Chapter 254: Those who Thrive in the Living Daylights of Chaos.

Despite the massive amount of bad news Mike was told, the first thing the second son of Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar wanted to do after getting informed about the apparent death of his parents, his brother, and the attack on his family's government from Data and Roll, was request a drink.

While Megaman Volnutt, Sam, and the rest were not sure if the possible last surviving Auro wanted to rush off…the lanky man was just enjoying the drink and food giving to him when he got on board the Flutter's dining room.

The others just watched on in confusion as Mike scuffled bell peppers and beef before he gulped the rest of the drink and gave Roll a thumbs up." Man you really don't appreciate a good meal till you spend time with assholes who lost their taste buds and only eat freaking beans.

I'd say it gives me memories of home cooking but the miss's only had time to cook like once or twice in my entire life with you know, a universe to watch over and all. Still…I can feel the passion man!"

Roll saw Mike did not seem to be insincere before she let out an uneasy giggle." Oh, I can't take the credit on that one. Gramps does most of the cooking, and is proud that" Barrell the Invincible" can make any Digger feel good even if they don't find the treasure with his cooking."

An old bald man with green lenses over his eyes and a short beard and a metal plate on the right side of his head just walked up before the man named Barrell chuckled in amusement." Oh, my old pal Jeff gets most of the credit for the recipe. I'm just glad I can do something to ease the pain Prince Auro."

Mike laughed before he leaned back." Oh, knock it off man don't feel like that. It's a good time after getting out of that stinking carbonite!"

Volnutt saw how uneasy everyone looked before he cleared his throat." But um…what about your family?"

Mike paused for a moment before his grin widened." Oh, don't worry about that. Look I know its bad but trust me you have no idea how many drills my parents would put me thorough growing up.

When your folks are calling the shots for the entire universe, and everyone who does not like it is gunning for you to try and become god emperor you prepare for a lot. Look this is not the first time I was put through the ringer to make me get the lesson.

And I'm sure they are not happy I went off to do my own thing, the old man is a stickler for the chain of command eh? Hey, you all did good though, I'm sure you're going to get some nice bonus for doing your part when we get back to the Lylat System."

Volnutt saw Roll, Sam, and Barrell all look conflicted before the Megaman let out an uneasy chuckle." Well not like I can say I understand the Master more than his own son. I mean…it kind of makes sense."

Before he could go on Pam let out a loud burp before she snickered." Only if your mad desperate. Look dude…maybe your godly parents liked trolling you with fake outs in the past…but I don't think even folks that have "the power of god" would cause part of the universe to collapse and have their entire galactic kingdom nearly fall to its enemies just to teach their smartass son a lesson. Just saying, the fasted you deal with how things are the better. Not to mention the faster I get paid."

For a moment Mike paused as he saw how dismissive the blond woman looked before he shrugged." Well I won't doubt you on your fighting skills Pam but how about giving stock to the people who know what they are talking about?"

"Piff…oh yah if you guys knew what you're talking about then the universe might not suck this much."

"Well if you want me to put my money where my mouth is then let's go to Corneria right now eh?"

Roll winced before she let out an uneasy giggle." My apologizes your majesty but I don't think it will be that straightforward. It's just…the Flutter does not have enough energy to make a jump to Hyperspace from here. I mean we will be happy to get you there, we just need to fuel up enough first."

Mike saw the tension she and Volnutt had before he leaned back." But of course, sweetie I'm not asking you to go the extra mile. Let's find the nearest station on this world and get this show on the road!"

Roll sighed before she looked out the window." Sorry but that might not be possible once again. This world's been abandoned for years now. Maybe there are others hiding in shelters but as a whole…the world's been lost to the Death Stranding."

The pilot of the Flutter pressed a button before a hologram image of the world they were on appeared. Seconds later several parts of the world glowed before it showed smaller holograms with names such as Balamb, Deling City, Dollet, Esthar City, Fishermans Horizon, Timber, and more before they zoomed in, and showed that while the cities all looked different, they were all abandoned and decayed, without a single life form seen be it human or any other creature.

Mike saw some of the buildings fall into the blood red seas before he stood up." Wait for real? But, my parents sent aid to this world, I know they did because it, it use to be a world that belonged to one of his old Enji friends."

Sam shrugged before he went to take a chug of his own Monster Energy drink." Your parents have a lot of enemy's kid…and they are attacking more and more planets to the point where the Bethel Kingdom had to make a lot of hard choices.

These days ships are attacked so frequently they hire porters like me to sneak supplies in. Though at least they did bail out everyone they could from the world."

Mike just looked at the layout of the current state of the planet he was on before he sighed." Well…that's the breaks. Alright then how about we contact some of my pop's forces to juice us up?"

Data winced before the robotic monkey rubbed his head." Sorry Prince Auro but the transmission is still being jammed. I think someone else might have known you're here."

Pam shrugged as she cracked her knuckles." Suck it up dude this is more like the first step then anything close to the end of the ride. Guess we are going to have to find a place to refuel."

Roll looked at the computer terminal before she sighed." Thankfully the Flutter can make it to a few planets where it should be possible to refuel. We…just have to make sure no one will be out to get us when we are there, or it could be game over."

Mike glanced at the computer monitor before he raised an eyebrow, and grinned." Hey, wait…if I'm seeing the map right I got an idea on where we can go. Yah…we can refuel at Milliways!"

Roll blinked a few times before she rubbed her head." Milliways? What planet is that?"

"Nah you're getting the wrong ideas. Its Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe! the Restaurant at the End of the Universe! No better way to settle this then being served Pan an Galactic Gargle Blaster by good old Garkbit! It's built on the fragmented remains of that mining colony Knowhere and let me tell yah a meal there is something you need to put on your bucket list!

It moves around all over the universe to you know, avoid being locked down with a grumpy neighbor but if you got a coupon like me you can find where they are hanging, and they seem to be hanging near enough for us to make it."

As everyone looked at where Mike was pointing to Pam just snorted in amusement. "You're a regular at Milliways eh your highness? What you get lost or something one day?"

"Nah, it was on purpose Pam. My father went there to show good will even to those who were legit on the edge of civilization and all that jazz. I been there a few times even without the folks, would not use my name to avoid attention but the staff knows me. They don't take sides and no one's crazy enough to rub off a place with such good food so it should be a good place as any eh?"

Barrel saw where Mike was pointing before he chuckled." Well, it's as safe to go as any place that's not Bethel Kingdom and I did hear a few good things about this Milliways. Alright works for me, but you're buying."

"Heh, thankfully they did not take my credit card old timer." Mike replied to casualty. Pam saw the confidence in the face of Ben Auro's son before she snickered." Well…might enjoy just seeing the reaction to this so what the hell. Just don't get us all shot down because you can't read the room."

Mike saw the utter contempt the taller blond woman in the room had before the casual look in his eyes faded, before he snickered back." Oh Pamula, I know are first impression was not ideal but I' bet my best ship that you will see I'm not just a pampered guy who knows how to talk."

Pam saw the black-haired man was serious before she shrugged." Well, you already outright said you can't fight so guess you have to be good at something. Sure, knock yourself out. Welp…this is going to be one of those days alright."

"Seems so. Still…before we go on all that might if I get in a few Z's? I may have been frozen for a while but that just makes me feel more tired."

Roll nodded before she pointed to the right." Sure thing your majesty. We have one guest room down to the right. It may not be what your use to but its clean."

"Hey no worries there, anything after what Salamanca threw me in is going to feel like a palace sweetheart. "

As he walked off Mike swerved a bit to see Pam look detached and everyone else look uneasy before he glanced at his watch computer. He took a deep breath before he touched a button to have a contact list open up." Well…better think this through when I'm not groggy. I mean…this has to be a mistake. Someone…someone has to have an answer. I mean…it can't be that bad…right?"

As Mike when to his room little did he know things were even worst then he feared.

At around the same time at Earth Prime, the sudden arrival of a man calmly declaring a Klingon with multiple doomsday machines to stop caused everyone on both sides to blink in bafflement.

T'Kuvma blinked a bit and saw this Sieg looked completely serious before he chuckled darkly." Is that so? For someone who always wins, I never heard your name once. Are you some businessman who looks like the "Final Emperor"? Bah…nothing you have to sell matters now when everything of your kind is about to be erased!"

"See that's the problem" Sieg answered casually as he looked at Zeta Halo. Your right to not know who I am, I'm new to these parts. However, the fact is I am now here, and your transaction will affect what has become under my property, so I'm asking if you will reconsider. You all could have value as my employees if you show you have the right business sense."

T'Kuvma narrowed his eyes before he glanced at the Gnew with amusement. "It seems another human has lost your mind. Bah, you think you can bargain with me like if the damn Ferengi were still alive? There is nothing a human can offer me!"

Escharum snarled with disgust as the Gnew eyed the man in the tuxedo." This fool thinks he can haggle with a warrior? You're not even worth dying with the rest of your kin! Make sure your barrier is ready T'Kumva…this Earth needs some last second remodeling, keep your shields up while I vaporize this insolent fool! Axial superlaser cannon locked on…and fire!"

The Klingon warped to a Bird of Prey craft above him as the massive mecha had its chest slide open, before a cannon slid out, and it fired out a massive red laser, the same kind of laser from the Xyston-class Star Destroyers in the Final Order fleet commanded by Emperor Palpatine that's firepower was suppose to be superior to the fabled Death Star…but everyone was shocked as Sieg let out a small grin…before he casually batted the planet busting energy beam away with his bare hand without any effort.

Sieg saw the beam get knocked into a Klingon Bird of Prey warship and vaporize it and a dozen ships behind it in seconds. As his enemies gasped…his smirk widened." Are you sure about that? I transaction in something every single life-form in existence understands in one term or another…power."

T'Kuvma had his eye twitch as he saw Sieg effortlessly wave his hand before he uttered," What…are you Ben Auro after all? This some sort of game?"

"Don't compare me to any…inferior knockoff's. But I suppose this is a game. You know in a place just like this I had a golf course that I was fond of. DO they have golf anymore around these parts?"

Escharum roared with disgust as he flew to the center of the Zeta Halo." Enough! Even if Ben Auro survived…he can't be everywhere at once, even you can't block an attack that this everywhere across the galaxy! Watch as all the precious humans that worship you get exterminated! Shine Spark!"

The Gnew covered itself in green energy, pure Getter Radiation before flying into the center of Zeta Halo. This caused the super-weapon to surge with power, before it unleashed a wave of white energy in all directions.

Sieg saw the energy blind the sky and merely yawned." It will cost you to compare me to others. Putting limits on the man who always wins…is quite the foolish thing to do. Why would god need a spaceship? If you don't have that power under your direct control, your no "god". I'll show you what I think of your toy. Mukagen…Blue."

Sieg's eyes glowed with golden light, before he raised his right hand, and formed a golden golf club.

T'Kuvma had a barrier around him to protect him from Zeta Halo's beam, and just snarled at the sight." What is this…you stumble into one of those old Green Lantern Rings? Bah, you can create whatever object you like, it can't do a thing in the face of a power that rivals…god?"

The Klingon, and everyone else was shocked as the golf club glowed with golden light, till suddenly the entire wave of energy that Zeta Halo fired, was all sucked into the golf club in a matter of moments.

Sieg did not move an inch as the energy went to his free hand, and he grasped it before it took the shape of a golf ball sized orb that had a miniature galaxy contained in it.

As everyone looked at him in shock Sieg glanced at Zeta Halo and shrugged." You think because you have some toys, you're a god? Nonsense…fancy as they maybe they are in the end still just toys in the face of a true winner.

After all, a true god makes whatever he desires the ultimate weapon. And if I desire this golf ball to be the most destructive force in this universe…then guess what that means?"

Sieg casually put the golf ball down and got into a golfer's stance. Escharum saw this and became enraged." You…DAMN YOU HUMAN! This is some trick…but I'll rip the."


Sieg casually declared as he smashed the golf ball that looked like a miniature universe right into the Gnew in the span of seconds using some sort of magic to race forward faster than the speed of light.

The sheer impact alone rocked the entire mecha so hard that Escharum was smashed through the window. As he saw the light in the center of the bug like machine grow more immense before he coughed up blood from the sudden glass in his gut." N…nothing ends. My death will inspire a thousand others! Tell them, tell Atriox I…died like…GUH!"

The golf ball exploded and vaporized the chest of the Gnew in an instant. After those parts of the explosion broke off to cause even more explosions, shattering the rest of the Mecha, and Zeta Halo in a matter of moments.

Sieg saw some of the fragments descend into the Klingon home world before he just put the golf club back over his shoulder." Your death won't do anything, because anyone that would be inspired by you shawl soon be joining you in death."

Floch saw that the shock-wave crashed T'Kuvma's ship back into the ground near them. The shield protected the leader of the attack force, but the humans saw how horrified T'Kuvma looked as he escaped his destroyed vehicle before he looked at Sieg with awe." That…that has to be the savior, because he saved us all! Something must have changed him but, long as he saved us it works for me!"

Gabriel eyed Sieg intently before he grasped his fist tightly." I can…feel traces of Ben's soul…but also feel things that I never felt in my entire life…something that's never been in this universe. It's almost like the Beyonder…but even more…alien. Ben…what did Doug do to you? This, almost reminds me of how he was as Idious…but this somehow feels even more twisted than that!"

Sieg did not seem to hear the angel's remark as he glanced at the Klingon and made a mocking gesture." Now then…I know most Klingons are rather stubborn…but who's blind to reality again? Another thing…your mistaken.

My transaction did not cover a building in this city, nor this planet. No…I consider this entire universe part of my territory. I'm a man who understands there can be a misunderstanding…but anyone who causes a problem for my business is going to end up being terminated."

T'Kuvma turned pale before he stepped back a bit." Wait…no…this was all a misunderstanding. Knowing that your alive changes everything. The Klingons can still be of use to the Bethel Kingdom!"

Sieg narrowed his eyes before he sighed." How pitiful, you act like your "strong" but the likes of you would be torn apart in moments back in the Negaverse. My brand won't be tainted being associated with failures.

Let me show you, and everyone else just want my brand truly is. Mary…bring the board here, have the Totality station itself over my location. It's time to officially begin this universe's merger with the IV&C. God may not need a spaceship, but his followers need to travel in a craft that showcases the splendor and glory of their brand."

After a few moments sparks of light could be seen in the ruins of Zeta Halo…before a light blinded everyone.

Moments later, a hole in space and time itself seemed to materialize, till a gold and platinum colored crystalline object, looking sort of like a crown appeared out of the sudden hole in the universe.

The new object that was bigger than a moon had its tips shimmer with light before it fired a beam of light right in front of Sieg.

Out of the pillar of light came a beautiful woman with short curly red hair and golden eyes which was longer on her left side. She wore a black business-style suit with a white scarf around her neck, and a golden, V-shaped lapel pin on the chest.

The woman looked around calmly before giving a small nod." I hope your enjoying your time on your new acquisition Sieg."

"But of course, Mary. Educating the locals on the new terms is always some of the more enjoyable parts of a takeover. The Klingons here are either crazed or desperate it seems."

Gabriel saw Mary's face, and nearly dropped his staff." What the…Lacus? Your soul feels as distorted and hollow as Ben's! What…what happened with your clash with Fitter? Did the, GUH!"

In an instant Sieg waved his golf club with enough force to create a shock-wave that blew everyone around him asides from Mary off their feet.

As the angel grunted in pain Sieg cleared his throat." I insist you not mistake my Secretary…Nephilim...for someone…lesser.

As you see Mary…the scouting reports were genuine, this "Prime Universe" has been through a rather rough couple of centuries. Its people will have to be…fully educated."

T'Kuvma saw Mary's casual response before he snarled bitterly." Damn you…Ben Auro! The Klingon race does not roll over, even to those who think they are god! We will oppose you till the last! As the heart of my race…I will never yield to clowns!"

Sieg narrowed his eyes before he glanced at the planet behind the Klingon." Any sensible man would have seen the writing on the wall by now Klingon. I made my offer, and now that you refused it this entire universe will see the price for being insolent.

I see like so many other universe's, you Klingon's have a rather distorted view of your race. Its time your kind realizes how small they truly are." Sukunahikona. "

Sieg pointed his golf club at T'Kuvma, before pointing it at his planet. His eyes glowed before he snapped his fingers with his free hand.

A magical pentagram appeared around the man in the tuxedo, before a matching one appeared around the Klingon home world.

The entire planet suddenly started to shrink, and in a matter of moments the planet was suddenly gone. As T'Kuvma blinked in shock Sieg only smirked." It's not so fun when your worlds the one that suddenly is relocated eh Klingon?"

"You…you devil where did, huh?"

Sieg suddenly extended his free hand, before a new orb appeared in it. As T'Kuvma narrowed his eyes he realized that it seemed the man before him had grasped the entire planet of Oo"noS in his hand before his jaw dropped." What…what trickery is this? You make a game out of my…GUH!"

In an instant Sieg dashed at the Klingon, and jammed the ball sized planet into T'Kuvma's chest, smashing through his energy shield effortlessly, and slamming the planet right into his heart.

As T'Kuvma coughed up blood Sieg's eyes narrowed and brimmed with raw contempt." What am I doing? I've tired of your posturing, so I made your proclamation real. Now you really are the heart of your planet! Now, you can feel your world, your race die with you."

DAMN YOU! I swear you will, RUH!"

Sieg hurled the Klingon into the air like his body was made out of straw before he muttered an icy," I will do anything I want, because even if you teamed up with every last one of your counterparts across the multiverse you would not have the might to overpower me.

The last thing you do, will be a magnet to drag every last member of your race in this entire universe to oblivion. After all, the cost of offending me, causes compound interest that no mortal can atone for alone. Genocidal Chain Deletion."

Sieg jabbed his golf-club into T'Kuvma's gut, then had the club glow, and then extend before it thrust him into the air. As the Klingon saw the golf club glow after absorbing his blood, and branch out to strike the Klingon ships around him Sieg chuckled." With this binding curse, all those who have some semblance to your soul will die with you. And you won't even have the luxury of the afterlife, for I'm shredding your entire race's souls as well.

You were right T'Kuvma, it was a good day to die, for your entire race. Your act to bring your race salvation and glory, has just led to your kind's erasure from the universe. And now…may this be your race's final transaction with the universe…for your all fired from my universe."

Sieg grasped his free hand tightly and had it glow, before T"Kuvma saw the thread out of his chest burst up to drag any remaining Klingon's from all over the universe, and kill them as well across the dimension, causing him to scream out one last time, before his heart exploded, killing him and all of the shrunk Klingon people along with the shrunken planet.

As the Klingon's severed skull rolled over to Sieg the man in the tuxedo wiped some dust off his shoulder." Nothing personal…but my brand has no room for letting defiance slide. I'd say sorry…but winners don't apologize."

At the moment Mary bowed." Marvelous work as always. Shawl I ensure their collaborators share the same fate?"

Thank you for the cleanup proposal, Mary…but remember we can't get to trigger happy. We can't harvest resources if we destroy them all on a few whims."

"As you wish Sieg." Mary calmly retorted." I know any judgment you made with those Rikugan eyes of yours are precise ones. There are still plenty of possible potential employees, my hopes were that a display of the consequences will make things clear to the rest."

"Well, only one way to find out yes? Time to get the transition task-force to work."

"Of course. Drakkon, Wayne, Richards, Parker, you are authorized to begin the colonization."

The Totality above shot four more beams of light to create four new pillars in front of Sieg. The first one to emerge was a man in white armor, with an extra layer of greenish black armor on his chest, and a tiger like helmet with a red visor covering the man's face. In his hands were a dagger on one hand, and a sword with a tiger's hilt in the other.

As this man looked around, from the second pillar came out a man in a blue suit with a sliver helmet that had a blue eye on the front of it.

Out of the third pillar emerged a man in a red suit looking like a spider with the symbol of a spider on his chest, with a clawed mouth like a shark, and four metal tentacles attached to his back.

From the fourth pillar emerged a man with pale white skin in a black leather coat, with a scythe in his hand, and a bat cowl over his head, and a spiked collar covering his eyes.

Gabriel saw the bat shaped man lick his lips before he paused." Wait…is that…Batman?"

The man he looked at snickered as he leaned back." Heh…if you think I'm Batman I assure you I…laugh a bit more. Oh…this is going to be fun. It seems this universe is due for a reception…from the Dark Multiverse."

Floch saw Sieg looking amused before he rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not hallucinating before he looked around." Did…did the savior find a way to gain even more power? No matter how different they looked he's summoned hero's from the past. Has, he found a way to ascend to the level of divinity that Cosmos had? Has he truly become god?"

The Spider like man and the helmeted man both looked at the young soldiers before the spider man cackled and had his hand morph into an ax." Man these guys are on the slow side eh bossman? Maybe they will still blink as I cut their heads off!" As the man in red licked his lips Sieg put up his hand." Lord Drakkon, Superior Spider Carnage…stand down. There's no point punishing people for what they don't understand.

All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them."

I think we need a proper introduction. I'm no angel or god, I'm something better. Yes, I'm a winner, the ultimate winner. I'm someone who's hunger to win is so great, that demons, machines, angels, even what you would define as god were just obstacles that got in the way of my profit margin.

As you may have heard, you can call me Sieg or "Mister V-Day". I don't win everything instantly, but while there may be lulls, I won and kept on winning till I won everything in the universe, and the one after that, AND the one after that.

Politicians, soldiers, demons...androids…angels…deities…" Heroes" all that stood in the way of my profits were terminated one after the other.

You seem to have seen some variation of my employees but while they have a few things in common, what sets these ones apart is that they are winners, true winners that did not lose because of primitive outdated nonsense such as morality or virtue.

For only winners deserve to work in my company. You see I run a corporation named among other things IV&C…short for Infinite Victory and Conquest Incorporated. I know there could be more…elegant names but I wanted a simple thing that can be said in an instant, an instant reminder of the superior brand.

It seems your universe was not aware of the greater Multiverse, and it did take me quite some time to reach this…unique, and somewhat crowded universe.

And yet I'm here because I think this universe could do well for a merger. I won't promise paradise for all, that's a fool's delusion and it seems people hear have suffered enough at the hands of clowns wound up by deluded deities.

But I will promise that the winners will get what they deserve, and those who are in the way of that fate will be punished properly, and utterly. I won't deny I'm ruthless at getting at what I want, but I won't turn down a worthwhile investment. IS there anyone here who feels like winning again?"

Gabriel saw those behind him looking confused and scared before he took a deep breath." Ben…Lacus…what happened to you? What…what did Doug do to you? Is this something like, Darth Idious? If this is some reaction that caused your heart and mind to become lost to darkness you must fight to not lose yourself! Is this another thing like the Beyonder? But…Abel's soul moved passed on over a century ago."

Sieg eyed the angel carefully…and just snickered." You really think I'm someone else do you? I'm no prototype god, I'm far more perfect than that. And well…there was a person I encountered not too long ago when I first entered this "Prime Universe" that did look like a dimensional counterpart.

They gave an even poorer welcome then the Klingon…but they…like everyone else found out who the true winner was. Oh yes, I kept some sovereigns as my mementos to my arrival. That's right, I kept them right here."

Sieg reached into the pockets of the outer cape over his tuxedo and took two objects, before casually throwing them to the ground.

Gabriel saw that the objects were two broken sword hilts, one from a golden sword, and a smaller white and blue sword, swords Gabriel knew all too well, for as he saw the sights he gasped in horror." What the…the Divine Mugen Nova, and the Oathkeeper!"

Floch saw those around him falling to their knees before he gasped." Those are…the blades of the Savior and the Ethereal Queen of Light! Those are no mere copies…I can feel some of their magical energy lingering on the hilts! It…it would take the power of god to break those divine objects!"

Sieg shrugged as he looked up." If you have any desire to be my employee you must rethink your perception of "God". After all…gods die. And when they truly die they are unmourned and unremembered.

Ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed, in the end. Those two were…obstinate, but they were not the first dimensional counterparts I had to terminate to clear the path to my progress."

Gabriel saw the delight in Sieg's voice before he narrowed his eyes, and had his holy energy surge with enough force to blow those around Sieg, aside from Mary back." You...your right Sieg "V-day." You're not Ben. You may have his face but he's a hero, and you're a monster who treats life as a game!"

Sieg just rolled his eyes at the outburst before he made a beckoning gesture." I never said I was a hero, after all I like winning. I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you're alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.

I observed enough of the history about this universe to know that Ben Auro had every agent of "justice" siding him at one point at time, and still failed. That seems to mean that the worth of all hero's and their "morals" and "justice do not amount to much if it's left the universe in such a sorry state yes?

This fantasy that the weak deserve as much as the strong, that the losers are as worthy as the winners, has done nothing but conduct a song that's wasted enough time as it is.

So, I'm here to make sure that the universe, that all universe's grow up from such delusions…so that things will be as they should be. The victor shall write the tale, and the vanquished becomes it's villain, and so after I vanquish you angel, your entire long life will be nothing but a joke I tell at dinners."

Gabriel flew up into the air before veins formed in his forehead." You…your just another being like the Beyonder…a twisted horror from beyond. But no matter what powers you have, you will not destroy everyone's liberty for your own pleasure! We will all fight till the end! Lighting Dragoons!"

The angel fired a blast of lighting that took the shape of many dragon heads, and had it collided into Sieg. However, his target did not even flinch, as the attack shattered upon impact.

The man with Ben Auro's face just narrowed his eyes before grasping his hand tightly." Ready to die without regrets now that you had your petty defiance? Liberty," boomed Sieg, as he walked up "is a whore who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses. If you want to volunteer, then that's fine by me. You know I knew an angel like you on my reality.

He was as deluded and self-righteous as you, and completely blind to me decapitating him. To think so many fools across so many universes see you angels as beings to revere, instead of failures to mock.

After all you drag everyone down with your narrow delusional perception of the nature of things. Heh…I admit at first I wondered why angels appear more to the young, but the answer is simple, it's because you want to mold those who won't question your authority."

The one called Lord Dharkon snickered as he pointed his sword at Gabriel." Zordon…and all the fools like him and you chose children for a reason. Their "Hope" their optimism. But also there naivete. Their controllability.

Eventually though…every child realizes a fundamental truth. That their parents…for their strength are incredibly flawed. That they have feet of claw that in many ways hold us back. Eventually every child…must grow up!"

The Batman who Laughed unleashed a cackle that caused the angel to get unsettled." You angels and "gods" hustle weaker men by giving the impression you know everything, yet it's so clear you fail to understand us at our most fundamental level.

Beings like you, you see humanity, see our dark instincts…and you try to save us. But the mistake all of you make is thinking we want to be saved, rather than unleashed.

The big secret, the truth is that in the end its you "holy beings" who want to be saved from us. So, its time you die knowing this…we look at you who beg to our "better angels"…and we laugh.

Soon every universe there is will laugh, as we purge the corruption from all space and time once and for all."

Gabriel saw Seig's "allies" begin to surround him before he braced himself before spitting out a defiant," Your wrong…some things never die. Even if I'm just learning about this" Multiverse", I know the light of hope can't be blown out, not entirely! And the hero's that fight for those ideas endure, even if it sometimes requires a generation to finish the fight!"

Sieg sighed before he closed his eyes." I once heard someone say something to the effect of "the way mosquitos deal with an inability to know what's going on in life is to lay ten thousand eggs and hope one survives; the way humans deal with that is to spin off ten thousand ideas and let those die instead of them.

And heroes would…in a sense…be the carriers of those ideas while the "consumer," or at least large numbers of them in collective, are the ones who decide who dies? Heroes… in the end are just cultural champions.

These "heroes" are a particular type of hero meant to embody all the best aspects of their place and time of origin to express the glory of their tribe's glory. But some would always be on the losing side of that glory, and to try and gain what they did not deserve they spun lies, fantasies.

I won't deny it's an alluring fantasy, one that lingers and regroups time and again. But such ideology, such faith, it cuts into my profits. That's why…I'm going to unleash a force that will destroy the very notion of a hero as a serious career path across the entire Multiverse.

Now…its clear this angel's alignment is part of his core…but do the rest of you want to side with justice…or victory?"

Floch and some of the others looked at Sieg with shock before he winced." Is…is this just to torture us more? We saw what Homelander and some of are other enemies say stuff like that, and then just got a laugh as they killed us as brutally as they could think of! If we are going to die at least we will die with honor!"

Sieg shrugged before he went for something in his pocket." If you insist, I won't stop you. However this is no petty shallow stunt. I'm without mercy to those who get in my way, but I'm not petty enough to turn down prospects when possible.

If you join me now, you will live, and very will live better lives then you ever will with this outdated relic and the rest of this dying order. Tell me…you been fighting this "war" for generations…and how has that gone for you? There is not even the reward of heaven anymore, but I can grant winners the heaven they deserve. Join me and you will see I can, and have forged more fitting paradises for winners in one universe to another…for the right price of course."

Floch saw Sieg was not looking ready to attack before he gulped." What do you mean…what would you want?"

Sieg saw more than a few were looking hopeful before his grin widened. "Loyalty of course, but one that will be rewarded. Like any business, we will need to form a contract, though I do have my own, unique spins on the matter. I even have "quick" contracts for time sensitive situations."

Floch looked around, before he grasped his fist tightly. "What…what will happen?"

Gabriel saw the look in the young man's eyes before he grit his teeth." No, you must not be tempted by him! The words of a devil lead to the dark side, and to damnation!"

Sieg snickered before his hand glowed with golden energy." Spoken like a true obsolete buffoon. Oh I'm far worst then a demon or a devil to you angel. Demons are so limited, I've found defining themselves by their opposites in heaven, evil, for the sake of dragging down the good, is such a narrow view that limits, profitability.

All paths lead to power. The difference is if you reach that power as the stool for someone else, or the person doing the stepping. Which kind of person do you want to be kid?"

Floch saw some of the others looked horrified, and some just looked unsure before he glanced at Gabriel, and the Tower of Destiny and grit his teeth." I, I want to win! My family has fought for Ben Auro and the angels for generations!

But these hero's have done nothing but fail to deliver what they promised! I thought I had no choice, but I don't want to die for a lost cause out of pride! I want to win!"

"Good man." Sieg answered plainly before his eyes started to glow." If you embrace your true nature and have some talent, there is always a place for you in my company. So here, time to be this universe's first subscriber to IV&C! "

Sieg's face transformed, till his eyes took the shape of a hollow, glowing, vaguely cross-shaped void that covered the front of his face. As he did, a coin formed in his hand. It was a gold shaped coin the size of a thumb, and on it was the letter V, with spikes on the sides of a V.

The composed man casually offered the coin to the defector of the Bethel Kingdom before his grin widened." It's simple, become a member by taking this coin and allowing a portion of my power to consume you. Just make your intentions clear, and it will all go from there."

Sieg threw the coin up, and Floch quickly caught it. He saw Gabriel looked desperate before his face hardened." I, I want to be on the winning side, not the fools who died for nothing. I want to, RAH!"

The coin shined some more before it sunk into his body. Pillars of light shot out of his mouth and eyes before his muscles started to expand. Sieg saw the man's body twitch before he shrugged." Well then I suppose its morphing time."

A pillar of light consumed Floch, and faded after a few moments. When the light was gone, Floch's entire body was covered in gold, and his clothing and transformed into a metallic golden armor that had merged with his skin.

His hair was now gone making him bald, and his eyes now had the same shape of a hollow, glowing, vaguely cross-shaped void that Sieg had, and the same V that was on the coin, and also on the Totality above.

Gabriel saw Floch glance at his hands before he gasped." That…that almost reminds me of the Sliver Surfer. Did, did he make him a herald like how Galactus did to Norrin Rad?"

"Heh…figures you would have a Galactus in this universe." Sieg answered bluntly." To be fair there is a few things in common, but my power is far superior to the likes of the Power Cosmic. Whoever this man is, he is now the first in this world to stream my power, to transform from a mere man to a subscriber of IV&C, to become an Apex Ignister!

Since you're the first one, you got the "premium package." When your" streaming" my power, the price is you lose the right to control your body. But just the price of being on the "Winning team"." Unlike others I don't give illusions over who's in control.

Those below me own nothing on their own, I can take everything away from them, their power, there joy, and everything else in an instant if I choose to sever the soul stream.

But at least I'm being honest about where things stand, and if you do what's expected you will have unending joy…instead of everlasting misery. Now then if you're my employee…I expect you to deliver."

Gabriel saw the transformed man in front of him was motionless before he staggered forward." Fight it Floch! As distorted as it is I know you can fight it! Don't give in to the, GUH!"

The angel felt a surge of pain erupt in his chest, as he realized that in a flash the Apex Ignister charged at him and smashed him hard enough in the gut to break ribs.

Gabriel had blood burst out of his mouth before he looked down and saw Floch was gritting his teeth before his transformed eye surged with light." I want to win…WIN!"

He then smashed his former commander in the face hard enough to launch him all the way into the Tower of Destiny. Before the former top agent of Cosmos could even focus the golden man unleashed a barrage of blows as he kept screaming win while attacking in a berserk fury.

Gabriel at last backed away long enough to raise his weapon, only for Floch to have his right hand glow, before it morphed into a blade, and sliced the angel's weapon in half instantly.

The Celestial one dashed backwards at full speed, and saw the look of pure hate at the man that use to serve him before he winced." Floch…I'm sorry I failed you so much, I'm so sorry we angels failed the universe this badly. But it won't end like this, I won't let this twisted nightmare be the destiny of the universe! Celestial Star!"

The angel unleashed all the divine energy he had left and fired a white energy sphere with inner ring and an outer ring of transparent polyhedrons at his opponent. However, the Ignister saw the beam and formed a grin as his own aura exploded." Mugen…RAY!"

The golden man's eye glowed, before his left hand transformed into a cannon, and he unleashed a projectile of his own. The white and golden energy beams collided for a few moments…before Gabriel saw his blast was being consumed more and more each moment.

As hard as he pushed, the blast got close enough for his hands to start to burn before terror consumed him." No…One Above All…is this truly…how you wished the universe to go? Cosmos…I, I failed you, the angels failed you! NOO!"

Gabriel Celeste became consumed by the Mugen Ray, and only had time to scream in despair before one of the first angels of the universe was vaporized.

The blast also blasted away a chunk of the Tower of Destiny, the place where Ben obtained the Divine Nova he needed to fulfill his destiny to stop Chaos Zannacross Necron.

As Sieg saw the tower fall, and saw a few angel feathers float near him he caught them, and vaporized them with his aura as his grin turned vindictive." Out with the old, in with the new. Angels may have been on the top of the "Food chain" in this dimension for ages…but they are just relics in the face of anyone that has my brand.

The forces of "light" ask you to reach past the ceiling into nowhere, into a nothing future, one without any real victory, just lies to delude yourself of how things are.

True power lies in looking deep inside oneself, embracing one's real nature, in a nature that is rooted in the past. Your friend is a perfect creature of victory, the fury of demons without the "taint" of sin. The original form of man, an apex predator.

I don't blame you for being mistaken…those in not just this universe, but the bigger Multiverse refuses to see the truth and keep trying to keep the grand con about light, justice, morality and all that going.

I seek to break the "Bones" of the multiverse to set it correctly, so that when it "Heals" it will fortify in a shape where so called" evil" is not the dark reflection of natural order, it is the natural order. And if that means destroying every universe that believes in heroism, then so be it.

So now that it's become clear which power is superior…anyone else what to subscribe while the offer is on the table?"

While half of the humans in front of him looked horrified, and a quarter looked vengeful, the other quarter of men and woman looked desperate as one blond girl cried out," I don't want to die for nothing, I'll join you!"

Sieg saw the desperation all around him and grasped his hand." Talk is cheap, prove your worth to me."

He flicked a dozen more golden coins into the air, and the group punched and kicked their own comrades to grab the falling objects. In moments the group of defectors did the same thing as Floch, and quickly transformed into more Ignister's, though they were all bronze colored.

The remaining forces loyal to the angels gave out cries out outrage and shock, only for the transformed group to give battle cries, before crying out," WIN! As long as we win…there is no sin! Win…WIN!"

Sieg looked around as people were being brutally killed behind him, and as a severed arm flung his way, he batted it away like a fly before he turned to Mary." Well then…lets set up shop shawl we?"

The red-haired woman nodded before she glanced at the others." You heard the boss, start full deployment."

Lord Drakkon nodded before he put out his dagger, and flipped it to his side. Somehow, despite wearing a helmet, the green and white colored masked man played a tune that had a commanding tone.

After playing this Dragon Dagger for a while. The ripple in space where the Totality castle emerged from glowed once more, before a skyscraper sized machine that looked like a humanoid dragon and a tiger's head for a chest flew out, carrying a large golden pillar.

The robot slammed the pillar into the Tower of Destiny, destroying it utterly before it slammed hard enough into Earth Prime to rock the planet. It only took a few seconds till an antenna shaped like a tuning fork.

A spike burst out of the top and wing like objects formed to its sides. It then fired a beam of golden light into the golden castle.

The man in the blue uniform with the helmet looked at the energy before he smirked." The Getter Gravezord installed the tower correctly, the "frequency" seems to be broadcasting correctly so as far as it seems now, it should go as planned. Well "Boss" I figured your reports about the potential for the "Prime Universe" would not be off…but it would seem it's even better then I hoped.

We might have the means for the Negaverse to win the multiverse war even faster than expected…you already broke their most powerful defenders so it's all uphill from here."

"Now then Mister Richards…let's not get cocky like some foolish devil." Sieg answered bluntly as he closed his eyes." Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar were supposed to be "the champions" Of this universe, but the one everyone thought fought them, Doug Fitter, is still around.

He does not have there…weakness…and he's spent centuries perfecting the art of being an agent of chaos so, while his actions may have been what broke the divide between this universe and the rest…he's clearly a man who puts his pride above everything else, and that could affect the bottom line.

Between that and the remaining elite followers to Auro, and the other "Superman" that are trying to be this universe's god, this will be a workout yet. But that's good…we can't get lax before the end goal yes "Maker"?"

Before the Reed Richards from another reality could respond the planet shook, as a chuckle cut in, a chuckle that sounded like the universe was shaking." I HOPED THIS UNIVERSE WOULD DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISED "JIGEN GORATH YUUZHAN" BUT IT LOOKS LIKE ITS ALREADY ROTTEN! IT LOOKS LIKE ITS SO BROKEN THE FUN'S ALREADY GONE!"

As the golden pillar of light went through the hole in space, the rip in space and time made by the Getter Gravezord suddenly grew to four times its size, as a massive being that looked like its eye was the size of a planet emerged from the other side.

The figure looked like a upside down bald man with teeth like a shark and a tongue like tentacle out of the side of his head…and while the very universe seemed to be shaking at this figure that seemed to be the length of trillions of light years in the sky, Sieg greeted the emergence of the sudden being towering over the universe with an annoyed sigh." Gingrich…you told me your operation would take around another day yes?"


Mary cleared her throat before she pointed at the massive figure in the hole in space." Getting too excited are we now Mister Gingrich? Member of the hightable of the board of winners or not, even a fellow sixth dimensional many angled lifeforms must follow the proper decorum for a board meeting. It's all but the same as entering the office with mud on your shoes."

The massive creature saw Seig's face was looking keenly at it before its mouth and the tentacle around it twitched." BAH…IF YOU INSIST. IDRISSA IS RIGHT BEHIND ME!"

The hole in the sky unleashed another blinding light before the being that looked as large as a universe appeared in front of Sieg, now the size of a bulky bald eight-foot man who was casually floating upside down, had blank white eyes, and shark like teeth.

The being known as Gingrich looked around and smirked." Happy I'm in the business suit for the meeting now Sieg? Ugh, individual corporal forms are so tentative right? An agreement of flesh and bone suggests something more.

I got the limbs correctly, eh? Been a while since I dressed up so it's taking a while to get the " human" feel back. I was saying…this place is…" ok" but does not look its worth THAT much compared to what's already merged with the Negaverse! So now that you lay down the law in this universe are you going to broadcast a speech and lay down a flag or something?"

Sieg closed his eyes before he shrugged." You're implying I want to declare myself as this universe's ruler Gingrich? I know this universe is already mine.

There's no point declaring you're the ruler of what is not going to exist for that much longer. All that's needed is to hustle enough of the players to move things in the direction of are profit margins."

"Ugh…if there are a lot of idiots who don't know their place let's just liquidate the whole place, devour it and move on!"

"Short sited as always Gingrich…" Sieg casually responded." That's why you're not in charge of the plan eh? It's like the 8 ball in a game of pool, you need it to hit the other balls in place. Its more to get all the other universe's in alignment for the end game then the resources itself. Besides…even the wild cards can be tamed, we broken worst.

From what I seen…some of those like Homelander, The Sentry, Superian, and Thragg can be tamed like any wild beast. And Fitter's stubbornness can be used against him easily enough.

I get it. I do. He's an individualist. Rugged individualism. But while he ripped apart the very universe apart with his passion…the fact is it simply doesn't work anymore.

Brands. Sure. A useful heuristic. But ultimately, everything is all systems interlaced, a single product manufactured by a single company for a single multiverse market. Spicy, medium, or chunky. They get a choice, of course. Of course! But they are buying salsa. Even if he is the devil himself…he will learn such brands are shortly to be out of favor…across the entire multiverse."

Before Gingrich could respond a snort cut him off." SOUNDS LIKE FUN SIEG. REMINDS US OF MY LAST FLING FROM UNIVERSE N64."

Sieg and Gingrich glanced to the hole in the sky, and saw another massive being, one that looked like a woman with a pixie cut and snakes coming out of her back look down in the hole, before she glowed and to turned to human size as she crossed dimensions and landed besides Sieg.

As she stood up she looked like a six foot woman with hair that looked like fire itself and purple eyes with no pupils that looked like the eyes of spiders. She was wearing a suit that seemed to be compose of diamond shaped animal fur and heads and the skin on her body that could be seen was covered with tattoos.

She glanced at a golden katana in her sheath before she yawned." Alright "Boss" we finally getting to the good stuff after killing one weak universe after another?"

"Do I ever fail to deliver to my board of winners?" Sieg answered casually as he made a mock bow." Now then… Gingrich Zaslav Yammka…Carmen Idrissa Harla, with touching down on the Prime Universe, the IV&C is officially entering phase four of its outline."

Gingrich looked around before he licked his tongue." So, if this goes to plan…the Negaverse really will dominate over all other universe's eh?"

Idrissa snickered before she flicked her hair back." If anyone else had a plan like this I would say they were so high that they did not know their own damn name. Still…after everything else you pulled off, and the vision Mary showed us, total dominance over everything there is does not seem too far off."

Sieg grasped his hand tightly before he looked up." It's nothing convoluted. Its logical winners get what they deserve, and I just want the piece of the pie of the Multiverse that I'm deserving of….all of it."

Idrissa sighed before her armor rippled." Still…it's a shame you left us out of the opening act boss man…really wanted to have fun tearing the big guys apart. Well…does he have any brats still running around? Guys that call themselves the Final Emperor tend to have dozens of them to " Through there weight around." Hashtag try hard and all that.

A hissing sound was heard before a mouth opened up out of her right palm and grinned." We should try and hunt down the leftovers Idrissa…it will totally make for a good show for the fans to show us hunt another "special flavor".

Idrissa saw the noise came from the lion on the back of her neck before she rolled her eyes." Hush Jaguara, Balalaika, when it's your turn to steer things you get to decide who to rip apart! Sorry, my siblings are not happy I won control for the rest of the month.

My sisters are quite eager to rip apart something fun to make up for it but seems we missed it. I know you're the boss Sieg but did you have to kill all the hot shots here and leave nothing for us?"

"It was not my plan if that makes you happy. Alas, this all started when I killed Ben Auro's son Richard he mistook me for Doug Fitter." Sieg answered with amusement." He only had one other son, a Michael Auro. It seems my…counterpart was to overwhelmed from trying to keep the universe together to see more offspring as anything then a burden.

Heh…and it seems this second son did not even fight much as it seemed like he could not do anything worthwhile to make a difference. While…I don't like loose ends…unless something happens…something like that is a low priority."

Idrissa saw the utter in difference before she snorted." Man, I was hoping this place would have someone fun to fight but sounds like he was an even bigger failure then you first thought!"

Sieg grasped his fist tightly before his eyes narrowed." To be fair…he has done enough work to have at least some diehard followers…but diehard losers just means he was too weak to have the means to really win.

But…all the more reason I'll show this universe, and every other, what the true ultimate winner is. Despite having all the knowledge of a universe at his command, he never truly had the means, the will to become god.

Compared to someone who pulled aspects of myself from the most terrifying, the most vicious things across realities to become something new, to become the culmination of human evil and drive, to obtain a cosmic weapon of infinite power designed to win at any cost after drawing in the man lifetimes of experience and knowledge from counterparts a "Chosen savior" is nothing.

After all, after seeing so many "Heroic" counter parts fail it was clear as night…heroes are always a reactionary response to failures. But I'm more…I'm not the reaction, I'm the thing that sparks such reactions.

Ben Auro…Doug Fitter may have broken a hole between universe's…but it was your cry for help, your desperation that someone from another universe could help save what you failed to that got are attention.

A failure like you that has no natural power to amount to anything without being propped by higher powers deserves to fade away like all worthless losers. But at the very least your wish will be granted, the universe will be saved, after all that's worth saving is cut apart from all that is not…and merged into something better.

The worthy will be evolved into apex predators to prey on other universes, and the prey that remain will learn to suffer in silence.

And before this is done…I'll spark the transformation of the Multiverse to its most pure form, the multiverse that laughs at such nonsense such as morality, that devours all other forces, till there will be nothing but me on the top…and everything else but my followers as prey. So…lets toast my fellow winners."

Sieg snapped his fingers before wine glasses appeared in front of him, Mary, Gingrich, and Idrissa before he motioned to his new recruits. The eye on their heads glowed before the grasped the last of the humans still loyal to the angels and slashed them to bits without pause.

As the blood flew up Sieg caught the blood in his glass…stirred it around, before he looked delighted." To winning over everything and everyone in existence…and putting together a universe monopoly, making all existence bend to are wills forever more."

Sieg drank the blood without hesitation…before looking on with calm delight at the start of his invasion of the universe. As he did…little did his targets realize just what powerful beings had descended to try and consume them.

While Mike was uneasy about all he learned, he still was so tired he slept for the first part of the Flutter's departure from the Deep-Sea Research base and its trip across Hyperspace.

When the son of Ben and Lacus woke up, Mike talked a bit more, and was all too happy to entertain the others with stories of how he ended up frozen in carbonite.

Some responded to his stories with more excitement than others, but one way or another it made the ten hours it took to travel to the world formerly resided by Squall Lionheart to Knowhere, the severed head of a deceased Celestial avatar that has long served as home of the mining colony for asteroids.

As the Flutter emerged out of Hyperspace, Mike showed Roll the spot, and the mechanic indeed saw a building that resembled a giant glittering starfish. In the arms of the star were the bars, the kitchens, the force-field generators, and the parking lot.

The heart of the star contained a large golden dome, almost a complete globe, where the main eating area seemed to be situated.

Roll then noticed a fuel center that did not look to packed before she smirked." Nice one your majesty, this is going to work out after all."

"Hey, can't be the son of the King of the Universe if you don't know the hot spots, right?"

"Well that all depends on if the meals live up to the hype. What is the royal recommendation then eh?"

Mike saw Roll and Megaman Volnutt looked excited before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Well, don't take this the wrong way Roll but if I'm being honest, I think you guys should stay in the ship.

Don't get me wrong Millways runs a tight ship, but as long as you pay the bill and don't make a mess anyone's allowed in, and that means anyone can eat and then take note on who to ambush later.

I know how to get in and get a booth without getting attention but I admit, while the Megaman has always been my man, it does stick out that your part of my old man's crew and that could cause some problems if someone is at the wrong booth."

Volnutt saw Mike was not joking before his jaw dropped." Wait you know there could be guys wanting to hurt you and just want to go alone? With all due respect sir, that's crazy!"

"Yah got that right Megaman." Mike retorted glibly." But who said I was going alone? Pam here looks like she fits right in and since she's proven she's good muscle she can fit in just dandy!"

Pam saw Mike was pointing to her and rolled her eyes." Was that supposed to be praise dude? Man, you must have been spoiled rotten if that's what you think. I mean I won't lie, I been to Millways before, and it lives up to the hype. But be real with me what's the deal? I noticed you did not even try and make any calls to any one of your parents' folks that might try and pick you up."

Mike saw Pam was doubtful before he flicked his hair back." I can understand the confusion but it's simply that panicking won't make anything better, no matter if this is a test or not. Mostly been thinking of who to call. Did anyone know who else among my dad's inner circle was in that fight? Ezan, Zero, Daigo or the others?"

Roll shrugged as she glanced at the request file and took a deep breath." Megaman X sent out the request, no one else has really made an public announcement. They…they have been trying to not spread panic…but word's been spreading. After all, hard to cover up an entire area of the universe collapsing."

"You'd be surprised what makes a good misdirection." Mike threw out with candor." Still how about I'll make some calls at Millways and see who picks up eh? This way in case it goes bad it can't be traced to your ship and all that."

Roll again saw the confidence in the curly man's confidence before she shrugged." I guess, that makes sense."

"Great! I'll bring back take out for you all, on the house."

Sam saw Roll nod before he let out a grunt." Well…a place like this could have a lot of possible job offers. Might as well get some decent food while doing some scouting."

Mike saw the Porter head for the door before he shrugged." Eh sure, guess Porter's ship things for everyone these days."

The younger man saw Pam make sure her sheath was secure before he walked out of the Flutter.

Mike saw the taller blond woman put on sunglasses, and noticed a furry Wookie, a reptilian Krogan with an eyepatch, and a red skinned four armed Shokan all glancing at her before whispering to each other and turning away before he combed his hair and cleared his throat." So, Pam…you a regular around these parts or something?"

Pam eyed the man she was hired to rescue before she shrugged." What's it to you? As a mercenary you're not going to get paid if your picky about what you're willing to do. Some of us might get lucky enough to get shielded from nature taking its course, but a lot of us don't have many choices for us to take if we want to be happy these days" Your highness."

Mike saw everyone on Knoware looking on edge before he sighed." Its true times are tough, I always knew that. My parents were not about to let me be blind to how badly the universe was broken by that prick Doug Fitter.

It was because of what that one guy did that things have been wrecked for everything. He's been making my dad miserable for centuries, and I don't think he would ever be happy till he saw him taken care of once and for all. Though…if he really took him and Doug out just to…nah…nah he's just making a show to get one on that Homelander and the others."

"Either that or your just too afraid to admit things have changed." Pam spat out." Sure…a lot of people got screwed…but a lot of people also got a chance at glory they would not have gotten otherwise. Someone always loses…at least its fair if someone else gets a shot at glory, no matter how long it takes."

Mike saw Pam looked sincere before he raised an eyebrow." We just left a planet that had just about all its folks bail on because things went to hell and that's "fair"? I don't know Pam sounds kind of evil sounding to me."

Pam shrugged before she glanced at the restaurant." If I cared about things like good and evil guess I would have been one of your daddies pawns eh your highness? Good, evil, right, wrong, that's all decided later.

All I care about is what feels right to me. I'm not a Megaman like that Digger who's programmed to think justice is great, I just got hired enough cash to take on the job. So just get this over with before someone else makes another offer, otherwise hope you have some good friends here that will fight yah for "credit"."

Mike eyed Pam carefully to gauge if she was just messing with him or not before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Wow lets dial down the hostility a tad eh beautiful? If you think I'm just some guy who was chilling on my parents' palace all his life you're going to be sorry.

I'm not kidding when me and my folks helped the people here enough to earn a ton of good will. Hey I even helped that guy right there! Hey Mauler, that you!?"

Pam saw Mike was pointing to a blue skinned humanoid who was just talking out of a motel near the port. He had a highly pronounced muscular and very tall body. He was easily dwarfing most of those around with broad shoulders and a shaved head with square facial features. His was a black, sleeveless leotard with a white "M" stretching from the chest all the way to his legs and he walked barefoot.

The man named Mauler raised an eyebrow as the lanky man pointed at him before he looked around." I know you kid?"

"You tell me dude. I had different hair back then but its Mike! The guy who got you the sleeves" cloning technology to help save your race remember!?"

Mauler blinked a few times before he looked around cautiously." Wait…seriously? What's the deal?"

Before Mike could answer a new voice, one that sounded just like Mauler snarled out," The hell are you doing? We are going to be late!"

Mike saw a man who looked like he could have been Mauler's twin walked out before the son of Ben and Lacus smirked." Well looks like it worked Mauler! You able to revive your brother?"

The second Mauler paused, looked at the first one before he cleared his throat." Oh yah that…um…I decided to start with something more basic first."

Pam eyed the two blue men carefully before she snorted." What you seriously clone yourself? Why not just use that Shadow Clone magic?"

"Hey, my genius plans requires something a lot bigger babe!" The first one spat out defensively." So, I needed a clone of myself to see those plans through! You can't trust anyone but yourself these days anyway."

"Hey wait you're the clone!" The second Mauler snapped out, causing the first one to roll his eyes." We discussed this already brother we are "both" clones to reduce the drama. Anyway thanks for the help and all kid but um…we are kind of in the middle of something."

The second one saw Pam looking impatient before he raised an eyebrow." Wait…hey we saw the blonde win that Night city battle royal and came out on top of Razor eh? "El Secuestro"? Hey if we get A,"

Pam cracked her neck before narrowing her eyes, causing both Mauler's to flinch before the first one nudged the second one." Never mind, I have to be thinking of someone else. Anyway we have places to be kid so good luck. Something tells me you're going to need it."

The Mauler twins quickly moved out, and after making sure they were past Mike, they saw Pam's glanced and hurried off. Pam saw Mike's confidence and rolled her eyes." Guess you are good at wooing people over, long as someone is around to make sure things go your way."

"Hey that was all Auro!" Mike retorted proudly as he pointed to himself. Causing Pam to groan." Get us a good deal for the meal and maybe I'll start taking you seriously dude. C'mon."

Mike saw Sam was already at the entrance before he nodded. After a minute the two walked in, and saw an older man in a butler outfit bow before them and Sam before he cleared his throat." I am Garkbit…Head Waiter of Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Do you have a prior appointed registered?"

Mike grinned before he walked up." It's me Garkbit, Michael Auro! I did not have a reservation but you know, things change and ended up needing to have a meal for a king and all! I do have a coupon though! Er…being frozen and thawed in Carbonate does not null it right?"

After scurrying through his pockets ten second later Mike took out a coupon. Garkbit took a glance at the coupon, glanced at the life support system strapped discreetly to his thigh before he took a breath of methan and sighed." Very well. Welcome back your highness. Because this was a drop in it would be appreciated if you give us time to get a table ready."

"Sure thing man get a table for…three I, oh?"

Mike checked at Sam, and raised an eyebrow to see the Porter was off to the bar. He then glanced at Pam before she sighed." Yah if I'm here I'm going to get my money's worth. Just going to the can first."

As the blond mercenary walked off to the bathrooms Garkbit cleared his throat." You are free to use the bar till the table is ready Prince Auro. Though purchases will require an additional payment."

"Hey no sweat my tab should cover a few drinks eh?"

"Long as the source of that tab still stands of course. Very well, enjoy the bar sir."

Mike went within moments, and saw the bar had a few open spots before he took a deep breath and glanced at the bartender." Hey good sir, mind putting on the Bethel news for a moment?"

A few snickers burst out of the bar before the man in front of him cleared his throat." Would if I could but the channel's been off for a while now…rumor is the whole planet it came from got blown up."

Mike saw one of the hologram channels that was covering the news showed a massive red void in space, and then switched to a reporter talking about polls over who was voted to rule over the universe now that Ben and Lacus were believed to be dead.

Mike's eyes twitched before he cleared his throat and walked up to a stool." Man…this is all one wild show. But…it's got to be. After all…it…it can't be real right?"

Before he could co on an older male suddenly chuckled." You talking about the food kid? If you are let me know, cause I'm a fella who hates being ripped off."

Mike raised an eyebrow and swerved around to see a taller older male walk up. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, wearing jeans, and a brown jacket over a plane blue shirt. The man had black eyes and wild black and brown hair, and while it looked like the taller male had not showered in days, he still looked like he was calm.

As the man walked up with swagger Mike raised an eyebrow." Sorry verdict's still in on that one. Er, have we met?"

"Nah but you look like you could use someone to talk to." The older man replied." Yah can call me Arthur Morgan friend."

Mike saw Arthur offer his hand before he shrugged." Howdy partner. Where you from man?"

"Oh, I was from a group called the Van der Linde gang. Doubt you heard of them but let's just say, we had better days. Long story short…we been having bad times and a lot of the people I called family were not handling the stress well.

Honestly looked like everything was going to hell and before I knew it, I woke up outside this establishment with a splitting headache. Honestly don't know half of what's going on but beats being dead."

Mike paused, saw the strength of Arthur's half lopped smile and chuckled." Well Mister Morgan I can't judge…seems I went through likewise circumstances myself. Guess we both own a drink to our guarding angels, eh?"

Arthur winces before he looked down." Not sure about that kid. If angels did what they were supposed to do then we would have both had to deal with a lot less misery eh? But I'll drink to lady luck being a fickle mistress."

Mike saw Arthur hand him a drink before he sighed." I might have to wait before I can drink to that Mister Morgan. Not sure just how much you know so the gist of it is that I got into an argument with my folks about the best way to handle things.

I thought it was going to work…and I admit it blew up in my face. Now, not sure if I'll ever see them again. I, just wanted to prove to my old man my way could change things for the better."

Arthur saw Mike's concern before he shrugged." Thing I get what yah mean kid. My mother died when I was young, and my father was a drunken bastard…but he still was the only one who would put up with me.

But…after he drunk himself to death, I only could rely on myself. Odds were good I was going to die like an unwanted wild dog, till I was found by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews, men that might as well have been my surrogate father figures.

Did not take long till I came to share Dutch's vision of a life lived free from the constraints of civilization and the rule of law, and to make those hypocritical bastards that championed their precious civilization pay whenever we could.

It was a hard but simple life, but a pure one. I was at peace with who I was, but Dutch never was. He always, always had to have the world see him as a big shot rather than just be at peace with who he was.

It was never enough so he always "had a plan" to make things better. I went along with it for a while out of loyalty, but it became clear as day Dutch was letting his obsession cloud his judgment.

You know, all that ever mattered to me was loyalty. It was all I knew. It was all I ever believed in...but Dutch forced me to realize it was loyalty to an ideal over loyalty to a person when push came to shove. After all…if the person you were loyal to changed and betrayed what you cared about, then you have to make a choice about what kind of man you are.

Some chose differently, but I chose to stand for what I believed in, not let former family drag me down because they can't wake up and accept that our time... had pretty much passed…and despite what Dutch and some of the others wanted to think it was plain as day that our luck had turned... and it ain't turning back no matter how many" plans" he had.

Now son I don't know the relationship you had with your father, but I been around and seen enough people to know that it seemed you and your old man refused to see eye to eye. We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

No matter how strong you are or how much money you have boy, everything changes. Dutch, he once told me that we can't always fight nature, We can't fight change, we can't fight gravity, we can't fight nothin'. My whole life, all I ever did was fight."

Mike paused before he sighed." Does sound like my dad. He did not start off as a soldier but he, he more or less has been spending his entire life fighting, fighting to make the world, the universe be like he wanted it to be.

I, I wanted to help him, but sometimes I wondered if he just had to accept things were not going to be like he wanted. But, for all I know I made things worst."

"I'm not going to sugarcoat it kid, sounds like it's too late for things to be as good as you wanted…it's up to you to deal with how things are. No matter how much changes there are those who can't deal with life, and those who face it head on. You can try and run, or face it like a man so what are you going to do?"

Mike paused before he shrugged." Honestly, have to figure out my options before I can give a real answer to that."

Arthur paused, before he burst out laughing." I can accept a man's honestly kid. Just don't choke when it's time to choose who you are your "Highness."

Mike smiled before he paused." Oh? Sorry but I don't remember telling you that much about myself."

"No, but you sure told that fella outside. Don't mean to pry, just stayed alive this long by being observant and all. Well, got to meet a fella about a place for the night but how about a drink on me to surviving?"

Mike paused, saw Arthur seemed sincere before he nodded." I can drink to that."

As the two were given glasses of Kentucky bourbon before Mike clanged glasses with the older man. Arthur snorted at seeing Mike was able to hold the drink, but before he could say more Garkbit walked up to clear his throat." Sir your booth is ready. Miss Pam is already there."

Mike nodded before he gave Arthur a shrug." It's been a pleasure talking to yah but I better not keep this lady waiting."

Arthur just snickered before he tipped his hat." No offensive taken, we may come from different parts but I' figure all men know the price of keeping a gal waiting. Its fine I'm supposed to meet someone before going myself."

"Oh yah? Where you heading?"

"Heh….don't really know…don't really care either long as I'm free to do what I want. Freedom is worth any price long as your strong enough to value it boy."

"Well…we will see about that. Later Mister Morgan."

Mike ran off before Arthur saw him off, and snickered before he spat on the ground. "Heh…no matter how much changes…some things stay the same. Still…Higgs better be ready to party…looks like it's time to see who the real men around these parts are, and who the pretenders are."

Mike saw Arthur take another drink, but followed Garkbit. After going up the stairs he was lead to a room with crystalline round tables in front of trees, and saw Pam was already sitting on her chair with her feet on the table.

The blond woman saw Mike enter before he shrugged." So it living up to the hype? Yah know if I was free to live the life I wanted just running a place like this that makes everyone they enter have a good time.

Sure…just running a solid restaurant won't solve everything but, something pure about something that makes someone happier with no strings attached eh? My dad always said that's just giving on on trying to really solve problems but depends on what is important right?"

Pam rolled her eyes in response." Getting drunk already Auro? You really have been spoiled if you think you can get drunk in your circumstances. Man, you're really sounding like someone desperate to look at the surface side of things eh? "

"Ah still selling me short eh?" Mike retorted with swagger." I promise you Pam I know the difference between getting a buzz and getting drunk. You know you know a lot about me but how about let's flip that coin eh? What made you want to be a mercenary in the first place eh?"

"What I wanted? Tsc, want had nothing to do with it Mikey, it was the family business and I had nothing better to do."

"That so? I can get being strongarmed into the family business and all."

"Don't act like we are the same Mikey…we sure as hell are not so don't act like you know me."

Mike paused before he looked down and snickered." It's true it's been less than a day but I have picked up a few things to get an idea about people. Like…how your name's not Pam and more like…Astra eh?"

The blond woman paused, saw a green Namekian and a human with light skin, wavy green hair, one dark green eye and one red eye, and wore what appeared to be a buckled leather eye-patch with a dial over his right eye glance at them from the table to the right.

The rest of the green haired man's attire consisted of a dark yellowish-green shirt under a green coat with yellow buttons, a long gray scarf, a dual-buckled belt, and dark yellowish-green gloves and boots (with buckled belts around both).

Pam, or more like Astrid only closed her eyes, before spitting on the ground." Man Mikey, you're really a light drinker if your already seeing things."

Mike leaned back before he sighed." We can keep playing games if you want but while I see my self as a gambler, but while I make some risky moves, I really am not keen on making outright dumb ones.

I may have dropped the ball with Lao, but I mean, my folks made sure I knew who was a threat, and Astra Fitter, one of the Equalizer AND descendant of the guy who stabbed my father in the back was kind of on the list. So, what's the deal hear Astra? The others clearly are not any the wiser of who you are so you like trolling people for kicks?"

Astra looked around and was about to say something, before a new waiter walked up and cleared his throat." Would you two like to know what's the special for the day? I'll bring it up."

Before Mike could interject a pig like man was rolled in on a large table. The pig like man oinked before he raised a hoof." I am the main dish of the day. May I interest you in parts of my body? Something on my shoulder perhaps with white wine slush?"

"Your shoulder?"

"Naturally mine sir." The pig man retorted as a man with two heads and long hair went up to him and cut him with a plasma knife before the man on the trey casually answered with," Who else but mine would be up to offer such a thing sir? The rump is very appetizing sir, I have been eating a lot of grains. Or a casserole with meat perhaps?"

Mike saw the pig man was serious before he snickered." I'm more of a fan of the Galactic Gargle Blaster myself. Man, the menu's a lot livelier than last time I was here."

The waiter paused before he looked around." We…we have gotten more regulars that have…precise tastes sir. To…keep our customers happy we ready meals they prefer."

"Yah well we are not them so give us some time to figure out things eh old timer?" Astrid threw out with enough venom to get the waiter to gulp and quickly stroll the Pig-man away. As Mike looked at her carefully she shrugged." You're making a big deal out of this "Your highness." I was just offered a job, so I took it. Used another name to not make more of a headache out of this then it already is. C'mon Mikey…your families so obsessed with the Equalizers I thought you knew we are all about being equal to all sides."

"So that's all what rescuing the son of the man your group wants to ruin for generations eh? A whim?"

"Hey, I'm a purist, Lao seemed like a punk so I wanted to see him equalized. Besides…if doing this job allowed me to get into the heart of the Bethel Kingdom then well…that would be a mighty fine bonus."

"You folded your hand mighty fast for a pro Astra. Hell, did not even wear a wig or change your eyes or nothing."

"What…you think I'm hiding something?"

"Hey, I'm a classy guy who does not drug a woman's drink. But I'm not a guy who just gives up easily either."

"Oh…and you think a guy who does not like fighting is going to out muscle a pro fighter? You did not see what I did to that Reaverbot eh?"

"Like I said I'm not a guy who's big on the bloodlust thing but…I also don't just roll over. If the rumors are real and my folks are not around, you can't even try and get revenge on them. What…you guys want to launch an invasion, destroy a building?"

"Nah…like we care about that? I just want to prove who's the real frauds to everyone in the universe. My mom…my mom was hunted down by your parent's men because your dad made my family be seen as the villains! My mom's dying wish was to show everyone who was right. So, when I bring you back to what's left of your precious order everyone will see how pathetic you guys really are."

Mike saw the passion in Astra's eyes before he sighed." You Equalizers really are big on proving your right eh? Well I'm grateful you're not trying to blow another hole in the fabric of space and time in the universe but something tells me your selling me short.

After all…your old man's old man's old man said he was going to leave the universe, then came back to kill my brother. You guys like to talk a lot to make it sound good when you blow stuff up."

"And your family likes to talk a lot to beat around the bush and control people." Astra countered bitterly." You made my ancestor come off as worst then the devil but he just did what needed to be done to keep the universe free."

"That right? Well there are so many ways the universe is messed up now because of what he did that I could be here all night…but to sum it up the reason my brother is centuries older than me is because my parents were to stressed out to have another kid till they just decided to make the best of it. You know how weird it is sharing a birthday with your older brother's grand-kid? And it's all because some jackass did not want to be a team player."

"Damn it…after all these years and that's all your dad says about it?" Astrid retorted bitterly." Even if people hate him for shattering heaven, my dad's granddad did what he did so decent folk would never be judged for what outsiders thought mattered again! Guess your old man still does not get what worth freedom has after all this time eh?"

"My dad told me all about the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom…and he was the first to admit he realized he made a mistake. But you know what? If you're thinking the universe is better off now than I think survey would say you're a tad out more out of touch then me eh? I'm just going to say that if this is the kind of speech you want to give to say you guys are the "Good guys" then you better be prepared to get a lot of boos."

Astra snorted before she leaned back." Oh please, I don't expect the people in your Kingdom's core worlds to do anything you don't "Program them to do like the sheep they are. But all the real boys and gals will see its proof that you guys are frauds!

Its more than just blowing up a building or punching you in the face…it proving once and for all that everything your family believes in is a fraud and me, I'm the one who's on the side of how things really work!"

Mike eyed Astra carefully before he winced." Why do I have the feeling something still is going to blow up by the end?"

"You think this is a joke? You want me to be real? Some of my former teammates do what to go down the whole blow everything the hell path. Its why I bothered to hide who I was…I'm trying to get yah before the more radical Equalizer's got you first."

Mike raised an eyebrow before he leaned forward." Hold the phone sister. You're saying the Equalizers are breaking off into branch's or something?"

"I told you…I want what my mom Ymir wanted…so I'm not letting anyone take that wish away from me, not even my own former buds. Ugh…Higgs is a jackass anyway. Even if we are anarchists there is the good kind and the pain in the ass kind."

"Sounds like your hiring could use some work. So wait…if your great grand dad, my dad's old turncoat teammate is still kicking he's letting this slide?"

Astra paused before she grasped her fist tightly." You think he micromanages anything? He…he just comes and goes and gives ideas like a ghost. He does not want to be tied down to anything, not even family.

He just shows up to clean out anything he does not like and goes like the wind. Who knows what he thinks…he made it clear even family did not get" Privilege". But this is not what him or anyone else wants…it's what I want."

"And this is the point where you tell me if I want to live I have to go with your plan or your buddies will get me?"

"Well yah. I mean no matter how many of those maids your family sends after you they are not going to be able to get here fast enough. Time for you to fess up to how things really are once and for all your "Majesty." At least your still alive to have the chance unlike the rest of your family."

Mike paused for a moment before he shrugged." You made your opinion really damn clear dame. But…I'm a man who likes to look at his options and I think I still have a few other choices."

Astra's eye twitched, and she was about to say something before a male voice suddenly cut in with a shocked," Hey Rex you lost the bet he did make it! God damn Mike you really have some crazy luck."

Astra and Mike turned to the left and saw a man who looked in his early twenties with short black hair in a black, gold and blue uniform walk up with a casual grin. Mike saw him and just smirked."

Mark Schillinger…here I was thinking you were pulling my leg."

"Dude…that's what I was going to say!" The man uttered as he slid off his mask and waved." I'm the dude that's called Invincible…you're the one who everyone was saying died for weeks!"

Mike and" Invincible" shook hands before Astrid got alarmed." What the…the son of Omni-Man? How did you get here?"

As Invincible raised an eyebrow Mike laughed." I mean…is it that hard to figure out? I called my pal Mark here before we went to hyperspace to ask if we could catch up. Did not want to worry the others about if it could work out, and hey it could work out. At times like this…needed a friend who knew what was going on yah hear?"

Invincible eyed Astra before he shrugged." Who's the chick dude?"

"Heh…she's cool dude she helped me out of that thing that went south yah hear? I think she earned the right to a high class party and all."

"Hey if she's with you then it works for me. Hey Amber, Rex, Markus, it's party time."

A blond woman and two men walked in before Mike laughed." I see life's been treating yah well man. What's been up?"

Invincible paused before he eyed Mike carefully and sat down." Feeling pumped dude. Dad and the others are about to let me join them in the hardcore stuff the Viltrumite's do to keep the tribe on top. But…sounds like you been through some hardcore stuff to. Sorry to cut to the heavy stuff but…is true about your parents?"

Mike winced before he let out an uneasy chuckle." I was hoping you could answer that pal. If it's still being debated, then guess it's not impossible to rule out that it's all an act to pull a fast one on Homelander and some of the other jackasses."

"Hey, works for me Mike. That bastard's been getting crazier by the minute…he can't match my dad or some of the others but, he's so god damn petty. Did you hear he hurt my dad and killed the rest of the Guardians of the Globes?"

The man with curly brown hair winced as he leaned forward." Seriously? I thought your old man and Homelander had the same power level…and that the Guardians of the Globes and the" Seven" were kind of the same kind of thing?"

"Hey, I was not there but when Omni-Man looks like hell then it was crazy. All the others are ramping up their game thinking they can" take the Throne of Bel," and be the God of the universe now that they think your parents are gone. But honestly you're not the only one thinking they might be alive.

See…the Klingons tried pulling something just a few hours ago. My dad said they and a few other of the races on the outs were gathering everything for one last plan, and he was about to act when all of a sudden the entire Klingon home world just went poof."

Astra paused before she flicked some hair out of her eyes." What…they put all their chickens in a toy that just blew up in their face, and their planet? Figures."

Invincible gulped before he looked down." Honestly don't know man, the entire region of space is cut off. All we heard before we got cut off was it was like the wrath of god was attacking and some thought your dad was alive after all…and out for blood."

Astra gulped before she got up." Seriously? They saw him?"

"No…but whoever it was, is powerful enough to shrug off a bunch of planet breaking weapons at once and even my dad would break a sweat with that."

Mike looked even more troubled than before as he grasped the necklace on his neck." This bad joke keeps getting worst by the minute. If he is alive and did not do anything for me, did mom die and he just, snapped or something? No…being a hero…was everything to dad. Unless he just snapped completely."

"Hey man I don't know." Invincible retorted." It's just…one way or another things are going down. So um…you still need help getting home? My dad kind of wants to talk what's going on with your Kingdom and all since they went full lock down ever since well, things well…went even more to hell. Right now without you…even the rest of the Viltrumite 's and Utopian's family can't get a response, let alone anyone they see as a threat."

Mike took a deep breath before he nodded." Well, wanted to figure out how to get home in one piece anyway. Thanks Mark."

"You got it bro." Invincible uttered before the two men fist bumped." After all your one of the few people who knows how it is having a dad in such high places, and no offense to Brandon but well, he does not know how to spin things around. Well, I know there is a lot of things going on but might as well have some fun before things get messy right Mike?"

Mike saw Astra looked like a cat about to be thrown into the pool before his grin widened." Oh you know me…no point living if you can't live well. Got to plan things out so might as well eat well while doing it eh? Ah but before that I wanted to try that soup everyone talks about so lets start with that eh?"

As Invincible and the friends he brought with him looked amused a new older male voice cut in with a sharp," No soup for you" Prince." I know you been…accustom to a mostly leisure pace Michael…but you're going to have to step it up because there is no time these days for games…not if you want to win."

"Hey who's trying to go all soup Nazi on the….huh?"

Mike's smirk faded as he saw both Astra and Invincible turn as pale as ghosts as he winced, before turning around to see the source of the voice.

Said source came from a middle-aged man with a towering, muscular physique. He possessed black and gray hair and black mustache, blue eyes and a rather masculine face.

His outfit consisted of a full bodysuit with the top half white and the bottom half red. White "boots" with single red accents in the center were seen, with the "gloves" having a reversed design in color. A red cape was worn along with the outfit. In the center of the suit was a longer red center accent with a red "O" in the middle to symbolize his namesake.

Mike saw the mustached man looking at him with a stony expression and was speechless before Invincible cleared his throat." D…dad? What are you doing at my, birthday bash?"

The older man cracked his neck before he sighed." Son…what did I tell you? In public you're not exempt from the formalities, or you disgrace all Viltrumites."

"Right…sorry da,er, Omni-man. It's just…why are you crashing my birthday party?"

Omni-man glanced at Mike before he shrugged." I'm willing to let you indulge in some youthful exploits when the time allows boy, this is not one of those times. The situation changed when you made contact with the last Auro."

"You…you were listing in on my calls?"

"Don't be a fool Mark, all calls outside Viltrum are traced just to ensure no threats to the clan are detected…and the reemergence of Ben Auro's son is a high matter of importance to me and the rest of the clan. There is no time to waste. It seems you been through a lot Michael…but if you want the stress to end then we should work together."

Mike stood up but used all of his willpower to not look intimated before he shrugged." Is that right? Well I know you don't do anything without good reason sir so can you help clear that up for me?"

Omni-man saw the younger man seemed sincere before he nodded." I heard you and my boy talking, and he more or less told you the gist of it. Your father and I have had several differences in values, but I respect his resolve, and I can't say the same for some of the others who think they have the right to be the master of the universe.

I can't confirm the death of your parents, but it seems some of the others like Superian, Homelander, Sentry think it's a sigh it's their fate to rule over all…and I don't think I'm the only one who would have a problem with that yes?"

Mike saw the conviction in Omni-Man's eyes before he gulped." No sir, that would be a problem so guess we better get to the bottom of things eh?"

"I'm glad you see reason boy. With that out of the way let's leave instantly."

The waiter returned, still with the man pig before said man pig oinked a moment." Sir have you deduced what you want to eat? My body is still warm after all."

Omni-man eyed the man pig before he shrugged." I rarely see people willingly offer themselves to me. Well…if you insist."

In the blink of an eye the Viltrumite ripped the pig man's head off effortlessly and devour it. He saw the waiter blink before he wiped his mouth off. "Change of plans, the appointment is canceled. You came here on a ship boy?"

Mike paused before he looked out the window." Yah…they were refueling to make the jump to Hyper space."

"Very well…let's bring them up to speed." Omni-man motioned to the exit and Astrid cracked her neck before getting up. Mike braced himself before getting up and following Invincible and his father.

As they exited the Restaurant at the End of the Universe Omni-Man looked around and let out a small smirk." You made the right choice boy. There are a lot of people out there that want to cause chaos. But with a Viltrumite on your side nothing will get in the way of,!"

"Omni-Man! You bastard!"

Mike felt a gust of wind before Omni-Man suddenly went flying into the hotel to the right as a male voice roared out," MURDERER! WE TRUSTED YOU! YOU BETRAYED US!"

Astra instantly took out her blade as a crazed man in blue and yellow battle armor with a beard land on the ground with a thud. As Mike struggled to grasp his composure Invincible saw who attacked his father and had his jaw drop." Wait… The Immortal? I thought you were killed!?"

Despite the situation Astrid could not help but snicker." Seriously dude your too dumb to know what being immoral is supposed to be?"

"It's not that! It's that they said he was vaporized! Mister Immortal…why are you attacking my dad man?"

The building suddenly collapsed before Omni-Man burst out of the rubble. The man with the mustache cracked his neck before spitting on the ground." Well…this is especially bad timing."

The man with the longer beard just gave a battle cry before bursting at the Viltrumite and uppercutting him into the air. Invincible saw the two members of the Guarding's of the Globes punching at each other several times per second before he stepped back." This is so messed up. Whoever killed my dad's teammates revived them as their puppet!"

Before Mike or Astra could respond a new older male voice cut in with," It's not what you think son. And I'm afraid it's far worst then you thought so you better find out now."

The group swerved around to find yet another older man land on the ground. This one had longer greyer hair in a red and white costume with a gold eagle chest emblem land on the ground.

Mike saw a woman with a white and blue armor like the man next to her land before he blinked a few times." Wait…UtopianLady Liberty…you're here to? Was there a meeting going on or something?"

"No son…but we made sure to create are own appointment before it was too late." Utopian uttered grimly." I know a lot is happening back to back but we have to cut to the chase. I know your parents trusted Omni-Man kid…but that trust was built on a lie. The one who killed the Guardian's of the Globes…was Omni-Man himself."

Invincible and his friends had cold sweats form before the younger Viltrumite muttered," Wait…what? But…he was nearly dead himself!"

Mike saw how bitterly the Immortal Man was shouting above, and how cold Omni-man looked before he stiffened up." I'm going to just throw out there that you guys from the "Union of Justice" would not just throw out a case of injustice lightly."

Utopian sighed before he walked up." No Michael. Immortal Man was thought to be vaporized, but a hand remained…and we were able to regenerate the Immortal Man, and Mark…it would seem your father did not realize his "friend" had a camera on that part of his suit and well…the fastest way to get things clear would be to just show you it. Show them Grace."

Utopian's wife, Lady Liberty nodded before she pressed the head of the golden eagle crest on her uniform, before it glowed.

A hologram then covered the sky, and showed Omni-Man walking up to many armored and masked men, people that were his comrades, a group called the Guardians of the Globes.

The hologram shows Omni-man prepare to suddenly punch the Immortal till his ally, a man in red armor called the Red Rush who excelled in speed, pushed his friend out of the way in the blink of an eye.

The comrades of the Viltrumite were shocked and gasped, but saw Omni-Man just go to attack again without a word and attacked him at the same time.

As Red Rush attacked him by darting all over the area like a blur, after the mustached man got hit a few times he narrowed his eyes, and managed to grab hold of him and squeezed his head while receiving punches from the speedster until he crushed his skull.

Another of his now former friends, a man who among other talents could stretch his body, Martian Man, wrapped himself around Omni-Man, and The Immortal asked him why he had killed Red Rush while preparing to punch him.

Omni-Man received punches, which made him stagger, before another man in black with a cape, Darkwing threw shuriken's at him.

The Viltrumite sneered and caught one before throwing it back at its sender fast enough to slice the man clad in blacks fingers off.

Before he could even scream, Omni-man picked up Darkwing and slammed him to the ground hard enough to shatter his head.

Another Guardian of the Globes, the green colored woman Green Ghost caught her now dead comrade, only for the Viltrumite to punch through her head in an instant.

Aquarus, a blue colored member of the Zora race yelled in rage in response and attacked Omni-Man by unleashing a burst of water shaped like a drill that had enough force to shatter the steel around its target.

Omni-Man blocked the projectile with his hands but was pushed back, allowing the brown skinned white armored warrior called War Woman to descend from the sky with a massive mace and smash Omni-Man in the face.

The blow was strong enough to make Omni-Man cough up blood. Alas as War Woman tried a follow up strike he jabbed the woman warrior fast enough to send her flying.

As she dropped her mace, the Viltrumite picked it up and in the blink of an eye flew up to Aquarus and shattered his head.

Needless to say, this angered Martian Man, who had his eyes glow red and stretched his body once more to bind Omni-Man, so his colleagues could hit him.

War Woman and the Immortal both gave out war cries as they barraged the mustached man with dozens of blows per second, each strike causing the ground to shake.

There blows shattered the clothing around Omni-Man, but after getting hit enough to bruise Omni-Man had veins form on his head before he gave a savage cry and bit down just as a round part of the Martin Man moved near his mouth. This happened to be his teammate's brain, and he ripped said brain out with his teeth and thus killed him in moments.

This act shocked the Immortal, which delayed him just enough for Omni-Man to punch through the bearded man's heart. War Woman cried out with hate and lifted her mace up with both hands.

But before she could bring her weapon down Omni-Man dashed at her and grasped her head, before spinning her head to the other side of her body…allowing her to cough up blood on her back.

The Immortal saw his last teammate fall to her death before he staggered and walked at Omni-Man." Why…WHY!"

Omni-Man paused, before spitting at the man, and slicing the man in front of him's head off.

The Viltrumite glanced at his face, grit his teeth, and then had an orb of red energy form in his hands before he slammed it into his chest and it exploded, unleashing the blast to make everyone think he was attacked to.

As the Hologram faded Astra saw it was done and snickered." Damn…I know Viltrumite's don't mess around but somehow that was even worst then I thought, and I have a really big and violent imagination!"

Mike saw how devastated Invincible looked before he winced." You know I'm starting to think if Fate has a mind of her own she's got a grudge against me."

The younger Viltrumite looked at his father in horror as he smashed the Immortal through the ground hard enough to cause all of Knowhere to shake before he stepped back." Dad…why? Did…someone mind control you?"

Omni-Man caught the Immortal's fist and punched through the man's chest…again, before he saw his sons face of horror, and showed a face of outright contempt." God damn failure…I put up with so much only for it to be a god damn waste of time!"

Invincible saw the raw hate in his father's eyes before he stepped back." Waste…of time? What is this?"

"What is this? How slow are you boy? I meant, GUH!"

The Immortal showed he lived up to his name as he grasped Omni-Man's eyes while he was distracted. As blood came out of the mustached man's eyes the bearded man's face looked like one of pure hatred." Damn you! Don't think you can dismiss me! You took everything from me and no matter how many times it takes I will make you pay!"

Omni-Man grit his teeth before he wound back his right fist and had it start to vibrate." God damn cockroach. It does not matter how much you hate me. The feelings of losers…MEANS NOTHING!"

Omni-Man then vibrated his fist at the speed of light, making the mass increases towards infinity, before he punched the Immortal with enough force to cause a shock-wave that vaporized the Immortal, causing only dust to remain.

As Invincible saw his father casually sweep off that dust from his shoulder like it was nothing he fell to his knees." You…you're not my father! You're a demon!"

Omni-Man just rolled his eyes as he flew down." Damn it all Mark…your purpose may have been to be a disgrace for the bait, but you still should have some Viltrumite dignity in you!"

"Plan? What…what the hell are you talking about?"

Omni-Man saw everyone was looking at him with horror before he sneered." Still don't get it yet? You think I let my son grow into a sissy because I was getting soft? You think I let inferior beings call themselves my teammates because I liked it?

It was all the plan to lower Ben Auro's guard, and you blew it! It was clear letting Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar see me and the Viltrumite race be as much of a threat as Homelander or some of the others would make things take longer…so we "played nice".

We created the "Guardians of the Globes" because we saw how Ben liked Utopian's "Union of Justice" because it reminded him of those Enji Knight failures. And when we saw he at last spawned a new son, we realized if we could have an insider that could manipulate the weak link then that would give us the edge. And that's how you came to be boy."

Astra winced before she took out her sword." Ah hell and here I thought I did not have much choice following the family plan. Ugh…god damn Viltrumite's and your damn mustaches."

Invincible had his hands shake as he staggered back to his feet." The only reason you had me…was to have a link to Mike? But…why?"

"How dumb are you boy? To create a moment of weakness…and then use Ben Auro's weak son as a way to drag" god" off his throne so that the true master race could rightfully take their place as masters of the universe! All those years of wanting to throw up putting up with so much, it was all ruined because you could just had to party like a soft human! You know how disgusting it was to dishonor are race, letting inferior beings talk back to Viltirumite's like they where are equals?

Damn it…at this point the Bethel Kingdom is so desperate they might just accept anything to get the last living Auro back…before we kill them all. Boy…its time you be useful to me. Keep Utopian and his woman busy while I drag Auro's pathetic offspring to his fate."

Invincible saw Mike's panicked look, and saw Astra, Utopian and Lady Liberty get into fighting stances before he grasped his fist bitterly and he looked down." No…there is no way I'll do that! They…they are not my enemy!"

Omni-Man narrowed his eyes before he cracked his neck." Excuse me? You better be drunk boy! You think I'm playing around? If your father tells you someone is his enemy…then he's your god damn enemy!"

Invincible took a deep breath before he got into a fighting stance." You think I'm going to listen to you after you told me my entire life was just part of some long-term game to you? To hell with that! Omni-Man is just a title, you can't just use me and get away with it!"

Omni-Man saw the hate in his son's eyes…and closed his own." So, the damn ideology of weakness Auro and Utopian preaching infected my son eh? So be it…I guess you have more of a backbone then I figured."

"You got that right dad!" Invincible spat back bitterly." I did not know a lot about you been thinking only about your own stuff so you don't know a damn, GUH!"

In a flash Omni-Man was in front of his son before Invincible could blink. Just as the younger male realized what happened his father uppercut him, with enough force to smash him out of the head shaped asteroid's atmosphere.

Omni-Man heard his son yell before he snickered." I was too soft boy…but before this is over I'll beat the disrespect out of you. First…I have to rip apart all the fools giving you bad ideas! Sheldon…you're going to wish you did not meddle in my affairs before I'm done with you."

Utopian saw Omni-Man glare at him enough for his wife to tense up before he closed his eyes." Don't think you can bully me like your son Nolan. Your single-minded obsession with your species dominance already cost you everything, and you don't even realize it."

"Heh…really? I know what I lost…and that's all a worthwhile price for the Viltrumite to realize their destiny! You let that clown Auro cloud your mind like the pussy you are….but you're going to see how much worth your honor is when I choke you with your wife's own."

In a flash the Utopian punched Omni-Man in the face. And while the mustached man caught himself in midflight, he spat out blood before Utopian uttered," Don't mistake my code as something that will just let you insult my family without cost! We gained our powers from the same divine fruit Nolan…you're not invincible to me!"

Omni-Man rubbed the blood off his face before he formed a savage look." That's true enough…but what matters is that the Viltrumite race were already seeking to evolve to become superior to those pansy Kryptonations who can't even look at green rocks, or those simple minded Saiyans with their clown like hair colors! We were already superior, the item to gain god like power and become "Nahobino" just speed up the timetable!"

"God damn you and your arrogance Nolan. It's that contempt that makes the Viltrumite race loathed across the universe!"

"Gods don't need love…only obedience!"

"Tsc…even if every Viltrumite is like a demigod, all pretenders across the universe have fallen one after another!"

With a snarl Omni-man charged at Utopian and the two punched each other with enough force to cause the Restaurant at the end of the Universe to crack.

As the two struggled to overpower each other suddenly a new voice cried out." Your right…because it's not either of you that is the top dog in this universe…its ME!"

A massive beam of light roared at the two "Supermen", and as they flew out of the way to avoid it everyone saw the beam came from Homelander, the man with gelled blond hair gave Omni-Man and Utopian the middle finger before roaring out," Did you losers really think you could take the glory I deserve? It was a close one but the real champion can't be kept out of the limelight! After all if anyone's ripping apart Auro's brat's neck its ME!"

Astra saw how psychotic the leader of the "Seven" looked before she glared at Mike." Foolproof plan eh? Your idea to get a "safe" lunch now has all the most powerful dudes with god complexes in the universe dog-piling us!"

"Hey it still makes more sense than your plan alright?" Mike uttered defensively. Homelander saw Mike's tension before his grin widened." Oh man…if I just got here sooner I could have waved his head on a pike to the whole damn universe! Damn it Maeve I already missed killing the other Auro's because of you and Starlight and now I almost missed out on this!"

Homelander's reluctant teammate flew next to him, along with a blond woman in a white uniform that looked even more anxious, before the red-haired woman rolled her eyes." How the hell was I supposed to know Auro and Raystar was going to fight Fitter in a battle that would create a space time anomaly?"

The man from the Vought clan's eye twitched before a new female voice suddenly laughed widely." Oh, come on Queeny we all know if you were not getting over that hangover because you were being so moody over that planet then Homelander totally would have got the jump on that loser "Last Emperor!" At least help us get it right this time!"

A new woman flew up to the other side of Homelander, this one in a black armored suit with red gauntlets and a cape. She had short black hair and black eyes, and as she winked dramatically Maeve rolled her eyes." Stormfront who the hell asked you?"

"No one." The younger woman retorted flatly." But the wrong never ask me…I just make them see they are wrong like how winners always are! So be a good team player and help us show everyone who's the real winners in the universe already."

Omni-Man saw the glee in Stormfront and Homelander's eyes before he rolled his eyes." Well I was not expecting to hear you either but what the hell…might as well cross another thing off the list."

Utopian eyed the situation carefully before he sighed." John…do you ever get tired of killing?"

"No…cause I'm a winner damn it!" Homelander spat out." But you look tired from playing where you don't belong so how about you retire gramps? Looks like we got ourselves a stand off here eh boys? Well when tribes collide the fakers get put in their place…so let the whole universe know after today who the ones that deserve to rule as god really are!"

Authors Notes: For today Superior Spider Carnage is inspired by the final enemy of the Spiderman cartoon from the 90's, along with traits from the" Superior Spiderman" aka when Doctor Octopus took over Spiderman's body for a time, and also traits of the fusion between Carnage and "the Doc" as the final boss in the Spiderman game for Playstation one.

This Reed Richards is the one from the Ultimate universe, the one that became evil and became "The Maker".

The Batman Who Laughs is from the Dark Knights Metal event from Scott Snyder that hailed from the Dark Multiverse.

Lord Drakkon is from the Power Rangers Shattered Grid comics, he's an evil version of Tommy Oliver, the Zord I showed was also from that comic, though I'm mixing it with the Getter mecha from Shin Getter Robo.

Sieg, Mary, Gingrich and Idrissa are all original antagonists, though I took a few inspirations for some.

Sieg's eye is inspired from Gendo's eye in Evangelion:3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time mixed with the Rikugan eyes belonging to Satoru Gojo, a character from the manga and anime Jujutsu Kaisen. The Mukagen and Mugen moves are variations of moves Gojo used, while the Sukunahikona is an enhanced variation of the move used by Naruto villain Isshiki Ōtsutsuki'.

For now I'll say I see him as someone who as aspects of David Xanatos from Gargoyles and both Mr. World and Mr. Wednesday from American Gods, the character played by Ian McShane in the TV show based off the novel by Neil Gaiman, though there are things that will differ, but that will be seen more down the road. His other name will be explained in time as well.

Gingrich looks mostly like a pale skinned variation of the Kingpin from Spiderman and Daredevil, with oh, a Boston accent, but his upside-down nature is inspired by the "Upside-Down Man" from DC Comics. The Upside-Down Man was one of the Otherkind, all powerful beings of horror and reflections of all dark and twisted possibilities of magic.

The last names of Gingrich and Idrissa and the "Other" name of Sieg are the names of the Yuuzhan Vong deities from the original timeline in Star Wars. The gods themselves were never encountered when the Jedi fought the Vong, but I was given the idea that the Vong's gods could be these guys, these 5D beings of sorts, and since the Vong gods were rather brutal it fits what I'm going for.

The tower Sieg planted is a mix of the tower form the Anti-Monitor was in the Infinite Crises event, and the final tower area in NieR:Automata. The pillar of light is sort of like the ones in Super Robot Wars 30.

As for the Negaverse well…the name is a homage to the dub name of Queen Beryl's forces and a few of the other Sailor Moon enemies as a tribute to it being the first real anime I saw. All the same its more inspired by the Dark Multiverse from DC comics.

The short version of that is that like in the DC version it's still mostly that the Dark Multiverse is a shadow under the primary Multiverse, one formed of every fear and bad decision ever made or dreamt.

Worlds in the Dark Multiverse are fragile and constantly deteriorating, inevitably doomed to destruction by their own malformed construction. There will be a few changes from how DC did things but that will be shown in time.

The Apex Igister's are somewhat inspired from creatures from Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains, and the form Lex Luthor had in Scott Snyder's Justice League run, along with aspects of some things in Evangelion:3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.

The "IV&C" is inspired by the Kara order from Naruto and the Time Variance Authority (or TVA) from Marvel's Loki show, just this time the "company" seeks to control entire timelines for their own profit.

The Totality castle is mostly an original idea, just with the idea of it being a bigger glitzer version of the Justice League's watchtower, just in a more corrupt version with a bit of a Wily Castle and and some insperation from the Dark Tower from Steven King's Dark Tower. For those who did not see the movie or read that series

The Dark Tower was were all of space and time converge at one single point. Should it be destroyed, then so would the infinite number of universes that are connected to it. The Tower has been described as a cosmological lynchpin, or axis mundi by some, but it's more or less the physical point at which all existence originates from across an infinite number of universes.

Its not entirely the same as that one but its to show that Sieg's base is a force binding entire universe's to it.

Knowhere is from the Marvel verse, and was in the Guarding's of the Galaxy films.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm aware that in that story Millways was indeed at the legit end of the universe but I took some liberties.

The Mahler Twins, Battle Beast, Rex Splode, Markus Grimshaw, Invincible, and Omni-Man are all from the Invincible series.

I changed Omni-Man's last name to be Schillinger because the actor who voices him, JK Simmon's also played the role of Vernon Schillinger and the two had a few things in common so Omni-man will have a few aspects of Schillinger in this story, they are both racists, so it works out to me at least.

Utopian and Lady Liberty are from the Jupiter's Legacy comic and Netflix show.

And lastly Arthur Morgan is the main lead from Red Dead Redemption Two, it may seem random but it's going somewhere I assure you. Hope you like how things are going, if you like it enough to give me a review I'll be grateful but till then till next time