(A Daisuke and Dark Fan-Fiction)

Konnichiwa minna-san! My name is Xaphrin and I crawl from my hole of Seiya and Usagi fan-fictions to bring you a Dark and Daisuke. Now, before I scare you all into a comatose state… I need to make a few things known.

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With that being said I apologize if Daisuke and Dark are OOC… I'm trying as hard as I can to make them seem… normal. Per say. I know absolutely nothing about Krad… so don't ask about him (Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film); Saotoshi… what I know of him is very little too…. Good fan-sites with detailed info are hard to come by.

Now, You may ask yourself why I am making this known to you… well, last time I strayed from my safe little bubble of Seiya and Usagi I got beaten down with flaming rubber chickens (lets not travel into my depressing world of Megami Kouhosei). And Seeing as Yukiru Sugisaki wrote Megami Kouhosei… I want to make sure no more flaming rubber chickens will come flying at my head.

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Chapter One:


               Dark could only mentally pace as his host slept, unaware of the other being within himself. He itched to escape the chains of this necessary human function called 'sleep'. He wanted to be out… beneath the dark sky… being the criminal he was.

               I need to go somewhere… but I can't make him MOVE!!

               But Dark could only lie there, as if in limbo.

               Stupid boy. I can't stand him… especially when he's like this. How does he pass for a Niwa?

               Dark then paused to think for a moment, but not without cautions. He carefully poked around in Daisuke's mind before opening his own thoughts.

               He had centuries of practice to learn to control his thoughts, blocking his most private ones from Daisuke. He brought them out to examine them only when Daisuke wouldn't be able to home in on his personal feelings.

               And that was a good thing.

               Because some of the things that Dark had begun to consider… could end up making things even more difficult with the youngest Niwa.

               It had been a long while since Dark had become a part of the young boy. Sure they disagreed, and even sometimes they absolutely did not get along. Daisuke had his thing for Risa, and Dark had his own thing for Riku… or so he once believed. Now, Riku just seemed like a fleeting memory of infatuation… she couldn't compare to the one who's mind he infested.

               But I can't tell him that… and what good would it do? I'm stuck in his own body… it's not as if we could sit together… or… kiss.

               Dark poked around deeper into Daisuke's mind, making extra sure he wasn't awake. He wasn't, and Dark proceeded to open his most precious memory… a daydream he'd once had.

               Dark looked into his beautiful eyes, that glowed an amazing shade of amber. He wished he could live in his gaze… if only for a sheer moment. Daisuke then blushed deeply.

               "I love you, Dark…"

               Dark smiled and cupped the boy's cheeks. "I know…"

               With those words, he bent forward and kissed the beautiful young man.

               Dark sighed with great disgust. Who was he trying to kid? Certainly not himself. Daisuke stilled fawned over Risa, and even so… when could Dark touch his cheeks, see his eyes… and kiss his lips?

               I feel like a ghost… that I am just some shadowy figure… lost in this world of living humans. I want out! I can't stand this anymore!!

               But Daisuke couldn't respond. After all, he was 'sleeping'.

               Damn human function for life… Huh… I wonder what he's dreaming about…

               Dark had never really been in Daisuke's dreams, or even questioned Daisuke about them. Watching someone's dreams, was like watching every secret emotion that had ever passed through their minds. And, although Dark was fairly curious… he wasn't sure if he wanted to violate Daisuke's privacy like that.

               Aw… what the hell. Let's go poke around in Daisuke's dreams.

               Daisuke sat on the couch with Risa, as she told him she had always liked him. Even if he was just 'so-so'. Then Daisuke and Risa began to kiss… passionately.

               Dark, though angry and thoroughly disgusted at the thought of the two of them making out, he couldn't help bust be utterly drawn to the scene. It was as if he wanted to know how to kiss… seeing as he hadn't done so for centuries…

               Then things began to heat up… and clothes began to go flying…

               Suddenly, Daisuke was in front of his classroom, nude, giving a report about the importance of personal hygiene.

               Dark couldn't help but laugh… it was utterly ridiculous. He'd been in a heated moment with his infatuation… then suddenly in the front of class. Dark was suddenly very glad that he didn't dream. He didn't want to dream about something like this.

               Daisuke suddenly seemed aware of his lack of clothing, and the students began to taunt him, then threw brassieres at him. Daisuke looked like he wanted to die, tears welled up in his eyes and his shoulders were getting heavy with the stress of pushing feelings back. 

               As if a shining knight, Dark suddenly burst through the door and walked up to Daisuke. Telling him everything was going to be all right. Giving him some clothes and a…a…a HUG!?

               If Dark could face-plant, he would have done so at that instant. Daisuke was dreaming about Dark giving him a hug. Could it imply…

               That he felt the same way? The same way as Dark felt about… Daisuke?

               Possibly… but doubtfully.

               Dark knew that Daisuke was infatuated with Risa, and loved her even more after all the times she put him down of played with his emotions. That, however, left no room for the mysterious Dark in the young man's heart.

               Dark quickly pulled himself from Daisuke's dreams. Suddenly wanting to cry, but unable to make his host do so. He was so confused by everything… and what he did understand, which was very little, only succeeded in depressing him more!

               It was as if he was running around in circles… always ending back at the same bottomless pit at his feet.

               I want to be free… Daisuke… I want to be able to hold you… just once.

               Dark mentally sighed, then retired to being a void, extra personality within Daisuke, as the young man continued to sleep.

               Daisuke woke the next morning, Sunday, and felt himself in a good mood. With the lack of school, and the weather being exceptionally nice, he couldn't have been happier.

               "Daisuke!!" His mother called for him.

               "Hai?" He yelled back, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and getting up.

               "You have to be at the museum at ten thirty tonight!"

               Daisuke face-planted. So there went the prospect of a perfect day.

               "Anou…" He groaned quite audibly in response to his mother.

               I want to go. I'm sick of being stuck in your mind all day… not to mention wasting time with this whole 'sleeping' bit.

               Daisuke rolled his eyes. You, shut up.

               Dark growled in his host's mind.

               Daisuke sighed. I just want to be alone for once… and not have you bursting into my thoughts every second.

               Dark glowered. Do you think I'm having fun here? I get to do nothing all day, while you go to school, hang out with friends, and be with 'Risa'. He spat the name as if it were poison.

               Hey… I become you when I'm with Risa, aren't you happy about that?

               Dark let out a short breath. Feh.

               Suit yourself. I'm going to the mall… you can sit up there and pout all you want.

               I will, thank you very much!


               With that, their conversation ended and Daisuke got dressed. Dark just mentally sat there and sulked, as Daisuke met up with his friends and went to hang out at the mall.

               Why was he the one who got to have all the fun? Dark just had to sit there like a good little boy, not saying a thing and watching through Daisuke's eyes at all his companions and all the good times they had. It wasn't fair… and it seemed his lot in life. To be pushed to the back and forced to endure the taunting of fate that he didn't have a body of his own.

               Dark couldn't wait until ten thirty finally came… he would be able to move and be free… and do what came naturally to him: theft. For a vague moment he wondered what was at the museum for him. What priceless artifact would he be stealing there?

               But in order to steal whatever it was… he would have to have control of Daisuke. And that wouldn't be for a while… to his unfortunate demise.

               Hey… Daisuke? Dark questioned tentatively.


               What time is it?

               Eight. Why?

               Don't forget…I have to be at the museum at ten thirty.

               I didn't forget. I'll leave in an hour, okay?

               Hai… hai… Dark sighed grumpily as he was forced to endure Daisuke's friends for another hour. They all just sat there and called at girls, or talked about things that Dark couldn't care less about.

               Finally Daisuke left and began his return journey home.

               That took you long enough.

               Hey, at least we're going home… I don't even want to think of the crazy costume mom decked out this time.

               I like your mother's costumes.

               Mm… you may, but I always feel like a dork, walking around in a leather trench coat.

               I want to move, Daisuke…

               I know… I know. Just a little while longer, Dark. Then you can move all you want.


               Going home seemed like it had taken three times as long as it should have. And Dark was itching to move in his own body again. Wanting to have free moment of his limbs-

               "Daisuke!" Dark cried out in great excitement, his host's body had melted away and given Dark his own form again.

               I know… I know… Daisuke sighed. You can move. Now be happy.

               "Hai Hai!" He said, moving his limbs quite happily.

               Dark continued the trek homeward with a new bounce in his step. He jumped on rooftops for the hell of it, and did an acrobatic performance that was worthy of a Chinese circus. Then he finally found himself at the entrance to the Niwa home.

               "Todaima!!" He called out.

               "Nani… Ah! Dark-chan!!" Emiko bounded out to greet him. "It's good to see you. Did Daisuke run into Risa on the way home?"

               Dark shrugged. "Nope. Spontaneous transformation…"

               Emiko blinked, then smiled happily. "Well that happens. Come now, I just finished your new outfit... let me do some adjustments."

               Emiko seemed utterly enthralled that he was back in their house, and wasted no time as she set to adjusting one of her infamous costumes on the stunning young man.

               Before long, it was ten-thirty and Dark found himself at the museum, looking in a lighted case at his next object of thievery.

               What is it? Daisuke questioned, his voice soft as he watched, entranced, by the beautiful object.

               Dark shrugged for a moment, his mind in the same, mystified state.  I'm not sure…It's so…


               It seemed like a necklace, but it didn't seem to be made of stones… more like a chain of silvery fog, held together by a golden rope. It shone like liquid silver in the shining florescent lights of the display case.

               Dark reached out and touched it, careful not to disturb anything about it. When he realized it was safe to touch, he picked it up and examined it. As he did this his body suddenly became cool… as though he were being covered in the fog about the golden rope. He felt so calm… and serene… as if everything that could have been wrong was just drifting away. Away and into nothingness…

               Dark… Dark… let's go… we… been… to… ong…

               It seemed as if Daisuke was trying to talk to him… but on a badly tuned radio. His voice was fading fast, and Dark didn't seem to notice, nor care. All that mattered was the beautiful necklace in his hand… the beautiful chain, the fog… and the wonderful sense of utter serenity…


               Dark felt a hand on his shoulder. The serene sensation from the necklace had been cut off abruptly, snapping him, like a giant rubber band, back into reality. Slowly, he turned to see who had called to get his attention…

               "D- Daisuke!?" Dark stared at the redhead in front of him. The necklace fell to the floor with a loud 'thunk', and lay completely forgotten. "You… you're not supposed to be here!?"

               "Uh-oh… this… is not good…" Daisuke, his eyes darting around.

               "Damnit, Daisuke… what in the hell…?"


               "Uh oh… Shit… MOVE!" With that Dark and Daisuke took off, without caring to pick-up the necklace. They didn't have time to ponder anything at a time like this! They had to get their asses out of there!

               They bolted from the museum, and quickly shook the officers before making a b-line to the Niwa residence.

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