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CH: 9 Heaven and Hell

Sesshoumaru walked into his home, the small white pup right on his heels. Every servant he passed on the way to his room scurried away having found something to do elsewhere. They all feared attracting his attention, especially after what had happened between Inuyasha and him earlier that day. Little did they know that yelling at someone was the last thing on Sesshoumaru's mind. He couldn't remember being happier. The only thing that would have made the day better was if he had come home and Rin was there.

'She's with her family now.' Sesshoumaru reminded himself. 'She's probably happy having family around.' He still greatly distrusted the man that had taken Rin, but he supposedly had all the papers in order to prove himself. Even so, in the back of his mind he knew something wasn't right.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Sesshoumaru groaned. He had been so close to getting to the comfort and solitude of his room. He turned and looked down at Jaken. The short man always made his stomach turn.

"What is it Jaken?" Sesshoumaru asked in a harsh and unemotional tone. Fluffy seemed to feel the hostility Sesshoumaru felt towards the now cowering underling and began to growl.

"Your father would like to speak with you in his study." Jaken said while trembling.

'Father wishes to speak with me? He never pays any mind to me or Inuyasha, except for this morning in that fight. This had better not be about that.' Sesshoumaru thought as he changed his direction and started heading toward his father's study. Fluffy growled one last time at Jaken before running to catch up with Sesshoumaru.

"What's that mutt doing here?" Inuyasha asked as Sesshoumaru walked through the door. Sesshoumaru could only think that Inuyasha had better have been referring to Fluffy or else he was in for another bloody nose. Instead of answering, Sesshoumaru merely glared at his brother before sitting in one of the seats in front of his father's desk.

Takara-sama shook his head at his son's actions. 'Those two will never get along.' "You two have been fighting for too long. Tonight we'll go out as a family and I don't want any arguments." His voice was low and dangerous, but still his sons defied him.

"I am not going anywhere with that jerk." Inuyasha stated and crossed his arms over his chest as if daring anyone else to say anything.

Sesshoumaru took a much less brazen approach. "I'm afraid I must postpone this family gathering. I have a prescheduled engagement." Sesshoumaru said in his usual even tone.

"Oh, and what is it you have planned, Sesshoumaru?" His father asked. Takara-sama knew it was not like his son to have many plans other than doing schoolwork or the occasional high school happenings.

"Yeah, what could you be possibly doing?" Inuyasha asked clearly not convinced his brother had anything else to do.

"If you must know, I have a date." Sesshoumaru stated rather plainly. He knew what question would come next.

"Who in their right mind would go out with you!?" Inuyasha sneered.

"I believe that what Inuyasha is trying to say is who is the lucky lady?" Takara-sama asked. He had never known his eldest son to have a date before and recently was worried of where his son's preferences actually laid.

"I'm going out with Kagome." Sesshoumaru answered nonchalantly. He hid a smirk as he noticed Inuyasha begin to seethe. He could almost imagine smoke coming out of his ears.

"Uso!" Inuyasha yelled, jumping to his feet so fast his chair tipped backwards. The resounding crash made Fluffy jump and run to hide behind Sesshoumaru. "Kagome would never go out with a bastard like you." Takara- sama knew there was going to be trouble when he recognized the name as being Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend and also the girl who Inuyasha had insulted before leading to him receiving a bloody nose from Sesshoumaru.

"You would be surprised, little brother." Sesshoumaru stated. He glanced at his watch to check how much time he had already wasted there and also because he knew all the small things he did that made Inuyasha seem less worthy of his attention only served to make Inuyasha angrier.

Inuyasha was livid after being brushed off so easily by Sesshoumaru. 'He has to be lying. Kagome loves me. She would never cheat on me with Sesshoumaru.' Inuyasha then had to remind himself that she wasn't cheating. They were no longer going out and were therefore free to go out with whoever they liked. 'But Sesshoumaru...?' Inuyasha thought as he calmed himself.

"Then it is scheduled for tomorrow." Takara-sama interrupted his sons' thoughts. "You may invite Kagome if you wish. It will be upscale, so dress appropriately. There will be a family dinner tomorrow during which there will be no belittling remarks. Do I make myself clear?" This time Takara-sama used an even harsher tone that clearly said no excuses would be accepted.

Sesshoumaru nodded and rose from his chair gracefully. He made his way to the door with Fluffy trailing behind. "What is that pup doing here?" Takara-sama asked before Sesshoumaru had a chance to exit.

"I am watching him for Kagome." Sesshoumaru answered without turning back to face his father. He left the study and headed to his room. Takara-sama was also going to inquire about the missing presence of a certain little girl, but Sesshoumaru exited before he got the chance.

Inuyasha had already righted his chair and sat back down. He was slumped forward resting his elbows on his knees. When he noticed that Sesshoumaru had left, he rose once again from his chair and went to the door. "You should stay out of his way, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha turned, giving his father a confused look.

His father continued thoughtfully. "Sesshoumaru has little happiness in his life. Would it be so difficult to be a considerate brother for once and not interfere with his new found joy?" Inuyasha didn't answer and just left.

Inuyasha went outside seeking the calming breeze and gentleness of nature. He lay down in the garden on the soft grass not caring that it was still a bit damp from the sprinklers. "Kagome and Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha questioned no one in particular.

It just didn't seem right to him. 'How could she change so quickly from loving me to loving that...that...jerk!?' Inuyasha thought. A small pain clutched at his heart as he thought of the two being together. He was all alone now. He had already dumped Kikyou, ending whatever type of relationship it was they had. Also, if it was true that Kagome was with Sesshoumaru then there was no chance of them getting back together.

A new thought then arose in Inuyasha's mind. 'Kagome is with Sesshoumaru. She told me that there was nothing going on between them. Could Kagome have been lying to me? What if she really had been cheating on me with Sesshoumaru?'

Inuyasha needed answers and he needed them now. He then pushed himself to his feet and went back indoors, heading straight for Sesshoumaru's room.


Sesshoumaru was at his desk doing his school work when his door was flung open. The resounding bang of the door hitting the wall woke the small pup on his bed. Sesshoumaru glanced up and saw Inuyasha in his doorway. 'I must remember to lock my door.' Sesshoumaru told himself to make a mental note. "What do you want Inuyasha?"

"I need answers." Inuyasha stated while striding into Sesshoumaru's room uninvited. He plopped himself onto Sesshoumaru's immaculately made bed. Fluffy jumped off the bed nearly being sat on by the distracted teen.

Sesshoumaru mentally sighed and swiveled in his chair so he was facing his brother. He waited for him to speak knowing that listening to him would be the only way to get him to leave short of violence. Not that he wouldn't mind tossing his brother out.

"Was Kagome cheating on me with you?" Inuyasha asked after a long pause. He swore that if his brother's answer was a yes, he wouldn't be able to hold back his anger. At the moment he was in treading the emotional border between anger and depression. Sesshoumaru's answer would most likely be what would push him either way.

Sesshoumaru watched his brother while considering how best to answer. Inuyasha was always easy to read and Sesshoumaru could easily see the emotional rollercoaster his brother seemed to be on. Now was not the time to make jokes, because Sesshoumaru had no doubt that if he answered in an ambiguous way as he normally would have to anger his little brother, Inuyasha would most likely lose what little control he had. He knew he would still be able to beat his brother, but he wished to keep his room in order.

"Kagome is the most loyal person I know. You're a fool if you truly think she was cheating on you." Sesshoumaru answered. Inuyasha's eyes never met Sesshoumaru's. He seemed to have found Sesshoumaru cream colored carpeting rather interesting. Sesshoumaru turned in his chair to resume his work. "You don't know what you gave up." Sesshoumaru added.

"I think I do." Inuyasha said in a voice so quiet Sesshoumaru almost missed it. Inuyasha rose and walked to the door. He paused in the doorway. "Otousan told me not to interfere. But trust me if you hurt Kagome I'll be there to take her back and I'll make sure you pay in the process." Inuyasha's hair covered his eyes not wanting his brother to see the confusion and frustration in his features. He left Sesshoumaru's presence and went to his own room.

Sesshoumaru had unconsciously stopped writing when Inuyasha had spoken. He understood the pain obvious in Inuyasha's voice. It was the same pain he had felt every time he had seen Kagome with Inuyasha. The words Inuyasha said in his doorway though were what stayed with him. It was obvious that Inuyasha knew he had made a mistake and wanted Kagome back. Sesshoumaru also knew that it wasn't possible for Kagome to love him as much he loved her. She had just gotten out of a relationship. He didn't expect her to love him that strongly so suddenly. But that made him wonder if she still loved Inuyasha more. 'Can he win her back? Will she take him back?'

Sesshoumaru shook his head of such traitorous thoughts. He knew Kagome was loyal and that she wouldn't just run back to Inuyasha. 'But I don't want to keep her from being happy.' Sesshoumaru knew that if Kagome truly wanted Inuyasha he wouldn't stand in her way. 'When did life get so complicated?'


Kagome continued her usual work of stocking shelves and working at the register. She knew she must have seemed so foolish most of the time. She couldn't keep from smiling and she was constantly humming to herself. "Higurashi!" Kagome turned at the sound of her name.

"Hojou-kun?" Kagome recognized the boy standing behind her. "I didn't know you shopped here."

"I came to pick up something for my mother. She has a cold and I heard that some of the remedies here were really great. I haven't seen you in a while." Hojou said in his usual cheerful manner.

Hojou had changed schools a year ago. She remembered how he had constantly been asking her out. Her friends wanted her to go out with him so badly, but she just wasn't interested. It was funny to see how jealous Inuyasha would get when Hojou would talk to her.

"I heard you broke up with Inuyasha." Hojou stated.

'He did? How? He goes to a different school now. Wait, if he knows...oh no.'

"I was wondering if you'd like to see a movie with me." Hojou offered.

Kagome sweatdropped when she heard him. It'd been a year and she had heard that Hojou was really popular in his new school. She would have expected him to have a girlfriend. "Gomen Hojou-kun. I-I'm going out with Sesshoumaru now." Kagome said as she continued stocking the shelves.

"Sesshoumaru? He Inuyasha's brother right?" Kagome nodded. 'What is she doing with him?' Hojou wondered. "He's so cold Kagome. You deserve better."

"He's not cold." Kagome stated. "He's really sweet." Kagome picked up the now empty box and walked to the back room for employees only. She didn't want to listen to Hojou insult Sesshoumaru.

Kagome sighed and looked up at the clock. One more hour and Sesshoumaru should be back to pick her up. She was getting antsy waiting. She wanted to see him again and felt so foolish for acting like such a child. 'Get a hold of yourself Kagome. He's only been gone for a few hours.' She shook her head and headed back out to work.

However, when Kagome exited the back room, she wished she hadn't. Looking at the shelves was that strange man she had run into at the hospital. 'Just be nice Kagome. Remember only one more hour.' She walked over to a different shelf with a new box and began to fill empty areas.

Naraku smirked when he saw her walk to the furthest shelf from him. 'Are you afraid little pet?' Naraku slowly made his way over to her. His eyes traveled up her long legs practically caressing her skin with his lustful gaze. Kagome was completely oblivious to the eyes watching her as she focused on doing her job.

Naraku wanted nothing more than to walk up to her and run his fingers through her raven locks. He smirked as he wondered if she would moan or scream while writhing beneath him. His concentration on the young woman was broken when he heard someone clear their throat. He turned to see the old woman who ran the store.

"Sir, you've been in here for quite some time. Can I help you with anything?" Kaede asked. She had noticed how the man was eyeing her employee. She thought of Kagome as a granddaughter and was not about to let this man go near her when his intentions were so obviously impure.

"No, I was just browsing." Naraku stated. He took one last look towards Kagome before leaving. He was silently angry that the old woman had distracted him. He knew she understood his intentions towards Kagome and he had no doubts that her question was a subtle hint for him to leave. 'No matter, once I have Kagome she won't be working there any longer.' Naraku smirked as he walked over to his car.

When Kagome had emptied another box, she turned and gave a sigh of relief when she saw that Naraku was gone. He gave her the most horrible feelings that caused her to shiver. She was walking to the door which leads to the back room to get rid of the empty box when she heard the bell over the door jingle, telling her a customer had entered. She turned to greet them when she saw Sesshoumaru had just entered.

'I couldn't have been empting that box that slow.' Kagome looked at the clock to see she still had 45 minutes to go. Kagome tossed the box into the back room and walked over to Sesshoumaru. "Why are you so early?" Kagome asked.

"I missed you." Sesshoumaru answered and received one of Kagome's winning smiles in return.

Kagome thought she felt her heart skip a beat when she heard his answer. 'How could I have been so oblivious to these feelings he causes in me?' Kagome wondered.

"Kagome?" The girl turned at the sound of her name.

"Hai, Kaede?"

"Why don't you finish early? There are so few customers." Kaede stated gesturing to the two people walking around.

"Are you sure Kaede? I mean I missed work last week." Kagome asked though she was ecstatic to spend more time with Sesshoumaru.

"I shall be fine child. Go, enjoy your youth." Keade waved the girl out.

"Arigatou Kaede-baba." Kagome turned back to Sesshoumaru. "Let's go." She grabbed Sesshoumaru's hand and pulled him after her as she left the store. Out in Sesshoumaru's car she saw Fluffy jumping up and down on the back seat. "I hope he wasn't too much trouble."

Sesshoumaru just shook his head and went over to the passenger's side to open Kagome's door for her. As soon as she sat down she found her lap occupied by an energetic mass of fluff. "So where are we going?" Kagome asked. Sesshoumaru thought about her question for a bit before remembering about the dinner tomorrow.

'She will need something to wear.' Sesshoumaru thought as he drove in the direction of the mall without answering Kagome's question.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going?" Kagome asked. Sesshoumaru just shrugged, but Kagome could tell he knew exactly where he was going. "You're no fun." Kagome pouted as she continued to run her fingers across Fluffy's fur.

"Really?" Sesshoumaru asked sounding amused.

"Hai, you're absolutely no fun." Kagome continued to pout.

"Then I guess you don't want me to take you to the mall." Sesshoumaru smirked. He knew he had her. Kagome loved the mall, though he couldn't for the life of him figure out why.

"We're going to the mall?" Kagome asked hopefully.

"We were going to, but it seems I'm no fun so I guess the mall would be far too amusing for a person such as me." Sesshoumaru teased.

Kagome couldn't believe it. Sesshoumaru was actually teasing her. "Onegai Sesshoumaru." Kagome pleaded.

"What about me being to fun?"

"Even boring people need to go to the mall." Kagome stated and then laughed at Sesshoumaru's indignant look.

The rest of the ride was mostly silent, but Kagome was happy to find that Sesshoumaru actually was pulling into the parking lot of the mall. Once they were both out of the car, Kagome practically dragged Sesshoumaru and Fluffy after her to the stores.

Sesshoumaru suppressed a smile as he watched her looking at all the stores like she hadn't just been there the weekend before. He couldn't help but wonder why she loved the mall so much when it just reminded her of things she couldn't have. It was no secret that she didn't have enough money to even buy a new shirt if she needed one. 'Well that'll all change now. Whatever she wants from now on, she gets.' Sesshoumaru vowed.

"So anyplace special you wanted to go?" Kagome asked figuring Sesshoumaru must have had a reason for bringing her there.

"Actually we need to get you a dress." Sesshoumaru stated as if it were an everyday thing for one to say. He just continued walking as Kagome froze trying to figure out what he said. She came back to her senses and ran after him.

"Why do I need a dress? I don't have money for that." Kagome asked as she caught up with Sesshoumaru. Fluffy was right on her heels.

"My father has demanded a family dinner tomorrow. I would like you to accompany me. Plus you will not be paying for today." Sesshoumaru said before Kagome grabbed his wrist making him stop and look at her.

"I don't want you spending your money on me." Kagome knew she would feel guilty if he was to buy her things and she knew she couldn't return the gesture.

Sesshoumaru held back a sigh knowing what she was thinking. He brought his hand up to her cheek running his fingers lightly against her soft skin. His golden eyes caught her stormy blue ones. "I want to. Can't I do something for the one I love?"

Kagome could feel her eyes begin to fill with tears of joy. 'How'd you get to be so perfect, Sesshoumaru?' She wondered to herself. "I'll let you, but just this once. I don't want you wasting your money on me." Kagome's hand covered Sesshoumaru's hand that was on her cheek. Sesshoumaru gave her one of his rare smiles. His hand left her cheek and held her hand instead.

Fluffy's bark tore them out of the little world they had created where they alone existed. Kagome blushed and turned her eyes to the ground. Sesshoumaru laid a light kiss on her cheek before they continued their trek through the mall. Kagome noticed all the looks she was getting, most of them being jealous glares from girls.

'Oh kami, what is everyone at school going to say?' Kagome knew that Sesshoumaru was without a doubt the most sought after guy in school. She knew she'd be at the top of almost every girl's revenge list by Monday lunch time.

Sesshoumaru noticed her thoughts were elsewhere and obviously not in a very good place, illustrated by the small frown that graced her features. He squeezed her hand and pulled her into the nearest clothing store which happened to be one of the most expensive. Kagome looked around in awe. She had never had the courage to walk into this particular store before. She figured that the workers could tell she didn't have the money to be there and would most likely not like her wasting their time. Her eyes finally landed on a midnight blue spaghetti strap dress. Swirls of rhinestones made the dress shimmer in the store's lighting.

Sesshoumaru noticed the dress she was looking at it and grabbed one of the workers. "She'd like to try that on." Sesshoumaru stated. The worker at first was slightly disappointed to find that a cute guy like Sesshoumaru was there with someone, but she nodded and went to grab the dress while Sesshoumaru dragged Kagome to one of the dressing rooms.

"You can't be serious. That dress must cost a fortune." Kagome said.

"Just try it." Sesshoumaru nudged Kagome into the dressing room the dress had been placed in. Kagome sighed and relented. Sesshoumaru picked up Fluffy and sat down in one of the nearby chairs.

"I'm not coming out." Sesshoumaru heard Kagome after a few minutes.

"Why not?" Sesshoumaru asked. "I'm sure you look fine."

"Nope, not coming out." Kagome repeated. Sesshoumaru sighed and stood. He placed Fluffy back on the chair and went over to the dressing room door.

"Kagome..." Sesshoumaru said with a warning tone. "If you don't come out I'll come in."

"You wouldn't."

"Would you like to test that?"

"Fine. I'm coming out. Just don't make any bad remarks."

Kagome slowly opened the door and stepped out. All thought processes in Sesshoumaru's mind shut off. The dress went down to her ankles, but had a slit that went up to mid thigh giving small glimpses of Kagome's long legs. Sesshoumaru's eyes traveled down her long neck and the curve of her shoulder. He wanted to run his fingers over her smooth skin. His eyes traveled further down. The dress clung to her figure showing off her curves and Sesshoumaru finally noticed the reason she didn't like the dress. The midriff was made of a mesh material and was slightly see through.

Kagome could feel the intensity of Sesshoumaru's gaze on her. His eyes had darkened with what she identified as lust. She blushed and averted her eyes. As his scrutiny continued she began to shift from foot to foot. "Can I change back now?" Kagome asked breaking Sesshoumaru from his trance.

"Hai." Sesshoumaru answered and Kagome practically dashed back into the dressing room. When she exited again she was back in her own clothing. Sesshoumaru took the dress from her. "I think this should do for tomorrow night."

"You're kidding right?" Kagome asked as she picked up Fluffy.

"What was wrong with it? I thought you looked beautiful." Kagome blushed. "Onegai?" Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear as one of his arms encircled her waist and his chin rested on her shoulder. Kagome's voice caught in her throat and she could only nod. Sesshoumaru kissed her on the cheek and paid for the dress.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome talked leisurely during dinner which had turned out to be a picnic in the park because no restaurant would allow Fluffy in. The two finally found themselves in front of Kagome's house standing nervously before each other. Kagome looked up and met his heated gaze. As if in a trance, they leaned in towards each other. At first their lips barely brushed in what could barely be called a kiss, but the two got bolder and their kiss more passionate.

Sesshoumaru could taste the strawberry lip gloss that Kagome wore, but much preferred her own unique flavor. He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips asking for entrance. Kagome's lips parted as she sighed. Sesshoumaru took it as his chance and ran his tongue against hers. One of his hands was tangled in her hair while that other was wrapped around her waist holding her close. Both of Kagome's arms were wrapped around Sesshoumaru's torso, her hands grasping at his shoulders.

They finally parted when they decided that if they kept kissing any longer they would pass out. Sesshoumaru smiled as he noticed her half dazed look. He knew she was blushing even though the sun had set and he couldn't see it. Kagome's breath came out in small pants. "Oyasumi Kagome." Sesshoumaru kissed her forehead before releasing her from his hold.

"Oyasumi Sess-chan." Kagome laughed at his reaction to the new nickname. He decided that only she would be allowed to get away with calling his something so childish. He looked back at her one last time before he descended the shrine steps and was no longer able to see her.

Kagome picked up Fluffy, who had been watching the strange interaction between his new mother and who he assumed was his new father, in one arm and the neglected shopping bag which held the most expensive dress Kagome had ever owned in the other. "So did you and Sesshoumaru have fun today?" Kagome asked, knowing the pup didn't understand a thing she said. She was surprised when Fluffy let out a soft growl and was looking at the surrounding forest area. "I know..." Kagome stated. "I have the strange feeling of being watched also." She had not wanted to worry Sesshoumaru by saying she had the weird feeling that they were being watched. In fact she had felt it the entire time she had been with him. She decided to get into the house quickly and make sure everything was securely locked.

After checking her window for what seemed like the third time, Kagome settled onto her bed. "Well, today was definitely strange. That guy at the store still really freaks me out. And then there was the whole feeling of being watched. But you'll protect me, right Fluffy?" Fluffy gave a bark in response before letting out a small yawn that showed his small canine teeth. Kagome laid back in her bed and easily fell asleep. Fluffy snuggled against the sleeping girl and fell asleep himself.


"Is that him, aniki? He's so kawaii. Are you sure we need to kill him?" Jakotsu asked as he watched Sesshoumaru walk down the shrine steps. They had been watching him all day and Jakotsu was still hardly convinced Sesshoumaru was any threat to anything, but they were being paid to get rid of him so they would fulfill their job. 'No one said I couldn't have a little fun with him first though.' Jakotsu smiled at the thought of being alone with the handsome teen.

"That's him. I wonder why Naraku wants to get rid of him. I mean all he did today was devote himself to that girl. Seems like a waste of time." Bankotsu said as he leaned against the trunk of a tree. 'And here I thought when someone giving the Naraku a hard time would look much tougher. Oh well, a job's a job.' "He seems hardly worth our time. I'll just send some of the others to dispose of him."

"Demo, aniki, I wanted to play with him a bit first." Jakotsu said as he followed Bankotsu.

"We're not getting paid for you to have fun, Jakotsu." Bankotsu stated, but then noticed Jakotsu's pouting face. "Fine, you and Renkotsu can go take care of him tomorrow. Just make sure no one finds out it was us. You tend to be sloppy when having too much fun." Banjotsu warned.

"I'll be careful, aniki." Jakotsu said with a smile. 'Don't worry my darling Sesshoumaru. We'll have plenty of fun real soon.' Jakotsu couldn't suppress his laugh as all thoughts of what he could do ran through his head. Bankotsu just shook his head with a small smile gracing his features as he heard Jakotsu's laughter.


Rin huddled in the middle of her new bed. She didn't know why, but it wasn't as comfortable as the one her Sesshoumaru-sama had given her. She wished she had a window to look out of. There was nothing to do around here and even though Sesshoumaru had always seemed to have a lot of things to do, he'd always made time to play with her. She missed her Kagome- kaasan also.

The floor of Rin's room was covered in sheets of paper. Most of them were drawings of Sesshoumaru, Kagome, and herself. She wanted to be with them again so badly. 'Why'd they take Rin away?' The small girl wondered. 'Did Rin do something wrong? Didn't otousan and Kagome-kaasan want Rin anymore?' Rin knew that hadn't been the case. She had noticed how Sesshoumaru had been reluctant to let her go. She may have been young, but she understood many things. She knew she was taken because they wanted her to be with her family, but she didn't know Naraku. "Rin wants her tousan and kaasan." A small tear ran down Rin's cheek. She quickly wiped it away and rolled over onto her side.

Naraku didn't treat her kindly. The only one she had now was Kagura. Rin thought she was nice, but she always seemed so sad. 'Maybe she misses her otousan and okaasan too.' Rin thought.

Kagura heard Rin's whisper of wanting her otousan and okaasan and frowned. She had tried to make the child as comfortable as she could, but she knew she couldn't replace the bond Sesshoumaru and Kagome had made with Rin. 'I need to get her out of here. I need to get her back where she belongs with Sesshoumaru, but Naraku's been watching my every move.'

Kagura had found out that Goshinki had been the one following her everywhere she went. He had practically become her shadow as of late. She wanted nothing more that to confront him, but he was stronger than she was and very violent. "When will this hell end?" Kagura wondered.


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