Mine Forever


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Chapter 1: The Beginning

" My love, my only. Why did you have to save me? I would gladly die for you… with you. I love you. Your mine forever." She said as she found a nice spot on the grass, the moon being the only source of light. The dew glistened in the night. She stared at the glowing specter of the night, as she usually did. The moon was a brilliant white, with a hint of gray-blue. It reminded her so much of him. All she wanted was to see him again. She craved for him, longed for him; she desired every bit of him. All she wanted to do is see him once more. As she gazed at the moon, she remembered the fateful day, when she lost the person most dear to her.

*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*~ Flashback ~*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)

" Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru! Where are you?" She called.

" Stop your useless yelling, I'm right here." Sesshomaru said coming out from the forest.

" Sorry," She whispered, " I just, thought you had left me again."

He coughed at that remark. " I said that I had my reasons for that. I came back didn't I Rin?"

" Yeah, I guess so." Rin mumbled knowing he had won the argument as usual.

" Well, I will be off." He paused and noticed the worried look on Rin's face. " And…I will be back in a couple of hours."  Sesshomaru stated with a good feeling at seeing Rin smile. He lunged up in the air and ran across the treetops until he was out of site.

" Well, there he goes again. I wonder if he remembered my birthday. I am turning 16, so he better remember." Rin growled as she turned her heel to find something to do. She got out her paper and writing utensil and started to draw Sesshomaru. She was an excellent artist. It was one of her more amazing talents. When she finished, she was satisfied with her work.

" It captures him." A voice said from behind her.

" Oh Jaken. You scared me." Rin paused " Thank you, I think so too."  She smiled and closed the booklet.

" Have you ever shown him your art, Rin?" Jaken said solemnly. (AN: I know a little out of character, but I didn't want him to be annoying)

" No, I mean, I never wanted to. Plus he doesn't have the time." Rin replied modestly.

" I think you should. Just my opinion." And with that he turned around and headed off to make something to eat for them.

Rin set the booklet down and went to help Jaken.


' I don't know why I'm doing this.' Sesshomaru thought as he walked into a human village. Most of villagers ran inside to their homes. Running from the all powerful youkai lord. He walked up to a jewelry stand and demanded to see the best. They freely gave them to him; in return he would leave their village. He looked through the necklaces until he found the perfect one. It was a silver star at the end of the chain. It had a sideways crescent moon at one side of the star. The crescent moon was almost identical to the one on Sesshomaru's forehead. He took it and left. The villagers all sighed with relief that the Western Lands ruler was gone. ' I can't believe I reduced myself to…those humans. Rin, she has made me do some abnormal things. Things that I would never imagine I, a youkai lord, of doing.' He shook his head and walked off.

Sesshomaru returned to where the three of them had been sleeping. He walked up but on the ground he noticed a notebook. He picked it up and it read in black ink  ' Rin's Drawings'. He opened it and saw her work. It was beautiful. The sceneries, he remembered a few, they were so life like. He walked forward to find Rin.

" Rin… you left this on the ground. I hope you didn't mind me looking through it. I was curious to see what you drew. They are really…good." Sesshomaru said with difficulty. It was hard for him to make compliments.

 Rin blushed " Thank you." She replied skittishly. She took the notebook from his hand and put it with her other belongings.

The hours pasted and Jaken had gone off to do a favor for Lord Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru was gazing up at the moon.

Rin walked up to him. " What are you doing?" She asked.

Sesshomaru snapped out of his trance. " Nothing." He remembered the necklace. " Um…Rin…Happy Birthday." He said suddenly. He outstretched his hand and opened it.

She looked down at his slender, claw bearing hand. In it was a remarkable silver necklace. She was amazed he remembered. " Is that…?"

" It's a birthday present." He said cutting her off. All during this, he never looked at her. He was shocked himself at how this one girl meant so much to him. He grabbed her hand and placed the necklace in her hand.

She examined it. It was beautiful. He picked it up out of her hand and latched it around her neck. It dangled against her chest. She jumped up and hugged Sesshomaru. " Thank you." She whispered in his ear.

He put one hand around her waist to embrace her back. He then let go and so did she. He sat down and she sat down too. She leaned up against his chest. He placed his arm around her. Soon, wrapped in his warmth, she drifted off to sleep. After a while Sesshomaru looked down at her. ' When did she grow up? When did she become such a…beautiful woman? What am I saying, she's only 16. But, she has grown on me, in more ways then one.' He lifted her up and carried her to her bed. He sat by the door and watched her sleep. For he, very rarely ever slept.

The next day came, and Sesshomaru had to deal with land issues. He had to meet with some other youkai. He told Rin to stay put and he would be back a little after nightfall. As usual she smiled, although she never wanted him to go.

Dusk came, and Rin found Jaken. " Hey Jaken, I think I'm going to go to the hot springs. There just small walk up there okay?"

" Alright, but don't go any further. Lord Sesshomaru would have my head if anything happened to you." Jaken replied.

" Thanks." Rin said in praise.

She walked for about ten minutes until she found the hot springs. " There it is." She looked around for any people. Once she was sure that there was no one around. She stripped down and went into the springs. " Ahh…that feels good." She lay in the water for a bit. It was so relaxing, that she drifted off to sleep and into a dream.

" Sesshomaru, what are you doing?" She said in question.

" Don't fight me, you know you want me as much as I want you." He replied as he placed his hand on her shoulder. He brought her into a deep kiss. As he rubbed his hands down her back.

" Sesshomaru" she whispered. " Sesshomaru!" She yelled his named. Her eyes shot open and she rose out of the water, gasping for air. She touched her lips at the feel of his kiss, even though it was a dream. She was in such deep thought; she didn't realize the men behind her.

" Hey, your Sesshomaru's bitch aren't you?" The first man said. He was a very greasy weasel youkai. " I'm sure master Yeketi will love to kill you."

A man stepped up. He was a gray wolf youkai. He was well dressed in a long dark blue cape and a dark blue outfit. He had long gray hair. " You. You're the one who has turned Sesshomaru soft all these years. It's your entire fault. What were you thinking? A human and a youkai… it's unnatural." Yeketi said in fury.

" I never said I was in love with him. Plus he saved me…so back off." Rin spat at the youkai.

" You have a lot of nerve human." The greasy youkai said. " Why don't you get out of the water and do something about it."

She blushed. Then she angrily glared at him and replied, " You would enjoy that too much."

 " Insolent bitch!" The greasy youkai yelled. He brought his hand up to slap her. She dodged it and punched him square in the face. " You'll pay for that!"

" Stop you fool! We need her for our plans. Return her clothes to her." Yeketi said. He reached over and handed them to her.

She realized that they wouldn't kill her for some reason, so she was fearless around them. The youkais' stood there and looked at her. She twitched a little. " Um… do you mind?"

" Oh." They turned around. " Stupid humans and their privacy." The greasy one muttered.

She got dressed and she looked at them. " So what the hell do you want with me?" She snapped.

" That's for us to know, and for you to soon find out." The Yeketi said slyly. ' Heh…today is the day that I will kill Sesshomaru!'


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