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Title: War is coming.

Number: 1/?

Warnings: Language, teenage angst, mentions of violence.

Author's Note: This story barely follows canon - it slightly does in this chapter but then takes a very large left turn into the realm of au. So be prepared for that and don't shout at me. I warned you.

- ʚɞ -

- Unknown -

The air was rather balmy for early September, the scent of the Aegean sea clinging to the breeze as it danced along the shore, teasing and tempting in its promise of a cooler touch, for that just a few hours earlier had been dying under the heat of the Grecian sun. how many times had people wished to come to the shore, for the sea, for the beach? And yet when they got here, the heat proved to be too much. Too many if the count was to ever be correlated and counted. And yet the tourists kept coming, arriving in droves for a holiday they had spent their lives wishing for.

And whilst the city of Athens began to prepare for the night, shops that had previously been open slowly began to close. Whilst in contrast others began to open, preparing for the rush of nighttime activity that could always be found in the Grecian capital. People milling around in different directions and creating a rush of activity as both tourists and natives set about completing or starting their journeys. Yet none of them was aware of the danger that lurked just above them. A danger that lingered in the air and promised death upon a whisper of the wind.

Sitting high above the city of Athens lies the Acropolis, a well-known tourist destination that had been the cause of fascination for many of the tourists that now made their way back down the hill and into the city. All of them were lost in fascination and intrigue towards the ruins that had once made up an ancient civilization that spread across the whole city. The now aged buildings were captured in time like a mirror allowing those that visited, to imagine the grandeur that had once stood before them. Yet no building was more fascinating, or entombed in history, like the Parthenon. The temple itself stood high and proud and beckoned all wandering eyes to draw closer and marvel. As it had once done for all those that wanted to pray within its bowels.

It was also the resting place for one lone female, her body angled on top of the ageing stone in a relaxed seating position. As though it was the comfiest seat in the world. Her seafoam green eyes dance across the landscape below as she watches the city come to life for the night. Hair as dark as a raven's wing, blowing over her shoulders as it's picked up and teased by the sea, and yet she doesn't move. Nor does she shiver at the change in temperature. In fact, she does nothing but idly messes with a stone. The object twirling through skilled digits with an absentminded pattern that no one knew but the female herself.

She was waiting, an air of anticipation dancing along her spine as she looked out over her hometown. What she was waiting for she wasn't completely sure, but was positive that the torment of waiting would end soon. Patience had never been her strong suit, and even with many years under her belt, she had never learnt how to wait. Rather she much preferred to act and deal with the consequences as they happened. Life was too short, too unplanned, to live with the constant thrum of regrets and worries. So she made sure to take every day as it was, fuck whatever got in her way and if others didn't like it. It had served her for this long, and she knew it would be her constant going forward.

An incessant buzzing echoes into the air, pulling her attention away from the city and shattering her self imposed silence, as a hand reaches into her dark jeans to pull out the cause of it. Her phone. A grunt wrenches into the air as she sees the ID of the caller, and letting a sigh flutter over her lips, she flips the phone open before pressing it to her ear.

"Well then, it's been a while. I'd say it's a pleasure to hear your voice, but that would require mustering up the energy to lie. Which right now I can't be fucked to do. So what do you want – "

There was no softness in her voice, her washed-out accent fluttering through the small electronic device and to the ears of the other person. Disdain and boredom lace every syllable. And whilst she was almost positive she hadn't spoken anything that was remotely amusing. Laughter rattles back to her as the caller has the gall to laugh. The type that she could just picture he was holding his stomach to achieve.

"Well fuck. I missed ya' too sweet cheeks. I forgot just how social you were. " the amused voice flutters back, allowing for a growl to slip off her lips. The sound rattling in the air around her and scattering a few of the birds that had come to settle beside her. All of them wanted to get as far from the dangerous predator as they could.

"Cut the fucking bullshit. And tell me why the fuck you're calling me. "

" 'Kay don't get ya panties in a twist. Reason 'm ringin'. Is our boy is in trouble – "

She barely let's the sentence finish before a slew of ancient Greek curses fall off her tongue, only adding to the growl that was building in crescendo. If she'd been displeased with the call to begin with, now it was most definitely a fact.

" What the fuck did he do this time? Oh wait let me guess, those fucking coven mates of his fucked with another human and they need some dumb fucker, aka you, to clean up after 'em. "

The silence that meets her ears is confirmation enough. And it's enough to set her teeth on edge, jaw clenching together in a harsh snap to silence the words she really wanted to speak. Ones that had been building so long - and partnered with an anger that had been stoked by the passage of time - but the caller wasn't the one who really needed to hear them, no that right was reserved for the males' sire, the screw up in this situation. And the one whose head she wanted on a silver platter. Preferably after torturing the bastard nice and slow, just so he understood how angry she was.

" Now listen. I know he ain' ya favourite person and quite frankly i know why. But come on sweetie, I wouldn' have called ya if it wasn' important. Now I don't have all the details of wha' is going down, all I know is tha' path he's on. Is gonna lead him straight to those italian fuckers. With a goddamn newborn in tow. "

Her own curse interrupts his words and a dark chuckle joins it. " There ya go. Tha' reason you're needed. As we all know, you're tha only one who can walk away from an interaction with' them. And tha' is something we're gonna need – "

" Where am I needed ? "

She wished she could say she was surprised at her quick change in agreement. But she wasn't. After all, as much as she was angry at the male who right now was fucking everything up. She did care about him, those slither of feelings still lived inside of her heart, and thus she would fight for him if need be. Especially the 'Italian fuckers' as her pesky caller so eloquently named them.

" Right Nah you're ten hours ahead of 'em. As they're in Washington. But start making a way to America 'nd I'll fill ya in as I know more. "

She grunts in agreement before ending the call. Her fingers tighten into a fist which results in the phone now resembling nothing more than a twisted metal. Opening her fingers she watches idly as the broken pieces flutter to the floor. Shaking her fingers to rid herself of all the pieces she sighs as her gaze once more trails out to look over the city. Where before she had been impatient and yet calm, now she was wired and agitated. The feelings soaked into her skin and made her thrum where she sat, her fingers craving for action as her muscles burned in anticipation.

"What the fuck have you gotten yourself into now, Major? – "

The words are whispered on a sigh as she pushes off the aged stone that had been her seat, falling to the ground below and landing perfectly on her feet. Dusting herself off she disappears into the night, her mind whirling with plans and scenarios of just what she'd find when she made it to America. Right now all of it was unknown, its presence looming in the shadows and leaving her with nothing but questions. But there was one thing she was almost positive about.

War was coming !

And it wasn't going to be short and sweet. No, she'd been around too long to believe that one. Something deep inside her core told her that this war would have casualties that rippled out along the known world. Each casualty leaving a lasting impact that would be felt long after the ancient temple she had just abandoned, had been reduced to nothing but dust.

It should worry her, she knew that. But it didn't, if anything it simply increased her anticipation and she found a wicked smirk inching up the corner of her lips. Her steps beginning to increase in speed. Oh, war she welcomed. She was built for it.

- ʚɞ -

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