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This story is a rewrite/reimagining of Forever After, based several centuries in the future with a different set of children to those in Forever After. Including flashbacks and large families. This is a prologue written in the style of the previous epilogues.

La Push, Washington. 2260.

My name is Alicia Rose Cullen; I was named after both my grandmothers. I am the official middle child of my parents Pancrazio and Chantelle Cullen. Although technically since my two eldest siblings were born centuries before me, I am often treated as the eldest girl in the family. I was the second born child of my parents current set of children. They decided to restart a family centuries after having their first two children in an effort to ground themselves and experience happiness and normality again after being the essential king and queen of the supernatural for the past two hundred years.

My parents first born is Sophia, who still lives in La Push to this day with her husband William Black. She was born centuries ago, and I loved spending time with my older sister because she was an odd mix of both Renesmee and our mother, as if it wasn't our fathers DNA that ran through her veins but our aunts. That obviously wasn't true, but it was crazy to see how nurture and being around Renesmee, and her family, for centuries of her life had formed her personality that way. She has always been a big presence in my life, and I will always be grateful for having that older sister figure even if I didn't grow up with her.

After Sophia is Matthew, I don't really have much to say about my eldest brother. He was also born centuries before myself and the younger children of my family, but I am not as close to him as I am with Sophia. He didn't have much to do with us as children and although I know he loves us as his siblings, there is a part of Matthew I never really felt connected to. And I knew that part originated in his Volturi persona; something I did not relate to in the slightest. I didn't really feel like I was missing out because whilst I idolised my older sister, Matthew was certainly the hero and idol of my other brother Masen.

After the birth of their first two children, my parents became who they are today. My father took up the mantle of his father's legacy and he became one of the leaders of the Volturi. My parents always told us as children that their jobs consumed them, for decades, for centuries, they lived and breathed the Volturi. It wasn't until recently in the last few decades they started to imagine a different life and wanted a change. That change consisted of packing up their lives in Chicago, where the Volturi were stationed, and moving back to La Push, Washington. The place both my parents were raised in the early twenty first century. My aunt Renesmee and uncle Jacob have always lived here and owned an impressively large family home, land and even their own beach in the heart of La Push. Renesmee and Chantelle had been raised together as children and wanted to repeat history by having another set of children each, but this time, living under the same roof. So, this is the part where me, my siblings and my cousins come in.

The eldest in my generation of my parents' children is Masen Jacob. He was named after both my uncles, Eddie and Jacob. He had been given Eddie's middle name to avoid any confusion with the long string of Edward Cullen's born in our family. He is the apple of my father's eye and also looked the most like him. Masen is technically ten but physically early twenties just as I am. We are only five months apart so in our human school, we parade around as twins that are passing for seniors in high school. It is easy to pretend to be seventeen when our parents insist on keeping us young, even after we were technically fully grown at seven.

Masen lived and breathed the Volturi. Even though we are being raised in La Push hundreds of miles from our parents' business, from birth we always visited the place our parents called home for centuries. Our father still went to work every day to help our brother Matthew and his daughter Asta in running the Volturi but only what he considered part time compared to the hours he contributed before our births. Our heritage and our father's legacy were no secret growing up. The stories were there but it was also very clear from my early childhood that I was viewed differently in the Volturi than the other children there. All of my siblings were held in a reverie that was noticeable as soon as I learnt to talk. We were a novelty and special to the guard. Our parents first two children had been fully grown adults when my parents finally took their crowns and gained the respect and feats of strength they now had. And so, we were the first children, since my brother Matthews children to be born highly into what was considered the line of succession of the Volturi. I hated the attention as a child whereas my older brother Masen basked in it.

Masen is a true heir, obsessed with our legacy and the need to do our parents proud. Despite the fact our parents tried their very best to keep us out of the family business and tried to raise us as normal as possible, Masen took to the responsibility like he was born to do it. He is considered the princeling of the Volturi and doesn't hide from that fact. He is the embodiment of arrogance and wears it proudly, constantly. Even in our human lives he is the resident popular bad boy in school and has the entire student body under his thumb. He is pretty much everything I hate. If he wasn't my brother and I didn't see the nice side of him at home, I'd hate him too. But my brother and I have an understanding in the indifference we have. He wants that heirdom our parents so desperately try to keep us from, whereas I want nothing to do with it. I hate the thought of being in charge or leading anyone let alone the entire supernatural world. I avoid Chicago as much as I can, and Masen more than makes up for the lack of interest me and my younger sisters have in our father's legacy.

Masen is obsessed with being there, but it isn't just about the legacy of being a Volturi leader my brother is obsessed with, it was also about Athena Riley. The daughter of Alena Riley and Ophelia Josephson. He could have any girl he wanted, in fact most of the human girls at school are at his beck and call and lust after him constantly with his beauty, dark hair and eyes and bad boy persona but he has barely given any of them a second glance in the three years we have been at the human high school. My brother has eyes for only one. And only one would be good enough for him; the prince of the Volturi, and that was an immortal witch with an untouchable power. The level of power Athena possesses hasn't been seen since the tribrid, Amirah Cullen, was at the height of her power twenty years before our births. Despite the fact they were not an official couple and have never been anything more than friends, Masen has been madly in love with Athena for as long as I can remember and finds any excuse he can to see her in Chicago.

After Masen, is me in the birthing order. There is nothing special about me, I don't obsess over an heirdom or a relationship like my brother. I am your run of the mill seventeen-year-old. I like hanging out with my friends, I love reading fantasy novels and getting my nails done. I love but tolerate my siblings and use my ability to get away with as much as I can on the rebellious front. I hate school, all kinds of school, including the one day a week 'superschool' my siblings and I attend at the Volturi every Sunday to help with our abilities and learning about the supernatural world, and above all I just hate being in this weird limbo of being fully grown but not quite considered an adult yet.

After Masen and me, our parents had a small break popping out babies until five years after my birth they had two more. The first of those two is Jaselle Renesmee. This was where my parents got creative with naming their children. Sophia, Matthew, and Masen were blatant namesakes taken directly from the relatives they were named after. Mine was a little more ambitious playing with the name 'Alice' and then there was my two youngest sisters. Jaselle, who we only really ever called 'Jas' was named after our adoptive paternal grandfather Jasper and our aunt Nessie. Jas is only four which meant she is physically about twelve. She has always kept to herself, and I knew she struggled with fitting in the most. She is the most independent of us all and is obsessed with anything medical related, tv shows, movies and the Cullen family legacy. She is well versed in most illnesses and surgical procedures, which means she fits in well with a family full of world-famous doctors, just not with other twelve-year-olds and especially not human twelve-year-olds. The only friend she has shown to have growing up has been our cousin Ivara, but she soon outgrew her due to the fact Jas is a hybrid and Ivara is not. Her current favourite person is our Auntie Chloe, purely because Jas can talk medical jargon and Chloe, with her history as an obgyn and paediatrician, understands it.

The youngest of my parent's children is Emelina Chloe, who is three but physically nine years old. Her name was dedicated to our grandfather Emmett and our aunt Chloe. Emelina is the baby of the family and constantly acts like it too. She is often told she is a mini version of our mother. She looks the most like her too, with her perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. Jaselle and I both have our mother's blonde hair as well, but we have inherited our fathers looks and brown eyes. Emelina was born as angelic as our mother and her ego is fed every day by our various family members to remind her of that fact.

Not only do I have three siblings, but I also have three cousins that I live with. We were raised as close as cousins could be, and I love each of them as my own brother and sisters.

The eldest of my cousins is Lux Carlisle. He is Nessie and Jake's eldest son, (of this set of children, they had many more that I could barely count). He had been born a few months after Masen and the pair grew up as close friends. Lux was scarily like his older brother William, he was definitely the big brother of the whole family. He took care of each of us as if we were in his care and I knew if I ever needed someone to get me out of trouble it would be him. Despite the fact he is not a wolf, and is in fact a hybrid like my siblings and I, he mostly spends his time with the wolf pack. He had been imprinted on by one of the La Push wolves, Natalia Uley a few years ago. Nat is always at his side and has quickly become one of my close friends because of her endless presence at the house.

After Lux is my best friend and my twin cousin, Cyra. We had been born on the same day and so our parents often joked that we were the twins of the family despite the fact we shared no blood connection. Cyra and I are inseparable, and we know everything about each other. Well almost everything. I have only kept one secret from Cyra, and it was slowly eating away at my consciousness, but I am adamant to keep her from knowing how madly in love I am with her boyfriend.

Cyra's current boyfriend is Azriel, and he is also Lux and Masen's human best friend from school. No one knows he is the guy I have been secretly in love with for the past three years. Cyra was always vocal about her crush on him, but I had never said anything in fear of upsetting her. That silence came to bite me in the ass when two months ago, right before summer break Azriel asked Cyra on a date and the pair have been joined at the hip ever since. I knew I had no one to blame but myself and in the haze of heartbreak and my self-centred anger I had done something stupid and lost my virginity in a drunken one-night stand with a certain someone from the Volturi court I was not permitted to be involved with. But that is a story for another time; one I try to supress in my memory as much as I can to cover the feeling of regret from doing something so reckless. No one knew about my encounter with the Volturi guard except Cyra and Nat but even they didn't know the reason I had acted so impulsively that night at the summer ball.

After Cyra in the very long list of Nessie and Jacob's children, is Ivara. Both Lux and Cyra had been born hybrids to coincide with my mothers' children, however Ivara clearly wasn't planned by Nessie and Jake, and she had been born human five years ago. Only she had not been born as easily as her older hybrid siblings. Nessie had needed both Ivana Balev and Esther Josephson for both her and the baby to survive the birth. In honour of Ivana saving my baby cousins life Nessie and Jake named her Ivara Esther.

That's it, for now, that live in the large family home owned by my aunt and uncle. But it won't be long before another set of tiny feet are running the halls of this big ancient house. My Uncle Eddie and Auntie Chloe have been living with us since the day Masen was born but they had held off having children alongside my mother and aunt Nessie for the last decade. I wasn't sure why, but they seemed happily enough as our aunt and uncle during the time of my childhood. They must have finally decided to join the fun of raising children under the same household because they announced that Chloe was pregnant two months ago. My mother and my aunt Nessie were ecstatic at the news and cried for a good hour, I had no idea why the thought of Chloe and Eddie having a child made all the women so emotional, but it had.

Life is pretty crazy living under one roof with so many people, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up with my siblings and cousins was chaotically entertaining and there is never a boring day in the Black/Cullen household.


Main characters will be Lux, Cyra, Masen, Alicia and Azriel. Others will have the occasional chapter but the main focus is on these five and their relationships/stories just as Forever After focused on Will, Sarah, Lauren, Holly and Sophia.

Children in list form: (there is more info on my blog if you want to know details.)

Lux 17 (
Hybrid), Cyra "seer-a" 17 (Hybrid), Ivara "ee-vara" 5 (Immortal Human)
Masen 17
(Hybrid), Alicia "ah-lee-sha" 17 (Hybrid), Jaselle 'Jas' 12 (Hybrid), Emelina 9 (Hybrid)
Currently pregnant (Child of Luna Bambini)


Alena/Ophelia: Athena 'Thea' 16 (Immortal Witch)
Azriel "Az-real" 17 (Human)
Natalia 'Nat' 18 (Wolf)