8pirit Magic

Author's note: This is a Harry Potter, Yu Yu Hakusho crossover. And like most of my stories, Kurama is my favorite character, so he is the main character. In this story, Harry is sixteen and Kurama is still fifteen, but he will be in the sixth year because he's just so smart! Well enjoy, and please review.

WARNING: This story takes place in Harry's sixth year. Which means there are spoilers to the fifth book!!!!!!!

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Part One: The Mission

Kurama stared out at the scene outside his compartment window. There where several kids trying to get on the train while their parents tried to give their last farewells. A final boreding wistle was released before the red train began to slowly move out of the station. Swallowing nervously, Kurama tried to brush back his hair, only to be reminded that his long red hair had been cut short and dyed black.

"Your long red hair will make you stand out, and it is important that you don't," Kurama remembered Koenma's advice. It had been hard to adjust to, but it was true, he didn't get as many odd stares. But the amount of girls that were infatuated with him nearly doubled. The black hair made his green eyes stand out, and the way his bangs hung over them gave him a mysterious look that made most girls shudder. As far as Kurama was concerned, there was nothing he could do to not stand out. There was just something about him that drew people to him. It could be his muscular graceful body, or just the fact that his confidence made him irresistible, but whatever the reason, Kurama was sure that he was probably the worst person to be a spy. But he was the only one that had the intelligence and patience to pull of the mission.

Hiei was too cut throat and impatient that his cover would be blown the moment he had to put up with one class at the wizarding school. Yusuke wouldn't take the mission seriously, and he would probably ditch every class until he was kicked out. Kuwabara just didn't have the intelligence to pull off a stealth mission, and Botan was too busy to be spared. That left Kurama who was by far the most intelligent of the group, and the only one that could restrain himself from blowing his cover.

"You need to find out how this wizard was able to escape death. He should have died about sixteen years ago, but his spirit managed to elude our ferry girls," Koenma had said during the briefing. Kurama shook his head remembering how he had found it amusing that a mere human was able to do what the great Youko Kurama had done when he had escaped that hunter, and had become Shuuichi. But apparently this wizard was also responsible for killing hundreds of people, and there was even rumors that he had demons working for him. A rumor that was so ridicules, that Kurama found it hard to believe. Demons have never followed a human unless they were being forced to by a higher level demon then themselves. It was just unheard of, the only case Kurama could think of was with himself and Hiei. But they were constantly being ridiculed by other demons for helping a human.

The other thing that made this case so important was the fact that there was a human that was currently undergoing some tests to see if he could be revived. Kurama's job was to get into the building that the person had been killed at, and retrieve the body from what the wizards referred to as the "veil."

The "veil" did not actually kill a person when they fell through it, and it wasn't impossible to get back out of it alive. The problem was the veil was a one way portal from the human world to the demon world. Once a wizard fell through it, they would find themselves at the clutches of hundreds of blood thirsty demons, and not even the strongest of wizards could fight off that many demons. The body of Sirius Black was most likely going to be devoured soon, but because he had fallen through when he was stunned, there was still a chance that the demons had not yet found his body. It was up to Kurama to get into the Ministry of Magic building, and try to recover the body at all cost. Another job that only the great demon thief Youko Kurama was capable of doing.

But before Kurama could even think about a rescue mission, he had to make it through his classes. Most of the books Kurama had studied before he even came to the wizarding world was pretty basic, the problem he was going to be faced with was trying to keep his spiritual powers under control. Another task that would have been impossible for the others.

The whole power of magic that the wizarding world knew was a form of concentrating their spirit energy. By using a stick filled with some sort of magical beast, humans, wizards and witches, are able to focus their spirit energy. The different spells and stuff are used to alter the way the spirit energy is used, and allows for a human to do almost impossible things. But before a human could even consider themselves to be a wizard or witch, they had to be born with a rather high spiritual energy. A spiritual energy that was about the level Yusuke's was when he had first been revived. Because it is actually spirit energy that is being used, it's possible to do wand less magic, but because the main concept of magic is still a mystery to the wizarding world, only a very selective few wizards or witches are able to achieve this.

Kurama knew that he could perform any spell that the wizards knew, and that he could do it wand less, but in order to prevent his cover from being blown, he had made a wand. His wand was exceptionally strong, and very unstable simply because he didn't use a tree from the human world, but one from the spirit world. His wand was made from an extremely powerful tree that has been used for many different types of weapons. Kuwabara had a hilt made out of this tree that was given to him at the dark tournament, and it allowed his spirit sword to increase its power. This tree gets its power from sucking the life energy of anything that gets near it, but besides its immense power, the wood of the tree is incredibly beautiful. The wood is a dark brownish color, and harder then any metal, but there was also a radiance of color that surrounds the wood much like a persons aura, (only people who are very high in spiritual awareness are able to see the colors.) Inside the wand was of course a strand of silver hair from Kurama's Youko form, making him the only one who can control the wand. Anybody else who tries to cast a spell from the wand, would get a nasty shock. Yes, it was a powerful, and rather beautiful wand, made from the best wand makers the spirit world had to offer, but the amount of control Kurama needed to control the wand was the only draw back. It took so much concentrating to make sure that his spirit energy couldn't create a spirit sward like Kuwabara's, or a spirit gun like Yusuke's. Which meant that Kurama couldn't do spells if he was even a little bit angry, otherwise his wand would become a lethal weapon.

The sound of his compartment door being opened drew Kurama's attention away from his current thoughts. Standing in the doorway was a skinny looking boy with wild dark brown hair, and emerald green eyes that where hidden behind his glasses. "Um, do you mind if I have a seat in here? All of the other compartments are full," the boy said looking at Kurama hopefully.

"Of course not," Kurama said smiling at the boy, and making a gesture for him to take a seat across from him.

"Thank you," the boy said making his way into the compartment, pulling in a large trunk and a cage in after him. Standing up, Kurama helped the boy put the trunk into the luggage rack, while the boy tenderly put the cage down on the seat. A snowy white owl ruffled its wings as it looked at the new surroundings.

"That's a beautiful bird you have there," Kurama said while the boy took a seat down next to the animal.

"Thanks, her name is Hedwig, she was my first birthday present," the boy said smiling proudly.

"My name's Shuuichi, but you can call me Kurama," Kurama said extending a hand in greeting.

"My name is Harry Potter," the boy said taking the hand, and giving it a firm shake, all the while looking at Kurama questionable. Finally the two boys sat down. Kurama went back to his thoughts, while the boy, Harry continued to look at him questionably.

Kurama understood the reason the boy was looking at him so oddly, he was probably the first person Harry had ever come across that didn't goggle at him, or try to get a peak at the scar. It was really kind of pathetic how the boy was singled out because of that, but Kurama had never found a need to stare at someone just because they were famous.

"So where are you friends?" Kurama asked deciding that the best way to protect the boy was to get to know him better. Another thing that would have been hard for Hiei to do. Protecting a human, and becoming their friend would have tortured the fire demon who hated almost all human and was the furthest thing from being friendly.

"My friends are prefects, so they are near the front of the train," Harry said finally realizing that he had been starring at the stranger. Turning around embarrassed, Harry chose to stare out at the scenery that was outside. Kurama only smiled knowingly as he pulled out one of his school books, and started reading it.


When the train finally arrived in Hogsmeade station, Kurama and Harry made their way toward the carriages. "Wow, I had no idea Wizards are able to control these animals," Kurama said starring at the horses in front of the cart with some fascination.

"You can see the thestrals?" Harry asked in wonder. Kurama turned and looked at him in bewilderment.

"You mean you can't see them?" Kurama asked wondering if he had already managed to blow his cover.

"No, I can see them, but only wizards who have seen death are able to see thestrals. Who did you see die?" Harry asked confused when he saw Kurama sigh in relief.

"My dad," Kurama said deciding it would be better if he not tell the boy that he not only has seen hundreds of demons die, but that he had also died himself. It wasn't exactly lying, it was just twisting the truth. After all, he did see his human father's death. The others were just unnecessary information.

"I'm sorry," Harry said a look of pain crossing his face. Kurama caught the look, and was slightly curious about it. He knew that the boy's Godfather was dead, but Koenma never verified if the boy had witnessed the incident. If he had, things were going to be a little harder to explain.

"If you don't mind, may I ask who's death have you seen," Kurama asked brushing off the apology, and helping the boy get into the carriage.

"I watched as a fellow student was killed; and last school year, I watched as my Godfather died," Harry said, his voice dropping. It had been several months since he had to even think about it, and yet the pain was still so new feeling. A few tears threatened to fall down his face at the thought that it was actually his fault that Sirius had come to the ministry anyways.

Kurama stared at the boy feeling a little guilty that he had brought up such a tender subject. Kurama wanted to take it back, he even wanted to tell the boy that Sirius might be coming back, but that would only raise hope and suspicions. Instead, Kurama did the next best thing, he brought the boy into a comforting hug. The boy burst into tears as the carriage began to move, but Kurama didn't mind. The boy was a lot like his younger brother, and even though Harry was technically a few months older then Kurama's human form, Kurama couldn't help but feel a sense of protectiveness for the boy.

By the time they had reached the castle, Harry had calmed down enough to explain what the different houses were, and how the sorting ceremony would be done. Kurama listened with fake interest, knowing that he had only two options. He would either go into Slythering, where he would be able to get information first hand from the sons and daughters of death eaters; or he would go into Gryffindor, where he would be able to keep a better eye on Harry.

"We're here," Harry announced when the carriages passed the gates to Hogwarts. Kurama smiled turning his gaze toward the giant castle that loomed over them both forbidding and impressive. It really was a magnificent sight, the thing looked so antique, but it was more alive then the newer buildings that were being built today. It radiated power, and Kurama could even see that the building was surrounded by a strong protective aura. That itself was an impressive enough thing, since it was rare indeed for a building to have its own aura. There was no doubt that the castle was the most magical building around. Even the building in Makai weren't as magical, and many of them were just used for intimidation.

"Common, lets get into the great hall," Harry's voice said causing Kurama to pull out of his thoughts once again. Nodding in agreement, Kurama followed the boy up the stone steps into the castle.

Taking a deep breath, Kurama knew that the adventure was just beginning, and that there was no turning back now.


Author's endnote: So how was that? Have I completely confused you all with my little theories of wizard magic and spirit magic, or have I managed to explain it successfully? Please I need to know, so that this story will make sense. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, the other YYH gang will be in the story later on. And the whole thing about Sirius coming back, I was thinking along the line of the ordeal that Yusuke went through, and there will be a very good reason on why Koenma will take the time to try and bring him back. And the reason why Sirius's body is not already devoured by some demon, is because he was stunned when he fell through the portal, which made it hard for demons to sense him. Lets just say, Sirius ended up dying from starvation. I mean think about it, he was stunned senseless, he can't eat, move, or defend himself, and that means he will die. Evil, yes, but it leaves open the possibility of Kurama being able to find an intact body. But if you don't mind that fact that OotP kills Sirius Black, then I wont have any problem killing him off. It's completely up to what you guys want. Lets see, have I covered everything? Hold on, there is one more thing, and then this incredible long author's note will be over. I promise. Okay, I've drawn a picture of wizard Kurama with his new look and everything. It is a pencil drawing, no colors, but if your interested in seeing it, tell me in your review, and LEAVE an e-mail address. Well, that's all, feel free to give me any suggestions, or point out mistakes. And please review. ^_^