Chapter 255: To Strive to Live and Let Die In The Collapsing World.

The moment Homelander, Omni-Man, and the Utopian all glared at each other a wave of panic swept across the entire makeshift space colony. Garkbit hastily ran out of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Homelander saw the head waiter catch his breath before he snorted." Hey…you're the guy who overcharged me last time!"

Garkbit winced before he wiped some sweat off his head." I'm terribly sorry you were not happy with your service last time but I assure you sir Homelander that the pay was not a " ripoff"."

"You were making me pay at all, so yah that is an affront to your god! You only got off because Auro and his whole bunch of suck ups were near by last time. But this time…no one is going to bail any of you out for the disrespect you shown to the Vought tribe!"

"I'm sure we can come to an understanding sir! I have no problems if you gentlemen want to settle things in a brutally and godly violent manner but please do it outside are establishment. After all the Restaurant at the End of the Universe serves anyone that pays the bill. I'm sure we can discuss good terms after we dis, AHH!"

In an instant Homelander dashed at the waiter and grasped his mouth. The taller man looked right at the smaller man's eyes before they started to glow." There you go again, acting like you have the right to negotiate things with me like we are equals!

You just don't get it dumbass, the fact that you're offering to pay anyone, even people I don't like, makes me angry! All you punks have to learn the hard way that neutrality and all that crap is dead! You're either bending the knee to the Seven, or…THIS!"

Homelander unleashed an eye blast to hit Garkbit. Mike, Utopian and a few others only had time to scream before the waiter was blasted into the restaurant. As an explosion ignited that vaporized half of the establishment, Utopian saw Homelander's glee before he grasped his fist tightly." Damn you John! Your just like all the psychopath tyrants that rallied everyone against them! No matter how brutal they got it did not save them, and it will not save you!"

"Only because none of them were as badass as me!" The blond cape man declared." God your people must be so damn tired of your hero speech's Sheldon. I know I'm tired of looking at your god damn face so die already!"

Homelander's eyes glowed before he unleashed another massive optic blast at all of the people he hated. However Utopian 's own eyes glowed before he fired off his own blue and white projectile from his eyes. The two beams collided into each other with enough force to blow Mike off his feet.

Astra saw Utopian step back before she grimaced and had an aura of energy erupt out of her." Ah hell am I dying in this pissing contest between man-child's! Masako!"

The Equalizer saw in an instant what she had to do to survive and unleashed her own energy blast into the mix, which was enough to propel the collision of energy out of the area. The blast roared into an asteroid and was powerful enough to vaporize it instantly.

Homelander saw Astra's anger before he snickered." Nice temper their sweet pea…you're going to as fun to get in line as it was for Starlight here. But make no mistake…all of you are going to learn the price of showing disrespect in my territory."

Utopian rolled his eyes before he got into a fighting stance." How drunk are you? This was clearly in,"

"ALL OF SPACE IS MY TURF!" Homelander suddenly roared out with psychotic fury." And now I'm going to beat down every dumbass in the universe till they get the message!"

"Enough!" Utopian cried out as he dashed at the younger caped man. As the two unleashed another furious exchange of blows Omni-Man glanced at Mike and Astra before he sighed." As much as I want to shut those inferior counterparts up…I came here for a reason. You have spunk girl…a shame you're not a Viltrumite."

Astra let out a casual shrug…before a yellow aura erupted out of her body and her sword started to glow." Damn right I'm not one of you mustache obsessed bastards, I'm hell of a more kickass lady then that!"

Omni-Man cracked his knuckles before he spat out," I see no one raised you with manners. I'll have to."

In an instant he was cut off as Invincible showed he was not as much of a push over as his father thought as the younger male rebounded enough from his blow to dive-bombed Omni-Man on his back to send him right through the ground.

Mike saw his friend look at him desperately before the man in yellow and blue yelled out," Get into hyperspace while I keep dad distracted Mike!"

Astra saw Homelander and Utopian still going at each other, as Lady Liberty, Starlight, and Maeve were fighting as Stormfront watched before she noticed Mike's shock and grabbed his arm." He's right Mikey…I'm not crazy enough to think I can fight all these guys at once! If you want to live, we got to get back to the Flutter now!"

Mike was about to say something, but felt the ground shake before he nodded. Astra spat on the ground before she dragged him away from the ruins of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Invincible glanced at how Utopian was doing against Homelander before he saw a blur, and saw his father's fist heading for his jaw.

The younger Viltrumite was smashed through another building, but before he could get back on his feet he felt something, and saw Omni-Man was already behind him. The younger male gasped, before he punched his father, only for the mustached man to catch the fist and hold it back with ease.

Invincible gave out a few grunts before Omni-Man squeezed hard enough to produce cracking sounds from his son, causing the smaller fighter fell to his knees. In an instant Omni-Man threw his son up into the air, but the moment Invincible took to the air his father caught him by the leg, and smashed him into the ground again before hurling him through another few buildings.

To his shock his son came at him again and tried to tackle him…only for Omni-Man to catch his fists. As Invincible struggled he yelled out," It's not too late to, GUH!"

Omni-Man jabbed his knee into his son's gut hard enough for another cracking sound to be heard before he uttered," Yes it is boy. It's well enough to be more than a senseless beast, but you never value others over your own tribe! Everything and everyone else is meaningless!"

Omni-Man was about to hammer his fist through his son's jaw…till Invincibles' friends showed they had not run away as the man with red and yellow armor ran up and yelled," Let's see if you think this is meaningless you lying jackass!"

The man grasped Omni-Man by the mustache before it glowed, and an explosion broke out. As Invincible fell to the ground he saw his friend give a thumbs up." Guess your old man has to learn the hard way the torch to the next generation has already, GUH!"

To his horror Invincible found the hard way his friend's power was a lot less effective than he assumed, as Omni-Man grasped the interceptor by the throat, before emerging with a burnt mustache.

Omni-Man saw the younger man gasp for air before he narrowed his eyes." Rex Splode" right? The new is not always better boy…and sometimes the oldest forces, are the most powerful forces, and always will be. Boy…you."

Before he could finish, a black skinned bald haired man in black and golden armor punched him from behind, only for the blow to have no effect. As the new man gasped Omni-Man raised an eyebrow, and instantly grasped the other male by the throat." Markus Grimshaw…I thought you had more sense.

As I was saying…some things evolve…but somethings are the very foundations of existence, that will never change! And those that defy those laws…are punished. I won't kill you boy. But."

In an instant he saw Rex Splode try and grasp his mouth, and thrust that hand into Grimshaw. This by mistake caused the other man he was holding to explode, but before he could he thrusted Grimshaw's head into Rex's mouth, causing them to both blow up.

As Invincible saw his friends get blown to pieces and scream, Omni-Man rolled his eyes and swept the blood off his face." Why do you feel so much for such trash Mark? In the grand scheme of things such people are worthless to us!"

"How…how could you say that about my friends!? LIAR!"

In a burst of rage Invincible punched his father in the face. He got a few solid blows in, but after coughing up blood Omni-Man snickered, and caught his son's arm before lifting him in the air." You should be grateful, for the first time I'm telling you the truth!"

"I…I have to save them!"

Omni-Man noticed a transport bus flying nearby before his eyes hardened." No…this time you're going to see things clearly boy!"

He flew in front of the bus and jabbed his son in front of it, ripping it in half, and causing the people inside it to collide into him and shatter upon impact. As his son vomited from the sight Omni-Man turned red." How many do you have to see die before you grow out of this phase? A thousand? A million?

Winners are the ones who do what needs to be done, and the ultimate winners are the ones who can kill someone every second all day if that's what it takes to grasp victory Mark! Never stop killing…never stop hurting unless you want to die with the rest of the prey! Because that's all there is to this universe…being the clan that eats or the clan that's eaten!"

Invincible yelled with raw hate and punched his father in the face, only for Omni-Man to not be phased at all before he rolled his eyes." Please. Had enough yet?"

"I…I'll stop you!"

"I'm ready when you are boy." Omni-Man retorted with raw contempt. Before he threw his son to the ground so hard he ripped his shirt off and caused a shock-wave that toppled many of the buildings.

Omni-Man then at the speed of a sonic boom dashed down and slammed his son in the gut before uttering," You're doing this for nothing boy. Being part of the Viltrumite clan will give these pitiful scum have more honor then they will ever be otherwise!"

"And…what if they don't want to?"

"What do you think I been doing? They die!"

"I…I won't let you!"

Omni-Man punched his son again, not caring that teeth bounced off his face before he got angrier." You want to die for weak scum? Fine! What's seventeen more years to a Viltrumite! I'll just make another one that won't be such a loser!"

As Mark screamed out in pain Omni-man just got even more furious." Why are you making me do this? You're fighting so you can see inferior scum flop around a few more moments before they die anyway! You're going to outlive most of them anyway! Think Mark…THINK! You want to waste away everything so you don't feel "Bad?"

Did that Auro brat and Utopian really get you to think that all that mortal stuff matters even after all their morals amounted to nothing! After all…your defending some parasite who can just scurry away like the rat he is. And when I'm done with you, what he's going to go through is going to make your punishment seem" Nice!"

Omni-Man kept pounding his son into submission, with such fury that everyone on Knoware could hear him. As this brutal parental beatdown was unfolding Mike heard it all as he and Astra were trying to find the best way to get out without being caught in the crossfire.

The blond woman saw Mike looking back before she tugged him forward." Don't stop to look idiot! You have to learn quick that if you don't pay attention to what matters at the moment you're a dead man walking! There is nothing we can do but get back to the Flutter and jump while everyone's still distracted. Let's just hope those idiots were not feeling like, huh? Whoa!"

The blond woman was about to run down the block till she saw none other than Sam walk up on the other side of the block.

The Porter saw how tense the two looked before he sighed." I managed to get a few deliveries commissioned…but something tells me things did not work as well for you guys."

Mike was about to say something till another part of the city exploded behind him, causing Astra to roll her eyes." Yah think? I'm going to use a Haste spell to blitz us back to the ship. Let's hope those jackass's are to short sited to break off to go after us."

Sam nodded and got ready to run, but suddenly a new voice cut in with," Ah hell gal, your being modest thinking only those guys want a piece of yah! After all…you have a lot of debts you own and like it or not it's time to pay up!"

Astra widened her eyes and glanced at the source, only to see no one. Just as Mike was about to say something the two noticed they were sinking into the ground, and realized that suddenly there feet were muddy.

The three heard moaning sounds, till suddenly black tar like corpses burst out of the mud and threw them to the ground. The trio could only shout as they were dragged down the block, down a few sets of stares and then slid into a giant pit of tar next to what looked like an entrance to a storage place.

As Astrid regained her bearings, she saw a man with a black gas mask that covered the entirety of his head.

Over that, he wore a golden skull mask that covers the lower portion of his face as well as a black hooded cloak pulled up onto his head, the lining of which was striped blue and gold.

The cloak covered his shoulders, coming down into two points at the back. On his torso, he wore a black bullet proof vest on top of a dim greenish-yellow suit.

He wore long black gloves with golden plates on the hands. He had black boots and dark green cargo pants, held up by a belt with many pockets.

The man with the mask raised his hands, before the black liquid around him rippled, and became a floating rock. Astra saw the man glance at her before she coughed out some tar." Oh god damn it…seriously?"

The hooded man saw Mike and Sam's confusion and gave a mocking bow." The name's Higgs…the particle of god that permeates all existence. Some of you might be meeting me for the first time, but if all goes well this will be the last time we all meet. I'd say you had back luck but one way or another you all made some rather bad choices. Ah…so it was you who lured the prey eh? Rather low…even for you Fragile."

Mike and Sam both heard something fall, and glanced at the stairs leading to a building behind them to see Fragile glancing below at them, grasping her umbrella tightly. The porter just winced before a shock-wave from a blow Homelander unleashed caused her to lose her umbrella, before she suddenly warped out of the area.

Higgs just laughed at everyone's confusion before he hunched over." Sounds like I'm late to quite the party, but it's still not too late to celebrate eh?"

In an instant Higgs was on top of Mike, and as the curly haired man gasped in shock Higgs leaned down to look him in the eye." What's that? Ben Auro is dead? The Last Emperor of the universe, the last champion of the light and ethics and justice and all that fairy tale nonsense is…well…not quite dead and buried but one way or another out of the picture.

But now the pitiful leftover prince is to take his place for the salvation of their Bethel Kingdom eh? Well that won't wash…he's not cut out for leadership…right kid? But don't worry, more than enough people want to spare you from looking like a fool eh?

Was a problem when one stubborn gal thought she could hog all the glory for herself to feel better about the bad choices she made but well…to bad she was not nearly as clever as she thought…eh Astra?"

"Hey Higgs." Astra answered casually." See your as stuck up as ever. Don't act like your some genius…your just a lame ass dog picking up what the hounds already found. Still got to give you pay back for how you screwed over Fragile!"

"Man I know Fragile is a girl to but you really need to get your priorities in check gal." Higgs uttered coldly." You want to be as short sited as Abby and Ellie were about one upping each other? Was nothing personal about Fragile but she was simply forgetting what matters most to the Equalizers and had to get a reminder. If you're taking her side sounds like you do to."

"You're talking to me about ideas? At least I have ideas unlike you who just wants to see everything burn and all. I don't care what you and some of the other Equalizers think…this way is the best way to really win and I'm not giving it up because you can't keep your death boner under control for five seconds!"

Higgs snickered as he looked up at the sky. "It's pathetic Astra…you putting everything on this purpose of yours just makes you as pathetic as Ben Auro, Lacus Raystar and the rest of the fools. You see, I come to understand the truth about the Death Stranding, and the secret to life while I'm at it. Oh, there' so much you folk don't know. Fragile for instance…she's not like you or me, DOOMS' ain't her thing.

But what's important for the here and now is that you slowing things up for the sake of your own idea spits on the face of what we are all about Astra. After all, there is no point giving meaning when all roads lead to chaos.

If you lived up to being an extinction entity, one that will bring extinction to order itself then well…we would not be trying to talk while the Superman are tearing at each other to have dibs on being the biggest man of steel of all eh?"

"God just do whatever you're going to do already Higgs!" Astra spat out bitterly." The whole point of the Equalizers was being free to do whatever we wanted as long as we were strong enough to do it right? The whole reason you're hiding and letting others doing the dirty work is because you know you don't have enough guts to finish the job normally!"

Higgs went to grasp Astra, till his hands suddenly lit up with black flames. He saw this and just shrugged." Oh, it's so hard to form connections when you can't shake hands eh? Fortunately…I got a good connection with the "other side" eh? Now you three? Sam…you built a decent rep as a porter…but your no" Bridge".

Astra honey you're a loose cannon that does not know her place and the last Auro here? Just a sad last joke to the punchline that is the Auro bloodline, if not hero's as a whole. But me? I'm bound to all of it. This universe, the realm of the dead, and the sweet angel of death."

The flames around Higgs hands turned to tar, before those tarry appendages extended into the ground. More and more ripples broke out of the tarry mud before suddenly a house sized demonic skull faced squid burst out of the liquid.

Mike saw the black and yellow creature roar before he gasped." He…he can summon Shades? But…that's supposed to be impossible!"

"Oh you seem to be wrong about a hell of a lot of things eh prince?" Higgs retorted as his tentacle like hands formed reins on the summoned creature." All your talk and looks like you're on the menu Michelangelo Auro. So how about it? Aren't you getting tired of the grind kid? Isn't this what you been waiting for this whole time? A game over?"

Mike saw Higgs looked deranged before he let out a weak smile." Seriously man? Yah…duty can be a drag and all…but you know being eaten by some nutjob's pet demon squid is a hell of a lot worst!"

"Ah…dying's not so bad kid…if you're the right kind of guy." Higgs threw out." Either way in the end of the day prey don't really have a choice now eh?"

"Like hell…am I your prey Higgs Monaghan!"

Astra roared out as veins formed on her forehead and her energy erupted with enough force to shatter the muddy bodies binding her, along with the ones still holding down Mike and Sam, and all of the muddy tar like liquid around her.

She had her sword sizzle with red energy before she grit her teeth." I'm glad you're crazy enough to think one shade with tentacles was going to be enough to do me in Higgs…it's going to make kicking your ass more fun!"

Higgs sighed before he lowered his head." I was hoping between getting away from Omni-man and Homelander you would be a tad worn out.

No biggie. We can always tweak the rules a bit...cause I knew I was not going to hack in mono to mono with Fitter's direct descendant. That's why…I threw out a contract to see who was feeling lucky.

The Shade here is to eat your bodies but they are the one's that are gonna beat yah. Thokk … Nagoriyuki…time to earn that bonus."

The trio tensed up as two men walked out from the sides. On the left was a tall, heavily built, dark-skinned man with blue eyes and thick, shoulder-length dread-locks tied into a ponytail.

He wore a white coat with purple lining decorated with silver studs and snaps in the style of a haori, with only his right arm through the sleeve; the back of the jacket is emblazoned with a red kanji 心 (kokoro?, heart) and the word "HEART" beneath.

This was worn over a simple orange robe cinched at the waist by a red obi and three leather belts, which was likewise half-removed. Beneath this was a long white waist cloth matching his jacket, with several purple and blue straps embroidered with crosses and the phrase "KEEP OUT." He also wore white fingerless gloves, black leggings, and simple gray sandals.

He also carried a traditional daishou pair of swords sheathed at the hip, with the oodachi locking into its scabbard via a mechanical apparatus in the hilt.

On the right was a white humanoid seven-foot lion in red and black armor welding a golden mace.

Astra saw the man lion growl before she rolled her eyes." Oh, for crying out loud I'm meeting more people then I met all last year!"

The man in dreadlocks narrowed his eyes before cracking his neck." Forgot me already girl? You only remember those you don't try and screw over on a job!"

The blond lady blinked a bit before she winced." Wait…you're that Nagoriyuki? I could have swore you got impaled on Krakoa!"

"I DID…but you forgot I'm a Vampire!"

"But…it looked like a stake."

"That's not how it works! I admit normally I would think this is a bit much…but you're someone that must learn the hard way the price of such dishonor. You thought you could swindle me and nothing would come of it Astra?"

"Hey you said you liked the thrill of the fight more than money so I figured you would not mind! When a girl needs to get enough fuel sometimes hard calls have to be made."

"The hard call would be to do the honorable thing, not leave me to craw out of a volcano after it erupted! The strongest will always rule…but those who are a blight will get their due."

"Oh your calling me weak?" Astra spat back as veins formed on her forehead. " Bring it you cocksucking blood sucker…let's see how immortal you really are before I use your body to bash your boss into the next star or something and use your tooth as a toothpick or something!"

Nagoriyuki closed his eyes before taking out his blade." Beneath that uncouth shell I do sense the fury of a demon. No words are needed in a duel. Let me answer you with my sword. I'll listen to whatever you have to say after the battle."

Astra saw the tall man have a white mechanical helmet resembling a hannya mask with elongated horns and a rictus grin form over his head. In place of eyes and a nose was a featureless white surface marked with the same red kanji that appeared on his coat.

The blond woman saw her new opponent's blade surge with blood red energy before a savage grin sprouted on her face." Bring it on! Just don't cry like a little bitch when I show who's outclassed!"

"Only a fool treads the path of the demon lightly. I will,"

Astra in a flash jumped up and thrusted her blade, before a shadow blade extended out of the tip to burst through the taller man's head. As the vampire samurai paused Astra grinned." Yah sorry if I gave the time of day to everyone I pissed off I'd never be able to enjoy life dude.

I don't care who don't like how I do things…long as I can fight I'm fighting for how I want things to go! Alright Higgs you going to, huh? Whoa!"

Despite her blade hitting its target, Nagoriyuki grasped his blade tightly before swinging it down on the ground hard enough to shatter the floor, and also send a crescent projectile at her.

As she dashed to the left Nagoriyuki lowered his head, before the hole in his face patched up." What part of being immortal do you not get girl? Even hitting my brain is not enough!"

Astra sighed before cracking her neck." Ah hell…figured that would at least leave you brain-dead long enough to get to Higgs. Fine you want to do this the hard way then, whoa!" The blond woman felt a gust of wind before she saw her opponent's body flicker till she swerved around just as Nagoriyuki was to her right with his blade aiming for her heart.

The rouge Equalizer parried with her own sword, swore, then moved like lighting as the two opponents exchanged so many blows per second that Mike and Sam could only see two blurs surge across the area.

Mike felt the ground tremble with each impact before he cleared his throat." Well I see this is getting even more personal so I'll just, hey!"

As Mike was tiptoeing backwards, a chunk of the building went flying for him. The lanky man dove to the ground, and saw that the projectile came from Thokk. The humanoid lion growled as he marched forward." Gutless cur…at least die like a man! I came here because I heard the last Auro could be my prey, and I won't be denied my vengeance! Your father, the so-called Champion of " Goodness" made a fool of me a decade ago! Someone else may have robbed me of that glory so I'll settle for the last surviving spawn of his loins! Brace yourself and prey your skills are enough to sate the Battle Beast!"

"Yah…about that." Mike uttered anxiously as he kept walking back." Fighting's not really my jam yah dig? I'm more of a talker then a fighter but trust me if you want strong guys to bash then just follow the explosions!"

The" Battle Beast shifted his nose for a bit before he snarled." I did hear that you were a disgrace to your bloodline Michael Auro. It's true that normally I only waste time on worthy opponents. However, I can't deny the delight in even a partial grasp of vengeance. If you can not be worth my time then your death will serve to warm me up for those past you! Either way…prepare to die!"

The Battle Beast brought up his mace and Mike winced before jumping out of the way before his enemy brought it down. The shock-wave alone launched Sam into the wall.

Mike saw the Porter moan in pain before he eyed the lion man keenly." Hey, you really don't want to do this man! I don't know what Higgs promised you but trust me one way or another you're going to regret this!"

"Tsc…your implying retribution from one of your servants if I kill you? I'm a true warrior runt, I enjoy the prospect of more warriors to fight! Besides…your Bethel Kingdom is on the verge of collapse, there is nothing you can do but at least die with some honor!"

The Battle Beast swung his mace again, and Mike dodged once more as the impact shattered the entire building behind it.

The curly haired man saw the smugness in the Battle Beast and grasped his fist tightly." I don't really by the whole dying with dignity thing, I'm really more of a living kind of guy."

"Tsc…well if your too weak to do anything about it and you don't really have a choice runt! Others have shielded you from your weakness for far too long, but a worthless cur is all you really are!"

Thokk slammed the ground again, and while Mike evaded the strike, the impact still sent him flying to the building on the other side of the area. Mike landed hard enough to cough up blood before he saw both Higgs and the Battle Beast glaring at him.

He saw Astra got cut across the face by Nagoriyuki in the distance, saw Sam was slouched over, and heard Invincible crying out in pain in the distance before he grasped his fist tightly." Alright if you're going to be an ass about this then it's a done deal. I don't like fighting…I never said I can't defend myself jackass!"

Thokk saw Mike grasp his necklace, before the crystal shined with golden light. The light blinded the humanoid lion before he snarled out." What…you think you can run now?"

"Nah it's not time to run, its morphing time!"

Mike suddenly jabbed the crystal into his glove, before turning it like a key. A burst of holy light exploded out of him, and it was intense enough to blow away all the tar like liquid.

Higgs saw his demonic squid was sizzling just from the light coming off before he snickered." Damn…figured that pain in the ass Auro would not just leave his kid with nothing. I reckon this is going to get just a bit more…messy."

When the light faded Higgs and the Battle Beast saw that were Mike stood now was a golden armored knight with a golden aura that had lighting crackle around it. Where Mike's face use to be was a face plate covering the mouth, and green glowing eyes. As Thokk saw the armored figure go into a fighting stance he snarled." What farce is this?"

"This is no con buddy…it's just a handy morph into the divine warrior job class with a handy crystal shard from the folks. Like I said I don't like to fight, but when your parents have enemies all over the universe they do what they can, like give you a divine object that " has the Power" to turn into a warrior with max power level AND a Ultra Instinct bonus.

Have to turn it on to use it but...while I may have been caught off before that's not happening again! So are you going to let me leave or do I have to go through you? I'm just going to give you a heads up dude it's not going to end well for you."

Thokk paused for a moment before he narrowed his eyes." You think you can bluff out of this? I don't sense any ki from your body, your power level has not changed at all! You can hustle weaker men but the Battle Beast will crush all pretenders!"

The mercenary burst at Mike, and in less than a second brought down his club. However, the Battle Beast was shocked to see Mike easily catch the weapon with his right hand. The mercenary widened his eyes and put both hands on his club, only to not move it an inch.

Mike saw his enemy's shock before his left hand glowed." Hey just cause you can't sense the power don't mean its not real just means it comes out differently! After all this hand of mine glows with an awesome power…and right now it's telling me to defeat you! Take this sourpuss…Shinning Knuckle!"

Max's right hand surged with even more holy light before it shattered the ram. A holy energy blast erupted out of the shinning hand and went through the Battle Beast's gut before Thokk went flying.

Higgs saw the holy projectile was heading for him and swore before his body vanished into black mist. A second later the projectile shattered the demonic squid in an instant and went on to destroy the building behind it.

Thokk fell with a thud and coughed up blood before he glanced at the hole in his chest and roared in outrage." No…my hide can only be pierced by one with godly power!"

"Yah forget I'm the son of the guys who are more or less sitting on the throne of god tough guy?" Mike answered pridefully as he gave a victory sigh." Guess you bit off more then you could chew eh? Now if the rest of you could just take a god damn hint then maybe I, huh?"

A flash of red light caught Max's attention, and time rolled back to give a proper explanation, going back to where we last saw Astra and Nagoriyuki they were slashing at each other at the speed of two meat grinders going at each other.

Astra evaded a slash, and swung her blade, at the same time having a blade of shadow appearing out of her opponent's shadow to go through his foot, only to strike his coat.

Nagoriyuki saw this and swerved his blade around to try and slice off the woman swordmen's arm, only for her to swerve herself. This act forced the Samurai vampire to snort." I give you credit for keeping up with my Fuyko movement technique woman. While you may be my enemy, you have my admiration."

"Think I need your approval jackass? Don't think just because your polite now I'm not going to kick your ass!"

"A feral one, aren't you? You mistake respect for my resolve eroding! Your still too wild to best me in true combat!"

Nagoriyuki carved up the ground and threw the severed fragments at Astra, then jabbed at the blond woman with his saber. For a moment he thought he hit her, only to see he sliced through his jacket. A moment later he felt something jab into his helmet before Astra glared at him. As her energy surged she roared out," You're paying for that jacket asshole! Masako!"

The renegade Equalizer unleashed her energy blast at point blank range to try and fry her opponent. Nagoriyuki saw his helmet vaporize and felt his body burning before his eyes turned red." No...not like this…I won't be disgraced by a wild dog a second time! Zansetsu!"

The blood red energy around the vampire's tripled in size before he held up the Masako energy beam with one hand, and then swung his blade down.

The act shattered Astra's projectile in an instant, and also unleashed a shock-wave that sliced across Astra's chest. The blond woman grunted in pain as she was launched into the air.

As she landed with a thud Nagoriyuki shrugged." Disappointing. With more training, you may have stood a chance. I give you credit that you pushed me into my bloodrage state. Still, your fundamentals are flawed. Strong emotions or motivations may lend you immense strength for a time, but those with unfaltering foundations are able to respond to such momentary, explosive power with ease.

Rest now, lest your wounds open up, so that you can be devoured by Higg's beast and die in peace. Might not taste as good as a onigiri, but, oh?"

While he thought he wounded Astra all of a sudden her energy flared up with even more intensely before she let out an angry chuckle." You can shove your advice right up your ass Night Walker!"

Black flames erupted out of Astra's aura before her eyes started glowing red and her face turned fang like." Hey… Sigrun…this guy keeps barking like his words mean a damn…lets show him how much of a small man he really is!"

The black flames slowly covered her body as a brand mark on her arm glowed. A few moments later a distorted voice hissed out," Sounds good sis…lets squeeze him till he's dry!"

"Sounds good to me!" Astra cried out as she grasped the part of her arm that had a tattoo on it before it glowed red." Time to let the Atma Brand rip!"

A shock-wave of dark energy erupted that was powerful enough to make Nagoriyuki be knocked back. When the vampire regained his balance he saw Astra had gotten back up, and was now covered with black scale like armor.

As he noticed devil like wings of flames extended he grit his teeth." Astra…I knew you were crazy…but I did not think even you would perform the Devil-Binding Ritual. It seems your rashness has already cost you. But this will be your final, huh?"

Nagoriyuki felt a drop on his foot and looked down to realize blood was falling down, from his face. He winced and heard a grunt before seeing Astra was suddenly behind him.

The transformed woman licked her now bloody hand before she snorted out," You assholes always like to assume things eh? Nah…my pal Sigrun got screwed over by smug assholes like you who can't handle whenever your pride takes a hit!

The only way to save her was to do the Devil Binding Ritual to form a Atma Brand that becomes a Atma Avatar . Not like I care, gives me a few perks like being able to go even more hardcore to shut guys like you all the way up! Nagoriyuki…you think you know all there is eh?

You may have seen some things and done some stuff but your still just a jackass who only cares for yourself that just tries to sound nice with your "Pride". At least the guys who don't play games are honest about what they are. Before this is over I'm going to make you see just what you really are!"

Nagoriyuki saw Astra give a yell full of blood lust before she charged at him again. The mercenary had to move at full speed not to get hit, and noticed his face got sliced into before he winced, and got back into a fighting stance as he kept having small chunks of him carved out as Astra dashed around like a black blur." Deluded woman…don't project your failings into me! Your speed is impressive, but you don't realize how much I can endure! You're just a fly trying to bite a dragon to death! Zansetsu!"

Nagoriyuki struck the ground with his blade, causing the entire area around him to erupt with blood red energy, causing everything around him to be vaporized.

For a moment Nagoriyuki saw nothing and smirked, before he noticed the ground in front of him looked like a black circle.

Before he could react he suddenly felt a painful sensation spike across his right arm. As he yelled he saw Astra behind him, before the woman merged with a devil licked her lips." A dumbass giant sure can bite it to the ant if it knows were to sting. Sure like to throw a temper tantrum the moment you're not in control. Might have tripped some lightweights up with that, but when you can bend the shadows to your whim as well as I can it's a piece of cake!"

Nagoriyuki looked at the black hole before he grit his teeth." So, you can do more than just make your blade appear out of shadows, but use the shadows to warp around? Damn you…you may be quite the versatile woman, but you can't hide forever!"

A moment later Astra appeared out of another void vortex and stabbed him in the gut. This caused Nagoriyuki to grasp her head before yelling out," I have you now! Wasureyuki!"

Nagoriyuki unleashed a sword combo as he hacked and slashed Astra several times per second, before he ended the combo with a slash that caused all of Knoware to shake. As the ground shook Nagoriyuki felt his blade in his target and took a deep breath as he saw blood flying all over the area. He was about to say something till he heard Astra laugh and sighed." You've lost, yet you still laugh. Accursed beast. May your, GUH!"

To his shock despite his blade still being in the woman's chest, he still felt a blade go through his gut, and looked up to see Astra had a crazed look in her eye before the distorted voice, the demon Sigrun rasped out," We are laughing because of how dumb you are! You're not human yourself and yet thought you could slice us apart like we were just flesh and blood? The more you slice me open, the stronger I get! And now it's all going to burst out on you!"

All the blood that came out of Astra glowed, before forming a red orb of energy. As it got more condensed Astra hunched over and widened her eyes." That was not to bad a combo fang face…but let me show you a true killer strike! Ia Death Waltz!"

Nagoriyuki roared out and tried to attack, but in a blur Astra thrusted her Katana at his chest, and unleashed a bloody thrust that unleashed such a strong blow that Nagoriyuki's chest was vaporized in moments.

The vampire saw his now detached arms fall before his eye twitched and he uttered," I…I can still come…GUAH!"

"Sure about that? Meidō…Zangetsuha!"

Astra showed that her opponent just saw her opening strike before she unleashed a lighting fast barrage of thrusts that unleashed black crescent waves that sliced apart all the parts of the vampire that could be seen, and absorbed the fragments like they were miniature black holes.

Astra finished her combo by slamming her blade in the ground with enough force to shake. As she saw no trace of Nagoriyuki left she snickered." NOW WHO"S THE CHUMP EH JACKASS? Oh right, guess you can't respond when I owned yah hardcore! I may not be no god, but no asshole is going to have their way with Astra Fitter! Yah hear that Higgs!? Throw whatever you got it's not going to, huh? Whoa not that fast!"

It was at this time that Mike blew the Battle Beast into Higgs with his Shinning Knuckle. Astra swerved around and saw Mike for a moment and, upon seeing a golden knight emitting holy energy she nearly pounced on instinct, till she felt the armored man's aura and raised an eyebrow." What the…hell is this? This a joke your" highness"?"

Mike saw the demonic energy still coming out of Astra, and despite his transformation he still kept his casual demeanor. "I could say the same to you! You look like you're a demon or something."

"I am a demon, or at least fused with one thanks to the Devil Binding Magic." Astra flatly retorted." What, got a problem with that? Looks like you're all dressed up to be a demon slaying guy. The hell is this? If you had this power why were you acting like you did not want to fight and let idiots capture you!"

"It…it's not that simple." Mike uttered with exasperation." I don't like fighting, but I keep telling you that while I'm a gambler I'm not an idiot. Just in case I have to fight, my pops gave me a crystal shard that would give me the power and skills of the ultimate warrior, someone that had all of his old pals moves. The "Royal Ranger" is made to be just another of my dad's elite crew to not bring attention to me. This is…the first time I used it in a real fight though."

"You lazy spoiled bastard…if you could have fought off Omni-Man, Homelander and the rest what the hell were you doing?"

"Hey you can take my word or not but I WAS going to use this on Omni-man…till Homelander showed up. I, I tested things with my dad and my brother and we are rather sure I can come up on top with one of those" Nahobino" but, two or more, that's not odds I'm willing to bet on."

Astra paused before she rolled her eyes." So, your just afraid to bet your life eh?"

"Oh give me a break I see you had this trick up your sleeve and did not fight all the cape jackasses either eh girl? Why, you want to go back and fight?"

Astra heard screaming in the distance before she grasped her fist, and her appearance returned to normal." Ugh…your just lucky your pals ship is the nearest one right now. Welp, Higgs one way or another got scared off so let's get going before someone ELSE decides to join in, I 'm already forgetting half the people that joined in!"

Mike nodded, till his eyes widened." Hey don't forget about Sam."

Astra saw the Porter struggling to get up before she shrugged." The old timer's already a lost cause…might as well not go down with him."

"Hey maybe you cut and run but I don't give up on people or deals that easily." The son of Ben and Lacus uttered before he dashed up to Sam and helped the porter up." Hey man, can you stand?"

The older man saw Mike was now glowing before he shrugged." Thanks…but it takes a lot to keep me down. Still…all that's going on might pull it off."

"Maybe…but let's get to the Flutter yesterday!"

Using their full power, Mike and Astra decide to risk being spotted by their enemies and fly to where the Flutter was parked. The trio were relieved to see the Digger's airship was in one piece, and that Megaman was at the door looking more than a little stressed.

The digger saw Astra and Mike land on the ground and due to their changes he nearly opened fire on them before Mike put up his hand." Yo ease up Volnutt it's me!" Mike uttered as he let his transformation come undone. The man in blue saw both him and Astra power down before he gulped." We were just about to leave cause we thought you died! Guess someone showed up to cancel lunch?"

"Don't waste time with being a wise-ass unless you want us to be lunch." Astra snorted out bitterly." I don't care where we go as long as it's safer then here!"

Megaman winced as he realized all of Knoware was on fire thanks to the fighting before he winced." Is there…no one else that could make it?"

Mike thought about Invincible and Utopian before he grasped his fist tightly." Some guys fought so we could bail…as much as its driving me crazy I can't let it be for nothing. Man…I know me and my dad had are differences…but when I see how Omni-Man reacted to his son…guess the anger my old man showed really was not so bad."

Astra saw Mike's distraught before she rolled her eyes." Seriously? Settle your family issues when we don't have to risk getting blown up! There's no time!"

Mike let out a bitter nod, but just as he was about to head into the Flutter a course male voice cut in with a wild laugh." Damn missy, what's the rush? You all need to relax."

The curly haired man paused and turned around to see Arthur Morgan casually walking into the hanger, even as a building exploded behind him. Astra saw how the cowboy looked in a tranquil state of mind before she grit her teeth?" Yah another buddy of Higgs? Or Homelander? Ugh…whoever you're are your going regret yesterday being stupid enough to get in our way!"

Mike saw Astra was taking out her sword before he winced." Hey don't be a asshole Astra that guys not with the others! Arthur Morgan, right? I shared a drink with him at the bar before the table was ready! Dude I don't know how drunk you are but you better haul it out of here if you want to have another drink!"

"Heh…think I'm too drunk to see how it is boy? Nah, I get what's going on…it's just like the wild west. Sure, the shootouts involve flying men acting like they are god's but it's all the same…men are fighting to show who's the top dog. You kids need to relax, if you stress out anytime beasts roar you're gonna get a damn heart attack and die like a wuss."

Megaman saw Arthur's indifference before he ran up." This is not just some bar fight mister! Some of the guys that are responsible for making the universe the horrible place it is are fighting just above us! If we don't get away while they are distracted, we are going to die! We…we can only hope the savior or some of the others can give them the justice they deserve."

Arthur snickered as he looked up." Gonna just blame everything on the beasts eh boy? Mankind knew they cannot change society. So instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the Beasts. Society's all about it being someone else's fault eh? Men can't just accept how things are…till you make them see how it is."

"Big talk for someone too drunk to see how things are yah smug jackass!" Astra snarled out." If you don't want to die go with us before, huh? Oh hell!"

The blond woman was about to run up before she saw a flash, and ducked just as something shot for her. Everyone ducked as an object smashed the wall next to the Flutter hard enough to smash it.

As Mike looked back up he turned pale as he realized the object was Invincibles broken body. The prince of the Bethel Kingdom saw his friend spit out teeth and blood before crumbling to the ground, till moments later Omni-Man land with a thud.

The Viltrumite saw everyone but Arthur look full of dread before he cracked his neck." How my son looks will look…good compared to what I'll do to you all if you keep this game up. No more games Michael Auro…your either going to accept you will get me pass the Bethel Kingdom's defenses now, or after I break everyone hear and make every last moment you have feel like a living hell."

Mike stepped back, and saw Astra looked stressed before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Eh I don't know, Viltrumite's have a term for don't count your chickens before they hatch eh?"

Omni-Man was about to move till he heard an explosion, and glanced behind him." You can only bluff so long boy. You think Utopian and his group will bail you out? A fool like him can't even handle Homelander…let alone a true elite. Tsc, but better tie up loose ends to not mess this up."

The mustached man casually swerved to the right as a fragment of a building was sent his way. He then saw Utopian come crashing to the ground with a bruise on his cheek.

The champion of the Union of Justice grasped his jaw before he glared above him." Homelander…no matter how savagely you fight you're not going to smash things to be your way!"

The younger caped man landed down, saw Lady Liberty get hit by Stormfront and Maeve in the distance before his grin widened." Sure about that geezer? Sounds like your order's teetering on the edge and I'm all too happy to blow it all the way off the ledge till it breaks!"

"You think if you kill me and Auro's boy that will be the end of it John? People across the universe will be outraged and want to see you put down."

"And that's what sets us apart "Utopian", I don't care what the prey think! After today only the most brain-dead idiots will still think they can defy the will of god! And it's always fun owning morons to send a message, but after today no one will think they can, GUH!"

Just as Homelander was about to unleash another blast, a green energy blast went through his right shoulder. As the leader of the" Seven" staggered back Homelander thought he was attacked by Lady Liberty, only to see the green haired man Michael saw at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe was the one who blasted him.

As Homelander gave the interloper a look of raw hatred the newcomer did not flinch." Don't think you can shrug off your crimes you bastard…today is the day you answer for the wrongs you committed to the Cerealians!"

Homelander's eye twitched before he tilted his head to the side." The hell is this? What the hell is that? Is this because I did not make it to film that add for the new food Yorinobu wanted me to promote tell him I'll do it after I kill everyone who stands in my way."

"You bastard…you don't even remember it?" I'm Granolah…the sole survivor of the Cerealian race! Homelander…you and the" Seven" wiped out my people and I gave up everything to make sure they are avenged if it's the last thing I do!"

Homelander saw Granolah's resolve and chuckled darkly." You think that means anything to me punk? I cleaned out so many planets the past year it's all kind of mixing together. I mean how else am I going to get the highest kill count in the universe! Hey I think I remember killing a lot of disrespectful green haired losers when I got up to a trillion kills in a year!"

"You…it's all a game to you?"

"Of course it's a game…that's what the weak are to the strong, just a game! If you thought the weak were anything else then just die being a moron!"

Homelander burst over to punch Granolah's head off, but to his shock the Cerealian was fast enough to catch the punch, and then punch him in the face. As Homelander bounced into the ground, he rebounded, and coughed up blood before he widened his eyes in shock.

Granolah then had a green aura surge across his body before he yelled out," You think I would plan my vengeance after all this time and not know what I was doing? I made a pact to gain unlimited power…with the price being my line span! As long as I see you die…it will all be worth it!"

The green haired man let out his aura with enough force to push Homelander back, till the blond-haired man in the cape had his eye twitch." This some sort of joke? Don't matter how desperate you are you can't compare to a real, GUH!"

Homelander was about to raise his fist till Granolah raised his finger and shaped his hand like a gun before firing a green energy blast, and hitting Homelander right in the arm.

The member of the Vought clan felt his fist fall before Granolah narrowed his eyes." You just assumed no one else could match your power…but I can easily see your pressure points and server a nerve in an instant. I been watching you for months to see how you fight. I have to thank you for randomly going over to where I was eating with Monaito, it saved me a lot of time!"

Homelander saw Maeve and Stormfront looking cautious before he snarled with rage." You think you can make a mockery out of me kid? I'm the god damn Homelander…I just need one arm to…RAH!"

Utopian suddenly tackled him from behind to grasp that arm, before the bearded man flew up into the air with Homelander in his grasp before he got Homelander in an arm lock and uttered," Guess you were wrong once again eh John? Your hardly stronger than all the others who want to stop you so, oh?"

Utopian saw a flash and was forced to break his lock to dodge an energy beam heading his way, and saw it came from Stormfront before the member of the" Seven" giggled darkly." Maybe…but are clan still is superior to yours's old timer."

Utopian was about to respond before he noticed something behind her and smirked." We will see about that, now that the family is all together and you and Omni-man alike can see what the full power of the Union of the Justice can do! Took you guys long enough to show up."

Stormfront noticed her bearded opponent was glancing behind her and noticed two people coming before she flew back. Everyone saw the two new arrivals were a younger man and an older man wearing uniforms like Utopian and Lady Liberty.

One was around Mike's age with black hair, and a goatee, and a man that looked like Utopian only with shorter hair and a beard.

Maeve saw the two new arrivals and groaned again before she glanced at Homelander." Damn it…now Brainwave and Paragon showed up to? Unless the others show up soon this is getting out of hand!"

Homelander saw even Omni-Man looked wary before he just grinned. Man Maeve you really are looking like a quitter these days stop being so damn negative! You just have to read the damn room so chill out! So…you guys want to go down with the ship to?"

Mike saw the others looking at him, Homelander and the others before he grinned." Well damn Brandon…way to show up later than usual! Ah well better late than never cause we just might be able to get out of this now."

The older man, Brainwave crossed his arms before he smirked." Sorry for the delay Sheldon, we have to have a word with a Miss Starlight that seemed to be on the same page as Homelander. It seems that we made it just in time."

Uptonian saw the younger man's unease before he cleared his throat." I'm glad you made it but even if they had reinforcements you should have gotten here earlier…lives were lost because of it!"

The younger man stiffened before he closed his eyes." My bad…I did not think I was going to be on the job so I was in the middle…of something."

Utopian raised an eyebrow before he frowned." Seriously Paragon? You know are duty son, you have to be always be ready to answer the call. Your own friend Michael Auro nearly was at the mercy of either Omni-Man or Homelander if I did not arrive."

Brandon grasped his fist tightly before he retorted," Seriously dad…even now you're lecturing me? Even now you have to announce how disappointed you are to your son to the whole universe?"

Utopian winced before he eyed his enemies carefully and steeled himself." Now is not the time for this Brandon we have lives to save! I know it's difficult but we have a duty to endure what lesser men can't to see things are done right!"

Brandon saw his uncle nod before he closed his eyes." Is that why you're always yelling at me man? Am I the one thing in your perfect life you worry you failed at? Well, it's clear you're not going to budge on this, like always. Fine…but just one last thing before we do this."

Utopian saw Brandon fly up to him before he cleared his throat." Unless it's about are enemies not now Paragon! This is not why we are here! You want, huh?"

Brandon suddenly grasped his father's face before father and son looked each other in the eye, and Brandon's eyes glowed before he snarled out," No…your wrong…this is exactly why we are here!"

Everyone aside from Walter displayed various degrees of shock as the son of Utopian unleashed energy beams from his eyes to go directly into his father's before he could react. As Utopian screamed in pain Brandon roared with rage." My name Brandon! I always…ALWAYS hated being called Paragon! I hated being forced into your god damn annoying " crusade of justice"! And I'm going to end it once and for all dad! DIE!"

Brandon unleashed even more power into his eye laser before an explosion broke out, and Mike was swept off his feet. As he got up, he heard a thud, and saw Utopian fall to the ground, with his face vaporized before a chill went down his spine." No…no! This…this is all some sick joke right?"

Astra saw the grin Homelander had before she winced." Man…the higher ups really want to stick it to me eh?"

Lady Liberty blinked a few moments at the sight of her husband's vaporized face before she screamed in horror. She then saw her son looked relived before she screamed yet again." Oh god…no! Brandon…what…what did you do to your father!?"

While Brandon looked tense at seeing his mother, Brainwave cleared his throat before he put his hand on his nephew's shoulder." He did what had to be done Grace. He had more resolve then the Enji Kira Myers did, and pushed through to kill his own father to do the sensible thing. Nothing personal, but Sheldon clinging to outdated ideologies was going to end up with us all die a dog's death sooner or later Grace. If your either fated to die a hero or go down as a villain, your son and I chose the path of survival as I rather not die a dog's death.

It took quite a lot of timing to ensure Sheldon fought enemies powerful enough to weaken him so that Brandon could be faster than him, so that he would not be able to realize I was shielding his murderous intent.

But, it had to be done. I loved Sheldon, even after all of this. But he just was as deluded as the Enji Knights and all the others who did refused to see how things were, and again, I did not want to see my own son and others meet that fate.

"Utopian" and you strive so hard to make the universe and the humans in it aligned with how they wished it could be, but the simple fact was that pushing to make what was not a real thing broke heaven itself.

Your son is what the universe's true nature is, and so we will act to how things are, not how they should be. Homelander, I hope after we did are part of the deal you will uphold yours to make me and my nephew the new members of the seven?"

Homelander saw Utopian's corpse was still sizzling before he spat on it, and nodded." Part of me knows only an idiot trusts somehow who just killed his own brother…but the other part of me thinks it's more fun letting you have a piece of my pie then not. Both the Deep and Translucent kept screwing up things for me anyway.

Long as no one tries anything stupid the Vought clan will be happy to assimilate the Gamilas clan, and let you guys oversee your territory…within reasons."

Lady Liberty screamed with rage before her aura exploded with enough force to shake the ground." NO! Walter…I WON'T FORGIVE YOU! I WON'T LET YOU SELL OUT MY LOVE'S DREAM TO THESE DEMON BASTARDS! I'll, GUH!"

A bolt of lighting went down her throat before Stormfront flew right in front of Lady Liberty, and formed a wicked grin before causing more lighting to directly go down the other woman's body as she looked delighted." Being petty is so on the ought eh bitch?! People love what I have to say! They believe in it! They just don't like the word "evil" "or fascist" cause it makes them feel bad. That's all.

After all, this universe use to be pure till idiots like you and your hubby let the vermin think they could sit on the same table as the gods. At last we are going to correct all of that, and you can die knowing you failed. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out. So lights out cunt!"

Stormfront unleashed a burst of energy that went down Lady Liberty's throat, causing her stomach to explode. She had the lighting surge up her body before surging across Grace's face, before with a flash Lady Liberty's head exploded to.

The female member of the Seven dropped her body without flinching before she saw Brandon looking at her and smirked." Its ok kid, you had a rough day. I can be your mama now if you want, and maybe a few other things if you behave."

Omni-man saw the corpses of Lady Liberty and Utopian before he chuckled darkly." Walter…I knew you were not as much of a fool as your brother but, I'll admit this surprised me. Still, the Viltrumite clan bows to no one!"

Walter smirked before he cracked his neck." Omni-Man…I know you full well as we both pretended to be allies of Ben Auro. There is no reason for us to have to fight to the death like savages.

Neither of us really want to have to micromanage every planet in the universe do we? Lets start one step at a time, and agree that before anything else we want the Bethel Kingdom to be shattered to erase the traces of the old era before we think of the next step eh?"

Omni-Man glanced at Mike before he nodded." That does seem to make the most sense."

Brendon then cracked his knuckles before he glanced at the man who say him as a friend the last time they talked." Well then…guess it's time you decide just how you want your future to be "buddy".

Mike saw how broken Invincible looked, and saw how detached Brandon was looking before he stepped back." Brandon…you just killed your dad like it was nothing."

"C'mon man…you really that surprised? I been telling you for years how much of a hardass he's been! What we bounded over most was how much are parents made our lives such a pain in the ass because of them wanting us to be what they wanted without us having a choice! Well I made a choice damn it!"

"Course I moaned about my old man but anything under the patricide label was just a joke!"

"Well it was not a joke for me Mike! Are parents both were having us march to are deaths, and I just broke the chain before it dragged me down! Guess someone else did you that favor, but now all that remains is what you want your future to be! Let us in to your home and you get get a better deal than my parents."

Mike realized he was surrounded before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Think I'm a sucker dude? Like I'm going to trust someone who just killed his dad?"

"You're making too big a deal out of this man! Don't you realize we can be free to do whatever the hell we want? Now that there is no hell, nothing will bring us down ever again!"

"So…you're really ok with just letting well, all the innocent people in the universe be at the mercy of these jackasses?"

"Hey I'm not some sadist man, just a realist. The weak are at the mercy of the strong, and unless the strong choose someone that's weak to be their amusement all they can do is suffer. Your parents tried for like lifetimes to make their way work, but they failed. I mean you really going to go down with the ship Mike?"

The lanky man paused for a few moments before he glanced as Astra. The blond woman looked determined before he shrugged." I thought we were amigos "Paragon," cause you should know I don't give up that easily. Maybe it's the Auro blood but I don't give up till the countdown reach's, GUH!"

All of a sudden Brandon waved his hand and sent a shock-wave from his aura to knock Mike off his feet before he cracked his neck." Seriously dude…really want to go down looking like an idiot? This IS the end Mikey! My dad was the only one who could have protected you…you're too weak to do anything on your own. You want to look as bad as Mark does in front of the entire universe while we make a public speech about it?"

Mike coughed a bit before he grasped his crystal and looked bitterly at his former friend." Hey… you never saw me in serious mode man and you're going to regret pushing me that far."

"You can't bluff me Mike, I know you the most out of anyone still alive and I know you never were serious about fighting! There's trying to die with honor, and just looking like a fool."

"What…you scared to look like an asshole with your new buddies Brandon?"

Walter eyed Mike carefully before he cleared his throat." Don't get ahead of yourself nephew, he does not seem like he's pulling an act."

Brandon shrugged before making a mocking gesture." It's just cause he was not aware just how reality is! But fine, you want to see who the bigger man is? Put out any attack you like, I'll let you get one blow in just to show how weak you are!"

Mike grinned before he braced himself." If that's how it is then don't moan about it after wounds! Alright, its morphing, huh?"

The black haired man was about to transform into the Royal Ranger once more. Yet before he could jab the crystal into place, in the blink of an eye Arthur was in front of him, and holding the crystal in his right hand.

As the son of Ben Auro blinked in shock Arthur frowned." Hold up here boy, you said you were going to fight man to man, not use some other person's strength as a crutch! Don't sound fair to me!"

Mike blinked in shock for a few more moments before he winced." Mister Morgan…what the hell are you doing? Do you even know what's, huh?"

To his shock Aurther's eyes suddenly glowed red as fire came out of them, before he grasped his other fist tightly. "Oh I know far more about what's going on then you Mikey. I saw you put down that lion man with that power, and sounds like you have someone doing the fighting for you with some cheap trick!

A man asked you to fight him, not have someone sub in for you in your name! Men who can't fight their own battles are nothing but a joke, and it's not funny to me one bit! Man up or shut up Mike Auro! Haikai!"

Everyone was shocked as Arthur's other hand glowed purple, before he thrusted his middle and index fingers through the divine object, and shattered it upon impact. The shock-wave vaporized Mike's shirt, and smashed him into the Flutter. As he bounced off Astra froze as she saw the sight." That…that was Haikai? No…NO!"

Mike coughed up blood as he saw only fragments of his trump card blowing around and looked terrified." No…no way! Mom used all of her holy magic to make that…it was supposed to be invincible…unbreakable!"

Arthur spat on the ground before he snickered." Not getting that such names are a load of crap kid? The only thing that really is absolute, is that nothing lasts forever…that only thing you can count on is good old chaos."

Omni-Man eyed Arthur carefully before he grasped his fist tightly." Wait…I don't know your face…but I know that energy! That's the same energy from the man who invited us all that day, to give us the food that would cause us to become Nahobino. You…you changed your face Victor Makashima!?"

Homelander raised an eyebrow before he rubbed his head." Wait…YOU'RE the one who gave us the power to become "Nahobino" What kind of bad joke is this? Even if he was still alive…why would he be here?"

Arthur was motionless for a few seconds, before he flashed a half-lopped smile." Arthur Morgan died as just another common crook…another man who did not fit in society so they buried him without even a grave.

They made it clear that people like him did not belong in society, that there was no place for "outlaws" in the world. Well…when you have no place in the world you can either accept it like a whipped dog, or make a place for your world.

And if you have to break the world to make a place where you belong then well…that's the breaks. The elites of society just assumed they could keep down the folk who did not want to conform forever, till they build so much that it was easy as hell to cause it all to topple down to show how much a load of crap" Civilization" is! And as for what I'm doing here John? I'm doing what I damn feel like."

Walter winced as he flew higher into the air." Arthur Morgan…was just a disguise for Victor Makishima to do as he pleased…damn it."

Mike blinked a bit as he saw Arthur's eyes glow before he turned pale." Wait…Arthur…your Victor Makishima? That means you're really, Doug Fitter…the man who betrayed my parents, and ruined the universe! But…why!?"

Arthur…or more like Doug saw Mike's horror and merely shrugged." Why? Cause it gave me a laugh boy. I don't need a reason to do anything else. You really are just some privileged brat who used his parents toys and followers to bail his sorry ass out of the messes he makes it seems. Guess what? Time to either grow up or get the hell out of my site because your due what, oh?"

Astra cut Doug off with a blood thirsty cry before she burst at the founder of the Equalizers and slashed at him. While Doug blocked the blade with a finger, the blond woman just cried with outrage." So it really is you, you damn bastard! Think you can just dismiss me? Your own flesh and blood?"

Doug looked at Astra with amusement before he whistled." Damn girl, you're as feisty as Aqua. Guess you have a problem with how I treated yah eh? I don't do privilege, even to ancestors, that's all there is to it. If you thought you were going to get anything better your just as spoiled as Benny boy's kid there."

"Damn it…don't mess with me I know the truth! I heard Higgs and a few others talk about it…that who I thought was my pa was just what ma everyone wanted to think, cause my real dad was you! And you…you cheated on your own grand grandson, making things hell for ma and me!"

Doug's face was stone cold before he shrugged." Your point? I'm not going to make this bigger than it was. Your ma and me had no blood to share so it's not incest or nothing.

I was drunk, I was in the mood. It happened, and after Aqua died I was not doing the wife thing no more. Nothing that was your fault, but the only thing that matters to me is freedom. You seem like a strong girl that made the Fitter Bloodline proud so it all worked,"

In an instant Astra punched Doug hard enough to push his face back before Doug's daughter roared out," YOU DON"T GET TO SAY THAT AFTER ALL I WENT THROUGH BECAUSE OF YAH! I DON"T CARE IF YOU'RE THE DEVIL I'LL SHOW YOU MY RAGE"S GREATER! MASENKO!"

The blond woman had a massive yellow energy beam roar out of her hands. But Doug just pressed his face against the projectile, and while the beam shot into space and shattered a asteroid the size of a city block like it was nothing, the beams target just took out a cigar that was lit from the beam and smoked it before he snickered." Yah got my anger girl, just don't seem to gotten my street smarts and instincts to make use of it. Meh, you can throw as large a temper tantrum as you want but your not getting out of this!"

"NOW your trying to act like a parent? SCREW YOU! Meidō Zangetsuha!"

The demon possessed woman fired a spell with the power of a black hole. Yet Doug raised an eyebrow at the sight of the new attack, and then casually caught the projectile in his hand, and released his aura with enough force to somehow unleashed an even greater amount of pressure then a black hole to shatter the spell.

As Astra looked shocked Doug spat on the ground." Heh, you might have more fury than I do right now girl, but your still just a damn brat throwing a tantrum. Look at you feeling entitled to things eh? Piff…your no better than Ben's brat!"

"How dare you!" Astra roared out as her aura intensified." We trained every damn day to get this strong. I and Sigrun went through hell to get this to work!"

Suddenly out of Doug's shadow a blade came out, only for Doug to easily block the strike before a demonic face hissed out," That's right…big sis and I are a team and even, AHH!"

In an instant Doug grasped the black substance before he cracked his neck." I don't care how hard you trained…giving someone else half the work is still half assing it! The only true strength is what you can use just on your own, cause everything else is a sham! And I don't have no mercy to half assed frauds!"

Astra was horrified before the fire around Doug's eyes got even more intense and he fired two beams of red energy right at Sigrun. The Omega symbol appeared over the demon, before it was ripped out of Astra's body.

Astra saw her friend scream one more time before vaporizing. She noticed her Atma Brand on her hand erode to dust seconds later, and wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, but the sudden purge of her partner caused her to vomit out blood.

Doug saw the look she had and rolled her eyes." Don't give me that look…that half assed ritual was going to eat you up from the inside out no matter how much you guys were buds. If you're to weak to face the truth, you can't get nothing in life."

Homelander saw how crushed Mike and Astra looked before he snickered." Those powers…you really are the same guy who gave me these powers. So…you really were able to kill Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar and all of their best groupies at once and got out?"

Doug saw Homelander was looking at him almost in awe before he rolled his eyes." I don't reckon saying I was telling a story. People say things, sure as hell don't mean they are true."

Mike saw Doug's detached look and struggled back to his feet." You…you don't get to act like that if you killed my brother. Is it true? That you killed Richard, then my parents just so no one can stop you from being a jackass?"

Doug paused before he rolled his eyes." You see me kill your bro?"

Mike paused before he looked down." I was frozen in Carbonite this whole time…I just heard of all of this."

Well then guess you're too weak to see the truth for yourself eh kid?"

Before Mike could finish Homelander, Brainwave, Stormfront all went forward before Homelander cracked his neck." Stop dragging this out Mikey! You're a loser who lost everything! Your parents backed the wrong side, and now their former teammate made us masters of the universe!"

Doug raised an eyebrow before he glanced at Homelander." Come again? I gave yah fellas the power of a God of Destruction to mix things up and make my one-time bro squirm. I don't remember saying I was planning to make anyone the leader of anything."

Brainwave saw Brandon prepare to speak before he put up his hand." So…you intended to rule with us as your enforcers?"

Doug laughed before he looked up at the sky." Man you guys were not paying attention at all! I don't want to rule nothing! I just want to be free, and smash anything that keeps me from being free.

Nothing I hate more in this universe then those who are not free, nah, those who don't want to be free, or too weak to handle freedom. They're no more than god damn cattle. Looking at slaves who just obey orders so they don't have to think pisses me off. Those slaves created this" Society" to bind everyone else with their con.

They patted themselves on the back for thinking they were so clever, but the "decent" folk caught on and turned the tables! Course the shills just can't accept that their time is done, that yours truly finally broke humanity from there chains.

Order itself has crumbled from the rumbling yours truly unleashed, and just got to keep that rumbling up till everyone gives up on ever picking order over chaos ever again and just accepts how things are. I gave you your powers to be wrecking balls. If you want to build something else instead of keep wrecking then that's going to piss me off!"

Homelander snickered before his eyes glowed." And that's why not even your own kid is standing in your way eh? Guess you, I, and Omni-Man can all share that in common at least! Well, I'm a grateful enough guy to kill these idiots for you as my way of saying thanks."

Doug saw Homelander's eyes glow as he looked at Astra, before the man known by all as the devil cracked his neck." You telling me how things are going down? Dumbass…I just said no one tells me what to do!?"

Homelander winced before he cleared his throat." What…you have dibs or something?"

Doug eyed Astra and Mike before he flashed a half-lobbed grin." What I'm thinking is that you're talking like you know things so much its pissing me off."

Homelander winced, but just as he was about to say something in an instant Doug punched Homelander in the gut with enough force to shake the entire asteroid.

As the member of the Vought clan fell to his knees Brainwave saw the glee in Doug's face before he winced." What? No…this is throwing the whole plan out! Why, why now?"

"Plan!?" Doug uttered with amusement." The whole thing I got going on is that there is no plan! I broke heaven so I would not have to be bound by a plan and just be free to go from one whim to another and not be bound by any hypocrites judgment. And my whim right now, is kicking all your smug asses for thinking I'm on anyone's side but my own!"

Brandon saw the wildness in Doug's eyes before he glanced at his uncle." What…what should we do Uncle Walter?"

The bearded man saw Mike was slowly getting back up and moving to the Flutter before he winced." We just have to make are case clear so things can proceed in a, huh?"

In an instant Doug is right in front of him before the former friend of Ben Auro narrowed his eyes." Think I can't tell you were trying to mess with my head with your powers dude? Had no chance in hell of working of course, but I had someone in my head telling me what to do a while back, and that's never happening again! Think your so slick with your brain tricks?"

Doug's hand glowed blue before he slammed Brainwave in the head, and froze him instantly. As the now human iceberg went flying into the air Omni-man and Brandon both came at him and unleashed a barrage of lighting fast punches.

As Doug casually dodged all the blows he saw Megaman and Sam behind him and snickered." This is a place for beasts to throw down…if you're not going to get in get the hell out, I don't have no desire to pick on those who can't give me a buzz."

Sam and Megaman saw Doug was motioning to Mike and Astra before the Digger and Porter gave grim nods and carried the two wounded people into the ship.

Doug saw Omni-Man glance at the Flutter before he headbutt the Viltrumite and snarled out," Hey your fight's with me Omni-Stash! Who the hell is full of themselves enough to call themselves Omni-Man anyway?"

"The person who's part of the ultimate race!"

Doug just snorted out in disgust before he blocked the incoming punch. Doug saw Omni-Man's shock before his grin widened." Tell me dude, if I burn off one of you Viltrimte's mustache's do you like break down or something? Let's fine out… Shippu Jinraikyaku!"

The man dressed like a cowboy evaded a punch, then kicked Omni-man in the face, before unleashing a barrage of blows that ignited the Viltrumite before the man known as the current devil kicked Omni-man right through the ground.

The moment he did a energy blast headed his way, only for Doug to casually block the blast with the gauntlet on his hand and saw it came from Brandon.

The murderous son of Utopian saw Doug's dismissive look and roared with rage as his eye beam tripled in size while he yelled out," DAMN YOU! You're the past old man…you can't stop the future!"

"Oh yah? Think I'm as much of a push over as your old man and that's your last mistake you god damn punk! Shoryuken!"

The founder of the Equalizers preformed a dragon punch that instantly charged through the projectile, and in a flash smashed Brandon's teeth before he went flying. Doug did not even get time to quip a respond before he heard something and saw an enraged Omni-Man charging at him.

As he resumed easily parrying his opponent's blows Homelander staggered up and glared at Doug before his eyes surged with power and he turned bright red." You…you dare mock me? I don't care if you gave us all this power…NO ONE MOCKS ME! Let's see how smug you are after I , GUH!"

Just as Homelander was about to attack a blast hit him from behind. As he got back up he saw the blast came from Granola, and he realized Granolah had shot down Stormfront and Maeve while everyone was distracted before the green haired man narrowed his eye." Even if everyone left in the universe wants to dog pile on this fight I'm not letting you forget about my vengeance Homelander! No matter what happens…before I die I'm taking you with me!"

Homelander saw how serious the last survivor of the Cerealian race looked before he grasped his hands so tightly blood came out of them." You just don't get it…someone like you can never win! When I get my hands on, huh? "To his shock Granolah's body flickered, before suddenly there were dozens of him around Homelander. As they all moved around they all shouted out," Like I would make it that easy for you! I planned this out…there is no way I'm going to lose to you!"

Homelander saw all of the green haired men starting to glow before his eyes twitched." Think I'm that basic eh maggot? Your wrong…DEAD WRONG!"

The leader of the Seven unleashed a large golden energy beam from his eyes…that suddenly fragmented into smaller blasts to hit all the people around him. As he saw them all fall Homelander laughed manically." See what your vengeance amounts to maggot? Just a load of, huh?"

The leftmost Granola suddenly jumped up and fired a spike like energy sphere from his fingers to go right down Homelander's throat.

As the top enforcer of the Vought clan staggered for a bit before Granola fired a dozen more like wise projectiles into Homelander's limbs and chest. The moment they hit their target's body they formed a magical pentagram, and started glowing more and more each second.

Granola grasped his fist tightly as his aura surged to new heights. He saw that the Flutter had managed to take off during all of this, and looked around to realize only a few ships were seen fleeing, before he realized Knoware was on the verge of shattering apart after all the impacts and blasts had been inflicted.

He then took a deep breath before he glared at Homelander." Monaito…I hope you got away from here by now. Anyone that's still here…I'm sorry but if I don't do this everyone's dead anyway so at least this nightmare can end now if I take all the others with him! Yes…this attack will erase every last cell you have Homelander! May the last thing I do…right the wrongs to my race! Cerealian…JUDGMENT! "

The spheres all rotated, before the chains spun around to bind Homelander tighter. They all grew into miniature suns, before forming together to unleash an explosion that consumed Homelander, and vaporized all of Knoware.

Roll had just managed to get the Flutter into space before Granola unleashed his ultimate attack. Megaman saw the remains of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe vaporize in a instant before his jaw dropped." Roll…go to hyperspace now!"



Doug saw Grandola's attack go off and saw Omni-Man and Brandon's shock before merely grinning." Ah hell yah…this is my kind of party!"

Doug's body flickered just as the energy wave reached him, before the explosion unleashed a shockwave that sent all the asteroids and ships flying, including the Flutter.

Roll was just about to head to hyperspace before the shock-wave knocked her off her feet. As she struggled to stay focused she saw the navigation system went haywire before she widened her eyes in alarm. No, the target was way off course!"

Megaman saw what Roll meant before he struggled to get on his feet." Quick fix it Roll!"

Another shock-wave knocked Roll off her feet before she cried out," It's too late! AHH!"

The ship then entered into Hyperspace while completely knocked off their charter course. As the ship became a glimmer of light in the sky the explosion that consumed all of Knoware consumed them, and at last started to fade. When the explosion ended only a few fragments were left, Granola was standing on one of them.

The green haired man saw only dust was around him before he coughed violently." It's done, I don't feel a speck of his magical energy left. Mother…father…I finally avenged you. Maybe…it won't fix the universe. But still…at least I showed the universe that are race would not be swept aside like nothing. At least we…huh?"

Granola looked in the distanced and realized Maeve, Starlight, and Stormfront were still alive, though unconscious after being hit by the impact from the explosion. This caused the last Cerealian to wince as he grasped his head." No…they were too far away?

Have to make sure…none of them can get away." Granola felt his vision getting blurry before he grasped his fist tightly and used all of his power to fly over to the other members of the Seven. His fist started to glow before he struggled to repress his coughing." If they are knocked out, have just enough energy to finish them."

Veins formed on his forehead before he pointed at Stormfront's head." At last, true justice will, AHH!"

Granola was cut off as a golden energy beam roared past his arms, and vaporized his hands. As the green haired man roared in pain a cruel voice interjected to," Justice will be handed down when I say it is, BECAUSE JUSTICE IS WHAT I SAY IT IS!"

Granola felt a chill down his spine as he saw Homelander flew down, not looking damaged at all as a new man, a man with black skin in a blue armored outfit with red googles was suddenly next to him.

The failed avenger blinked a few times before he looked at his stump. No…I saw every cell of your body vanish, and I did not sense your body was a shadow clone or some other replacement so what, what happened?"

Homelander cracked his knuckles before he barked out," God damn punk, made me waste a sleeve on the likes of you!?"

"What…a sleeve?"

Homelander saw Granola looked confused before he burst out laughing." Oh man, you really don't get around much if you did not hear about sleeves eh? Idiot… once cortical stacks became ubiquitous, human bodies were considered no more than "sleeves" for the human consciousness...Sleeving is a process where an individual's consciousness is transferred to another body and was developed with cortical stacks as a method of interstellar travel.

Heh…by transferring the human consciousness to worlds that are trillions of miles away in seconds to a waiting sleeve, called Needlecasting, it means that for someone like me, losing one body was never going to be enough to keep me down! You just bought the time it took for my speedster teammate A-Train to get my back up over here!"

Granola took in what Homelander said before his eyes widened in horror." You mean…you can come back from death in moments? But…then…then that means."

Homelander casually flew up to Granola and grasped him by the head," Yup…you got it punk it means you can never…EVER WIN! Even if by some fluke a gutter rat like you pulls off a glitch powerful enough to destroy my body, the Vought tribe has enough Sleeve copies scattered across the universe to ensure that I'll never ever die! At last the rules of nature are how they should be, because no matter what, WE WILL NEVER LOSE!"

Granola saw the complete confidence in Homelander's eyes and gave out a broken scream of despair. Using that scream spent the last of Granola's energy, and with his aura gone he could no longer breath in space, causing him to freeze instantly.

Homelander saw Granola die and had his eye twitch before shattering the last Cerealian's corpse as his eye twitched." God damn rat made a fool out of me! And now Auro's brat got away!"

"Its fine Homelander, it seems the power that let him fight on par with you is gone so now he really is worthless, and with Utopian dead no one can get in our way for long."

Homelander saw Brainwave fly down with the unconscious Brandon in his arms before he crossed his arms. "I take it that means we won't be dealing with an angry sleeve of your brother and sister in law soon?"

"Naturally I ensured Sheldon and Grace's Sleeves were corrupted before we departed, they won't be joining us, though the next "Reapers game" might be a bit more amusing. Brandon's sister Grace is still running around, but she's even more of a spoiled brat then Michael was so she will be easy enough to take care of.

Of course there is Omni-Man and the rest of the Viltrumite clan, but they will realize how out matched they are soon enough when we get the other tribes on our side."

Homelander paused before he looked around." That's all well and good…but then there is that ass hole Makishima! He gave us his power, and then just screwed us over because it was" Fun" for him."

"Tsc…don't let the devil mess with you to much, he clearly does not give a damn about ruling. He's like a storm…just weather him out and he will move on to the next thing. This universe is still ours…everyone else that's still alive is either to weak or to unfit to rule, so that means its time the rightful ruler of the universe takes his Ephemeral throne, right Homelander?"

The younger caped man smirked before he nodded." That sounds about right. Well…there will be time to kill everyone else so now…time to celebrate."

Homelander picked up Maeve and Stormfront and flew to the ship his Sleeve clone spawned from with Brainwave behind him. Omni-Man then flew out of the asteroid he was under and saw his son floating around before he snickered." Don't think your reeducation is over yet boy. Still… Thragg will want to hear about all this first. Come in Anissa…a lot has happened and the situation has changed."

The Viltrumite picked up his burnt and broken but still alive son and flew off in the other direction while contacting another member of his tribe.

As they did a man casually took out a beer bottle from his pocket while sitting on a destroyed ship, Doug.

The man known as the devil looked around before he snickered." Well…this place had some good booze…but the only thing that don't change, is that things change. Still looks like these assholes are getting too full of themselves.

Gonna have to teach them all the price of trying to chain down nature. First thing's first…got to make sure I get an idea on what all the assholes are trying to pull…even the new ones. Yo Higgs…you done playing possum yet?"

After a few seconds Higgs appeared out of the ground. The man with the golden mask coughed a bit before he shrugged." Sorry about that boss man…Auro's brat threw a lot of holy energy around that's still stinging my eyes. Saw Astra own Nagoriyuki rather damn good though."

"Cool beans, though neither of those two are going to be pulling off those shows after I purged the powers that were not there's. After looking around all kinds of posers needed a wake up call. But, I'll put those jokers in their place later. For now…tell me what I asked. You able to get any answers about what's the deal with those new neighbors? Figured out who really killed Ben's kid and caused that space time anomaly?"

Higgs paused before he chuckled darkly. They are not messing around boss…the Klingons are already wiped out to the last man, Zeta Halo and that anti Getter mecha were a joke to whoever's setting up shop. They have all these things I never saw before, and honestly...they spotted me rather damn fast.

Don't think they knew I could "repatriate" but won't take them long to figure out if I show up again. They don't mess around like Auro's boy scouts, and don't have the arrogance of those Viltrumite's or the other clans. I think it really is someone from another universe…someone that don't mess around."

Doug paused…before he laughed loudly. He kept laughing for a few minutes before he had a wild look in his eyes." Just when I thought things were going to get boring, now it's a whole new ball game Higgs! Now that it's a whole wide Multiverse out there maybe tomorrow I'll kick my own ass! Long as it makes it fun then who cares about the nitty gritty eh? So they are not hear on vacation eh?"

"Like I said…did not get to see much before they fried me but…heard a few say how this universe will be the next on the schedule, and these boys sound like taking over universe's is a past time for them…that even gods and devils are nothing to their boss, the purest Extinction Entity there is."

Doug saw Higgs hesitate before he spat, and saw his spit freeze in space after it left his aura." What…in aw of the new neighbor's dude? Heh…maybe they are so big that they make the likes of me seem like kids if they really owned Ben and Lacus and whoever they have left like it was nothing.

But no matter what…I don't regret one thing. Even if it really does bring the universe to an end…if this place and the folk in it are too weak to handle chaos then…let it all burn…let everything burn till only the honest folk who are strong enough to life with nature are left.

Those who can stand on their own strength deserve to live. So don't get any second thoughts Higgs…even my own kin don't get a pass…only things worth life is those who are strong enough to life free without the act!"

Higgs chuckled darkly before he nodded." Oh no worries their boss man…only a fool crosses the biggest joker. But that being said…what now?"

Doug finished his drink before he flung the bottle in the direction of the sun and burped." First…I'm going to find some new drinks. Then…I'm going to see who's full of it and figured who to troll next. One way or another…time to see who around here, and maybe everywhere is the real deal."

Without another word Doug and Higgs both vanished into the darkness. As they did, some of those they effected were doing all they could just to stay alive. While the Flutter successfully made it to Hyperspace…since the shock-wave sent them off course the ship was frantically trying not to crash at the speed of light.

Still injured from Doug's attack, Mike could do little but bounce from one part of the other as he did all he could to not lose consciousness. As he saw Astra was unconscious he reached for were his necklace use to be, and grimaced at remembering Doug destroyed it before he hanged on to the wall.

Got to hang on…got to make it to…oh hell. If…if mom and dad and Richard are really dead…and if Utopian is dead and Omni-Man was never a friend then…there…there really is no one left. There…is no one I can trust left I don't have anything I can…"

At that moment the Flutter made another sudden swerve, causing Mike to bang his head on the wall. In his injured state this caused the prince of the Bethel Kingdom to lose consciousness as he felt nothing but thoughts of despair.

Authors Notes: Welp, another stuffed chapter I know but let's get to work covering those bases.

Brainwave, and "Paragon" are also both from Jupiter's Legacy.

Starlight, A-Train, and Stormfront are from The Boys.

Higgs is one of the major enemies from Death Stranding.

Granola is from Dragon Ball Super.

Nagoriyuki is the final boss of Guilty Gear Strive. I know he's not really the story boss and is a pawn of Happy Chaos but…god damn is that level nine fight such a cheap infuriating boss battle that I still had a lot of bad blood for him.

I mean come on Arc…you make Strive so damn casual friendly but throw in an extra boss fight that has nothing to add, and make the last trophy revolve around a bonus boss that is not hard because of anything other than having broken strength and health four times any normal fighter? It's not fun when it's just broken…ugh.

The Atma Avatars demon transformation is from Digital Devil Saga series.

As said last time Arthur Morgan is the main lead from Red Dead Redemption Two. While he was just a normal man, after playing the game he seemed like someone who Doug would take the identity of as an alias, with his current power he would be aware of even the most obscure figures in history.

Well hope that covers everything for now, I know the drama was more on Mike's "Friends" then himself for the most part but I'm mostly trying to show how his friend's relations with their father's reflexes on his own.

Anyway, I promise I'll try and reign in the cast size a tad from here, I had a lot of different pepole show up to give it a kind of gang war kind of thing...just replace gangs warring over towns with warring pathagons warring over galaxies. Ah well that's all for now so hopefully see you all next time.