Four days later, the group gathered in the gateroom to say their farewells. Jack was now up and about - after driving the entire base crazy while he was cooped up in the infirmary. Catherine was still looking pale, but she too was up.

Over the past couple of days, Scott, Cassandra and Sam had worked with the base's other scientists to create a generator to mirror the effect of the one used to get here. They worked continuously, but were proud of the results when they finished. "It'll do." Scott had said.

General Hammond looked at the four people who come to them to help save the world. "There's nothing I can say that really means anything after what you've done." He said. "But we all thank you anyway."

"Just stopping the Goa'uld alliance is enough, General." Cassandra said.

The eleven of them all stared at each other, until Daniel stepped forward and hugged Catherine. "Keep out of trouble, kid." He said.

Janet smiled at her. "Definitely." She added.

Scott looked at his mother. "Seeya, Doc." He quipped.

"Seeya yourself." She replied grinning. "I would tell you to keep out of trouble, but I won't."

"Why not?" Scott asked.

"Because you're not going to listen anyway." She replied.

Jack watched the pair and frowned. Teal'c and Rya'c silently clasped hands in a warrior's farewell. "Keep well, my son." He said.

"I will, honored father." Rya'c replied.

As those words were said, the gate behind them engaged and Cassandra turned. "Come on guys." She said. "Let's go home."

With a final glance over her shoulder, she turned and walked through the rippling gate. Scott flashed a cheeky grin at his father and followed her, walking beside Rya'c. Catherine hugged her father one last time, and hurried up the ramp behind them. Just before she stepped through, she turned to the group gathered at the base of the ramp.

Jacob Carter, General Hammond, Doctor Fraiser, Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Doctor Jackson of the SGC looked up at her. "Don't ever stop fighting." Catherine told them. "Because then we can't loose."

* * *

Gradually Scott became aware of the loud beat thumping through his head. He groaned and burrowed further down into the covers. As he woke up, he recognized the sound as coming from his sister's room. 'Playing her music again.' He thought.

Then he bolted upright. "Her music?!" he said.

Memories assaulted his sleepy mind. Memories of a different life. He could still clearly remember the pain of loosing his parents to the Goa'uld and the enslavement of Earth, but he also remembered going to University yesterday.

Confused, he got up and stumbled to his bedroom door, only to have it thrown open in his face. In front of him, stood a young girl in her mid- teens wearing a bright pink T-shirt and jeans. "Have you seen my shoes?" she demanded.

"No." Scott said. "Jenny?"

"Yeah?" said the girl.

"Never mind." Said Scott with a giant grin on his face.

The girl looked at him strangely and then frowned. "Mum!" she yelled, before darting back up the corridor.

Scott walked downstairs and into the kitchen. There he found his mother leaning against the bench top sipping a cup of coffee. "Hey Scott." She said warmly when she saw him. "Coffee?"

"Nah." He replied and grabbed some cereal out of the cupboard.

"Mum!" Jenny yelled racing into the kitchen.

"Under the sofa." Jack interrupted before she could ask.

Jenny grinned. "Thanks Dad." She said and raced out again.

Jack walked over to Sam and gave her a gentle kiss. "Any more coffee?" he asked.

As Sam pointed to the coffeepot, Scott grinned. His parents were alive, the Goa'uld were almost wiped out and he was home! Life couldn't get any better than this!

* * *

"Catherine!" called a voice. "Time to get up!"

Catherine groaned and shoved the pillow over her head. She was too tired . . .

"Come on, Cat." Said an amused voice from the doorway. "You're missing a beautiful day."

Catherine jerked up. "Cassie?" she asked, as memories hit her. "Cassie!"

"I know." Cassie grinned.

Catherine squealed with delight and launched herself out of bed. She ran over to her older sister and grabbed her in a hug. "I want to know how you did that." Janet said from behind them. "I've never seen her so eager to get out of bed in my life."

"Probably the threat of no coffee." Daniel said, coming down the corridor. "Morning Janet."

He gave his wife a kiss and slid his arms around her waist. "Any coffee."

Janet smiled and handed him the mug of coffee she held in her hand. He smiled softly. Catherine just looked from one to the other and then back at Cassie. "This is great! We did it! It's fixed!"

Cassie smiled. "It is. And the best part is, we won."

Catherine nodded. "We won."