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CH: 1 Is Ignorance Bliss?

He sighed as he walked down the steps of the high school and to the parking lot. The first day of a new year of school had finally finished and he was finally a senior. By next year he would be graduating and leaving the school and all the people he knew behind. 'I'll be leaving her behind.'

With that thought his mood turned a bit depressed. How long had it been? He had known her since they were in grade school. He at times wondered if he had loved her back then, but had been too young to know it. He couldn't remember ever not loving her. In his mind he pictured a bright smile that could melt even his cold heart and the warmest blue eyes.

Thinking of her always made him depressed because he would also thinking about how big a fool he had been for not making his move when he had the chance. He had wanted to ask her out, but had always thought she would reject him and say she only thought of him like an older brother. Then a few months ago he had known he had missed his chance and now she was with someone and worse of all she was with his brother.

He finally pulled himself out of his self loathing and almost groaned when he saw who was leaning against his car.

"Hey Sesshoumaru..." The girl leaning against his car said in a lustful voice.

"Go away Kikyou." Sesshoumaru said and stood in front of her just staring down at her with his cold golden gaze. He would have just gotten into his car and driven away like he normally did when she followed him, but now it seemed she had gotten smarter and was leaning against his door.

"Aww...but Sesshie I wanted to give you the pleasure of taking me home and maybe to dinner." Kikyou said and batted her eyes at him. Sesshoumaru kept his impassive look on although inside he was screaming at himself to toss her away from his car, he hated when people called him Sesshie.

He closed off his mind to her as she began to talk incessantly. His gaze settled on the figure that he had been thinking about earlier as she walked through the parking lot. He felt a pain in his heart as she kissed the one she was walking with as they parted ways. She turned and looked at him and smiled and waved. He couldn't help, but wave back.

Kikyou saw Sesshoumaru wave at someone behind her and turned around and saw red. 'That bitch!' She turned back to Sesshoumaru. "I can't believe you're ignoring me for her." Kikyou huffed and walked away. 'Her cousin would pay.'

Kagome saw Sesshoumaru speaking with her cousin, Kikyou. He didn't really seem very interested in whatever she was saying. She turned and kissed her boyfriend Inuyasha goodbye. When she turned back Sesshoumaru was looking at her so she smiled and waved at him. She saw Kikyou seemed to get pretty mad when he waved back and watched her stomp away.

Kagome wondered what had happened to all of them. She and Kikyou had used to be really close relatives, but when her uncle died and her aunty remarried to someone of a higher class her cousin started to change. It was almost as if she wasn't the same person anymore. She had also used to spend a lot of time with Sesshoumaru, but she figured that being that he was a year older he didn't want to hang out with people younger than him, but he still seemed nice to her.

She knew something had happened between Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha though that split them apart. She had asked Inuyasha before, but whenever the subject of his brother came up Inuyasha would get defensive and angry. Kagome put on a smile though and walked over to Sesshoumaru.

"I wonder why Kikyou left in such a hurry." Kagome said.

Sesshoumaru just shrugged. "Why aren't you with Inuyasha?" He knew that Inuyasha usually drove her home now.

"I told him I had to do something." Kagome answered. She was usually not one to lie, but lately Inuyasha had been getting a little too "affectionate." More than she was really ready for.

"You lied to him?" Sesshoumaru stated more than questioned. He wondered why she would ever lie to him, she wasn't the type. He silently hoped that she was getting tired of him.

Kagome just shrugged not really wanting to talk about something like that. "Umm...can you give me a ride home? That is if you're not too busy." Kagome asked hopefully.

Sesshoumaru smirked and nodded. Kagome smiled and ran to the passenger door and the two of them got into the car. "I wish I could get a car." Kagome said as Sesshoumaru started the engine and began to pull out of the lot.

Sesshoumaru knew that Kagome was one of the poorest students at their school considering most of her families money went to her and her brother's schooling and her mother's medical bills since she was often sick. It was amazing that they could even pay to send her to Midoriko's private school since it was very expensive.

"So how have you been? I haven't gotten much of a chance to talk to you lately." Kagome tried to make conversation. She felt sad that Sesshoumaru seemed so withdrawn now. She remembered the energetic boy who would always play with her.

"I've been fine and you?" Sesshoumaru asked. He wanted nothing more than to talk to her all day, but he had been distant for such a long time that he almost forgot how to hold a good conversation.

"Okay I guess." Kagome answered. "Mom's in the hospital again." Sesshoumaru could sense the sadness I her voice and wanted nothing more than to comfort her, but that would be a little difficult to do while driving.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Kagome smiled when she heard his words.

"So a big senior now, huh? Do you know where you want to go for college?"

Sesshoumaru nodded. "I'm going to Tokyo University." He said with a hint of conviction in his voice.

"Wow, that's a hard school." Kagome stated. "I think I might want to study abroad, like in the United States." Sesshoumaru felt a little pang in his chest from her words. He had always figured since Tokyo University wasn't that far away he could still stop by and see her once in a while, but that wouldn't work if she went to America.

"Why don't you try for Tokyo University?" He asked.

"Like I could get into a school like that." Kagome said though both she and Sesshoumaru knew she was smart enough to get in. "Besides, I'm only a junior so I have more time to think about it." Kagome silently wondered if she'd really even have money for college.

They talked the rest of the way till Sesshoumaru pulled into the drive way at the bottom of a giant staircase. "I still can't believe you go up all those stairs everyday." Sesshoumaru said.

"The price you pay for living at a shrine. Thanks for the ride." Kagome said and then added her final thought. "If you're not doing anything you can stay for dinner, though I'm sure your cooks are a lot better than me."

Sesshoumaru was shocked by the invitation though he knew it was nothing more than a friendly thing for Kagome. He gave a small nod and turned off the engine. Kagome smiled and they both walked over to the stairs. "Race ya!" Kagome yelled and began bounding up the stairs.

Sesshoumaru couldn't help, but chuckle a bit at the way she acted. He started to run up the stairs after her and because of his longer legs caught up to her pretty fast. He beat her to the top, but was breathing a little hard. He hadn't been up those stairs in a long time. "Hn, no fair. Your legs are longer." Kagome pouted as she made it to the top not breathing hard at all. Sesshoumaru just smirked and followed her to her house.

"Kagome!" Souta came bounding out of the house to meet his sister. He stopped when he saw Sesshoumaru. He remembered Sesshoumaru a bit, but hadn't seen him in a long time. "You got really tall." Souta said as he looked up at Sesshoumaru. Kagome giggled.

"Come on I gotta start dinner." Kagome said and walked into the house stopping to take off her shoes.

"Aww...can't we go out." Souta whined and Kagome gave him a half-hearted glare. "I hope you have a strong stomach." Souta said to Sesshoumaru.

"I heard that." Kagome called from the house.

Sesshoumaru followed Souta in. Souta ran off to go play games and Sesshoumaru went into the kitchen where Kagome was working on getting a meal ready. He sat down at the table and watched her in amusement as she rushed around the room. Kagome put a bowl of sliced fruit on the table and smiled at him before she went back to the fridge.

Sesshoumaru felt his breath catch when he saw her smile and wanted nothing more than to pull her to him and kiss her breathless. He was finding teenage hormones were a very powerful thing. He held back a groan when she bent over while looking in the fridge. He again berated himself for being so stupid and letting her slip through his fingers.

"Do you cook often?" Sesshoumaru asked trying to keep his mind out of the gutter.

"Lately, almost every night. Not enough money to go out and mother's been at the hospital a lot." Kagome answered.

Sesshoumaru felt bad for making her remember her problems. "So why did Kikyou get all mad earlier?" Kagome asked. She had been wondering that almost their entire ride back. Sesshoumaru seemed so nice to her although she had to admit he was a bit cold when others were around, but Kikyou had been in their group when they were younger and she didn't understand why she was so touchy nowadays.

"She was trying to get me to take her out to dinner." Sesshoumaru stated.

"What's so wrong with that?" Kagome asked.

Sesshoumaru smirked. 'Kagome, sometimes you're just too innocent.' He thought, though that was one of the reasons why he loved her. She was always so pure and honest. "I don't think she just meant it as a chance to catch up." He answered.

Kagome thought for a moment over what he had said. "Oh." She smiled. Sesshoumaru always was the most sought after guy in school. "I thought you'd be used to things like that by now." Kagome teased.

Sesshoumaru almost groaned at the thought of how many times he was asked out today alone. He knew the numbers wouldn't decrease as the days went on, it would be exactly like all the other years. He knew, however, that he would probably never find anyone that made him feel the same way Kagome did.

Kagome turned the stove off and put the fish onto separate plates. "Well, dinner's ready." Kagome set the three places on the table and set a plate in front of Sesshoumaru.

"Shouldn't you call your brother?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Nope, watch this. 3...2...1..."

"Yes, dinner's ready." Souta came running into the room and sat down. Kagome laughed when Sesshoumaru gave her an odd look. They were barely half way though their meal when Souta was already done and ran back to his room.

"I can help with the dishes." Sesshoumaru offered when they had finished and Kagome was collecting everything off the table.

"You sure you know how to?" Kagome teased knowing that Sesshoumaru had a group of servants at his beckon call.

"Only one way to find out." He smirked.

When everything was done, Kagome walked Sesshoumaru to the front door. "It was great getting to talk to you again. I know you probably don't want a lowly junior hanging out with you at school."

"I wouldn't mind." Sesshoumaru said. 'In fact I'd like nothing more than to spend every moment with you.' He added in his mind.

"Hontou?" Kagome asked and her smile grew when he nodded. "This is so great. We can be the best of friends again." Sesshoumaru almost winced when she added the friend's part. "Well, I should get to my homework. Can you believe they give homework on the first day of school?" Kagome complained.

"Aa, I have some too." Sesshoumaru smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he walked out the door.

"Hai, I'll see you tomorrow. And can you not tell Inuyasha that I didn't actually have something to do today? You know like keep it our little secret." Kagome asked hopefully.

"Mochiron." Sesshoumaru said and smiled. Kagome smiled back and waved as he left.


Inuyasha paced about his room. 'What is so wrong with Kagome?!' He screamed in his mind. All he wanted was to bring their relationship to the next level, but she always pushed him away and now it seemed like she was avoiding him.

He had seen her talking to his brother before he left and wondered if something was going on between the two of them. He couldn't imagine what anyone would see in his brother though.

That was it. He would give her an ultimatum. Either she proved she loved him and slept with him or they would be over. 'Why couldn't she have been more like Kikyou?' Inuyasha had heard that Kikyou and her friends were the easiest things in the school. Perhaps he'd have to pay her a visit. 'She looks a lot like Kagome.' Inuyasha tried to justify his unfaithful thoughts.

Inuyasha heard a car pull in and went out the door. He made it to the front door, just as Sesshoumaru was walking in. "Where've you been?" He asked.

"That is none of your business, brother." Sesshoumaru answered. Personally, he would have liked nothing more than to say that he had been with Kagome and that she had cooked him dinner, but he wasn't about to break his promise to her.

"Yeah well, what were you talking to Kagome about earlier?"

"Again that is none of your business."

"She's my girlfriend, in case you forgot. Of course, it's my business." Inuyasha demanded.

'She may be your girlfriend, but she deserves a lot more.' Sesshoumaru thought to himself. He didn't answer Inuyasha and instead just walked pass him going to his room to start his homework.

'What the hell?!' Inuyasha thought. 'Kagome's mine. Mine! I'm not going to let some stupid jerk like Sesshoumaru take her.' Inuyasha knew Kagome cared about him and he was certain that if he gave her the ultimatum that she would give him what he wanted. Inuyasha walked back to the room with a smirk on his face. 'It doesn't matter what Sesshoumaru was talking to her about. She's mine and soon I'll have all of her.'


'That bitch!' Kikyou knocked more things onto the floor as she threw a tantrum in her room. She braced herself against her dresser, panting. She looked up into the mirror and dull brown eyes stared back. 'I don't understand it! We look almost alike except I'm undoubtedly more beautiful and I'm incredibly wealthy. I'm above her. She's even dating, Inuyasha who I had turned down before. She's taking in my leftovers and still she's the one who's getting the A's while I have to bribe the teachers with money or sex and she's the one who gets the attention of Sesshoumaru.'

Kikyou calmed herself and stood brushing off her wrinkled clothing. 'Well, I'll show her. Inuyasha wanted me before her and considering how much better I am than her, he'll undoubtedly still want me.' Kikyou thought to herself and smirked.

'Kagome's going to pay. I'll make her pay.'


Kagome yawned after finishing her homework. 'Yes finally done.' She got up and began to change for bed. She pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and pulled herself into bed. She was completely unaware of the thoughts going through everyone's minds that night and was just happy that she had reacquainted herself with an old friend.

She looked at the picture next to her bed. It was a photo of her and her friends when they were only about seven. She stood in a light blue dress smiling at the camera. Inuyasha was sitting on the grass on her left and Kikyou was standing behind him. Sesshoumaru stood a little to her right and behind her, already a head taller than her. They were all smiling.

Kagome ran her finger over Inuyasha's seven year old image. 'Why is he acting so forceful lately? Is there something wrong with wanting to wait for the right moment?' Kagome silently thought of what her new friend Sango had told her just a few weeks ago, that when she was with the right person she wouldn't want to wait and she would be practically all over them. At the time Kagome had just laughed and then teased her about how Miroku must know she was the one since he groped her the most. But now she really wondered.

'Do I want to wait because I don't think Inuyasha is really the right one?' Kagome sighed and mentally shook her head. 'That's crazy. I had been ecstatic when he had asked me out. I just want it to be special.' Kagome tried to convince herself.

She then ran her fingers lightly over Sesshoumaru's younger image. He was smiling like the rest of them, like he had been that night at dinner. She wondered why he never smiled like that at school anymore. He had been so friendly before. 'Before their mother died.' Kagome thought to herself. She hoped that if something went wrong with her mother she still acted the same way. 'Best not to think about things like that Kagome.' She scolded herself.

'What happened to all of us?' Kagome wondered as she looked at the photo one last time before putting it down and turning off the lamp to get some much needed sleep.


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