Title: The New Girl

Author: opalrose81

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Harry Potter.  If I did, I'd be a very wealthy person.  Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, while Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Summary:  This starts off using the events of season 2, episode 22 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Becoming II).  I've changed the ending obviously, but here's the general idea: Angelus never gets his soul back, forcing Buffy to send him to Hell, not Angel.  However, he takes her on his little journey.  Instead of ending up in Hell, Buffy finds herself in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, among others, are beginning their seventh year.

Author's Note:  I know I'm playing around with dates, but I thought this might be an interesting idea.  Also, Buffy is 16 here, not 17, when she fights Angelus.  This is my first fan fiction ever, so I hope it's remotely decent. 



Sunnydale, California

"Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends... No hope."

The 200-and-something vampire saunters closer, the tip of his sword hanging dangerously low towards her head.

"Take all that away…and what's left," he taunted.


Catching the blade between the palms of her hands, Buffy shoves the weapon into her opponent's face.  With renewed energy, she quickly retrieves her own weapon and thrusts it at Angelus.  The vampire barely blocks the blow and attempts to deliver his own.  Swinging around and delivering a roundhouse kick, Buffy manages to gain the upper hand.  Sending Angelus back into the mansion with a hard kick to the chest, the slayer swings at her opponent, her former boyfriend.  After a few more blocks, Buffy raises her sword over the kneeling vampire.

With a gasp of pain, Angelus's head snaps upward and he looks to the figure in front of him. 

"Buffy?  What's going on?"

The blonde slayer, clearly confused, watches him as he stands and looks down on her.

"Where are we?  I…I don't remember."

Realizing that Willow's curse has worked, Buffy slowly drops her weapon to her side.

"Angel," she whispers softly.

"You're hurt," he replies, noticing her torn clothing and bloody face.

He embraces her gently as Buffy breathes a sigh of relief.  The nightmare of the past few months has seemingly come to a close.  As she looks over Angel's shoulder, she sees the mouth of Acathla slowly open. 

"You always were a pushover for that lost and sad look…lover," the menacing voice whispers in her ear. 

Looking up, Buffy is horrified to see the grinning face of Angelus, not Angel. 

"Looks like I win."

Gripping the sword in her right hand tighter, Buffy jams it into his chest.

"You're prize is an all expense paid trip to Hell," she sneers, thrusting the blade deeper.

As Buffy lets go of her sword, allowing the portal to swallow Angelus, the vampire's hand snakes out and latches onto her.  Not being able to get out of his grip, the slayer falls through the vortex, screaming in agony.


Somewhere in England

"As the sorting ceremony has concluded, I happily greet everyone to another successful year at Hogwarts.  I'll remind some of you that the Forbidden Forest is, as its name implies, forbidden," Albus Dumbledore remarked with a knowing glance at the four Gryffindor troublemakers.

"With that being said, mimbulus mimbletonia," stated the wizard and with a flourish of his hand, rows upon rows of delicious food appeared before the tables of students and teachers alike.

"I don't know why he looked at us," James Potter said innocently, all the while grinning at his best friend, Sirius Black.

"It's not as if we try to get into trouble," Remus Lupin commented looking at his fellow classmates.

Not being able to hold their laughs in any longer, the four friends or the Marauders, as the fondly referred to themselves, laughed over their shared joke.

"I'll never forget the looks on Malfoy and Snape after that spell, Prongs.  It was pure genius," said Peter Pettigrew, looking at James with admiration.

"It's a shame that I had to turn them back so quickly," was the reply with a sharp glance at the auburn haired girl seated across from him. 

"James Potter!  You know very well that if those two showed up with pink hair, you'd be given detention.  No doubt for the entire week," reproached Lily Evans, giving the young man a stern glare.

The other three gentlemen, aware of the impending argument, smirked amongst themselves.  Before James and Lily could continue their quarrel, a bright flash of light in the center of the room came to their attention…and the attention of everyone else in the Great Hall.

Standing a few feet from the Professors' Table, the blonde young woman looked around her.  The blood from the gash on her head had seemingly ceased to flow, however, it had dried and now left her unable to open her left eye.  Also, the pain from her ribs was increasing with each breath she took.  Moving her left arm, she noticed that her sleeve had become stuck onto her flesh, probably from the dried blood of that particular wound.  Nonetheless, the injuries were meaningless compared to her odd surroundings.  Turning full circle, she glanced in front of her to see an old man standing behind a long table. 


The question was softly spoken and, barely finishing, the tiny girl fell to the ground.

Rushing over to the fallen girl, Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall kneeled to her side.

"How on earth did she get here Albus?  She looks as if she's been attacked of some kind," the Deputy Headmistress muttered to the man across from her.

Looking at her bruised and bloodied face; the wise wizard tilted her head to the side to check the full extent of her injuries.  Noticing two puncture scars on the neck, understanding dawns upon him. 

'So this explains the powerful aura surrounding the girl,' he thought to himself.

"Minerva, tell Poppy that we have a guest who needs to be tended to.  Hagrid, if you could carry our visitor to the medical wing," asked Dumbledore.

The tall and imposing giant quickly came to the Headmaster's side.  Leaning down he gently took the injured girl in his arms and walked out of the room.  With one last glance around at the perplexed faces of his students, Professor Dumbledore raised his hands and attempted to ease their minds.

"It is quite alright. We seem to have a most unexpected, but not unwelcome visitor.  Everyone, please continue your meals and return to your houses.  Do not worry, I am quite sure she shall be alright," he concluded, heading out the giant doors and towards the medical wing.

The students and remaining professors looked amongst themselves and began to whisper animatedly.  The five Gryffindors, previously in their own world, practically abandoned their food to discuss the recent occurrence.

"Did you see her clothes? And her face!  What do you think happened to her?"

"How did she get in here?  I thought no one could apparate onto school bounds!"

"Her clothes were muggle clothes.  I don't think she's a witch, so she definitely couldn't have apparated."

"If she's a muggle, then how did she find Hogwarts?  No muggle can properly see its structure."

"I'm not sure, but there's something odd about her.  I say we should find out," remarked Sirius with a glance at James.

Sharing a look of understanding, the two returned to their meals, both already planning their escape from the dormitory in search of answers.   


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I've read OotP; can't you tell?  In fact, I think this story will be in defiance of the fifth book.  I loved it, but I'm still upset about it.  If you haven't read it, I recommend doing so! 

Finally, if someone has a better idea for a title, let me know.  I might be changing that.  Thanks for reading…hope you enjoyed!