This wasn't going to be a chapter story but one of me best mates 'Kawaii Neko' insisted that I write some more.

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They were still standing staring at the stars, when Catherine's phone rang, breaking the comfortable silence.

Reluctantly, she drew the phone from her pocket, never leaving Grissom's arms.

"Catherine" she answered, staring absently into his eyes. 'I could get lost in those eyes' so lost in thought she almost missed what the caller asked. Then the realization hit her.

"Sorry can you repeat that?" She asked hoping she had miss - understood what had been said.

"Ms Willows, i am ringing to inform you that your daughter Lindsey is here at the hospital, following a car accident. She was brought in by the ambulance moments ago."

"Okay I will be right there." Losing all the control she had, her hand dropped to her side lifelessly clutching the phone.

Grissom, who had been watching intently to what was going on, started to panic as concern over took him. She wasn't moving; she just stood there, her eyes facing the ground.

"Cath?" He really started to worry when she didn't look up, calming slightly he stepped closer to her and spoke again. "Catherine, are you ok, who was on the phone, what's wrong?" With the last words he grabbed her chin and lifted her face until he was looking into her eyes. Instead of the brightness that had filled them only moments ago as they watched the stars, he saw tears.

"It's Lindsey. She. she's in the hospital. She was in a car accident." With that she collapsed into Grissom's waiting arms her tears soaking into the shoulder of his shirt.

After a few minutes he felt her pull away from him, her face streaked with her tears.

"I have to get to her Gil. I have to make sure she's ok." Slowly she released her grip on him and headed for her Tahoe.

"I'll drive." He spoke as he took the keys from her hands.

"Gil, you don't."

The feel of his soft lips against her own cut her off.

"I want to, after all we are a family now." With that last statement he opened the drivers door and got in.


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