Kudo's body for sure.

"Seems like it, and since you're not certainly not Kogoro that means you and I have our bodies unaccounted for… we should try calling them to find out who else may be involved in this. Then we can try introductions for any who may need it." Suggested the person in my body.

It was a good suggestion, of course they'd be concerned if they didn't know who could possibly be in their bodies, and maybe someone involved with all this would have some information they could share with the rest of us.

... .. -. -.-. .


I woke up to the sound of a phone ringing as a dog licked my face.

I gently pushed the dog away with one hand and reached for the phone with the other.

The dog I could rationalize, a client must have come to the detective agency early in the morning and brought their dog with them and somehow the dog found me still asleep. What I couldn't rationalize was that my arms were longer than usual, I wasn't a primary schooler right now.

My eyes snapped open at the realization.

Had the poison suddenly worn off? Was I back to being Kudo Shinichi? My mind was already racing, preparing excuses for why Kudo Shinichi in the futon in the detective agency, why I would need to barrow some of Uncle's clothing, and why Conan had disappeared during the night leaving ripped pajamas behind.

No, it seems I already have clothes on so-

The inconsistency pulls me out of my head and causes me to take notice of my surroundings, instantly I realize all of those excuses will be useless. The poison didn't just suddenly decide to wear off, and I wasn't currently Kudo Shinichi.

I was someone else entirely, a simple look told me all I needed to know about my current appearance. My proportions where longer than they would be on my teenage body... I was an adult. A glance at my hands told me that the body I was in had slightly tanned skin, and the light bangs hanging in my face explained the rest. A mirror would be needed for certainty, but I don't think there's any room for doubt.

"I'm Amuro-san…?"

A chill ran down my spine as I processed the information.

I was currently in the body of Furuya Rei, member of the NPA, and Bourbon of the Black organization. A man who was in an even more dangerous position when it came to the black organization than I had been as Conan, one slight misstep from this position and more than just my life would be lost. But in return for that risk I was now in a prime position to get more information.

I wasn't sure if I was excited or scared, but I could figure it out later… his phone was still ringing.

The correct answer was definitely to answer it. Amuro-san wasn't the type to let anything go to voicemail if there wasn't an emergency, I only found myself hesitating because of the possibilities of who could be on the other end of the phone.

Vermouth? The leader of the black organization? Gin? Rum? Another member of the organization to give details on some secret plot? Perhaps someone with the Public Security Bureau, like his assistant Kazami. At this time of day it could even be Azusa-san from Poirot calling to ask why he hadn't come in for his shift at the cafe yet since Amuro-san usually works mornings.

How I needed to respond on the phone would vary greatly depending on who was calling, after all no one would behave the same way as they do when talking to their normal friends and colleagues as they do when talking to members of a criminal organization that they've infiltrated.

Right, first check caller ID. If that doesn't say who it is then-

I couldn't help but blink as I saw the number appearing in the caller id, it wasn't a number known to the phone, but I instantly recognized it as Hattori's phone number. This threw me off quite a bit because as far as I could think Hattori knew nothing about Rei, he shouldn't even know that he was Bourbon unless…

I shook my head, that could be thought about later. I'd already kept the phone waiting long enough, it was time to answer.


"Hello, I know this is sudden, but this is Amuro Tohru speaking, who's this?" It was certainly Heiji's voice but given the context it was probably safe to be somewhat honest.

Amuro doesn't know I'm Shinichi, I'll keep that one as a trump card for later.

"Edogawa Conan."

There was a slight sigh of relief from the other side of the phone. Was he relieved to know the person in his body was someone who already knew the gist of his secrets and was therefore less likely to get him killed, or was there some other reason?

"Still five so far then…Hattori-san is in Kogoro-sensei's body, I'm in Hattori's body, you're in my body, and someone else is in yours… hopefully it'll be Kogoro in the remaining body and we can all just meetup and discuss what to do next… but if there are more then meeting up may be conspicuous…"

"We can meet at the professor's house, he can keep a secret and it's not strange for people to gather there." I recommend it.

I'll have to explain the situation to the professor and Haibara before anyone else gets there so they don't end up calling whoever's in my body Kudo-kun or Shinichi, but since he doesn't know about apotoxin's side effect it shouldn't be a problem for Amuro to be near Haibara if it's kept brief.

"Ah, that'll work then, it may be strange doing it with my voice, but if you could call them to let them know in advance that we'll be coming over that would be appreciated."

.. .----. --


At the time I was pretty sure I was dreaming…

I had gone to sleep in the hotel, and next thing I knew I was sitting at a desk in an unfamiliar room.

I felt doggedly tired, as though I'd just been run through the wringer with some strenuous exercise only to then pull an all-nighter studying because of an upcoming exam in a subject I was weak in.

On the desk were several jewelers tools, the necklace that Kaitou Kid had stolen that night, several sheets of paper that seemed to be about the jewel in question, and finally a make-up mirror that was reflecting a familiar face back at me- the face of Kudo Shinichi.

The hair was a bit of a mess though.

As for clothing, the cape and suit jacket were strewn out on a bed on the other side of the room, but I found myself wearing white pants, a blue collared shirt, and a loosened red tie.

This dream was painting quite the amusing picture.

Kudo Shinichi is Kaitou Kid? Of course not, Shinichi is Conan, and I've seen Conan and Kid in the same place before.

It occurred to me that I didn't actually have proof that Shinichi was Conan. Everything pointed to it sure…he was just as intelligent, he said similar things, and when Shinichi reappeared for the school trip he had said 'ah le le' like Conan normally does too. There was certainly enough evidence there to be suspicions, but… Ran was so confident that it wasn't the case and she should know both Shinichi and Conan even better than I would.

I considered for a moment that I might just be over thinking everything, but I put the thought aside. Mom also thought that Conan was definitely Shinichi, there wasn't room for doubt.

Still… what a strange dream this is. It all feels so real. But it's undeniable that the location, this bedroom strewn about with various knick-knacks and bits of gadgetry, was completely unfamiliar to me. Was this normal for a lucid dream? I couldn't be sure.

I tried to fix the hair into Shinichi's usual style as I looked around the room to try and see where the dream would go from here.

Eventually I started to doze off. What would happen if I feel asleep in a dream? Would I be able to dream while sleeping in a dream? Double dream? Or maybe I wasn't dreaming at all.

And then suddenly as I was about to give in to the embrace of sleep the sound of a phone chimed from within the suit jacket laying on the bed. Despite looking like a normal suit jacket it had a lot of additional pockets in it containing thieves tools and magic supplies so it took a bit of effort for me to find the phone.

"Hello?" I cautiously say as I open the phone.

Wow, my voice even sounds like Shinichi's too.

Conan's voice came through the phone, "Hey, Who are you?"


It feels strange to be talking to Conan when I'm Shinichi right now. Come to think of it, Ran did say something about having seen Conan and Shinichi at the same place at the same time before, I had assumed it was some kind of trick, but maybe there was something else going on?

"No, I'm the owner of the body you're in right now… Conan is in someone else's body too…. We're going to be meeting up at the professor's house in a bit, the exit to that room is by the poster, if you could please change into some casual clothes and come?"

"Heh? Why should I have to change clothes?"

"You're in my room you know why…"

It was pretty obvious. This person was Kaitou Kid, and he didn't want me going to the meet up in his thief outfit. Even if his secret was definitely out to me, if he could hide it from the others that'd definitely be in his best interest.

"You sure you want me to change? I'll see everything."

"Wha- it can't be helped just do it."

"Ah right, I'm a girl you know… ah but I guess you did strip me down that one time, so it's fair really…"

There were some slightly flustered noises from the other side of the phone, "J-just do it, please. And while we're at it, call the person in your body and ask them to come too."

Then he hung up the phone.

Rude… it was a genuine question… wait… the person in my body? Crap I better call right away, I've gotta make sure Mom knows someone else is in my body… She'll probably notice something weird is going on pretty quickly, but better make sure she doesn't end up saying anything before she knows.

.-- .-. .. - .. -. --.


"….wa..e….p….." A young voice was speaking in a brash yet gentle tone and softly pressing my side as my consciousness drifted in, "... Sumi, Masumi, wake up, your phone's been going off."

Masumi? Who's that? Moreover, why's there someone else in my room at all? It doesn't sound like Baaya.

I sit up in bed with a yawn and reach for my pocket watch on the bedside table only to find it's not there. Feels like a hotel table, I can't recall but I must have been tired after the heist and just opted to stay the night in a hotel instead of being driven home, my pocket watch should be around here somewhere…

The clock on the bedside table reads 8:42 am, a rather late start for me, and the clock is not nearly accurate enough for my preferences, but it would have to do for now.

I rub the sleep from my eyes and glance around the room, sure enough it's a hotel room after all, but who's this unfamiliar young girl.

"Your phone," She says, placing a smartphone in my hands, "I don't recognize the number, a new client?"

I look down at the caller ID, there's no name showing but that's Kuroba-kun's number. Why would he be calling in the morning? Doesn't he normally sleep in a bit later than this on heist nights?

I suppose for now I should answer him, I can figure out why the girl is here after.

"No… a friend," I answered the strange girl before accepting the call on the phone, "Kuroba-kun?"

My voice sounds a bit high, but I suppose it's not unusual for one's voice to sound different after a nights sleep. My throat is probably just a bit parched.

"Eh? Anyway you better not be doing anything weird to my body."

"Your…. Body….?" I glance downward, "Ah…"

Slender fingers and wrists, a thinner but undeniably athletic frame. This was certainly not my body. A quick pat down confirmed that it was real, rather than being some elaborate prank by Kuroba-kun. That said even Kuroba's brand of denying the laws of physics had its limits, I doubt it would allow for putting me in a disguise that my normal body wouldn't have been able to fit inside of… but even if he could do that, surely Kuroba wouldn't be able to make me actually feel as though I have the sexual characteristics of a woman.

Kuroba-kun may be capable of ridiculous feats, but he's not a god. I find myself nodding a little at the thought. There are things that are beyond his abilities.

The Kuroba on the phone speaks up again, "Hey, so if you don't mind, could you hand the phone to the girl in the room? I'll explain to you in a bit."

"Fine." I wanted answers, but letting him talk to the girl would give me the chance to think first, hopefully the answers he was promising wouldn't disappoint.

I hand the phone to the girl, "He wants to talk to you apparently."

She gave a doubtful look as she silently took the phone to her ear and began calmly listening to the other end.

The line Kuroba-kun said before… 'you'd better not be doing anything weird in my body', so someone else is in his body as well- the owner of this body. Given the context thus far it's easy to assume that would be Sera Masumi whom I met last night at the heist, and I suppose this little girl is her sister… though its a bit strange to not be using honorifics to refer to a sister. Considering the blonde hair perhaps she's not japanese, so a cultural difference would be understandable. That would make more sense.

Then what body is Kuroba in? Perhaps mine? Or there could be more people involved in this… with three mostly unrelated people already involved there's no telling how many others could be. Is it related to the heist? There was a strange light near the end that seemed to touch me… perhaps others saw it as well and it's caused this phenomenon.

Sera-san's relative took a quick glance at me whilst still on the phone, "So that's what's going on here… Masumi, be careful."

What a mature child, just calmly listening and responding like that in the face of a mysterious phenomenon affecting her sister/cousin. I can't claim to be an expert on the behaviour of children but I'd except a normal child to show more concern when told that the person currently sharing a hotel room with them is a stranger that has somehow commandeered their relatives body.

She handed the phone back to me with a sharp glare. I put the phone to my ear.

"Alright so, you're in my body, who exactly are you anyway?"

"Hakuba Saguru, we met last night." I respond.

"Oh, the guy with the hawk… alright that makes four of us at least… but it sounds like there might be a few more, anyway we're planning to meet up at the house of this professor Conan-kun knows, the address is…"

.- --. .- .. -.