From the Future:

"We're loosing the war, Janet." George Hammond said wearily. "No matter what we do, we can't stop them."

"Then maybe we're not doing the right thing." Dr. Janet Fraiser replied.

"What can we do? The Goa'uld are just too strong!" George said.

"I don't know, George. I just don't know."

George looked over at where Janet was sitting in his small living room. He brown hair was long, and streaked with grey, and her face was lined, but she was still the woman he'd known all those years ago at the SGC. And hearing the defeat in her voice worried him.

~ She's just sad because of the anniversary ~ a voice whispered in his head.

~ I think there's more to it, Raylac ~ George told his Tok'ra companion.

"The Council is meeting today, and I'm sure we'll think of something." George tried to reassure her.

"I'm sure they will." She said with a sad smile.

At that moment, a young woman with wavy brown hair cut to her chin walked in. "You two definitely look like you need a drink." She said. "Man, what a day."

In her left hand, she carried a bottle of clear liquid, and in her right, three glasses. She set them on the table in the middle of the room, and poured a generous amount of liquid into each. "Drink up." She told them. "Just remember to go slow. Cassie's hooch is strong stuff."

Gratefully, Janet took a small sip, and felt the liquid burn all the way down. Anything that would dull the fear and pain, for even a little while, was welcome. "Thank you Catherine." Janet told her daughter.

Catherine smiled sadly at Janet and took a drink from her glass, just as five more people entered the room. All of them wore dark clothes and had an air of grief about them. Jacob Carter and Selmac, Mark Carter, Scott O'Neill, Cassandra Fraiser and Rya'c, son of Teal'c sat down in empty chairs.

"It seems as if we're all here." George said.

"Anyone for a drink?" Catherine asked.

They all nodded. After the drinks were poured, George cleared his throat. "Thank you all for coming." He said. "I know most of you prefer to spend today alone, but I felt that we needed to do something for the tenth anniversary of their deaths."

George swallowed. "Jacob . . . " he began.

Jacob Carter nodded at him. "They were all brave, courageous and determined people. Always willing to fight no matter the odds, as long as the Goa'uld would pay. Never giving up . . . " he took a shuddering breath.

"Each one was close to our hearts," he continued. "And we will never forget them."

"To SG-1." Catherine said, and raised her glass.

"To SG-1." Everyone echoed.