It was a beautiful day at the Collège Françoise Dupont, the students chatting with each other about everything and nothing until Miss Bustier, their French and foreign language teacher, cleared her throat and the students found their respective seats and fell silent.

She is a tall, fair-skinned woman with red hair styled in a high bun, turquoise eyes, thin light pink lips and freckles. She wears a light blue jacket with a teal collar shirt and a white undershirt underneath, as well as a pair of white earrings and a small gold necklace. She is also wearing light blue pants and white shoes.

"Hello children, before we start the lesson, we have a very important thing to settle." She announced, pointing to the door.

Before the class could imagine the meaning of the teacher's announcement, the door opened and a teenager entered the classroom. They were surprised, as transfer students were rarely accepted at this time of year.

The teenager had black hair, long to the small of his back, loose and red eyes. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, a suit jacket, jeans, a pair of white sneakers, and a bandage-like bracelet around his left wrist.

"Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Said the teacher as the boy faced the class.

"Hi. Nice to meet you, my name is Adam Arris." Said the young man, his voice was calm and sounded almost noble.

Miss Bustier asked Adam to take a seat and he sat down next to a blond teenager.

"Hi. My name is Adrian." Said the teenager, extending a friendly hand to the newcomer.

"Likewise." Said Adam accepting the handshake offered to him.

After that, classes began. And once the sports classes began, and Adam was approached by a teenager with dark blue hair, almost black.

"Hello. My name is Marinette." She said, catching his eye.

"Oh, hi." Adam greeted.

"I hope you like it here." She said amiably.

Adam smiled at the blonde-haired teenager yelled at the gym teacher for not participating in this court.

"Don't worry, it's Chloe. She's always like that." Said Marinette.

"Oh, I have a feeling I'm going to love it." Said Adam as he looked away.

The gym teacher suddenly called the students to get ready for the start of a basketball game that would serve as an evaluation of the sport. Exceptionally, Adam participated in the evaluation even though he did not participate in the other sessions.

Marinette and her team took the court against Team 1, along with others she did not know and Adam.

The game started and soon Marinette was huffing and puffing and could hardly keep up. She was not exhausted. She just wasn't up to the sport.

Adam, on the other hand, seemed perfectly fine. He was very athletic and enduring, which surprised the students who remained focused.

He lined up for a long shot and threw the ball toward the net. Marinette saw the ball land against the rim. Everyone thought the ball was not going to end up in the basket. However, it went straight in.

Adam smirked as the ball fell, and his team congratulated him while the other team was stunned.

A few minutes later, Marinette wiped the sweat from her brow as she watched the other students. So far, throughout the game, Adam was scoring a perfect basket for his team every time. She had to admit he was good at what he did. She had to admit that it was strange that unlike the others he hardly seemed exhausted from the game.

Once the game was over, the students took turns trying to score a basket.

As Adam lined up, he suddenly felt a pulse in his head. It made him drop the ball as the pulses became stronger and more constant. He grabbed his head and fell to his knees, screaming in pain. The windows of the gym also began to crack, and then they shattered. Students rushed for cover, screaming in confusion as to what was happening. The rain of glass prompted everyone to take cover. Adam was still on his knees, holding his head. The pain in his head was unbearable. He tried to bear it, but the harder he tried, the stronger it got.

"Adam!" Said Marinette as she ran to the boy.

He was still screaming and holding his head. She grabbed Adam's shoulders and pulled him to his feet before dragging him to the wall where the glass had not rained hard.

"What the hell was that?" Asked Marinette.

Adam just kept holding his head and moaning in pain.

"So all the windows in the gym were destroyed?" Asked an Asian woman with hair the same color as Marinette.

"Yes. Luckily, no one was hurt." Said Marinette.

It was shortly after school and she was explaining the incident to her parents who were worried when the subject of what happened in gym class came up.

"I hope he's okay, the poor kid." Said Marinette's father, worried about Adam who according to his daughter was suffering from a major migraine.

"Yes, I hope he'll be better tomorrow." Said Marinette.

Adam threw his binder across the room before collapsing on the bed. After what happened in the gym, he had kept a low profile in class. He had been examined by the school nurse since he complained of a headache but all she had done was give him a pill and a sugar.

"Adam?" Called a female voice, making him turn his head toward the door.

"Yes, Mom. What is it?" He asked.

His mother entered and frowned sadly.

"You just walked in and went up to your room without a word. Not even a hello." Declared his mother. "What happened?"

He turned away from her as he sat down in his desk chair.

"Nothing." He replied.

"I am your mother, young man." Said his mother firmly. "And I know it's not 'nothing' as you claim."

Adam sighed. Somehow, his mother could find out what was bothering him.

"I lost control." He confessed.

"Oh." She realized.

"Mom, I could have hurt everyone when I blew out the windows!" He shouted, looking at her. "Don't just say 'oh'!"

"What else am I supposed to say, Adam? It wasn't your fault. You lost control." Retorted his mother.

"I don't belong to normal people, Mom." He said. "I should just be sent away and locked up where I can't hurt anyone! I'm just a freak!"

"Don't say that!" Said Adam's mother, raising her voice. He was shocked but was surprised again when she wrapped him in an embrace. "You are not a monster. You are my son. My little Addy."

Addy... his nickname from when he was a kid. He could feel her tears so he gently wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry, Mom." He apologized.

His mother walked away with a smile.

"I'll bring you a treat. I just made a chocolate cake that has a lot of chocolate in it... WHITE chocolate, just the way you like it." She said.

"Thanks, Mom." Said Adam before leaving the room. He could smell the aroma and...

His eyes widened as he held his head again. The impulse was back! He gritted his teeth, trying not to scream in pain. He rolled over in bed, trying to contain the pain, or he might destroy the house. His window opened and he fell out of bed with a thud. Something... was calling him... something was calling him... He took one look at his window and stood up, walking towards it.

His mother entered the room a few minutes later to see that he had left.

At the same time, Miss Bustier was leaving the school with her things. She had stayed there later to correct some papers. She walked along, alone under the night sky, lit by the street lamps.

She walked for a few minutes, before stopping when she saw a dark figure in front of her.

The figure stepped forward, standing under a streetlight. This revealed him appearance to Miss Bustier, who was frightened when she saw him.

It was a creature clad from head to toe in black reflective armor that resembled the shell of a beetle. Its chest was covered with segmented plates that allowed it to move. Him legs were clad in the same black armor and studded at the joints. She also had spikes on him arm joints and razor sharp claws. Him face looked like an insect with two narrow eyes and a large horn protruding from him head. It hissed wildly, preparing to attack Miss Bustier.

But footsteps were heard behind the creature, and it turned to see who it was.

Walking calmly towards the creature was a figure of a man dressed in golden armor highlighted with silver dots. At first, Mrs. Bustier thought he was another one of the things, but that thought was squashed when she saw that it was real armor and not a shell.

He wore a mostly black bodysuit with gold torso armor, shoulder pads, knee pads, gauntlets and boots. However, the silver highlighted the different sections, revealing how much the armor accentuated his body, revealing him to be well toned and obviously strong. The sides of the armor were all silver. Around his waist was a red belt with a shiny crystal in the center. A silver rectangular stone rested in the center of his chest. His face was covered by a black helmet that had a silver mouth guard. There were also two golden pointed horns that came out meeting between the eyes to the mouth guard. The only thing that was neither silver nor black on this newcomer was the large red eyes that his helmet had.

"Agito..." Growled the creature.

"Agito, is that his name?" Miss Bustier thought.

"AGITO!" Roared the creature.

Miss Bustier fut prise de peur à l'idée que la créature l'attaque, mais fut choqué de voir qu'elle l'a complètement ignoré et a continué à courir vers Agito.

The creature rushed in ready to attack him, but Agito avoided the blow before retaliating with a punch to the side, which made the creature groan in pain. The creature in question tried to throw a punch to the side, but Agito moved underneath it as it climbed up and applied several punches to the creature's face with enough force to bring it down.

Meanwhile, Miss Bustier was somewhat stunned to see the creature, which seemed to be resistant to the sight of its armor, being beaten without by the blows it received.

The sounds of battle drew the attention of a girl from Adam, Marinette and Adrien's class, with dark skin, black hair with red on the end and a father of glasses looked out the window. This allowed her to see the whole battle.

She quickly pulled out her phone and filmed the fight.

"A new hero coming to town, that's a scoop." She said to herself while discreetly opening the window to film.

The creature managed to get some space before conjuring up a spear from a halo of light above it, and attempted a downward swing to knock Agito down. But he jumped back to avoid the assault as the spear sank into the concrete. Acting quickly, Agito rushed forward before stomping on the shaft of the spear, making it snap like a toothpick.

The creature stumbled backwards as it lost its weapon. It tripped over a piece of the spear and fell on its back. Thanks to its rounded shell, the creature had a little trouble getting up. This was the opportunity Agito needed. He straightened up as two new pairs of horns unfolded from his main pair with a metallic sliding sound.

Agito then placed one foot in front of the other as he began to bend his knees, assuming what looked like a martial arts stance. As he did so, golden energy began to build up on the ground beneath him, creating a glowing symbol that looked like the current state of his helmet. Miss Bustier could hear him breathing as the energy began to rise in his body.

The creature was finally able to stand as Agito began to hold the position. The insectoid creature took one last look at Agito and realized what was going on. It quickly turned around and began to run.

Agito instantly looked at the retreating enemy as the symbol beneath his feet was absorbed into his body. To the astonishment of his spectators, Agito leapt forward towards the creature, a distance that no one could cover without a lot of momentum or wings.

Agito's leg was extended in a diving kick that aimed directly at the creature. The insectoid creature didn't even see the attack coming as the kick collided with it. The creature let out a scream as it was sent flying for a short distance before skidding down the street for a few more yards.

This shocked Miss Bustier and amazed the teenager, in addition to having the scoop on a new hero, she recorded a real demonstration of power on his part as proof.

As Agito landed on his feet, the creature stood up as well. It struggled wildly and the teenager thought another fight was about to begin. The thought was reinforced when she and Miss Bustier saw the purple light from which the creature had drawn its weapon spill out of the creature's loop. To their surprise, the purple light began to change to a white light. The creature seemed to be in pain as this process continued before it let out one last shrill scream and exploded into a small fire.

"Wow!" Said the teenager, in shock. "That was cool!"

Miss Bustier was still shocked by the explosion. The flames quickly died down, but the one that had saved her was still there. His extra horns folded back into the original pair as he turned on in the direction he had come from and began to walk.

"Wait!" Said Miss Bustier as she rushed towards Agito.

Agito turned his head slightly so that his red eyes looked at the teacher for a brief moment. It was almost as if he considered her a danger for a few seconds before he turned his gaze and walked towards an alley.

She tried to follow, but when she reached the alley, she could see that it was a dead end and that her savior was nowhere to be found.

The teenager took the opportunity to close the window and write an article for her blog with the title "Agito, a new hero has arrived".

A few minutes later, Agito appeared in front of a house. He then walked over and started climbing towards an open window before pulling himself inside the room. He stumbled to the bed and collapsed on it. As soon as his helmet-covered head hit the pillow, the light in his waistband flickered on and off in its place, Agito disappeared, leaving Adam in his place. Despite the difference in morphology, it was indeed him, Agito.

Adam's mother quickly entered the room after hearing the creaking of his bed. She had been so happy to see that her little Addy was back that she smothered him with hugs and motherly kisses.