I've lived in Forks my entire life. It's a small town, not even listed on a map and it's filled with people who have never left the few streets that make it up. It's one of those towns that looks exactly as it did probably eighty years ago. The school is where it's always been and it's the one our parents and grandparents went to. The one grocery store is run by the same family as when my parents were kids. The police station is still manned by Billy Black, just like when I was six. The public pool is still only open at peak times. Nothing really changes here, or at least that's what I thought until I met Bella Swan.

That girl blew into this town and left nothing in my life unchanged. She showed up unexpectedly, blindsiding me completely. She was that girl that makes your teenage years all they're supposed to be. Wild, crazy and carefree. She's the girl that completely ruins a song, a food, a movie, a place because they're not just things anymore, they're her. She owns all of them and all the memories attached to them.

She's the type of girl that hurricanes and floods and tornadoes are named after. She's the type of girl that should come with a fucking storm warning.