Part 10-

Something in Tara had wanted to fight, physically fight. Glory sensed this and she was looking forward to the physical beating she was going to give this ignorant wiccan pup. Magic would be used later. Because what's the point of having magical gifts if you don't get to flaunt them from time to time. As Tara approached like some patient avenging angel, Glory took a swing at her as soon as the witch was within arms length. Tara simply grabbed Glory's wrist and twisted her arm back behind the goddess' back and shoved her into the living room.

"Interesting, but you'll have to do better than that to stop me, Sorceress!" Glory taunted Tara.

It was a no-holds barred fight. Both women took some punches and kicks, but it was Tara that was coming out on top. A focused rage was taking out on Glory. A trigger that unleashed something within her, that sat her true self-free. Tara would never be going back to the same old shy girl that Willow first saw at that Wicca meeting at Sunnydale University. The fight lasted about 5 minutes before Glory realized that pure brute strength wasn't going to cut and growing tired of mortal combat, she then relented after being tossed against the stairwell banister and crashing through in denting the wall of the stairway.

"Okay, that does it! I am tired of your little mortal games. Prepare to die, witch!" The angry goddess spat out frustrated, as she stood up and dusted herself off and leaped off of the stairs and waltzed right back into the living room.

They circled the room and each other sizing each other up. Then, Glory threw a bolt of lighting. Tara deftly dodged the energy bolt with a mere duck and roll. Landing in a crouch, she unleashed a wave of concussive force that blew Glory right through the big bay window out into the front lawn. Rolling to a stop just inches from the street, Glory crouched on all fours and stared up at the house and saw Tara standing there looking at her through the hole that was made by her body crashing through it. Awkwardly standing with stiffness and being sore Glory just flashed in to nothingness, to escape and revise her strategety. To formulate an idea of what exactly she was dealing with and how to combat it. The goddess was more than certain that this one witch could actually kill her. A thought that put sheer terror into her for the first time in her entire existence.

Tara ran to check on her wife, Willow was coming to. She must've passed out from the agonizing pain shooting through her body. Tara took out her cell phone and dialed 911 and requested an ambulance. She proceeded to tend to her lover who was now coming to groggily.

"Tara?" Willow asked as she reached up tentatively for her mate's reassuring hand.