Mine Forever


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' Are you sure you want to go?' Inuyasha asked himself. ' Of coarse but…' ' But you're not sure. You remember what she said…" HEARTLESS HALF-BREEDS DON'T HAVE A POINT OF VIEW! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES!" As I remember correctly. Why not live up to her expectation.' Inuyasha pondered his own thoughts, but quickly denied them. ' No I will not! I will prove her wrong!' Inuyasha got up as if to leave. ' No… you will not go! Think about it…this human girl will drive you until your completely crazy.' A smirk grew across Inuyasha's face. ' Obviously if I'm arguing with myself and gave myself all these wounds… I'm way past crazy. So what's there to think about? I want Kagome back.'  Inuyasha jumped back into his tree and went back to sleep. ' I will get Kagome back… after I get some sleep!' Inuyasha yawned and fell back into a peaceful sleep.


Chapter 8: Found

" Kagome, wake up! Are you okay?" Sango asked her fallen friend, worrying a great deal.

" Yeah, we found you outside on the ground." Miroku added, sipping his tea.

" We were really worried!" Shippou squeaked.

Kagome opened her eyes, and saw her friends hovering over her. She was inside now, lying on her bed. Kagome glanced out her window, still seeing that it was quite dark outside and that everyone was still in their sleep clothes. She raised herself up a bit in a sitting position. She was a little rough looking, but other than that, she felt okay. " What happened to me?"

" That's what we were wondering. Do you remember anything?" Sango asked, cleaning a few scratches on Kagome's arm.

" Well, I had a pain, it felt like it was in my heart. The pain was immense. I just don't know how to explain it. I needed some air, so I went to get some, but I couldn't get up off the ground once I fell." Kagome warily describe, holding her head to support it.

Miroku thought about it for a bit then nodded to himself slightly. " You were probably just so stressed, that you body lost control."

" A panic attack." Kagome mumbled.

" A what attack?" Miroku asked curiously.

" Oh…umm a panic attack… it's exactly what you said, just in technical terms. It's just when someone is so stressed out that they subconsciously panic. You're probably right." Kagome propped herself against the wall. ' Inuyasha…come home, please. I'm sorry, I miss you.'

" So… you're okay Kagome?" Shippou shyly asked, shifting his feet around on the hard wooden floors.

" Yes Shippou." Kagome chuckled. She extended her arms, inviting the young kitsune jump into her arms. He gladly accepted and hugged his motherly figure tightly as she did the same. Miroku and Sango went back to their beds, blowing out the candle. " Now lets get some sleep little one." Kagome said softly to the small demon, rubbing his back. She lied down, as Shippou went and curled up against her stomach.

About an hour later, the rain started to come down, making a soft, soothing noise on the roof. Kagome sighed, getting up from bed to get a drink of water, making sure not to wake Shippou. A small knock was heard at the door. Kagome set her cup down and cautiously went to the door. She cracked it slightly, just enough to see the person.

Kagome's eyes went wide, at the sight in front of her. A soaked, red wearing man was standing there, with flowers in hand. It was so cute yet sad. His flowers were slightly drooping, and his gorgeous silver hair was soaked, sticking to his shirt. He extended his arm and handed her the flowers. She looked at him for a couple minutes. Finally, Kagome grabbed the flowers and threw them over her shoulder, leaning up kissing him fiercely as the rain cascaded down their bodies. Once the kiss was finally done, they were both soaked from head to toe.

Inuyasha finally broke the silence. " I guess you forgive me then?"

Kagome only smiled and pulled him into another firery kiss. ' I'll take that as a 'yes.' He thought happily. He joined into the kiss, both of them moaning into each other's mouth. " I love you Kagome."

" I know." She said playfully. He gave a small whimper at her response. She laughed and played with his ears. " I love you too." He kissed her this time, purring in the process.

*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*) (Note, the two groups are quite a ways from one another. So weather is different.)

The wind that night howled fiercely. Rin shot up out of bed, breathing heavily with tears freely streaming down her face. She put her head into her frail hands, crying hard, finally letting it all out. " I'm sorry Sesshomaru! I should have been more careful! I should have listened to you. I loved you so much and I just let you get hurt." Rin cried even harder; her hands trembling. She rolled over to her knees and let her heart and soul bleed out onto the open clearing. " I'm…I'm sorry. I've been traveling for days, completely confused! I'm nothing without you. I need you so much." She cried out. She screamed a heartbroken scream. Rolling over, curling up in a ball; a huddled mass of despair. " I should have been there for you, but I was too weak. I love you so much. And even when saying that, I can't get you back. I was worthless I shouldn't have let you die!" Finally admitting to his death for the first time. She ripped off her necklace and threw it into the woods.

 A couple minutes later, Rin lifted her head up slightly, a little upset she had thrown it, but something caught her eye. A small silver shine was moving towards her, floating in the air. Footsteps were heard, crunching a few leaves and sticks. A figure immerged; Rin being unable to see a shape at all.

" Whoever said I was dead?" A low, powerful voice called. The male figure stepped a couple more steps, letting the moon glisten upon his pale, creamy features. Long white flowing hair placed itself perfectly across his broad shoulders.

" Se…Sesshomaru?" Rin called, her voice and hands shaking violently.

Glistening fangs were seen after her small voice cleared itself to him. " Didn't know you cared."

She got up, from her feeble position into a full out run. She wrapped her tiny arms around his waist. Her face was rubbing up against his chest. She gazed up, only to be met with those longing, overpowering youkai eyes

" Hey." He said softly.

Rin cried again, and mumbled into his shoulder. " I…thought, you were dead."

" You think little of me." Sesshomaru laughed slightly.

" But how? I mean I saw you…you…" She cried again.

" You saw me faint. At the last second, I grabbed the tensusaiga. It and you saved my life."

Rin looked up again. " How could I have helped, I got you into that mess."

She smiled slightly. " True," He paused. " but you were the one who saved me from myself, the day I first met you. You melted my icy heart, allowing me to love… to love you Rin."

Rin blushed heatedly, lowering her face from him again. Sesshomaru put his warm hands on her gentle face, lifting it up to meet his. He bent down, pressing his soft lips against hers. He let off for a minute and gazed into her eyes. He leaned down again, this time Rin kissed him back. The kiss became deep, filled with passion. He pulled her in closer, their bodies wrapped in each other's heat. They dived into one another; tongues violently playing.

Sesshomaru pulled back for a second. Rin questioned it, only wanting to be wrapped in his arms, and kiss him tenderly all night. He kissed her on the forehead. "I love you Rin, always and forever. Forever mine."

Rin remembered his tender words from the day of the battle. She leaned in closer, her lips brushing his. " I love you too." Her hot breath hitting his lips.

Sesshomaru pulled her into a heart filled kiss, love flowing with every movement. Rin moaned into his mouth, pleasing the youkai lord. He pinned her up against a tree. She arched her back at contact, begging for more. He continued to kiss her; slowly migrating his kisses down her neck and onto her shoulders; receiving yet another moan from the girl. " Rin I want you to be mine." He said seductively.

Moaning again, " And I want to be yours." Sesshomaru lifted her up higher against the tree. She wrapped her legs around his waist, turning the youkai lord on severely. She pulled off his armor, letting it fall to the ground. She grabbed both sides of his shirt, and let it fall to his waist. She took in the gorgeousness of his perfect abs, his perfect body. With her finger, she outlined his well defined muscles, while still kissing him.

" Are you sure?" Sesshomaru asked, rubbing her back and stomach.

" Never been more sure about anything in my life." She kissed him playfully on the nose.

He pulled off her shirt, revealing her slender figure and her shoulders. Sesshomaru bared his demonic fangs. " It will only hurt for a second."

' He's going to make me his." Rin thought happily. She bit down on her lip, awaiting the pain. He sunk his teeth into her exposed shoulder, and waited until blood flowed just a little. He then removed his teeth, licking his lips. Sesshomaru looked down at his mate, her scrunched face; teeth bearing down on her lip. A trickle of blood dripped down it. Her tenseness soon faded, opening one eye then the other. She looked at him and smiled. " So, I'm officially yours now?"

" You always were." Sesshomaru licked up the blood from her full lips; receiving a small moan from his new mate. " Now where were we?"


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