So, I had this idea some time ago and I really wanted to make it happen. This will be a long fiction if it picks up traction and possibly even if it doesn't as it is something I want to read.

My name is Megan Parker. I used to live with my mother, older brother, step father and his son, my step brother, I guess. From a young age, I loved to torment my brothers. It wasn't that I hated them, but I wouldn't say I liked them either. Pranking them was so much fun it became a challenge to step it up each time.

That's how it used to be, at least.

When I was seven, I had a brilliant idea for what I thought would be a really fun prank to play. My target Boob number one, Josh. My plan was actually quite simple. I just needed to get my hands on a hot chili pepper. The ghost pepper became my pepper of choice. I knew I could pick it up at a local convenience store.

What I didn't know was, Josh was severely allergic to peppers. I laced cupcakes with a full ground up pepper and left them on the side, knowing Josh liked sweets and cakes. As expected, he came in and happily ate the offered cupcakes and his reaction was immediate. He quickly started downing copious amounts of water. Drake came in, looking confused and that's when it happened.

I didn't really understand what was happening. All I knew was Josh was on the floor, his face red and his throat swelling like a balloon. He couldn't breathe and I caused it. Drake screamed for our mom who came running. She sprang into action, a phone in one hand and a pen looking thing in her other.

I watched in horror as my prank unravelled in front of my very eyes. I was shocked and scared. I keep my distance, unable to stop watching as the pen was injected into Josh's leg. I could hear my mom talking to the paramedics on the phone and she sounded more scared than I had ever heard.

No one noticed me as I watched on in complete horror. I heard my mom say that Josh had stopped breathing and I realized that my prank had killed my brother. I ran to my room, fearful that I was now a murderer. I didn't know what would happen to a child murderer. Struck by grief, I grabbed a suitcase and started filling it. I grabbed as many clothes as I could fit into my bag and some money I had been given from my grandfather. It wasn't much but I hoped it would be enough to get onto a bus or train.

I looked back at the house, knowing it was only a matter of time before they found out it was my fault. Crying, I started to run faster than I had ever run before. I made it to the local train station pretty quickly and hopped onto the first compartment that was leaving, a train heading to Seattle.

The train took off and I purposely sat close to a man and woman who seemed lost in their own passion for each other. Even at the age of seven, I knew this would help me blend in. When I saw the conductor, I smiled at him and moved past him to use the restroom. He looked at me but didn't ask me for a ticket, probably assuming that he would come across my parents further down.

I finished up in the restroom and then took my seat again by the previous couple. They smiled at me and, if they thought it was odd seeing a seven-year-old travelling alone, they didn't mention it at all. They made small talk with me as the long train ride continued on and I acted like a sweet and innocent child. One thing I knew was, I would be good from now on. I would work hard to be good to try and right the wrong I had committed.

It was a full day and a half when we arrived in Seattle. I don't know how, but I had somehow avoided the conductor for the entire journey. Maybe he didn't care or he just couldn't be bothered to search for me, either way I hopped off the train and it finally hit me; I was alone and in a new city.

I found a park after wandering around for a long time. I don't know exactly how long I walked but my feet were sore and my arms were tired from pulling my suitcase along with me. As I sat down, I pulled a bottle of water out that I'd bought on the way here and drank slowly, watching the people in the park.

As I sat and pondered my fate, I saw a young man carrying a box with all sorts of odds and ends. He was muttering to himself but I couldn't hear what he was saying. I found myself interested in the junk he was carrying and decided to follow him.

He approached a tall high-rise building and I looked up at it, wondering what floor he lived on. As I pondered this, I saw him enter the building. I ran to catch up with him while trying to remain quiet just as he hoped into the elevator and I watched as it ascended. I was still really curious and so I hit the elevator button and rode it up to the same floor. By the time I got up there, the man was nowhere to be seen. I felt a little put out that I couldn't find him but then I heard a loud crash from one of the apartments nearby.

I turned the door handle and found that the door was unlocked. At the back of my mind, I was aware that good girls didn't break into people's houses and that I was already breaking the promise to be good. But curiosity had gotten the better of me.

I saw the young man getting up as I snuck in and hid behind a counter that divided the living area and the kitchen. I watched him as he assembled…. something. I really had no idea what it was. As I watched, I felt myself getting tired and before I knew it or could stop myself, I fell asleep.

I was awoken by a girlish scream and I looked around to see the man on the floor clutching his chest. He was looking at me with fear in his eyes and it was clear that he was confused by my presence. I stumbled backwards, grabbing my suitcase and looking at him curiously. I wondered how he would respond.

"What…who are you? Why are you in my house?" he finally asked after looking at me for some time.

I looked around, feeling rather shy and wondered just what I should tell him. I didn't think telling him the truth was the right idea, feeling he would definitely make me go home. I knew I was taking too long to answer because he was looking at me expectantly.

I was just about to answer when an older man entered the apartment. This caused the younger male to look even more scared. As he looked at me, the newcomer, he walked over to the young man and offered him a hand.

"Dad, I think you came at a good time…." he trailed off as his father helped him to his feet. "This girl was sleeping in our kitchen. Do you know her?"

The older man looked at me and I felt scared of him. He looked so imposing and had a commanding presence. He looked at his son, then back to me. I could see the cogs turning in his head and he seemingly made a decision, turning to face me.

"Hello, little one. Can you tell me what you're doing in my son's apartment?"

His voice was calm and it soothed my worries a little. I got the feeling that this man would see through any lie I tried to tell him, so I looked at my feet and told him everything. I learned that his son was called Spencer and that he was an ex-Law student. I learned that Mr. Shay worked on a submarine for the air force and I now know why he was so intimidating.

"I think we need to contact your parents, Megan. Don't you?"

As he asked it, I shook my head, "No please, they'll hate me! They must know by now what I did."

He looked at me with a neutral expression and then smiled a little. He took my shoulder and I looked up at him.

"Sometimes we need to own up to what we do and we need to be brave enough to accept the consequences," he said. "What you did to your brother was an accident, but running away, that was a choice you made that has probably caused your parents to panic and worry about you."

I looked at him and started to cry. I understood that he was probably right but I just couldn't see my parents loving me after what I did. He hugged me and I tensed up a little. It felt strange to receive comfort from a stranger.

I was told to sit with Spencer and I watched some TV while Mr. Shay called my parents. I couldn't concentrate on whatever the show was. I heard Spencer trying to talk to me but I was shaking so much as my nerves got to me. I tried to listen to what Mr. Shay was saying but he had purposely walked up the stairs and I couldn't hear a thing he said.

A little while later, Mr. Shay came back downstairs and beckoned Spencer. They walked away and Mr. Shay looked concerned. They talked for what seemed like hours, and I closed my eyes, feeling sleepy as I watched them.

"They think she is possessed," Mr. Shay said with surprise to his son, my ears perking up. I peeked my eyes open as he continued to talk. "They think that she resented having another brother and what she did was on purpose. Apparently, she pranked him nonstop and this was just too much for them. They don't want her."

Spencer looked shocked and he glanced over at my "sleeping form" and then back to his dad. "What are we going to do?" he asked with concern.

"I think the only thing we can do is tell the authorities everything and let them sort it out," Mr. Shay answered. "She isn't wanted back home, so I can only assume she will become a ward of the state."

"An orphan?" Spencer asked for clarification. Mr. Shay nodded his head and looked over at me too. He had a sad look on his face that I could barely make out since I was pretending to be asleep. After some time, I actually drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken sometime later by the arrival of two police officers and a well-dressed man. I felt sad even though I didn't fully comprehend yet that I wouldn't be going home, but instead put into foster care because my parents didn't want me. The adults spoke for a long time and I could see them disagreeing about whatever it was they were discussing.

A while later, I don't know how long, the adults finally approached me. I could see that they had not reached an understanding because they were looking at me like I was made of glass and about to shatter. To be fair, I sort of felt that way too. I didn't know how to process what I was feeling.

"There is no easy way to say this, Megan…but your parents.…they don't want you to return. They don't believe what you did was an accident. This gentleman here would like to take you to a foster home for the time being."

I looked at them and started to cry. I knew that I would not be wanted and this reaffirmed that. I looked at the soldier and climbed into his arms desperate to feel some comfort as my heart broke. My promise to be good was burned into me by this point and I knew I wouldn't be quite the same again.

The adults in the room watched as I took comfort from Mr. Shay. He looked to Spencer and they shared a look of understanding. "I can't be around all the time," Mr. Shay said. "You know what this means, right?"

Spencer nodded his head and looked at me. I could see his resolve even if I had no idea what was silently being discussed. I felt exhausted from crying and Mr. Shay rubbed his hand soothingly on my back.

"I can do this, Dad," Spencer said with confidence. "I know I left law school and that might make you think I'm not capable of something like this…"

Mr. Shay placed a hand on Spencer's shoulder and I could see a proud look on his face. "Son, I don't think that at all. I think this would be good for you too if you are up for it."

Mr. Shay picked me up and placed me into Spencer's arms. I looked at them both confused, understanding that something was happening even if I wasn't quite aware it.

"Please stay with Spencer a moment while I have another word with these gentlemen," Mr. Shay said to me and I nodded in understanding.

I was left, once again, as the adults talked. I didn't feel as secure in Spencer's arms and I got the feeling he sensed it too but he continued to hold me and talked to me about things I liked, just to distract me.

When the adults came back, Mr. Shay knelt before me and explained that his job keeps him away on a regular basis. He looked at me calmly and said, "I won't always be around, as I mentioned my work keeps me away a lot, but if you're comfortable living with Spencer, I could become your new Dad since your parents don't want you. You would live here with Spencer."

I looked at the men in the room wondering if I really had that option and felt serious doubt that I was even wanted here in the first place. Mr. Shay spent several moments explaining to me what my options were, describing what living in the care system could mean for me. I decided to stay with the Shays and over the next few days, I was taken to various places.

We met with judges, members of child services, and lawyers. Even my mom was forced to give a statement to relinquish her rights as my parent, not that she even showed up. I never understood the details of what was happening. All I really knew was Mr. Shay had adopted me, Spencer was my new brother, and my new name would be Carly Shay.

So, a few things I need to point out and get out of the way:

1. I altered the Drake and Josh timeline to fit my needs. It's fanfiction. I can do what I want, right? Haha.

2. I am English and know nothing of the logistics involved with traveling cross state on a train. Just go with it.

3. I know nothing about how legal systems would deal with a child in this situation. This is my interpretation and I am sticking with it, Haha.

Re uploaded with some fixes. Thanks to Dean7 Beta reading for me.