Personal Log, May twenty-fifth, twenty-three, seventy-six. I've started keeping log entries on advice from various crew members I've interacted with throughout the ship. I don't like the idea of Starfleet having access to mine, so I've encrypted them using a sequence that would take even memory alpha several centuries to decrypt. We encountered an unusual storm last week made up of neutron radiation which seemed to be shielding a bubble roughly twenty light years in size. It would have taken several weeks to go around it, but the captain insisted that we could traverse it without issue. That is, until the special warp field modifications went offline. Fortunately, with seven of nine's help and some extra muscle to move stuff around from myself, the ship was saved from being torn apart by whatever force had generated this neutronic storm.

In the center of the region it emanated from, there was also a large concentration of tachyonic energy. As of oh nine hundred hours this morning, the captain had decided that it might be a wormhole, but to me this all felt far too familiar. Instead of a wormhole, we found a strangely donut shaped object of planetary mass which was trapped inside a tachyon anomaly. The planet was trapped, moving at a rate of roughly a day every second and a year every six minutes. The captain was hoping to study the anomaly in the hopes of possibly unlocking my speed force powers on a ship wide scale to accelerate their trip home. Of course, I remembered fairly quickly the episode where voyager unintentionally became the god of a people and accidentally violated the prime directive, the ship's attempts to escape causing quakes and catastrophes on the rapidly advancing but primitive race below until said race pulled them free. To be honest the whole thing was hard to believe until you actually experienced it, by the time I'd managed to get the captain's attention it was too late, and the ship was trapped unable to escape the anomaly without causing further damage to the planet below.

The crew of course could not survive entering the anomaly, the doctor could from what I recalled, and then there was my own unique circumstances. I wasn't sure the effect it would have on me, but at this point I figured I'd offer it since I could make sure the holographic doctor was returned to the ship. I just hope they can keep a lock on him this time.


"And you're sure you can beam them back?"

"Yes, I've been working with seven on maintaining a lock despite the extreme temporal phase difference."

"Good, and good luck you two, I know this is only your second away mission Zalost but just remember the prime directive and focus on finding the source of the tachyon emissions."

"By your command captain" I stood ramrod straight and did my best at a mock salute before re-assuring her I would be careful. I wasn't allowed to take my deck with me, a real shame, but it couldn't be helped. The society down below was mostly late industrial age, and we wouldn't have even been sent down there if they hadn't tried to contact us first. Though I had to be careful because their efforts to make me look like the people down below were superficial at best.

As we beamed down, the world seemed to be moving incredibly rapidly. It felt like hours had passed as we beamed into a remote location, my body having suddenly entered hyper speed having an adverse reaction and causing me to pass out, vaguely noticing the doctor trying to help me lie down. When I came to, the doctor informed me I had been unconscious for roughly twenty-four hours and that my body had adapted by absorbing the ambient tachyon energy and becoming in phase with the rest of the planet, while he'd modified his mobile emitter to move at the accelerated rate. We were currently in a barn of a small farm on the outskirts of a nearby town and I mostly just felt like I'd taken a long nap but otherwise no worse for wear, the doctor reminding me that I was only able to adapt due to my unique physiology.

As I got my land legs back and regained my balance from the sense of slight nausea the tachyonic anomaly was giving me, I noticed that everything else seemed normal, as if I wasn't moving at twenty-four hours a second. I was also starting to feel like I'd been plugged into an outlet, as the electromagnetic energy in my body was being supercharged by the unusual geomagnetic fields being generated by what seven had called a Tachyon rich core. The planet was literally a planet sized version of the effect I used to tap into the speed force, which was kind of insane.

At this point I followed the doctor outside, it was incredibly early in the morning and the sun was just rising over the horizon. I'd decided that until told otherwise that direction was east, even if the doctor informed me that was north northwest magnetically it just made more sense to my mind to think of it that way instead of calling it spinward with the direction it set trailing or widdershins. So we traveled eastward until we found a river, then crossed it at a bridge and made our way towards town, where I worked my skilled magic and picked up a job as a general purpose handyman and engineer fixing stuff to earn local currency. While the doctor worked undercover to locate the observatory the transmission was sent from.

After a couple of days, he'd managed to get an atlas from a bookstore and overlaid it with the information he'd downloaded as to the location. Fortunately it was only a day's journey westward towards a costal city, and I'd just been paid for fixing another water heater for one of the apartments here, with more than enough to both feed myself and get us a pair of train tickets. So after thanking my clients and being offered a reference if I needed one where I was moving to for a job by one of the wealthier people I'd helped. We made our way to the first target of our mission, hoping to make contact with someone involved in the attempt to contact what they'd referred to as the ground shaker in their language.