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Chapter One


Gremory Estate

Gemon, Underworld

The laughter of her little children brought a broad smile to Venelena's face as she rounded the corner in the estate's sprawling gardens. As she did so the sight of her little twins came into sight.

Naruto and Karin were only four but they were both such active and playful children they acted more like their older sisters had when they were seven or eight. She loved all her children deeply, even if her husband was only someone she had been assigned to for a political alliance.

While she might love them all though, these two little ones and the one she carried inside her even now were special. Her precious older daughters had both decided to strive for dreams to become the Satan's of the Underworld. Sirena had earned her place as Lucifer and Kushina had literally fought two other women for the role of Leviathan to the point that the outskirts of the Sitri territory, Bitru, had been irrevocably altered by the duel. She wouldn't hold it against her daughters, but it was her younger children that would liberate her from her obligations to that sniveling sycophant she called a husband.

At least she never had to worry about him climbing on top of her ever again. The mere thought made her frown and a sickening taste entered her mouth. Her ancestors would be displeased at the thought of someone like Zeoticus mounting their daughter, even if it bore such beautiful and powerful children.

"Momma!" The little boy cheered, catching her attention again as he bolted toward her with his sister in hot pursuit.

"Hello sweeties, are you having fun?" Venelena asked as she eased herself down onto the nearby bench.

As the children nodded and began telling her all about the game they had been playing, the handful of servants that had been escorting her and watching over the children began setting up the items she would need.

Both Naruto and Karin had come to the age when members of the pillar families began educating their children. Most of that would be handled by tutors the family employed, though as they grew older they would learn the more specific management of Gemon from herself and Zeoticus.

That still left magic though. Again they had tutors for magic and combat, but today Venelena would be teaching them something that was passed down only in her bloodline. Something that had made her two eldest daughters into legends and eventually into the Mayo that were celebrated across the underworld.

"Are you excited to learn about your power of destruction?" Venelena teasingly asked the two little children as they all but bounced in place.

"Yeah!" They chirped together.

"Very well then. First I have to tell you some very important warnings. The most important one is to never ever use this power on another person unless they are your enemy." Her voice became very stern causing the children to fall silent but nod slowly.

"Good. Now I'm going to show you what this looks like first." She explained as she brought forth her bloodline's power.

A black and red miasma collected into the palm of her hand. As she glanced over to make sure her children were paying attention, Venelena chuckled to see their wide eyed faces as they stared at her power. It was nice to get that look from them…Sirena and Kushina had stopped looking at her that way so long ago.

"This is the Power of Destruction, or simply Destruction." She told the two kids.

"It's heavy…" Naruto blurted out causing Venelena to blink in confusion at the comment.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I dunno, it just feels heavy." Naruto replied staring up at her with a look as if telling her that was obvious.

"O-of course." She awkwardly responded.

"I think it's nasty." Karin said simply catching both Naruto and Venelena off guard.

"It's not nasty Karin, its Destruction…it's like heavy and hot or sumthin." Naruto corrected his sister who glared at him.

"It's gross, like jello." Karin explained.

Venelena sighed as both children became distracted arguing about whether or not jello was in fact gross and nasty or fun and tasty.

Deciding that maybe a demonstration would be best to get them back on track, the heavily pregnant devil woman stood to her feet and flicked her wrist sending the orb of her power across the space between her and the targets set up by servants immediately rendering the target into nothin but a smoking black mark.

"Woah!" Naruto crowed as he hopped to his feet in excitement.

Venelena smiled at her little boy's reaction. She might be walking about like she had a beach ball strapped to her front but she still had it. Sadly Karin seemed less impressed as her face scrunched up into a distasteful look.

"It just breaks stuff." The little girl said as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Well Karin, it's the Power of Destruction. It is supposed to break things, it's a weapon." Venelena explained.

"Duh, Karin its the Power of Destruction, it's supposed to break things, not…um like fix things." Naruto jeered until his nose was flicked by his mother.

"Naruto, don't talk to your sister like that. You are supposed to be a good brother right?" She asked while sternly glaring down at him.

"Sorry…" The boy pouted, his violet eyes like her own and his sister Kushina's, focused on the floor as he kicked at a rock.

"Now, Karin, why aren't you happy to learn to use this power? It's strong and can be used to protect yourself and your siblings. It's important you know that right?" Venelena asked.

"I guess." The girl still seemed unsure.

The mother sighed as she looked down at the pair of pouting children. This might take longer than she expected. At least that meant more time spent with just her babies. No doubt the moment she left here Zeoticus would be trying to convince her to amend their agreement yet again.

"Alright," Venelena said as she clapped once to draw the children's attention back up to her. "Let's give it a try. Now, Naruto you stand here and try and bring out your power, and Karin you do the same right here. Go ahead."

The two children stared at their palms for a minute before glancing at each other then glancing at their hands one more time before finally settling their violet and teal gazes on her.

"How though?" They asked simultaneously, causing the woman to sigh again. This would be a long first session.

She had been correct. That first session had been incredibly long. As she expected neither child could manifest the power yet, not even Sirena and Kushina had been able to at four, but she had felt their auras fluctuate as they tried to bring forth their demonic power in the specific method she'd asked them too.

That was what had led to her bringing her babies to the Sitri Estate. Bogran and Eludore greeted her warmly. Eludore, like herself was ready to pop any day now and with Sirena having taken Serafall as her Queen, it was like they were family, distant perhaps but still family.

"Venelena, a pleasure. Though I am a bit surprised by the sudden request for a meeting." Bogran said warmly as he and his wife welcomed her and her children into his home.

"I apologize for such short notice, but I came to you for a favor." Venelena said, causing the Sitri couple to share a brief look.

Venelena Gremory, formerly Bael was not known to ask for charity of favors from others. In fact she was more of the mind to collect as many owed favors as she could to exploit if she ever needed to. For her to be asking for help meant something either very bad or very interesting had occurred.

"Perhaps we should all retire to the den. We can have privacy to speak there. If you like we can have some attendants take little Naruto and Karin for a moment." Eludore offered.

"Actually it's regarding them, so it's best if they are there." Venelena said, causing the couple to once again glance at one another.

"Right this way then." Bogran offered as he led the small party to a quiet room.

Once inside Bogran cast a spell to ensure their privacy as Eludore and Venelena both sat down. Naruto and Karin sat beside their mother on a small divan. The pair of redheads we're adorable as they kicked their feet back and forth while twisting their heads around to take in the room.

"Venelena…what's wrong?" Eludore asked her friend worriedly.

"Nothing is wrong. At least I don't think it is. I just need some help with a medical issue for the twins and I trust you two as both specialists in medical magics and close friends." She said softly.

"Then what is it?" Bogran asked as he took a seat beside his wife.

"I noticed something when I was teaching the children to begin using the Power of Destruction a few weeks ago. There was something different about their aura of demonic power. I can barely sense it myself, that's not my specialty but I worried that there might be something wrong." The worried mother explained.

"I see." Bogran said as he stepped over to the children.

They had grown up frequently visiting the Sitri's and Lord Bogran was often the one mending their scrapes and bruises they managed to get when playing during a visit to the Sitri Estate. So they did as he asked when he asked them to channel their demonic power.

The man blinked in surprise as he felt the oddities with their auras, just as Venelena had said. He summoned a magical circle and began more closely analyzing the two as they continued to channel their magic for him.

When small wisps of blue and white energy began to coalesce around Naruto, Venelena's eyes widened and she tried to warn Bogran but it was too late. A very sma, surprising explosion went off beside the man causing him to fall back in pain at the unexpected blow.

Naruto was mortified. He hadn't meant to summon his power up like that but it had felt so natural. Similarly to him, Karin began feeling a similar feeling though hers seemed to manifest differently from her brother's. It seemed to become a miasma of purple smoke as it collected around the girl's hands.

Rushing over to the man she called uncle, Karin worried over the small burn he had gotten from her brother. Before either of the two women could reach them, Karin's own power had seeped into the wound and almost immediately began to mend it.

The group was once again been shocked. None of them had seen such abilities before.

"Bogran, are you alright?" Eludore asked.

"Yes, I think I will be alright. Thanks to Miss Karin here." He said with a kind smile getting a grin and blush from the girl.

"I'm so sorry!" Naruto called over. As the room turned to look at him they found the little boy had pressed himself as far away from the rest of the group as he could.

More than that he was also injured, his hand burnt and bloodied, much like Bogran had been.

"It's no worries lad. Just an accident. Now come over here so your sister can fix you up." Bogran said kindly.

Venelena smiled seeing the man so good with her two children while Eludore smile softly at the sight as well.

"You know I'm somewhat jealous. Zeoticus hardly looks at his own children. He is far more concerned with getting under my skirt." Venelena said to Eludore as Bogran began analysing the children once again to make sure they were not only fine but try and figure out what exactly was going on.

"I think he is more interested into getting into your heart Venelena." Eludore replied softly.

Venelena snorted and shook her head. She had made it clear to Zeoticus from the start that she did not love him. She would do her part in their marriage to provide him with children. She had to do it more than she had wanted to as well when Sirena and Kushina became Maou. The agreement was for an heir, a spare, and an additional child for the agreement in place with the Phenex family.

"Once this darling is born, he should move on. I have no interest in him." She told the Sitri matriarch simply, causing the woman to sigh.

"Always so stubborn." Eludore shook her head.

Bogran returned to them with a thoughtful look on his face as he flipped through several spinning magical circles that hovered before him.

"Did you figure out what happened?" Venelena asked. Her hands settled onto the heads of her little ones gently playing with their hair and causing them to lean into their mother's touch.

"I have a pretty good idea, but I want to run some tests on the samples I got before I make a conclusion. It'll take some time, but it's pretty safe to say whatever it is Naruto has the beginnings of a deadly power and Karin similarly has an early version of what might become the most pure demonic healing I have ever seen. It's almost like a demonic version of divine healing." He explained.

"That's impossible." Eludore said in shock.

"So we thought." Bogran said, glancing down at the kids. "Like I said, I need to run some tests before we begin jumping to any conclusions."

"Well, I supp-" Venelena began only to feel Naruto tug at her hand causing her to turn to look at him.

"You peed." He whispered to her, a bit too loudly as both Bogran and Eludore looked at the same time before all three had widened eyes.

"Well good thing you are here, Venelena. Eludore, be a dear and go get my staff. Tell them we have a woman that is about to have a baby at my house." Bogran stated calm as could be.

Venelena meanwhile continued to stare at the pool of fluid before she sighed heavily. She could tell this one would be a brat. Somehow she just felt it in her bones.

Bael Property

Wierusia, Underworld

In the last two years a lot had changed for young Naruto. The most obvious was the addition of his littlest sister. Rias was still just a little two year old, but she had stolen the hearts of the entire Gremory clan. What's more was the little toddler seemed to have some notion of just what to do to get all her older siblings and parents to bend over backwards for her.

Naruto and Karin had been run ragged playing with the little girl and Sirena and Kushina both had let work get away from them a bit too much. Zeoticus as well was more present with Rias than he had been with his other children, not that they minded. Venelena however took the little girl around with her everywhere. Rias even tried to impersonate her mother much to the family's humor.

Right now though, Naruto was playing with someone else. Around a year ago, Naruto had been more properly introduced to his cousin Sairaorg, and while they had not initially gotten off on the right foot they had soon become best friends. The two boys begged for time to spend together as often as possible and Venelena had made sure they got it. After all her sister-in-law and nephew didn't deserve what her elder brother had done to them. Being shunted off to the fringe of Wierusia and left to rot.

The two little boys wrestled roughly as they played around. It had quickly come to Venelena's attention that their version of playing was usually some kind of fighting or dares. Sairaorg was a year older than Naruto but also taller and bulkier than the Gremory heir as well.

That didn't always play into his favor as he soon learned whenever Naruto began delving into his naturally mischievous nature to begin pulling pranks or outright cheating on their challenges. Much like today.

"How do you cheat at tree climbing?" Naruto asked his cousin.

"You tell me!" Sairaorg demanded.

Naruto laughed at the annoyed face of the older boy before sprouting his wings on his back. Sairaorg growled before tackling him to the ground causing Naruto to cackle as both boys tumbled down to the ground shoving and pushing.

Soon Sairaorg began to laugh as well as they play fought before the managed to tire out and simply sat on the grassy hill they had been playing on. The two simply caught their breath in silence before Naruto glanced over and smirked.

"Have you been practicing?" Naruto asked.

"Duh." Sairaorg simply said as he crossed his arms and smirked back at the redhead.

"Well, go on, show me." Naruto prodded.

The Bael boy stood and faced the tree they had been climbing earlier. He took on an expression of extreme effort as he focused his aura and changed demonic power into his hand.

Slowly the air in front of Sairaorg's hand twisted and cracked until a pulsing spark of electricity burst into existence. Briefly the Bael held it in hand and expanded the spark into snapping orb of lightning before he released it and the ball shot toward the tree and burst against its trunk creating a black mark.

"Awesome job!" Naruto praised his cousin.

"Like you can't do that. You know how hard magic is for me. I can't even make the Power of Destruction like you can and I was supposed to be the hair of the Bael clan." Sairaorg whined.

"Then do something else then. You can make the lightning and everything. You have magic. Just use it how you want to. That's what me and Karin do. I think it's how we got our powers of Annihilation and Restoration." Naruto said flippantly.

"No, your mom said it was a mutation cause you are Gremory." Sairaorg argued.

"Sure, but my big sister's don't have the mutation, and they checked Rias and she doesn't have it either." Naruto argued back.

"Rias is like two, how can they tell?" The brunette asked.

"With magic I guess. I dunno, Karin is the one that wants to study all that stuff." Naruto said with a dismissive wave.

"So just, what? Do whatever I feel is right with my magic?" Sairaorg asked.

"Why not. It's yours." Naruto said before he took a similar stance to what Sairaorg had earlier.

He narrowed his eyes and held out his pawn until a blue and white swirl of energy appeared in his hand. With a swipe of his hand, the miasma blasted into the trunk of the tree. Wherever it connected the blue energy seemed to devour the wood before it continued to spread to eat through the trunk of the tree. As it fell the blue energy continued to work it's way up the trunk until it slowly shifted more and more white in color and then faded away leaving on the upper most portion of the tree.

"Show off." Sairaorg said before shoving Naruto and racing off. Naruto cackled in laughter and chased after him.

Town of Satia

Gemon, Gremory Territory Border


As he had grown over the last few years Naruto's training regimen had grown along with him. Now it was nearly all encompassing and his tutors turned to more innovative strategies to help their young lord to expand his experiences and abilities.

At eight a balance between useful and fun had been found most effective and so many of his lessons were equal parts demanding and rewarding. That was why he had been camping near the edge of the wilderness that covered much of the underworld between the settled provinces of the various Pillar family territories.

Not far from the small village of Satia, Naruto had been taken to camp with his eldest sister's pawn who planned to educate him in surviving off of the land for three weeks. So far it had gone incredibly well.

Naruto could set up camp, he knew what items were dangerous to his health and what items weren't. It was much more like an enjoyable camping trip than a survival course. Which had been the point all along.

The hope was that Naruto would never have to use most of the things taught to him, both by Beaowulf here in the woods or by his other teachers back at the estate. It was far better to have the knowledge and never need it than need it and never have it.

His elder sisters had been similarly educated and Karin was receiving the same classes as him, though she wouldn't be doing this until the next month as Beowulf had wanted to do it one at a time.

After all, the entire last week of the exercise was doing everything they had been taught all alone. Which is what Naruto was doing right now. Beowulf was staying at Satia while his student roughed it in the woods nearby.

He hadn't told Naruto that the moment the boy was in danger of any kind Beowulf would feel it through a contract hidden on him and be able to respond immediately. That would defeat the point of course.

In all honesty though, Naruto hadn't needed Beowulf's help so far and he was nearly finished with his time alone. It was a peaceful and pleasant camping experience and the young eight year old loved it.

On the fourth day alone though, that changed.

The wilderness beyond this border that Naruto was camping at had also once bordered the land of Neam, the territory of the House of Orobas. The Orobas had backed the Old Satan faction and been wiped out during the civil war though. Since then the region had been split into a multitude of lesser devil houses territories that fought one another relatively frequently.

It was also suspected that the old Satan faction had a myriad of supporters spread across the land. Thankfully nearly four hundred miles of rugged nearly impassable wilderness packed with predators separated Gemon and Neam.

That same wilderness that kept the problems of Neam out of Gemon was a perfect hiding place for other forces though. It was there that some of the last scions of the original Lucifer had hidden following the end of the war.

That wasn't known to even most members of the Old Satan faction though and so it was by the most terrible, or perhaps providential bout of luck to ever strike in the underworld that when a small girl of seven fled from that hidden estate she came across Naruto's camp.

The poor boy simply sat blinking at the silver haired girl that collapsed into his campsite. Not a word had been spoken as she broke through the line of trees. She quietly walked over to where Naruto had made a fire and had been cooking a fish he'd caught. She devoured his food sent a look at Naruto and promptly dropped to the ground in a heap.

"...BEOWULLLFF!" The boy howled as he ran to the girl's side.

He was so sure she was dead. There were small cuts and bruises covering her body and her clothes were in tatters. What remained of her shoes looked more like rags tied around her feet than actual shoes. Her hair, though dingy with a layer of grime collected from the wilderness, was a beautiful silver. It was perhaps a shade darker than Kushina's queen Grayfia.

"Hey, wake up. Don't be dead." Naruto said as he gently shook the girl trying to wake her up.

She said nothing but her face twitched and she moaned lightly in what Naruto guessed had to be pain.

"Beowulf! I need help!" Naruto shouted into the air.

He didn't understand. The contract should have been activated, but it wasn't. After saying a few words that would have had his mother scolding him harshly, Naruto did his best to take care of the girl's injuries and drug her over to the tent he had.

After bundling her up, Naruto went back to his fire and began making a tea Beowulf had taught him earlier that was to help with someone who had been starving. It eased the stomach and insides so that when they ate again after going without for so long they didn't become ill.

After a time the girl's eyes fluttered open and she took stock of the location around her. One she most definitely didn't recall coming to herself. Before she could begin tearing her way out of the tent in fear though a voice daughter her attention.

"Oh what a relief. I was so worried you were gunna die." Naruto said as he sagged with a loud sigh.

The silver haired girl simply stared at him while he collecting things together and brought them over to her. Slowly she began to recall coming into the boy's camp, eating his food, and then promptly passing out.

At that thought her face warmed in a faint blush. She hadn't even asked or introduced herself. Just started shoving the fish into her mouth.

"Hey, so how do you feel?" Naruto asked.

"Sore." She replied honestly.

"I bet, you were in pretty rough shape when you came into camp yesterday." Naruto said.

"Yesterday?" She asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to wake you up, even tried a couple times when you passed out but you wouldn't budge." He explained.

"Oh…I'm sorry." She apologized..

"For what? Don't apologize for needing help." Naruto insisted.

"Plus I was happy to help." Naruto smiled back at her. "I'm Naruto by the way."

"Uhm, Vali." She replied.

"Well, I'll let you change, there's some spare clothes of mine there. They are gunna be too big but it's the best I have." Naruto said as he crawled out of the tent.

Naruto waited outside making an easy to digest soup from some of the supplies he'd gathered since coming here.

When Vali joined him she already looked much better than before. Her hair was still dirty but the cleaner clothes that were actually in one piece made her look half decent. She had tied the shirt up to keep it from reaching her knees but still it sagged low on her.

"Here, eat a little. Then tell me why in the underworld you were out here in the wilderness." Naruto said as he gave her a mug filled with the soup.

Vali thanked him quietly and scarfed down the food before slowly catching her breath and setting the cup down.

"Why are you here?" She asked cautiously, grumbling when the boy smirked at her.

"I asked you first." Naruto said with a chuckle as he dipped her up another cup of soup.

Vali quickly devoured her food before she looked at him again. He had helped her when he didn't need to. Even fed her and gave her clothes. The silverette decided to trust him, just a little bit more.

"My full name is Vali Lucifer. My father has a hidden estate in those forests and I ran away." She then blinked. That had been a far shorter story than she thought.

"Ran away?" Naruto asked.

She nodded but didn't elaborate. If he didn't realize why she needed to run away when she gave him her family name then she doubted it would matter.

"Well this is great cause my big sister's are Lucifer and Leviathan. I bet they will want to talk to you." Naruto said simply.

Vali's eyes widened at his words. He was a Gremory. No he was THE Gremory. The only brother to two of the four New Satan's. She was dead.

"Please just let me go. I'll-" Vali began hoping to beg her case to not be taken straight to the ones she was told had murdered her family and overthrown the underworld. Naruto interrupted her by snatching her hand instead.

"No can do. I was just waiting for you to wake up and eat. The only reason I didn't leave and bring them here was because I was worried something might happen while I was gone, so I stayed beside you to watch over you while you slept. Now though-" Naruto himself was cut off as his teleportation circle activated and deposited them into the foyer of his family estate. Right in front of his Mother and little sisters as they went over a lesson together.

Venelena blinked for a moment before smiling. That lasted only a second as her memory caught up to the moment and she realized her beloved little boy was not supposed to be here.

"Naruto, what are you doing here? What happened to Beowulf?" She asked.

"It's a long story mother. We need Sirena, Kushina, and dad here for it I think. This is Vali Lucifer." Naruto declared causing both Venelena's and Karin's jaws to drop while Rias hadn't listened in the slightest and instead walked over to pry apart Naruto and Vali's hands while sending the courtesy little glare at her the silver haired girl.

"Don't touch him." The four year old said.

Gremory Estate

Gemon, Underworld

After Sirena, Kushina, and Venelena had finished punishing Beowulf when they found out he had been busy with a brothel in Satia, Vali was put through a frightening process.

That process was being essentially babied by the entire Gremory family for several weeks. None of what the girl had been taught was true, and the Gremory family had been so kind and thoughtful toward her that Vali had snatched up the first opportunity to try and repay them.

That first chance had ended up being taken in by Kushina's Queen and best friend Grayfia. Vali would never be a maid, but Sirena and Kushina we're in agreement that Vali would make a fine addition to their little brother's peerage. Especially when they had found not only was Vali a half devil, but one blessed with a sacred gear. None other than the Divine Dividing.

Since then Vali had been caught up in the whirlwind that was life at the Gremory Estate. Between her tutoring by Grayfia, her training with Naruto, and her time spent with the others she found happiness for the first time. Real happiness.

Now it was Naruto and Karin's tenth birthday and both were receiving their peerages. At least they both should have been. Instead of a happy birthday party filled with all their friends and loved ones the dining hall of the Gremory Estate was tense.

The day before their birthday Zeoticus had announced the betrothals if both his middle children. Naruto hadn't minded his terribly. Sona Sitri was a little girl still and their engagement was not set to come into effect until she turned eighteen. While Venelena and his sisters had seemed annoyed to an extent, to Naruto that was forever away and Sona was Rias' best friend so he didn't mind too much.

Things were different for Karin. She was betrothed to Diodora Astaroth. Whom she had never gotten along with. She'd locked herself in her room until only a couple of hours before the dinner today and she continued to glare at her father as he tried his best to ignore the glares of not only Karin but his two oldest, his son, and his wife as well. He kind of thought he saw Vali and Grayfia shooting him hateful looks from time to time as well which only further annoyed him.

Now at the dinner though he hoped presenting Naruto and Karin with their peerage pieces things would blow over and they could move on. Besides, Diodora was the younger sibling of a Satan just like Karin was. They could help expand his political block. Maybe she would even come to love her fiance. He still held out hope he could win over Venelena despite her not sleeping in the same wing of the estate as him since Rias had been born.

"Ahem, if you all please give me your attention." Zeoticus said. There wasn't much change as the majority of those at the table had already been giving him their full undivided hateful attention.

"Warm…I just wanted to give Karin and Naruto their gifts. As you all know that among the high class devil's of the pillar families it is a sort of tradition to gift young devils their evil piece sets on their tenth birthday. So I wish to give Naruto and Karin-" He said only for Karin to stand up and slam her small hands onto the table with surprising force shaking the items held on top.

"I refuse! I hate that boy. I've seen the kind of things he does to his queen and he's only twelve. He is a monster!" She cried.

"I agree, there is something wrong with that boy." Venelena huffed as she stood and walked over to comfort her precious daughter.

"He is just twelve. Given time I have no doubt that he-" Zeoticus tried again.

"Will die by my hand!" Naruto interrupted as he too slammed his fists into the table.

"I will get a shovel for his corpse." Vali said as she turned to leave only to be caught by Zeoticus.

The room was quickly falling to madness. And the Gremory patriarch was doing all he could to control the situation. Sadly, his children were by no means normal, even for devils, and they evidently had a tendency to collect those with similar traits to them.

"All of you will stop and listen!" He tried to rein them in, only to be ignored.

"I won't marry that blue haired creep!" Karin shouted.

Pushed to the extent of his patience Zeoticus jabbed a finger toward his middle daughter and snarled. "You'll either marry the Astaroth boy or you'll take Rias' place and marry into the Phenex family!"

His children each paused. Rias, who had been mostly just staring at the chaos of her family while helping herself to the as of yet uncut birthday cake sprayed the contents of her mouth across the table in shock.

"I'm getting married?" The six-nearly-seven year old asked. Creating a silent pause in the room.

"Over my dead body!" Naruto shouted, and the room fell back into madness as everyone began hollering at once.

Naruto had retrieved Vali from his father and were already plotting on stopping things, Kushina and Sirena were arguing directly with Zeoticus who reminded them that as Satan's they were not to interfere with clan dealings. Venelena stood nearby and berated the Gremory patriarch scathingly while Grayfia and Serfall had begun to argue about something else entirely as they simply didn't get along.

"I said I won't marry Diodora…" Karin began to say with tears in her eyes. Zeoticus opened his mouth to argue only for Kushina to beat him to the punch.

"Well, then I guess you will just have to become my bishop then little sister." Kushina said with a smug smirk directed at her father.

As a rule, any member of a Maou's peerage was exempt from their obligations to their clan. Both Sirena and Kushina had used this to their advantage in the past. Serafall had been freed of her obligation to the Sitri clan upon becoming Sirena's Queen and Grayfia had been excused from her participation in the civil war and the burden of her family name.

"No." Zeoticus tried to sound resolute.

"You don't have a say in this. Come with me Karin." Kushina said simply before leading the happy ten year old away while talking about the massive boost in magic she was about to get.

Zeoticus frowned and clenched his fists. His household refused to do as he said, his beloved wife had absolutely no interest in him, and each of his children seemed to care little for what he decided was good for the Gremory clan.

"Zeoticus… you wonder why I want nothing to do with you? Perhaps if you could rein in your daughters, but soon enough you will be the weakest person in this household. It's honestly disgusting." Venelena said as she grabbed Rias and began walking out of the room, closely followed by the rest of her children.

Left alone with only the servants, Zeoticus sighed at his wifes words. What exactly did she want from him? She acted so distant and told him she wasn't interested, but then told him that it was because he was weak. Her standards were too high. Far too high. Still he couldn't bring himself to love anyone else. He had to snare her heart somehow.

As Naruto trailed after his mother he glanced back at his father and frowned. He wanted to be nothing like him. Weak and disappointing.

When they returned to their rooms Naruto retrieved the evil piece set he had retrieved before leading his closest companion and friend up to his bed. The girl laid down and Naruto retrieved his queen piece.

"Are you sure you want this Vali? You don't have to be my peerage piece to be by my side you know." Naruto said as he rolled the queen piece in his hands.

"I've been waiting two years for this. I will be your Queen." Vali insisted.

"Well, maybe another piece would be better…" Naruto seemed to wonder out loud causing the girl to send him a look that was a mix of a pout and glare.

"Okay, okay. Sorry. Now let's begin." Naruto said as he gently placed the piece onto her chest and with a wave of his hand the piece sank into her body and assimilated within her.

"No incantation?" She asked.

"Didn't need it. You're perfect for the roll." Naruto said with a smile.

Vali was about to say something when there was a knock at his door and Karin swept in. The tears and puffy eyes she'd had earlier were gone and she was all smiles as she plopped herself on her twin's bed and practically shoved Vali out of the way, getting a glare from the silver haired girl as she did.

"So, notice anything different" Karin asked.

Naruto hummed. He could sense her demonic power had increased easily a hundred fold.

"Your magic power is greater than mine now?" Naruto asked in shock.

"Yep! I asked Kushina for both of her bishops. She didn't want to at first but then I did the whole thing where I pushed out my lip and whimpered and said 'sorry, I guess I'm not worth it, huh?' and she folded like it was nothing." Karin giggled.

"You won't keep this lead for very long, little sister." Naruto declared. As he motioned for Vali to follow him. It seemed he need to increase his training.

"Whatever you say~" She sang after him before deciding she would nap on Naruto's bed for the afternoon. The fight earlier and sudden expansion of her aura had exhausted her.

Asahaba, Japan


"It's still crap." Karin moaned.

"I haven't even beaten you yet…" Naruto replied while trying his very best to not let loose a smile.

"You shouldn't have been able to even catch up to me in power in only two years. I've been training too, you know!" Karin whined.

"Train harder then." Naruto casually commented, causing his sister to huff.

"Will you two stop? Rias wandered off again." Kushina sighed.

Both of the young devils bobbed their heads and apologized to their elder sister who sighed. She had hoped that she could enjoy time with her little siblings by bringing them along.

Asahaba was roughly in the middle between the Yokai controlled Kyoto and Tokyo and the neutral ground of Osaka. She had been meeting with representatives of both the east and west sects of the Yokai faction in hopes of renegotiating the deals for Devil houses renting lands in Japan. This sort of thing was her usual task as Satan Leviathan.

The negotiations had gone smoothly, if far longer than she had wanted and when she returned to the children she had found on of them had wandered off causing a pulse of terror to jam into her heart. Her little eight year old sister was out wandering in a town that wasn't even in the underworld.

Since then the three older devils had played like nothing was wrong while scouring the town for Rias. Their peerages and familiars similarly were searching through town, though that was only about five additional people. Vali was still Naruto's only peerage piece and Karin counted among Kushina's with two pieces of her own.

"She couldn't have gone that far…" Kushina reassured herself as they continued to look.

Almost as soon as she had said that though her eyes widened as she felt a butt of magical power nearby. An odd mixture of multiple different kinds, something that usually meant a fight of some kind.

"This way!" Kushina said before sprouting wings and racing off with Naruto and Karin struggling to keep up with the Satan class devil.

They flew over the town before coming to the older part of town. The orderly streets changed to narrow and choked alleys and the buildings predated Naruto and Karin's ages combined.

"There!" Karin said pointing at a specific old warehouse that looked to have been built around the turn of the last century.

"What was she doing over here?" Naruto wondered aloud as the three devil's descended toward where Karin could sense Rias' power signature.

The sight that the three found was odd. A fallen angel, a being that seemed similar to a fallen angel yet very different at the same time, a small half fallen girl, and lastly Rias all stood together against an attack of humans blessed with the power of the Shinto pantheon. That wasn't all though as a third side of the conflict seemed be involved, fallen angels.

The three way fight was rendered pointless with the arrival of a Satan class devil and two high class devil's alongside her. While it wasn't to the extent of the rest of their family, both Naruto and Karin could utilize the Power of Destruction.

At this moment though Naruto had no need to. His Power of Annihilation spread from one target to another engulfing the force of priests and fallen alike devouring them in horrendous pain as in crackled and popped.

Karin eliminated a fallen angel before turning her attention to her baby sister and the group of random strangers she showed to have collected for herself. She rushed over to the group and was nearly bowled over by the youngest Gremory as she wrapped her into a tight hug.

"What on earth have you gotten yourself into?" She worriedly asked Rias as she checked her over, only sighing in relief at finding her to be unharmed.

"I'm sorry, but those people started chasing my new friend." Rias said as she turned and wrapped Naruto in another tight hug, just as she had done with Karin.

"We were so worried, Rias. You can't wander off like that." Naruto slightly scolded while pressing kisses to the top of her hair.

"It won't be happening again." Kushina said sternly as she burned away the last of their attackers with her power of destruction.

Rias pouted, but knew better than to argue. The three older devils turned to face their companions now and we're a bit surprised by what they found. The little girl looked to be Rias age while the other two were only a year or two older than Naruto and Karin. Each of them had surprisingly powerful magical power though.

"Thank you for protecting our little sister." Naruto said catching Kushina off guard that he had beaten her to the greeting.

"It should be us thanking you. Had Rias not accidentally led you here I think we would all have died." The most mature looking of the group said.

"Well, can you explain what exactly was going on?" Kushina asked as the two groups stepped closer and Karin began healing the minor injuries the two older girls sported from protecting Rias and the younger girl.

The girls looked at one another before the cheerier looking one smiled and nodded to the one that had spoken already. She turned back to the devils and bowed her head slightly.

"It's a bit of a long story. For each of us. I don't really know where to start." She tried to explain.

"Introductions are usually best." Kushina replied with a kind smile.

"Yeah, I'm Naruto Gremory, hero of the Gremory clan." Naruto began with obvious pride in his voice toward the Gremory family.

"This is my littlest sister Rias, I guess you already know her a bit. This is my twin sister Karin who is the bishop for her, my big sister Kushina who is the Satan Leviathan." Naruto explained proudly, causing the three girls' eyes to widen greatly and stumble back in shock.

"L-leviathan." The little girl mumbled.

"Yeah, now who are you three?" Kushina asked, trying to give them a kind and friendly face to relax them a bit.

"I am Motoko and this is Kazehana, that's Akeno." The lead girl said again.

"It's nice to meet you all. Now let's hear about your story, sound good?" Kushina asked.

Slowly the girls nodded. They would tell Kushina everything and hope she wouldn't take issue with their origins as they went. After all, seeing her wipe out so many enemies like they were nothing had told them they had no choice but to comply with her requests.

Gradually they began telling the Gremorys their stories. They weren't very happy tales either.

Kazehana and Motoko had known each other since they were extremely young. Kazehana was a simple four winged fallen that had been born into the grigori. Both her parents had died during infighting with some of the more rogue elements of the fallen angel society. Luckily she had a unique degree of control over wind based magic and her father had been close friends with Azazel himself despite being far from his level of power. The Governor-General had taken her in almost like a niece and had brought her in on his own obsession. The creation of sacred gears.

That was where Motoko came in. She technically had been a young fallen angel at one point. However a terrible accident and from what she had been told, terrible parents, she had been effectively killed before her first birthday. Azazel had seen an opportunity to save her and to further his studies. In the end the result had been a synthetic being. One that wasn't quite a fallen angel but enjoyed much of their supernatural powers as well as a few of her own such as an incredible level of regeneration that had allowed her to build her strength to amazing degrees while still only being a child. She was nothing more than a normal if very gifted child and even grew very close with Kazehana.

Sadly, many fallen, especially those among Azazel's higher ranked subordinates considered Motoko at best a tool and at worst an abomination. It wasn't long before others began making their moves on the poor girl.

Azazel had some foresight though and had sent them to live with his close friend Baraquiel's lover and their daughter. For a couple of years things went well. The three girls became extremely close, more like sisters than just friends, but in the end things would turn bad for them yet again.

Akeno, the youngest of the trio, was half human. Her mother had been a part of the Himejima clan, devout followers or the Shinto pantheon. They had considered each of the children nothing short of a threat and wanted to kill them. Shuri, Akeno's mother had bravely protected them, but it had cost her life to do so. The three had gone on the run then. Wandering through Japan for years. They happened to be resting in Asahaba when Rias and Akeno met one another.

The older girls hadn't thought much of it, not realizing how close both the Himejima and grigori zealots had been. If it hadn't been for Kushina and the others they were sure they would have been overrun.

Rias had pulled the shocked and now blushing Akeno into a hug with tears running down her face while Naruto had taken to patting both the little girls on their heads.

"So you don't have anywhere to go?" Kushina asked the girls.

"No ma'am." Motoko replied.

Kushina hummed and glanced between her little siblings and the group of girls. As a thought came into her mind a smile slid into her face.

"I have a solution to that." Kushina said as she gently smiled at the girls.

Gremory Estate

Gemon, Gremory Territory

A contained explosion rocked the training grounds of the Gremory Estate as Naruto flipped over Vali's attempt to knock him out. He responded easily with a spin sending a wall of flame at the silverette causing her to activate the Divine dividing before tanking through the blast with nothing more than some singeing of hair.

Naruto leapt forward before the girl's vision had cleared and slammed a fist into her midsection to lift her off of the ground before sending her end over end with an unexpected kick to the face.

He then had to roll out of the way of a bruised up Kazehana charging at him with blades of wind. Twisting to his feet in a fluid movement he brought his elbow back into her head dropping her and leaving her groaning in pain.

"Now, where is Motoko?" He wondered out loud only to suddenly grab an invisible arm attempting to wrap around his neck.

"Too loud." He said as he flipped her over his shoulder and slammed her into the ground hard enough to crater it.

Slowly Vali returned to the training ground with a swollen eye, bloodied lip, and torn clothes and both Kazehana and Motoko stumble to their feet.

Naruto himself had a small collection of bruises and torn clothes showing that while it had been a bit one sided the fight hadn't been a complete massacre.

"Ugh, Naruto, what other boy beats up his girlfriends like this?" Kazehana pouted cutely as they all began healing one another.

"One that sees potential in you maybe?" Naruto asked awkwardly.

"I had fun, one of these days I'm going to be the one kicking you out of the training ground you know…" Vali said as she blinked her freshly healed eye to get rid of it's blurry vision.

"Well, either way that's enough for today. All three of you are improving by leaps and bounds." Naruto said happy with the changes of the last three years.

Not just in his and his peerage's improvement either. They were all older now. Motoko and Kazehana were both seventeen and Vali had turned fifteen about a week ago like himself. They each were starting to show the signs of filling out. And just after the small party they held for Vali the girl had demanded she become Naruto's girlfriend.

He hadn't been that surprised. She had made it clear she intended to have a family, but only one with him. The moment she had seen his eyes wander to his mother as she walked by, not in the loving innocence he once had, but in the interest a young teen began to look at gorgeous women with, she had made her decision.

Since then both Motoko and Kazehana had staked their claim as well and things had spiralled even more out of control when Karin joined in declaring he was hers since the womb, and even little Sona who insisted she planned to marry her fiance one day, all joined in.

It wasn't bad though. He had yet to do anything more adventurous than kiss his peerage girls, and be kissed by Karin. Kushina and his mother had teased the twins afterwards by doing the same as well.

"Naruto?" Motoko asked.

Naruto startled slightly at seeing the girl was suddenly so close to his face causing him to back up into the already very developed figure of Kazehana who giggled at her King's blush.

Naruto pivoted on the spot and led Vali back toward the Estate proper. He had a meeting with his older sisters about something today and was happy to get away from his girls' teasing. They had gotten so bad in the last few weeks.

"Oh I cannot wait till he is all grown up." Kazehana giggled.

"You're incorrigible." Motoko said with a chuckle.

"Like you aren't waiting for it too." Kazehana said with a knowing look.

Motoko didn't respond, instead heading back toward the Estate to wash and change before the meeting.

Kazehana giggled again before following.

A few hours later and the Gremory family and their peerages were gathered in the den together. It was an expansive room and this was the first time that Naruto had seen it so crowded.

It felt like everyone was here, including two people that Naruto didn't know that were clearly too young to be anyone other than possible peerage members.

Naruto looked over at the two girls and imagined how they would fit into his own group. He had Vali as a queen, Motoko as both his rooks and Kazehana as four of his pawns but that left him with several pieces left to use.

Rias on the other hand had only added Akeno into her peerage so far, making her into a queen piece. All her others remained unused.

Kushina's peerage was one he hardly ever saw together. Most of them had to run diplomatic errands non-stop and for the first time he realized just how few pieces she had. Her best friend for centuries, Grayfia was known across the Underworld as the perfect queen, and his twin had taken both of Kushina's bishops which had increased her power incredibly.

The rest of her peerage was mostly human in origin. Her first Rook, Shizou had been a demigod before Kushina had found him abandoned by his mother to die. It turned out the Olympians were as set in their old ways as most beings and had little issue forcing themselves on humans when they desired.

Her knights Erza and Katarina had been among the earliest pieces added by Kushina. The twins were once human women. The elder of the two, Erza was born with a powerful sacred gear and the younger sister, Katarina, had inherited and could wield two daggers that had once belonged to the girls' ancestor King Arthur.

Kushina's final rook and her pawns, Bann and Revy were both originally humans as well. Again both had extremely powerful sacred gears and combined with their devil bodies they helped to make Kushina's peerage the well rounded and powerful.

Naruto's eldest sister was present as well with her own girlfriend and queen, Serafall Sitri. Along with them had come the rest of Sirena's peerage, her bishop Macgregor Mathers, rooks, Surtr Second and Bahamut, and his pawns Beowulf and Enku.

Lastly was Zeoticus and Venelena sitting on completely opposite sides of a large couch. Naruto had noticed the contempt that his mother had for his father. He shared it to a degree, as the man mostly saw his children as tools. That hadn't been what divided his parents though. His mother had admitted to him while they were alone how she had never loved his father. She'd done as was expected of a wife and matriarch of the Gremory clan but had come to only truly love her children outside of herself.

He felt odd at that knowledge. He had his problems with Zeoticus but the man was still his father and he did care for them, despite using them for his and the clan's gain recklessly. He also had felt odd around his mother. He knew what he was feeling, and he had heard of relatively rare occurrences of such relationships between devils in the past, but he was still very young by devil standards and considered the interest he had in her to be spurred on only by the rampant hormones he had running through him thanks to the onset of puberty.

"Now then. I know it's odd for all of us to be crammed in here at once." Sirena began, snapping Naruto out of his thoughts and stopping him from staring over at Venelena who had simply been smiling back at her favorite child and only son.

"I have no doubt that it involves these two young ones right here." Zeoticus said as he looked over at the two girls.

"Right, everyone this is Kuroka and her little sister Shirone." Sirena began to explain further. "You may have heard recently about the death of Lord Allocer's youngest son. The truth is he was killed by his own bishop…Kuroka."

The room turned to look at the girls again as Sirena admitted that. The two shifted slightly under their gazes, however Kuroka took the looks head on and stared right back, while Shirone stepped slightly behind her elder sister. Naruto nearly chuckled as he heard both Rias and Karin coo at the child.

"I'm guessing there's a bit more to the story then." Venelena stated.

"Of course. Kuroka and Shirone were both orphaned a few years ago. Kuroka raised Shirone as best she could in Yokai territory in Japan. However they were eventually found by Lord Allocer's son Vayne. He offered them a place to stay if Kuroka would become his bishop. She was powerful enough to take both of his pieces." Sirena continued the explanation.

"Part of that is Kuroka's strength, but Vayne was a weak fool as well. Currently we are in talks, yet again with the Yokai because of this whole thing blowing up in our faces. He never should have been so close to Kyoto in the first place." Kushina said with a menacing tone.

"Yes, but that isn't Kuroka and Shirone's fault." Sirena said, looking over at her twin.

"As if I am saying that. If anything it's Vayn Allocer's….the little shit." Kushina grumbled.

"Let's try to stay on topic, girls." Venelena steered them back into what was being discussed.

"Right, so we come to the unending debate of what rights do peerage members have. In most regards they receive all the same rights as normal devils do. However there are many high class devils of the mind that peerage members are little more than property. Those that disagree are further split sadly as many devils believe that those originally from other races, human, yokai, fallen, whatever, are lesser than those that are pure of blood. Which is why this case was such a big deal." Sirena paused as Kushina took over.

"We were able to secure the acquittal for Kuroka and Shirone after I had Bann do a little digging. It seems that Allocer intended to force himself not only on Kuroka but also Shirone." Kushina said through gritted teeth drawing the attention of the rest of the room as they looked at the girls in shock.

Shirone was younger even than Rias, only eight. Kuroka wasn't all that much older, only sixteen. The collective thought of good riddance toward the man was shared by practically every person in the room. While they remained devils, the Gremory clan did hold themselves to a separate higher moral standard than that of many high class families.

"There is an issue though." Kushina said with a sigh.

The room narrowed their eyes, except Zeoticus. He knew precisely where this was going. After all, politics was the area that he excelled in. It was why he had managed to get Venelena, one of the most beautiful women of his age as a wife. There was no way someone as strong as this young yokai or the potentially strong younger sister would be allowed to leave the underworld.

"You must place them in a trusted peerage so that they remain in the Underworld's control but you don't actually trust anyone besides the other satans and they both have their own reasons to not take them. Which leaves…" Zeoticus said while turning to look at his son and youngest daughter.

"Yes. Pretty much." Kushina said.

"Wait." Naruto's eyebrows furrowed. "I understand why Kuroka would need to go to me or Rias, she is a bishop, but Shirone there doesn't have a demonic aura. She doesn't have an evil piece yet."

"You're right, but we have been working with Kuroka and little Shirone here to figure out something that helps them both. Rias, lets see one of your rook pieces." Sirena said toward her baby sister.

The eleven year old hesitantly withdrew the piece before stepping toward her sister and the two yokai born girls. Shirone was carefully guided out from behind Kuroka with a soft smile as she stopped her in front of Rias. The white haired girl's tiny cat ears twitched, making Rias giggle before she gently pressed the rook into the girl's chest and watched it sink into her skin.

"No one will expect her strength and durability based on her appearance and when she gets older Kuroka will teach her to master her yokai abilities making her a well rounded piece for you." Sirena explained.

Rias led the girl over to where she had been standing with Akeno and waited for the rest of the meeting to conclude. Naruto stepped over to Kuroka, looking the older girl in the eye. She smirked at him as he clearly had a hard time not checking her out. Rather than dwell on it the young devil held up the pieces and they quickly planted themselves within Kuroka.

The girl gasped as a new level of power overwhelmed her for a moment and she suddenly saw her new master in a very new light. This boy was nothing like her previous King had been. She could already feel her own aura swelling to try and bridge the gap between her current level and the two bishops he had given her. It was exhilarating, and arousing.

Most supernatural races were attracted to power, none more than the devils and the yokai. Both had animalistic natures to a degree and had always had to work much harder to overcome their instincts. Some things never faded away though, and already the women of the Gremory house were beginning to notice the potential that Naruto carried on a primal level. Something that others throughout the underworld would soon feel as well.

"Welcome to the family." Naruto said with a smile as Kuroka's golden eyes refocused on his deep purple.

"Thank you." She said breathlessly, a bit shocked by the sudden euphoric feeling that Naruto's power had on her body.

She flinched slightly when she was patted on the back by Kushina who leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Don't worry about it. All the girls in the peerage with you felt that feeling. Maybe not as strongly as you did just now, but they did. He'll take care of you too."

Kuroka nodded, still a bit out of it, but walked over to join her new master and fellow peerage members.

"Well, now that the fun stuff is out of the way, we can talk about your education." Sirena said with a smile toward her younger siblings and their peerages, getting moans of grief from the entire group.

Gremory Estate

Gemon, Gremory Territory

Zeoticus sat quietly in his study as he stared into the crackling fire in front of him. His heart ached but still he felt as if he had known this would eventually come to pass. He sat here now to speak to his only son. Now a man, at twenty, and he felt small at the thought of the coming conversation.

It frustrated him to no end truly. How she could fall for their son together but not for him. Was he and Naruto truly so different? He didn't think so. It was Zeoticus who had prepared the boy to succeed him as head of the Gremory family. They had similar mannerisms, and their voices and coloring were all similar too. The only physical trait Naruto seemed to even get from his mother were the color of his eyes.

The questions of why filled his head, but he knew neither his wife or son were intent on answering. Neither were the rest of his family, all of whom had seemingly known what was going on before he had.

Two years. At the least two years between Naruto and Venelena. Who knows if she had any lovers before him. He could never be sure with her. He did know that she hadn't had sex with him since Rias was conceived. As if the moment the child to fulfill the contract with the Phenex family was made, then she was free of him.

Worse than the questions of why were the doubts that fell upon him. Was he not a good husband? Was he not loving enough? Was he not able to satisfy her in bed? So many questions and she wouldn't even speak to him long enough for him to ask.

She had no time for him now, as if he had served his purpose and was now being discarded.

What sickened him most was that she was completely honest and open about all of it. She'd made it clear their marriage was of obligation and nothing more. She made it painfully obvious she didn't love him, no that she could barely stand him. She also made it clear without even trying that she desired Naruto.

"You wanted to speak?" Naruto asked his father as he stepped into the room.

The older man looked up at him and frowned softly. He did love his children. Especially his son. He was incredibly proud of him, but just as his child seemed to take everything from him. His glory, his pride, eventually his place, he also took his love. It hurt so terribly, but he found he couldn't even be mad.

"Not really." He managed to say, causing the young man's eyebrow to quirk up in confusion. That caused him to sigh.

Naruto patiently waited for him to elaborate, which was far more difficult than he had expected it to be. There was no real guide to teach him how to navigate this kind of conversation and Naruto wasn't really helping.

Perhaps just being blunt was the best course of action.

"I-I know that you and your mother have been sleeping together." Zeoticus managed.

"So? I know that Ravel Phenex's real father is her eldest brother Ruval, and that the Forneus family have a weekly orgy with all their adult members in attendance. We're devils, you've been pretending to be human for too long." Naruto said coldly.

"I realize that, but your mother is meant to be mine." Zeoticus said as he stood up, but sat back down at the fluctuation of power from the young man.

"She wouldn't be yours even if I stopped sleeping with her. She wouldn't be yours if you were the last man there was, and she never has been." Naruto said solidly.

"She-" Zeoticus began, only for Naruto to step further into the room.

"Sick of you. You see it. The way she looks at you, anything from disgust to pity. My sisters are beginning to do the same too. You didn't notice because your eyes are always on her. That's fine but tell me dad, do you love her? Like really love and would do anything for her? Or is it you just want to fuck her?" Naruto asked leaning in closely to the older redhead.

"Of course I love her! I've always loved her!" He snapped back furious with his heir.

"Then let her be happy. Stop dragging her down. Just be happy that she is happy and maybe she won't despise being around you. Doesn't that sound nice? Her treating you sweetly and kindly? All you would have to do is let her do as she wishes and she won't be so hostile to you." Naruto explained.

"Is that what she wants or what you want? You don't love her like I do." He weakly said as he glared at the boy.

"Of course not. I love her like a man does, you love her like a pet loves it's owner. You don't even know why you do, you just do." Naruto said as his eyes darkened much like his mother's did when they looked at Zeoticus.

Zeoticus flinched as if struck. His anger tried to rear it's head once again, to try and put his upstart son in his place, but a flash of memory stopped him. A snippet of pure joyous laughter from Venelena's melodious voice, while he hid outside her bedroom. It wasn't him that made her laugh like that. He had never even gotten a true smile from her.

He looked over to his son who looked down at him with hardly any expression on his face. Naruto did make her happy. She was so beautiful when she was happy…that was what had made him fall in love with her after all. Seeing her laughing while spending time with Eludore Sitri. His friend Bogran had been smitten with Eludore, but Zeoticus only had eyes for Venelena.

She'd never felt the same though. She never would either.

"You'll make her happy?" He asked.

"I already do." Naruto replied softly.

"Then take her." Zeoticus sighed out as he sagged back into his chair. This conversation didn't go at all like he had planned.

"I already have." Naruto said as he clapped his father on the shoulder.

"Things will get better from here on out dad. I promise." Naruto said before he left the room.

Zeoticus just continued to stare into the fire as his frown deepened and he fought back tears.

Naruto quietly closed the door before blowing out a long exhale. He wasn't fond of seeing his father in such a state, but the man had done it to himself. He knew the story from his mother.

Zeoticus had been a disappointment as an heir for his father and grandfather, but still had been talented politically and skilled at making friends. Among them had been Venelena's elder brother, Zekram.

Naruto wasn't sure what Zeoticus had to promise Zekram to get him to agree. Whatever it had been had to be insanely unfair to the Gremory clan, but Zeoticus had managed it and Venelena had been wed to the spineless Gremory.

The rest was history.

Until two years ago.

Naruto had never gotten past his attraction to his mother. It hadn't just been her body, her personality and likely her matronly mannerism drew him in. Sometime around his sixteenth birthday he had stopped calling her mother.

It was as if he couldn't see her as such any more. That had sparked Venelena to confronting him and what had been planned to be a simple conversation to see why he no longer referred to her as he once had, had instead become an extremely pleasurable time for both of them.

They became more and more of a couple rather than parent and child over the next four years. His father only knew of half of their time, but by the time he had found out they'd long since stopped caring for his or anyone else's opinion on the matter.

"Naruto?" The sultry voice of his mother called to him causing his face to shift into a grin.

"Venelena." He replied as he turned to face her.

He took in her appearance. The brunette was dressed in seductive lingerie for the night she planned to spend with her lover. Red fishnet stockings with matching garters and a see through red negligee that was only held together at the front by a single thin string.

The woman giggled as she swayed over to him and pulled him into the room with her. She kissed his neck in the spot she knew sent shivers down his spine and a little more blood to his member. Slowly she backed up until her legs bumped the bed and only then did she begin undressing Naruto.

Naruto twisted his head to catch the woman's lips with his own as he slipped open her mouth and began toying around with her tongue with his own. All thoughts of earlier conversations were forgotten as Naruto began sliding his hand over her hips to grip her ass and squeeze.

The two continued to kiss as Venelena slowly undid each button on Naruto's shirt, then his belt, and then the final button on the front of his pants. With a wet smack the two separated and Venelena fell to her knees as she yanked down his pants revealing his cock, which nearly popped her in the face.

After four years of frequent sessions with one another, Venelena had no hesitation as she began lapping at the shaft of his cock, trying as best she could to lick and suck at every bit of his manhood. While she did so Naruto quickly threw off his shirt and undershirt before combing his fingers through the mature woman's luxuriously soft hair.

"Enough teasing, woman." He growled bestialy causing her to squeal slightly as his grip tightened on her head.

Soon his cock was sliding past her pillowy soft lips and on into her wet, warm, mouth. Her tongue continued to slide around his head and shaft even as he pressed deeper and deeper into her tight throat. Until he couldn't go any further and the sound of her gagging filled the room.

Slowly, extremely slowly he rocked his hips back to remove himself from her throat and let her breathe. It wasn't a long relief though as he slipped back into the previous position, stretching her throat out and creating a bulge in her neck as she literally choked on his dick.

He slid back again, slowly picking up speed until he was fucking her throat at a stead pace, but it still wasn't enough and he finally pulled out completely getting a wet pop sound as he freed himself from her mouth, splattering her face with her spit and drool.

Naruto helped her back to her feet and pulled off her lingerie, using it like a rag to clean up her face before pushing her back onto the bed and pinning her underneath him. She writhed as he rubbed the head of his cock against the mouth of her pussy teasingly.

Taking slow careful motions, Naruto took his free hand and began prodding his favorite hole, only to stop just as his head began to slide in and pull away at the last moment. The shivering woman beneath him moaned and whined for his cock but he continued to deny her, instead switching things up and becoming a bit rough.

He popped a hand against her pussy roughly as if he was spanking her ass causing her to scream before trying to grind up into his hand. This was the secret Naruto had discovered that Zeoticus had never been able to even glimpse. Venelena was a vulgar masochist and had desperately wanted to be dominated by a truly strong devil. Sadly she was an incredibly powerful devil herself, so finding one to match or surpass her was nearly impossible.

It was almost ironic that in the end she had made that devil herself.

"Ready?" He asked playfully as he began slapping his cock against the woman's sopping wet pussy.

"Oh! Yes!" She moaned knowing what was coming next.

Just as she had expected Naruto did as he had with her throat and slowly drove himself into her. As always his size pushed her to the limit. Everytime they made love she couldn't help but compare him to his failure of a father. No, perhaps that was too harsh. It was only through his father that she now had him. All of him.

"Halfway." Naruto rumbled from above her causing her to moan again as she realized he already had stretched her further than his father ever could.

By the time he had reached the extent he could go, nearly a full quarter of his cock was still exposed. Still it was closer than before. Closer than all the other times. He would gouge out space for his cock within her eventually.

Once more, like with her throat he withdrew till the tip of his cock was all that remained before sinking himself into her pussy again. He continue to pump into her, slowly at first but gradually increasing speed until the inertia of his thrusts began to bounce her ass against the matress hard enough to through her back up against his cock before he even came back fully for another thrust.

He kissed her roughly, snagging her lip with his teeth and lightly pulling back causing her to moan at the new sensation. He moved on to her earlobe, lightly nibbling before he began kissing and sucking at her neck, making sure to leave plenty of love bites for all to see.

Venelena was his after all. They should be made aware.

Soon, Venelena managed to regain enough control to wrap her legs around his waist as she began riding out a powerful orgasm that seemed almost like a seizure in it's intensity.

As her pussy walls clamped down and tried to milk him for his seed, Naruto happily obliged her body, releasing and pumping her full of his cum. He stayed on top of her as they both took a moment to catch their breath.

Once they had though, there was no conversation. There didn't need to be. She was his, his alone and he wanted her again. That was obvious and didn't need to be said. Naruto simply began kissing her again and slowly rocking his hips once more.

Standing outside the door, Zeoticus stood with a forlorn face. This was his marriage now and forever. He could love no other. She would never love him. The fact that hearing her moaning and screaming while underneath his son had aroused him more than their own times together was just as soul crushing as the rest of this situation had been for him. Still, he would retreat to his own room and try his best to remember the sounds she had never made for him.

Kuoh, Japan


"Face it, she is totally a weeb!" Kuroka said with a laugh.

"Rias isn't a weeb, she just like Japanese culture." Kazehana argued back.

"Nah, she's pretty much a weeb." Naruto agreed with Kuroka. "But then again it's pretty cute how excited she gets about that stuff."

"Which is good, otherwise she would be pretty annoyed by us dropping by unannounced. Smart thinking to buy her all that junk." Vali chimed in.

"I call it a peace offering." Naruto said as he glanced down at the bag filled with little figurines and limited editions of some of his sister's favorite animes.

"It's a bribe you mean." Kuroka again chimed in.

"Is that why you bought Shirone all that candy?" Motoko asked.

"Bah, she and I just like to eat sweets." The black cat replied.

As the little group walked through the gates of Kuoh Academy, they noticed the awed stares following their every move. Obviously they were leaving a bit of an impression. That wasn't good, it was going to be bad enough when they revealed to Rias the real reason they were there. That was going to suck, hopefully the bribe-err, the peace offering offset her hurt feelings. It was hard to predict though. Lately she'd been acting a lot more brash, so hopefully they didn't accidentally set her off. Above all else Naruto hated fighting with his family.

"I'm sorry, but the Kuoh University entrance is down the road a couple of blocks." A young woman's voice said.

"Oh they didn't tell you we were coming?" Naruto asked recognizing the girl easily enough, even if he had never personally met her.

"I'm sorry but who would have told me that?" She asked.

"Really? Sona or maybe Akeno? I know Rias didn't know I was coming but I was sure those two were informed." Naruto said a little bit surprised.

"Forgive me, but who are you?" The girl asked. She knew that this person was a devil now judging by the specific names that he had used, and the nearby students had all become very interested in how he knew all three of the most popular girls in school.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Naruto Gremory, Rias's elder brother." He said with a small smile as the girl's eyes widened. And not just hers, the nearby students were already spinning up a rumor mill about the Great Lady's big brother.

The main topic of gossip surrounding what exactly he was doing here.

And that is that, i really hope you enjoyed the first chapter for this fic. I plan on having a lot of fun with this one. It is definitely going to lean a bit more toward the smut with plot side of things, and there is no way you should expect the average chapter to share the length of this one.

I am going to post the lists of peerages just to make it easier for you all to visualize as well. I tried to give plenty of explanation around them in the chapter but a straight forward list is just so much easier to understand.



Queen- Vali Lucifer (gender swapped from canon)

Bishopx2- Kuroka Toujou (saved by more effective Lucifers and their queens)

Rookx2- Motoko Kusanagi (Saved by Naruto, Kushina, and Karin)

Knightx2-Open (character planned)

Pawnx4-Kazehana Kusanagi (Saved by Naruto, Kushina, and Karin)

Pawnx4-Open (Character planned)


King-Kushina Leviathan (Formerly Gremory)

Queen- Grayfia Lucifuge (Kushina's best friend since the civil war)

Bishopx2-Karin Gremory (Kushina little sister)

Rook- Bann Foxx (Formerly a Human with a powerful sacred gear)

Rook- Shizou Heiwajima (Demigod son of Heracles, via rape)

Knight- Erza Scarlet (descendant of Arthur Pendragon, possesses powerful sacred gear)

Knight- Katarina Scarlet (Natural inheritor and weilder of Arthur's daggers)

Pawnx5- Revy (Human possessing powerful weapon related sacred gear)



King-Sirena Lucifer (gender swapped Sirzechs from canon)

Queen- Serafall Sitri (Sirena's girlfriend and the most powerful queen in the underworld)

Bishopx2- Macgregor Mathers (Powerful Magician)

Rook-Mutation-Surtr Second (Clone of the Norse Surtr)

Rook-Bahamut- (Sacred Beast)

Knightx2-Souji Okita (Legendary Swordsman)

Pawn-x3- Enku (A Qillin)

Pawnx5- Beowulf (Norse Hero)

Anyway thats it for the first installment.

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