In the name of true love!

Tara and Willow FanFic

Buffy:TVS belongs to Joss Whedon/other respective owners. I am, unforunatly, not one of those owners.

Takes place after, Evil Willow is gone, and Willow returns from England. Before Kennedy (which, I know nothing about-I stopped watching after Joss killed Tara off) even comes onto the scene. What would you do to have the one true love of your life, your soulmate, back? Would you forfeit your own life? Would you forfeit your future that you're now living without that one person that gave your life meaning? Without Tara, life has no meaning for Willow. Willow is not willing to sacrifice her own life to be with Tara in Heaven (that is if you can be after commiting suicide). It was not long enough. They have things they both need to do and see, before returning to enternity together. And let's just say that things will never be the same again.

Part 1-

Walking up the stairs, Willow already had been dreading it. Her heart raced, she was on the verge of hyperventillating. Standing in the door way of her and Tara's room, Willow dropped her luggage and her knees buckled underneath her. She wept loudly and without shame, as the memory played out as if it was happening again and again.

"Oh, Tara! I miss you so much! I need you! My life is empty without you! No one will be able to fill the emptiness of your abscences within my soul! I can not live without you. I won't live without you!" Willow cried out in the empty house.

It was probably at that instances, that damned the consquences. She KNEW what she had to do. The same way she knew what had to be done to save Buffy's life after Warren put a bullet into her chest, at the hospital Willow had magically pulled the projectile from The Slayer's torosal, and healed the wound. She had made several mistakes that had cost her precious time/memories with Tara, all because she had to be stubborn. An addict, to the magic. Tara was will within her rights not to stay. She did the only thing she could/should've done. Leave before Willow killed herself or worse killed someone else. Willow nearly did when she wrecked that car with Dawn in it. She had magically highjacked the car when running from the deamon that was chasing them after she had gotten her "fix". Yeah, it took two "forgetting" spells for Tara to finally have enough and left.

Willow almost wish that Tara would've never came back, at least she'd be alive. Or maybe if Willow would've just done what Tara had asked her in the first place, concerning her use of the magic. Perhaps, Tara wouldn't have been standing in front of the window. Maybe they'd be in class at Sunnydale University. Or a walk in the park. But, one couldn't go back into the past. Unless, they were powerful witches like Willow.