Summary: Everything had fallen apart. Hope no longer existed for her. Life had lost its meaning the moment they ceased to exist. And now she had a chance to return. To change history for everyone. And she would. Hermione Granger would save everyone even if it cost her the last beat of her heart and breath. But when something goes wrong, when an error occurs, what should be done? Should the plan continue? | TRIAD RL/HG/SB. Rated: M / E / +18. Time & Dimension Travel.

WARNINGS: TRIAD RELATIONSHIP, DARK THEMES, adult content, swearing, explicit adult situations, sex (in future chapters), descriptions of violence, blood, tortures and traumatic situations, character's death, PTSD. *If you feel like I should add another warning, let me know c;*

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Chided by that silence of a hush sublime
Blind to the purpose of the brute divine
But you were mine
Staring in the blackness at some distant star
The thrill of knowing how alone we are, unknown we are
To the wild and to the both of us
I confessed the longing I was dreaming of

Some better love...

Better Love by Hozier

Chapter I: "Of time and dimension".


28th July, 2001.

It burned. Everything around her burned. Everything spun like an endless roller coaster in the Muggle world. And she hated the feeling of not being in control of that dizziness; she hated just knowing that no one would catch her if that roller coaster tragically broke, bringing her down with it; she hated knowing that she was left completely alone, that the last person who understood her pain no longer existed.

She had failed.

She had failed everyone. To the people she had loved with all of her being, all her heart.

She had been a complete failure.

As Hermione felt the weight of her entire body again, she also felt how that incessant burning spread from the toes of her feet, up her legs until it reached her hips and back up to her chest, and her arms, and her shoulders...

Everything fucking burned.

But the right side of her back was the worst part. The pain there only made Hermione Granger want to die once and for all.

She tried to move her body, and that's when she felt her consciousness come back as a splash of cold water. Memories and the accompanying feelings that came with them washed her over as if the Cruciatus Curse had struck her body and mind once more. She moaned in pain, physically and emotionally. Her heart ached more than any other part of her body, and Hermione wanted to sob.

"Shh, it's okay," she tensed when she felt a hand gently caress her cheek.

'That voice', she thought upon hearing that masculine but soft sound. It was so subtle and so filled with tenderness that Hermione felt as if an angel had spoken to her. She fought enormously against her heavy lids to try and open them.

"Easy," said the voice firmly, and this time she did recognize it. And she fought harder to see the owner of that voice. She wanted to do it, she needed to see him.

Hermione felt once again that hand gently land on her forehead as she managed to open her eyes a little; and she saw that she was right. That voice was unmistakable to Hermione; like those green eyes full of wisdom that accompanied his look of pure and true compassion, like the scars that adorned that precious masculine face that she had kissed so many times in consolation and love after a full moon. Like him. She would always recognize him, anywhere.

An immense happiness filled every part of her body despite the pain that made her come and go from the darkness of unconsciousness. She saw his face in a hazy way, but still she would recognize that man even with her eyes closed.

"R-Remus…" she whispered, voice too hoarse to actually be comprehensible but she smiled slightly under his worried eyes.

Yet she watched as he frowned in confusion before she closed her eyes, relaxing completely into his arms.

"You are safe," he said.

"I know," Hermione managed to whisper one more time before feeling the weight of her body completely surrender to darkness again.


Hermione came to herself again when a light began to bother her eyes, but something felt so cozy under her she didn't even want to try to move. When she finally found the strength to open them, she found herself lying on a huge bed, with sheets that looked like the finest and most delicate black silk she had ever had the pleasure to feel against her skin. A large window with open curtains gave way to the sunlight of the most beautiful sunset that she remembered. Or that she had seen in a long, long and sad time.

She sighed, looking around her slowly and skeptically, until she recognized the room.

'Sirius' room', she thought as a feeling of nostalgia began to fill her and memories of spending nights making love, cuddling and even having a light reading hugged her mind tenderly; making her heart sink even further into her chest. 'It's been so long…'

She couldn't help but bring her face closer to the black pillow she had to the left side of where she was laying and smell it. The cologne that Sirius wore was steeped in it and Hermione couldn't help but smile happily. She had missed so much that scent so characteristic of him with the slight scent of lavender that was the lotion he used on his hair.

It all seemed such a vivid dream and one so beautiful that she never wanted to wake up. She never wanted anyone to take her away from that bed and that scent again.

But in that moment, in that slight relaxation of body and mind allowed memories of the past to come back to her like a thrown bucket of cold water.

2nd May, 2005.

"This is our last chance, Mione. You have to!" The woman begged her impatiently.

"Do you have any idea what you're asking of me, Andy?" She could not believe what her ears were hearing, her eyes looking with fear at the object resting in the open hands of the black-haired woman. She didn't want to even look at it, much less touch it. She didn't understand how Andy offered it to her almost desperately.

"Hermione, do you want history to keep repeating itself, and in this way? With this tragic ending? Is that what you want?" Andromeda Tonks was losing her patience, but she understood the fear in her dearest friend. But she had to, she had to be crude in her words. It was their last chance.

"Do you want history to be written like this? Your own history, repeating itself with you losing them over and over again?"

Hermione looked up with some disdain at the woman in front of her. Andy saw the pain once more in the brunette's eyes. She looked at her with compassion and understanding as she placed a hand on Hermione's cheek.

"Honey, this is a one-time chance. Minerva trusted you; she believed only in you, Hermione. It's not just a chance for you to see them again, but for everyone. It's a chance for a longer life for everyone… It's a chance for the children to grow up with their parents and never have to watch them die at such a young age. For Harry and Ginny to have their well-deserved and peaceful lives. For Ron to fulfil his dreams. For Neville and Luna to start a family as they had planned, until the explosion happened... For me, for me not to have to see my only daughter and my grandson die in that fire…" Tears ran down the faces of the two witches as the explosions continued to be heard outside the cave in which they were hidden. "Hermione, it's a chance for you to be happy once and for all. You've suffered too much already, darling. I want to see that smile that disappeared the day you lost them back. I want to see that happy woman that you were, and not this cold soldier full of hatred that you created to survive. Hermione, it's time you let it go and be happy again."

Andy placed the object in the hands of her young friend, who was crying with as much emotion as she was. She came over to give her one last hug, she knew that the moment the brunette accepted the object in her hands she had accepted the idea and the plan.

Hermione had finally accepted the mission to travel to the past to mend all that chaos and suffering they were in.

"Promise me that you will let her go, Hermione. Promise me that you will be happy..."

Andromeda knew exactly what she had to do. She began to move backwards from her beloved friend, the most intelligent and strong witch of her age without doubts, looking at her with supplication and her eyes filled with tears.

Andy's eyes exuded a hope that the brunette could neither ignore nor deny. Hermione couldn't help but nod, still sobbing, and taking the object in both of her hands she brought it to her chest, "I promise, Andy. I'm going to save you all…"

The black-haired woman smiled and nodded in agreement, before pointing her wand at the object, "I know you will." She also spoke words that Hermione could not understand or hear as a wall created between them and the Time Turner began to glow in her hands.

At the exact moment that the invisible wall was created from top to bottom and touched the ground, settling firmly between them, Death Eaters managed to enter the cave, taking Andy by surprise from behind. Hermione ran to the wall, started screaming and hitting it wanting to pass to save her. But it was impossible. She recognized that impenetrable wall very well; and for the second time, she saw someone whom she held dear and loved with all her soul die in front of her without being able to do absolutely nothing. And as she dropped to her knees crying to the ground and curses hit the wall without even scratching it, she felt the pull that came when someone Appeared, only much more powerful, and everything went black.

Hermione let out a sob at the memory of it all. How was so much suffering possible? Merlin, why did she have to go through all of this? It was not fair. It wasn't fair at all. And everything hurt; it hurt so much that it was impossible to believe that a person could live with so much pain in their being.

"Oh, dear… Honey, are you okay? Where does it hurt?"

Hermione looked up at a lively and healthy Mrs. Pomfrey who was looking at her with concern. She shook her head, wiping away her tears and sitting on the bed, while the nurse helped her as if she were physically unable to do it by herself. Hermione appreciated the gesture; if she had to be honest with herself, she was definitely and deeply injured everywhere. Yet her pride didn't let her actually confess what hurt the most, if her visible wounds or the little piece that was still stubbornly beating of her heart.

"I'm fine, Poppy," the woman tensed a bit when she heard her name. Hermione looked at her somewhat shyly, but unable to remove the slight smile from her face when she saw her beloved Magical Healing teacher.

"So it's true... You do come from the future."

Hermione nodded, stiffening a bit. "Did you find the letter?"

Poppy nodded, "I didn't make it in time, but I heard Minerva read it in front of everyone at a new Order meeting."

Hermione looked down and nodded again.

"It must have been a bit absurd and inconceivable for some of you, especially myself," Hermione said with a dry laugh. She knew herself, and she knew that she would surely have to face the Hermione of this time. She could already imagine her mistrust in her eyes.

"For yourself?" Poppy looked at her in confusion, but realization came quickly to her. "Honey, this is the first time I've ever seen you... Well, no. The first time was two days ago when you appeared in the middle of a duel between Death Eaters and Aurors and Mr. Lupin and Mr. Potter took you to Hogwarts, where I usually always am. You were unconscious and very badly injured."

The woman affirmed as she looked for the potions that the brunette was supposed to drink. Hermione frowned, feeling completely perplexed and lost.

"When they brought you in and claimed they didn't know you, I had to do a potion diagnosis to find out if you were a witch or a Muggle. Luckily, it turned out that you were a witch."

"Two days? Luckily?" Hermione said, alarmed.

"Easy, honey. If you had been a Muggle, it would have simply been...mmh, what do they call it?... like anaesthesia in your body. Nothing to be alarmed about," Poppy patted Hermione's cheek nonchalantly, to which the young woman smiled amusedly.

But the smile was gone as soon as she appeared. Everything was strange. How could this have been the first time Poppy had ever seen her if Hermione remembered very well meeting Poppy Pomfrey at the age of eleven? It did not make sense.

It took two seconds for the brightest witch of her age to understand what the old Healer had said. 'They claimed not to know you.' Not Harry, not Minerva, not... Remus. Hermione felt her breath quicken and her chest contract, as if all the air in the room had suddenly and rushedly got inside her lungs, yet still it was not enough air.

If Remus didn't recognize her, that meant Sirius… he didn't know who she was either.

Neither Remus nor Sirius knew who she was.

The name Hermione Granger meant nothing to everyone.

"Poppy, w-what did P-Professor McGonagall say?" Hermione asked again, her body itching everywhere and with tears filling her eyes. If they had never seen her before, why was she in a bed–especially in Sirius's bed at Grimmauld Place? She knew Sirius well. He would have her locked in the basement and he would not let her out of it until he had questioned her personally; and if he didn't believe any of her words, Hermione would probably never see the sunlight outside that basement until he felt like it. And she was sure that Minerva McGonagall would support that motion completely.

The Healer sighed, handing her a small vial with a potion, but she didn't speak until Hermione took the content and handed it back to her, "Minerva was quite surprised, but she believed every word on it."


Mrs. Pomfrey nodded, "Apparently, there was a keyword, something specific that only Minerva and no one else understood. That made her trust and believe one hundred percent in every word written there. But in my opinion, it's not difficult to believe when something like this happens, even more so in the magical world, my dear. Here, abnormalities are normal," Poppy winked at her, cheering the witch up a bit as she looked so hopeless. Hermione nodded gratefully. "Well, you seem to be much better. Not enough, but I think you could stand up carefully."

The brunette did not have time to completely move the sheets from her legs when a throat clearing called for their attention from the door of the room.

"Hello, Miss Granger. I see that you are feeling better, I'm glad."

Hermione looked up to find an elegant, neat, and very alive Minerva McGonagall. Memories of her training with Minerva, of that woman teaching her everything she had to know about the magical world in the library of the same house where they were; memories of laughter, scolding, teasing, and hugging this woman who was like a mother to her filled her mind, and this time she couldn't help but release the tears and cry that had accumulated in her chest. That woman who had become both her mentor and a mother figure to her was alive and steps away from her. Hermione couldn't contain herself.

Instantly she heard movement, a weight sinking beside her into the bed next to her and arms she had missed so much encircling her in a strong comforting embrace. She didn't hesitate to hug the woman back.

Minerva could not imagine the pain felt by the girl in her arms. The letter had been explicit, but not explicit enough. Now that she had that incredible woman that the letter described in front of her, seeing her break in such a painful way, she could not even think–nor wanted to imagine everything this brave girl had gone through.

"Shh, honey, you're safe," Minerva comforted her by stroking her head. "Everything will be okay."

The young woman only cried and hugged her tighter.

After a few minutes in which Hermione managed to calm down, the brunette realized that they were alone. She did not know when Mrs. Pomfrey had left the room.

"How do you feel?" Minerva asked, observing her intently.

"I'm okay... A little confused, but I'll be fine," she admitted.

Minerva nodded. "Have you seen them?"

Hermione looked up in surprise at the woman next to her. Her old teacher nodded again, hinting to the girl that she knew what she was talking about.

"N-no. W-well, yeah. I-I think I remember seeing R-Remus when I Appeared here, but I don't remember clearly."

"You don't remember anything from when you appeared here?" Minerva asked, confused.

Hermione shook her head, "Poppy said that I appeared in the middle of a battle between Death Eaters and Aurors, and that Harry and R-Remus took me to Hogwarts' infirmary unconscious. I obviously don't remember that. My last memory is… another."

Minerva nodded again. Clearly the girl did not want to talk about her last memory, and she would not pressure her. "You don't remember anything that happened when you Appeared? Absolutely nothing?" Hermione frowned in denial. Why was she so insisting? Has something happened?

The current headmistress of Hogwarts School sighed before standing up and walking over to a small closet in the room. She opened it and from there she took out a Pensieve, which she brought to the witch who was still lying on the bed.

"It will be easier for me to show it to you than for me to tell you," Minerva said, pulling out two tiny cylinder-shaped jars filled with a fine liquid inside that Hermione knew must be someone's memories. She then introduced them both to the Pensieve at the same time. Hermione looked at her confused. "It's okay, it's the same moment, just from two different perspectives."

Hermione nodded, swallowing a bit before going over to the Pensieve and looking at the memories.

Hermione watched from the side of the huge place where they stood as she literally appeared in the midst of all the commotion of that battle. She was kneeling and raised her head in confusion, her face filled with tears and bruises, completely disoriented. Spells and curses flew everywhere and very close to her, but she didn't even flinch to the possible killing curses that flew around her–as if her mind wasn't really there in her body. Hermione didn't understand how she herself didn't react, it made her want to go over there and slap herself. How weird did that sound? But when she looked at herself more clearly, Hermione saw how bad she was. Wounds from both recent and old battles, scars and her body looking much thinner than she ever was.

That young woman kneeling there with a completely depressed and gloomy countenance, as if nothing mattered anymore, nothing was worth it anymore–that girl was a stranger to Hermione Granger.

She couldn't believe that this person had been herself.

"Hey! Get out of there!"

The real Hermione turned around when she recognized that voice. Sirius fought two Death Eaters as if it were the simplest activity that could exist. Hermione still couldn't believe how good he was, how beautiful that man was even after so long. His black curls–a bit dirty from all the disturbance of the moment; his grey eyes that turned black every time he got angry or concentrated on a duel; the hand that held his wand casually but firmly pointing against his enemy and his other hand clearly emitting non-verbal magic that kept another Death Eater on the ground; all completely him.

Hermione had forgotten how much she loved this man.

There she understood it. She was looking at the memories of Sirius Orion Black.

Before the Hermione of the memory reacted, a curse was thrown out of nowhere at Sirius, causing him to fall a few feet screaming in pain.

'The Cruciatus curse', the real Hermione thought as she ran desperately to his side. "Sirius!" She screamed, even though she knew she couldn't do anything. All of this had already happened.

When Sirius stopped moaning in pain from the curse, which thanks to Merlin was only for a few seconds, a huge white light dazzled everyone, causing those closest to have to cover their eyes, as the real Hermione and Sirius had to. As the light began to fade, Hermione saw herself with her back a couple of meters close to Sirius in protection mode, wand in hand and the two Death Eaters he had been fighting, as well as almost more than half of all of them who were in the place, lying on the ground unconscious.

The Hermione of the memory turned her head slightly towards Sirius behind her, and the real Hermione saw how she herself smiled sideways and winked at one of the most important men in her life. The situation seemed too comical not to laugh. She herself could be so dramatic when she wanted… And when she saw Sirius' shocked and completely bewildered expression she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

But as some say, the calm does not last long. At that moment, the Hermione of the memory saw a Death Eater stand near Remus' back and point his wand at him.

"Remus!" She screamed running towards him just as Remus defeated the Death Eater he was fighting with and turned, realizing what was about to happen.

Two spell lights. One blue and the other purple. One that silenced and one that was from a curse that no one recognized. The first silenced the Death Eater who still cast the curse. The second, the curse that nobody recognized, hit the right side of the back of the Hermione of the memory who had run towards Remus and fell into the arms of the werewolf unconscious and starting to bleed.

The real Hermione couldn't believe what her eyes saw. Sirius got up, yelled Stupefy at the Death Eater and ran with incredible speed towards his friend and the girl in his arms.

"Remus! Are you okay?" Sirius asked as he knelt beside him. The werewolf nodded. "Do you know her?"

Remus shook his head; he was too stunned to utter words. He had been about to die. And this girl who had appeared out of nowhere had saved his life. And now she was dying in his arms.

"She screamed your name," Sirius affirmed.

"Yours too, Pads. When the curse hit you she screamed your name and saved you. I-I don't know what she did, but everything turned white and when I could see she had Death Eaters in front of her and-…" Remus spoke almost desperately.

The real Hermione could feel that desperation. And she got it; she now saw the memories of Remus Lupin.

"Hey, calm down..." the black-haired man calmed him with a squeeze on his shoulder. At that moment, Sirius froze. The scent he caught was unmistakable. "She's bleeding. We have to get her out of here. Harry!"

The real Hermione faintly felt Harry rush past her and toward his godfather. A strange nostalgia washed over her when she saw them there, the three of them together. Alive.

"Oh, fuck! What happened to her? Who is she?" The boy asked, kneeling next to them and the Hermione of the memory.

"I don't know, son. But she saved us, both of us. We have to get her out of here," Harry nodded without needing any further explanation.

"Hogwarts, with Poppy," Harry suggested, to which Remus and Sirius immediately agreed.

"Remus, go with Harry. I'll clean up what's left here."

The real Hermione watched as the three men most important to her rose to their feet as everything blurred and they headed on their respective missions.

When Hermione poked her head out of the Pensieve, she was met by a Minerva McGonagall looking at her expectantly and patiently, a slight smile appearing at the corner of her mouth. The brunette let out the air that she did not realize she had contained in her lungs.

"What an entrance..." Hermione said still unable to believe everything she had seen.

Minerva smiled, "Tell that to them ... They haven't stopped talking about you since you arrived."

Hermione smiled slightly at that. But then she looked down at her hands nervously.

"Minerva, h-how much do you know about that?" She didn't need to explain herself, Minerva understood perfectly. The woman sighed before approaching the girl, placing the Pensieve on the table by the side of the bed, and sitting next to her.

"The me of your time wrote a letter specifically for me. There, she explains to me many situations, events that only I know and that are not in the letter I read at the meeting. That, that only you and I know, it's exclusively yours, darling. If you decide to tell it, to tell them, you have my support. But if you don't want to, you have my support too."

Hermione nodded gratefully. She didn't feel ready to tell anything to anyone yet. She still had to find out why no one knew her, why she wasn't there.

"Minerva, you… you don't know anything about me in this time, do you?"

The woman sighed again, looking down.

"I have a theory about that. The letters claim that we know you and ask in a way that we contain the Hermione from 'this time'. You're quite stubborn and suspicious apparently…"

"If I'm in the year that I think I am, then yes. Too much," the brunette joked about herself.

"There lies another question and my theory. You are not in the time that you think you are."

Hermione looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

"Can I call you by your name, dear?" The brunette nodded, realizing at that moment that she had addressed the teacher as an old friend, when the woman still didn't know her at all. Hermione felt a bit sorry for it. "Hermione, the Second Wizarding War ended three years ago..." The brunette made a sound of surprise, bringing her hands to her mouth. "According to the letter, you should have Appeared close to the last battle at Hogwarts, right?" Hermione nodded in reply. "My theory is that whoever performed the spell that would take you to that time and moment pronounced it wrong. Not only causing you to 'fall' in a different time, but also… in a different dimension."

"What!?" Hermione shot up from the bed, not realizing that her legs still didn't respond normally and she fell sideways to the floor. She moaned in pain from falling right over where the curse had hit her.

She almost immediately felt a pair of arms surround her and a familiar scent filled her senses so much that it managed to make her forget the pain of her recent fall. Those arms helped her rise carefully to sit on the bed; and when she looked up, beautiful and stunning grey eyes looked at her with concern.

"Are you okay?"