Hi, this is my first fic I don't own sonic, golden sun, carl's jr., dragon ball z or any related characters I only own me and the fact I suck at spelling…

A Day at Carl's Jr….

Jenna: yea, lets get our drinks

Minian (he's a chao): yea mixes every drink

Janelle/Vegeta: sick

Dragon (that's me): no it's good mixes every drink

Janelle: you are sick

Felix/Shadow: having a stare out

Sonic/Sheba: hello? Anyone home?

Goku: are they always like that?

Knight (she's another chao): sadly, yes

Sheba: yea our food

Janelle: … lets get our sets

They set down

Shadow/Vegeta: having a stare out

door opens, bell rings

Janelle: no ones there

Dragon: no, it can't be  (insert jaws music here)

Shadow: were all doomed!!!!!!

Goku: …what are you guys talking about?

Sonic: I-its its….

Amy: hiya soniku

Dragon: the end of the world!!!!!!!

Sonic: being choked by Amy's "hug" Vegeta: you guys are freaks!

Amy: pulls out her Piko Piko hammer no body calls my soniku a freak starts hitting Vegeta on the head

Goku: should we help him?

Knight: nah

Minian: hey its Neo, hi Neo! (neo is another chao, who is obsessed with the Matrix)

Neo: hi Minian!

Knight: kill me now…

Neo: looks at Vegeta how much …

Knight: ok bye see ya!!!

Dragon: [in omochao voice] hi I'm omochao

Everyone looks at her, stunned

Rebecca: hi [In metaknight voice] Janelle is from nightmare enterprises

Janelle: …

Rebecca: [in Vegeta voice] you should eat you vegetables

Vegeta: are you mocking me?

Rebecca: [in Vegeta voice] are you mocking me?

Dragon: in the jungle the mightyJanelle hits Dragon on the head

Minian: looks at Vegeta how much…

Knight: do you ever be quiet!?!

Janelle: …

Dragon: Vegeta, did you know Janelle spelled your name "vigita"

Vegeta: glares at Janelle

Shadow: chaos spear! fries vegeta I am the ultimate life form!

Vegeta: X-X

Goku: …

Felix: okay…

Shadow: be quiet cat

Felix: glares


Vegeta: glares

Minian: how much gel do you use? Vegeta?

Dragon: …You felled ghost mage you gained 360 exp…

Sheba: huh

Dragon: its sad when a chao leaves, I cried…

Vegeta: she is strange…

Omochao: and I am omochao

Dragon: [in omochao voice] no, I'm omochao

Omochao: freaks out and disappears

Shadow: …

Felix: …

Vegeta: …

Minian: I like apples

The end of my fic

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"Minian: and honor the chao"